Trump Reportedly Tells Hollywood Audience We Should Have Invaded Mexico Instead Of Iraq

According to Dennis Romero at LA Weekly, Donald Trump reportedly told an audience of Hollywood conservatives Friday evening, that the United States should have invaded Mexico instead of Iraq. Trump made the remark at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel at a gathering put together by the politically conservative Friends of Abe organization. Friends of Abe is a collection of Hollywood filmmakers and personalities who identify as conservatives, including Clint Eastwood, Pat Boone, and Kelsey Grammar.

According to an attendee at the Friends of Abe event who wished to remain anonymous, Trump declared that the U.S. should not have started a war with Iraq. He then added:

Instead, we should have invaded Mexico.

That comment reportedly drew a loud round of applause. Romero reports that Lou Ferrigno and Paul Sorvino were in attendance. In addition, right wing commentator Ann Coulter was present. Donald Trump blew her a kiss from the podium.

Whether Trump’s comments were meant to be taken literally or they were said tongue-in-cheek, they highlighted just how unqualified Donald Trump is to serve as U.S. President. His supporters may find his unfiltered rhetoric refreshingly blunt, but nearly everyone else recognizes that his bombastic pronouncements are not just rude, they are flat out dangerous.

Furthermore, while Trump’s demagoguery taps into white resentment to score votes, his arguments are odds with the facts. Despite all of Trump’s amplified rhetoric, illegal crossings across the U.S. Southern border are at a forty-year low. Since 2007, more Mexicans have been leaving the United States than entering it.

The truth however is of no consequence to Donald Trump or his followers. Scapegoating Mexican immigrants is far easier than offering actual solutions that address income inequality and the other economic issues America faces. Trump’s “Know Nothing” populism is designed to channel American’s outrage away from the rich who keep getting richer, and re-focus that rage towards migrant workers, hotel maids, day laborers, immigrant children, and anybody else who crosses the Southern border in search of political freedom or economic opportunity.

Trump has not only declared war on immigration, but he has also gone a step further and begun waging a war of words against Mexico and the Mexican people. His dangerous and divisive rhetoric should be unwelcome on the campaign trail, and America had better make sure he is not ever elected President of the United States.

15 Replies to “Trump Reportedly Tells Hollywood Audience We Should Have Invaded Mexico Instead Of Iraq”

  1. Invade Mexico?!?

    That is so egregiously irresponsible, not to mention “Grade A” mind-numbingly stupid, my only reaction can be …

    Give that man a louder mike to spew his bigotry, and a bigger shovel to dig that hole!

    Trump … turning out to be best thing to happen to the Democratic Party since I don’t when

  2. I’ve been reading on many tweets and articles that trump is the modern day george wallace. Hopefully, this is the last presidential election to hear politicians trash about immigrant communities. I’ve read an article that stated the reason the republicans are attacking the Mexican-American population is that they want to increase the voting percentage of the white working class (basically by resentment). I’m not familiar with the midwestern and northern politics, how probable is it that more white voters will vote gop? Could there be a start of the racial polarization in that region? I’m asking this question, since Scott Brown was using anti-immigration as a tool to win the senate seat in new hampshire (obviously, not a border state with Mexico), he did not win, but it was a close race. Some experts believe a gop candidate would have won the seat, since scott brown was burned for being an out of state opportunist. I would appreciate any comments on my questions, thanks.

  3. Trump’s plans were foiled when he learned that John Wayne passed away in the ’70s and Generalissimo Santa Ana was no longer in charge..

  4. Tex-Mex …Most of them are fighting over the same ‘base’ of dumbed-down suckers: xenophobes that need an ‘other’ for scapegoats. As has been pointed out by many, they talk in dog whistle and racist code, but each time the next one has to take the crazy further …in a doubling-down of brinksmanship to appeal to this demographic that is small in actual numbers, but integral in Repuke primaries.

    A few, like Perry, have some record of appealing to Latinos, and so are more nuanced.

    Of course, alienating the fastest growing ethnic bloc would seem an electoral death wish. But, class politics have worked for them before: Nixon’s ‘southern strategy’, Reagan’s imaginary ‘welfare queen’, and plenty other ‘divide and conquer’ ploys.
    Trump is either a raging nativist, or he’s an agent provocateur …but for who or what, I don’t know.

  5. Why stop with just invading Mexico, Donnie?
    Canada has tar sand oil and lots of timber to
    sweeten the pot. Hell, after we take Canada
    and Mexico, why not the rest of this hemisphere?
    Your knowledge of global politics matches Dick
    Cheney’s finesse regarding quail hunting safety!

  6. Trump is like a Trojan horse computer virus for the GOP and we all know what computer viruses do to a computer!

  7. If we invaded close to home, there’d be a greater chance of retaliation by those whose homes have been invaded or destroyed.

    Not too many Iraqis to worry about at home.

  8. Ok, Okay….I think I got it: YOU CAN’T TAKE TRUMP SERIOUSLY.

    I believe that he is all bombast and no real substance. He doesn’t seem to be playing it real. Showtime is what seems to be coming out of his grandstanding at the podiums. And I believe that the reason people go to see him is the same reason people go to see an Entertainer—They make you laugh, cry or get your jollies. Same with Trump’s audience and followers. They are being duped by this fellow. But it is sad to see them all gleefully following their Pied Piper to nowhere.

  9. Earth to Trump – the U.S. already invaded Mexico and aquired Southern California, Southern Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.
    For a Wharton grad you really are stupid.

  10. Trump is an egotistical idiot, who entered the political arena, knowing he does not have the knowledge and experience to hold any kind of office. He is on a publicity stunt to increase his TV ratings and to make (extort)money from the ignorant people that follow his call.
    He brings shame to all of Americans when he speaks such racist language to a worldwide audience and mocks our electorate process by continuing to speak such bull..hit.

  11. Trump is self-destructive, and he is the appointed lightning rod…he is in fact a rod. Serious daddy issues…
    But all these rabid pseudo-conservative drones will pivot & vote however they are told to…

    I think that is the strategy here…without turnout, the Greedy Opposition Party is TOAST.

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