If We’re all Americans, Why Does Trump Treat Some of Us Like Chumps?


Jeffrey Lord, contributing editor to The American Spectator and also a contributing writer to the anti-Media Matters, NewsBusters, went to a great deal of effort to explain yesterday to CNN’s Ana Navarro that she is not, in fact, the Latino she believed herself to be.

“There are no Latinos in this country, there are no African-Americans,” he told her. “We are all Americans.”


Lord is an unabashed Trump supporter, arguing at NewsBusters that Trump “is showing just how wide the gulf between media elites and those who are running the Republican Party really is,” and that his hero’s “inconvenient truths on immigration and crime” are making “liberal media sites squirm.”

I don’t know about that. The only thing making me squirm is Trump’s bald-faced invention of facts and figures to support his racist agenda. Lord is as big a liar as Trump, saying Trump’s claims are “documented fact,” when the facts are completely opposite of what Trump said.

During a discussion yesterday about Donald Trump, and whether or not he is the “wrecking ball” referred to by Lindsey Graham, Lord said Navarro was hedging:

“What exactly am I hedging on?” Navarro shouting back at him. “I have said over and over now for weeks that sanctuary cities are a legitimate issue and that Donald Trump is not a legitimate candidate. Which part am I hedging on? Go ahead and do your entire Trump thing but leave me the heck out of it, okay? Do me that favor will you? I am not hedging on Donald Trump. I condemn his comments, I think they are racist, and I think they are bad for the Republican Party. How is that for hedging?”

“I think the Republican Party had a tendency to paternalize Latinos,” Lord told her. “All of these Latinos who came here legally, who did the right thing are being insulted here.”

“Thank you for telling me what should be insulting. But see, I’m one of those Latinos that came here with a visa on a plane, that went through a process. And no, I don’t think the Republican Party is being paternalistic. I don’t find Marco Rubio, I don’t find Jeb Bush paternalistic. So thank you for lecturing me on what I should be feeling about the Republican Party as a Latino. Now would you like to make a point?”

We see this a lot. Fox News often trots out a bevy of white folks to tell blacks how they should feel. They love to mansplain things to women as well, and tell them how they should feel. It comes as no surprise that Latinos also need to be told by white folks how they feel. Heck, Lord even told me, at a liberal news site, how I feel about Trump’s lies about immigrants.

I feel your pain, Ana.

But Lord was embarrassingly clueless, and was about to become more so:

“I don’t think you’re a Latino,” he told her.

“What do you think I am?”

“I think you’re an American just like me.”

“I am an American and America is my home, I am an American who was born in Nicaragua and was naturalized under Ronald Reagan’s amnesty. So now that you’ve lectured me on how I should feel as a Republican, now that you’ve lectured me on what I’m hedging about, and now that you’ve lectured me about what I am, do you have an actual point?”

“Are you not an American?” Lord asked, no doubt thinking ‘checkmate!’

“Did I not just say I’m an American citizen? I am a proud naturalized American.”

At which point Lord delivered his bomb: “There are no Latinos in this country, there are no African-Americans,” he told her. “We are all Americans, and that’s what we’re talking about here.”

The question naturally arises, if we are all Americans, why does the Republican Party insist on treating some Americans better than others?

Why are some allowed to vote, and others not?

Why can some marry, and others not?

Why must some earn only .77 cents on the dollar compared to other Americans?

Why must some have their reproductive processes regulated, and others not?

Why must some be taxed, and others not?

Why can some of us be elected to public office, and others not?

Why must our first black president be labeled as “not one of us”? If, as Lord insists, we are all Americans, then black, Muslim, Kenyan, anti-colonialist or otherwise, Barack Obama is an American.

If we’re all Americans, why does the Religious Right insist Christians have more rights than other religions, and why do Evangelical Christians have more rights than mainline Protestants?

There is a whole lot of segregation going on if we’re all Americans, folks, and all of it is supported by Lord’s Republican Party.

Yet Lord is intent on portraying Trump as an underdog, victimized by the same GOP establishment that attacked his former boss, Reagan.

The real underdogs here, however, are all those Americans who are marginalized by Republican policies in state after state, and even at the national level by Congress.

All those Americans about whom the GOP and its underlings make up lies, whether it’s:

“Gays are pedophiles”; or,

“Women on contraceptives are sluts”; or,

“Blacks are lazy”; or,

“Muslims are terrorists”; or,

Trump’s “Immigrants are rapists.”

We could go on and on, listing their lies, one after the other. But the list is long, and we would still be here tomorrow morning, and Trump would still be blowing kisses at Ann Coulter. This is the reality of Lord’s Republican Party, an ends-justifies-the-means hatred so deep that no lie is too vile or too big to tell.

We’re all of us just folks, dealing with the same daily issues of trying to put a roof over our heads and food on the table; worrying about clothing our kids, holding down a job, dealing with traffic, dealing with the weather, bosses, coworkers, and neighbors.

It’s only Republican policy that these tasks should be easier for some Americans than for others. Yes, we’re all Americans. Just don’t expect the Republican Party to treat you that way if you’re black, a woman, gay, a Muslim, or poor, or just happened to come across our Southern border.

15 Replies to “If We’re all Americans, Why Does Trump Treat Some of Us Like Chumps?”

  1. Aren’t presidents ultimately supposed to unite a country….and work for the greatest good?

    Sure, there will be ideological differences, but maligning much of the electorate you represent is anti-democratic.

  2. I understand that Trump is bragging that he is the most militaristic man in the room, and that he was just like Romney. evading service in Viet Nam through countless
    deferments, after all daddy was a billionaire.

  3. I’m now waiting for some damn fool to spin doctor Lord’s pathetic interview into a win.

    Maybe she was trying to give him enough rope, eh?

    A lot of Americans ARE chumps- look at how many are Republicans.

  4. Again we have people who use the term “American” without understanding. On one side of the coin Lord is correct – we are all Americans, but he is also incorrect when he refuses to see that the sTrumpets and TPGOP do not recognize, treat or respect other people – women, Gays, immigrants (especially the brown ones from Mexico, & other S. American countries), Blacks & worst of all anyone who needs assistance to get out of the hole that the people like Trump put many people. It is the ‘If you are wealthy, have connections you’re not important attitude’ that we all need to wake up & vote for candidates that works for ALL US Citizens not just the wealthy few.

  5. early Trump life lesson…

    from WC Fields—

    In You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man (1939), he tells a customer that his grandfather’s last words, “just before they sprung the trap” were, “You can’t cheat an honest man; never give a sucker an even break, or smarten up a chump.”

  6. Psssst. Your ODS is showing. The only people who are dividing the country are the RWNJ, and that includes the fundies.

  7. What a pathetic moron. He’s trying the old divide and conquer bit. By trying to argue that she isn’t a latino, then she is free to think latinos are “the others” that should be scorned. A very pathetic attempt. The interview went south as soon as he opened up his mouth.

  8. Wow! A lot of name calling going on here! A lot of division. It is truly sad. President Obama was voted in to CHANGE AMERICA and we can all see the changes, loud and clear. All Americans should listen to all candidates and really choose which direction you want the country to go in. Personally, I feel society has been negatively affected in the past 7 years. We need a President that will empower Americans to strive and be the best they can be so they will be able to support themselves and their families. We should always have programs in place to temporarily help the population that requires help and permanent programs for citizens that will never be able to fend for themselves. I will suggest to anyone who really wants to be informed to stop listening to hearsay and get your information first hand. You will be surprised how uninformed you really were! God Bless America.

  9. Black, female, gay, muslim, poor. I would also add – young, old, a teacher, a worker, a student, a veteran, any shade of brown, non-Christian, middle class. The GOP doesn’t care about you. If you’re not white, rich, Christian, and/or a big business they have NOTHING for you but animosity. Five simple words everyone should be shouting at every opportunity that sum the entire political debate. REPUBLICANS DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU.

  10. We did get that kind of President Nancy, but then we also got 7 years of Republican intransigence and blockage.

    What we are now- is giving Republicans some pay back, and now they’re screaming something fierce about it.

    You invoke a non-existent god and insist that we are the uninformed ones?

  11. His “there are no Latinos. There are no African Americans, we are all Americans” follows the tendency to reduce everyone to the common denominator of being white Americans. To eliminate not just pain and discrimination but HISTORY and FACT is a stunning tendency.

    As someone said, “You’re entitled to your opinion. You’re NOT entitled to your own facts.” Lord like so many others does this and should be called out, but we know he won’t be.

  12. Nancy: It’s not just about government programs, but societal attitudes, beliefs, and actions. Presidents can’t and won’t “unite us” in this regard. That’s up to the American Society, and there’s a large segment that will not and refuses to even try. The Rebel Flag controversy is just one example of doubling down on the attitudes that divide and belittle too many of us.

  13. #TrumpTheChumpInc is self-destructive, which is worth money. Folks used to PAY to see a trainwreck.

    google it.

    that’s why we can’t have nice old locomotives.

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