John Boehner Wigs Out Over Iran Deal And Issues Completely Meaningless Threats

John Boehner

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) lost his mind after President Obama’s announcement of a landmark deal with Iran, saying “We will do everything we can to stop” a bad deal that paves the way to a nuclear Iran.

Watch here:

From Speaker Boehner’s written statement it’s clear that he has decided — in spite of the President assuring him otherwise — that the deal does not require verification:

“At the outset of these talks, the Obama administration said it would secure an agreement that affirmed Iran does not have a right to enrich and permanently dismantles the infrastructure of its nuclear programs. It said that sanctions would not be lifted until Iran met concrete, verifiable standards. And if these terms were not met, the president promised he would walk away.”

Speaker Boehner announced that in spite of world leaders saying the deal will make the world safer, he, who hasn’t seen it, knows that it will likely “fuel a nuclear arms race around the world”:

“The American people and our allies were counting on President Obama to keep his word. Instead, the president has abandoned his own goals. His ‘deal’ will hand Iran billions in sanctions relief while giving it time and space to reach a break-out threshold to produce a nuclear bomb – all without cheating. Instead of making the world less dangerous, this ‘deal’ will only embolden Iran – the world’s largest sponsor of terror – by helping stabilize and legitimize its regime as it spreads even more violence and instability in the region. Instead of stopping the spread of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, this deal is likely to fuel a nuclear arms race around the world.

Here’s the part where Speaker Boehner pretended that he has a say in the deal:

“The House of Representatives will review every detail of this agreement very closely, but I won’t support any agreement that jeopardizes the safety of the American people and all who value freedom and security. This isn’t about Republicans versus Democrats. It’s about right and wrong. And we will fight a bad deal that is wrong for our national security and wrong for our country.”

The Iran deal was based on two years of negotiations, which suggests that diplomacy has a place in foreign policy after all, since it achieved what years of hostility could not. This, of course, seems to be the real problem. Republicans don’t believe in diplomacy.

Sen. Barbara Boxer’s statement points out the real problem here, “If this agreement is what the Administration says it is, it is a major, historic diplomatic breakthrough.” Yes. We can’t have diplomatic breakthroughs because that would ruin the credibility of the war hawks.

The other point that Boxer’s statement makes is that no one has seen the deal yet. How can Boehner know it sucks when he hasn’t seen it yet? In his televised statement, Boehner prefaced his disagreement of the deal with “… in my view, from I know thus far, is unacceptable…”

From what he knows so far. Which is…?

… But that was enough to disagree totally and to say that “this deal is likely to fuel a nuclear arms race around the world.”

No matter that not only President Obama but other world leaders say that the deal is a good one, with David Cameron saying it “… secures our fundamental aim, to keep Iran from developing a nuclear weapon” and it will “make our world a safer place.” Plus, Obama explained this morning that the deal wasn’t built on trust but on “verification”.

Republicans have yet to offer up any specifics on their alternative deal. But they are very good at trolling, shouting and hysterically warning that Obama is ruining the world. Not just the U.S. anymore, but the entire world. They said affordable healthcare was going to kill babies and grandparents and ruin America. It turned out to be the opposite.

Not once have their hysterical predictions about President Obama been proven right in seven years, but hey. There’s still time.

Once again Republicans screamed and threw tantrums from the sidelines, but never offered a real solution with specifics. Boehner knows that President Obama has vowed to veto any Republican attempts to block the Iran deal. So basically, the Speaker is in what is a very familiar position for him of posturing and blustering for the cameras — even as he knows he won’t be doing anything about anything.

This is John Boehner’s basic approach to being Speaker — he does nothing, and then blames Obama when the chaos becomes too enormous for the press to ignore. This time, the entire world is going to collapse and it will be Obama’s fault for using diplomacy where war is the obvious answer. In the Republican view, war is better than diplomacy, even if war doesn’t work and actually makes the problem worse (see Iraq).

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  1. I stopped listening to what Boehner has to say years ago. He lost all respect and just comes off as a foolish jerk.

  2. The GOP want to make war, not love. They profit from war, which is anti life. Yet, the GOP claim to be pro life. I guess they are pro life for nine months when we are in the womb. After we are born, they become anti life

  3. Can you imagine if a Republican president made this deal? They’d be ready to carve his likeness into Mt. Rushmore. But since it’s Obama’s deal, it’s a historic mistake. Everything this president does is met with disdain by his detractors.

    It’s better than going to war or doing nothing. Yes, we must vigorously enforce it, but let’s give it a chance to work before hurling condemnations. The fact is, Iran was on a path to a nuclear weapon before this deal. With this deal, the U.S. and other world powers have contained Iran’s nuclear threat.

  4. From John Boehner: “… this ‘deal’ will only embolden Iran – the world’s largest sponsor of terror …” Has the speaker never heard of ISIS? Or al Quaeda? Or Boko Haram???

    But I’m comforted by the fact that the Republicans will offer an alternative — right after they offer a health care alternative. I won’t hold my breath waiting.

  5. What would anyone expect a manure salesman to do ?

    Once more, this feckless, blubbering, chicken little will end up covered in his own product.

  6. Boehner claims that this not a matter of politics, but of right and wrong.

    Tell me, MR. Boehner, how you can actually say that with a straight face. You’ve been against ANY deal with Iran from the moment it was announced that the 5 + 1 would be starting negotiation with Iran.

    You have little idea of what is contained in the final deal, but you know, just KNOW, that it is a bad deal.

    Yes, MR. Boehner, it IS a matter of politics. which only lends more proof, as if that is needed, that Republicans do not actually care about the safety and security of this country. If you aren’t pulling the strings then nothing is worthy of your agreement.

    I really wish you Republicans would grow up and quit throwing temper tantrums like 4 yr. olds. It is disgusting and shows the world that you cannot and will not work well with others.

  7. I seem to remember for many years to have heard politicians say that Iran was a year away from having a nuclear bomb.
    With this deal they are screaming that Iran could make a bomb after 10 years, which proves they were fearmongering about Iran for years and years.
    I, for one am old enough to know that the US is at fault for many of the things about Iran, we went in during the 50’s and overthrew their elected leader and put our puppet – The Shah into power, it all went downhill from there.

  8. “Arms race , Threat to the world , Threat to the U.S.”
    isn’t that the same words Netanyahu has been using for the last 10 years ?
    Boehner’s “world ” looks like it’s Israel not the U.S.
    So Israel wants a war using the U.S as its own mercenary army and Boehner is OK with that..

  9. First, Much respect, thanks, and praise for Sec.Kerry!
    Second, to all the swift-boaters…in ya FACE!!!

  10. Well guess what? Boehner’s reaction and words was expected. What else is new? The Republicans won’t approve of anything Obama and his administration do, even IF Jesus was to appear and bless the deals.
    Look at how they pout and snarl at Obamacare for years, and tried to dismantle it 55 times! To no avail. These guys are really the wrecking crew termites that is hell bent on destroying anything positive coming out of this administration. It shows. And they don’t get it. We get it, the world gets it, except Boehner and his flock.

  11. How utterly predictable of Boner. His Arms Manufacturer constituents are most upset at these turn of events.

  12. Makes me wonder….who is listening to Boehner and his band of NOsayers. Who speaks for America? Obama, right? So, when Obama speaks, who listens? The world and the nation. When Boehner and the Republicans speak, who listens? Other Republicans. So that means that the rest of the country and the world–IGNORE the Republican noise makers.

  13. Republican morons are advocates for anything which will make their rich masters richer. After all the Repulsive ones get to suck up the crumbs that the rich drop in the sewer.

  14. It’s hard to believe that this buffoon is still collecting a pay check from the government. He is a powerless slug, that for some reason, is allowed to pretend that he is the speaker of the house.

  15. Let’s be realistic about this. If the Iranians really, really want the bomb there’s nothing we can do to stop them short of invading and occupying the country for several generations. If the Iranians get the bomb, will they blow up Israel? Why would they? That would kill millions of Arab Muslims along with the Israelis, destroy some of the most important religious sites in Islam, and, if the Israelis didn’t retaliation with their own nukes, guarantee a total war with the Arab world. An atom bomb really only has one use for Iran: it’s a poison pill that they can use to deter attacks against them. And we and Israeli can’t afford to have an Iran that can’t be blackmailed or extorted.

  16. Boner, you and your friend Turtle wouldn’t know a good deal from a bad one. You guys are just sticking to your guns, saying that anything proposed by Obama must be opposed, even if good for the country and/or the world.

  17. Boehner claims that this not a matter of politics, but of right and wrong. If there is one thing the GOP don’t know anything about, it’s right and wrong. They think right is everything that comes out of their evil minds. And wrong is everything that is moral and decent.

  18. Question to all the republican TROLLS who get a tingle in their nether region posting LILY WHITE FUX NEWS propaganda here, if john boenher was a democrat, wouldn’t YOU swear on that BIBLE YOU never read, that he’s a out of control alcoholic?? C’MON! be REAL?! if boenher wasn’t a REPUBICAN, you’d be screaming BLOODY murder or BLOODY MARY, from the roof tops!! and FUX NEWS would be editing video of him driving drunk and plowing through a nursing home, killing a stack of grannies!! be honest!

  19. Isn’t it hilarious? when REAGANS traitorous A$S made a DRUG and WEAPONS deal behinds congress backs, with IRAN and the CONTRA’s, the GOPers just LOVED them some RONNIE!! but let Obama broker a deal with other countries to throttled down Iran’s nuclear program, it’s the END of the world! the GOP is hopeless! first of FU#KING all, who is the usa, to tell ANY country what nuclear programs they can or can’t have???!! this is typical LILY WHITE usa exceptionalism at it finest!! NEWS FLASH! the ONLY country to use a nuclear weapon was the usa! so give me a break! And secondly, IRAN isn’t going to EVER use nuclear weapons against ANYONE!! especially not israel!!!! israel has enough nuclear fire power to destroy the entire WORLD! netanyahu is INSANE! he wants a war so badly, he can taste it! that’s exactly why, he and the GOP are french kissing each other! can you say, INDUSTRIAL MILITARY COMPLEX?

  20. And yet these are the same folks who didn’t want military folks to be allowed to drink alcohol until they were 21.

  21. John Boehner’s liver will give out way before Iran builds any nuclear bomb. I am waiting to hear any day now that the man is awaiting a liver transplant. We are so embarrassed by our Congress–the world must be laughing and President Obama is our only credible person on the team.

  22. That’s about it CARLOS..we send them arms, we send them money but what netenyahooo really wants is American blood American bodies….

  23. I actually feel sorry for John Boehner…

    I really do. It is TRAGIC.

    Altho, obviously, Congress sorta works, a little…

    Ever try to herd cats?

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