The Future of the GOP: Proudly Unstudied Scott Walker Revels in Iran Ignorance


Scott Walker
I am a dyed in the wool Midwestern woman. As a proud Chicago, Illinois native and current resident, I have a guarded affection for my neighbors to the north in Wisconsin – not only because a sizeable portion of my family resides there. According to a study from the Bay Area Center for Voting Research, the Badger State boasts two of the top 40 most liberal cities in the nation, Milwaukee and Madison. It also has a historically balanced mix of Democratic and Republican governors, which demonstrates a spirited, bipartisan embrace of political discourse. And of course there’s lot of cheese.

Wisconsin is famous for many things, including the World’s Only Polka Escalator and the NFL’s Green Bay Packers franchise. However since January 3, 2011 the state that folk singer Dar Williams once referred to as the epicenter of “can-do, earthy-crunchy attitude,” has been most famous for its current Republican governor and 2016 presidential candidate, Scott Walker. It’s been a rough time for Wisconsin progressives – and those dreading a national Walker campaign – ever since. We’ve had four years to get well acquainted with his union-busting, anti-worker tactics, animosity toward a woman’s right to make her own family planning decisions, and affection for discriminatory voting laws.

But this week, Scott Walker, Colorado Springs, Colorado native come failed Marquette University graduate, would have us swallow his reinvention as a foreign policy expert. After all, he spent a whole two hours this past winter being tutored on international affairs by the leading experts of his party. After the meeting, Philip Rucker and Robert Costa of The Washington Post wrote:

In contrast to the compelling and confident way Walker talks about his Wisconsin record, he has been shaky on foreign policy. He has traveled only rarely overseas and showed little interest in world politics in college or as governor. Policy experts and donors who have met with him privately said he lacks depth of knowledge about the international scene and speaks mostly in generalities.



But in a 2016 Republican primary season almost unprecedented for its unmitigated gall (and really, after 2012, could we have conceived of a lower bar?), a complete and total lack of experience, intellectual curiosity or insight didn’t stop Scott Walker from weighing in on the historic, multilateral diplomatic agreement limiting Iran’s nuclear program this week. I believe writer Simon Maloy captured the results rather nicely in the piece, Scott Walker Makes a Clown of Himself: Foreign Policy-challenged Candidate Disastrously Flubs Iran. In response to Walker’s reckless campaign claim that he would as president, “pull back, I would terminate that bad deal with Iran completely on day one,” Maloy wrote:

Walker seems to think that the U.S. will have the standing and credibility to assemble a multilateral sanctions regime against Iran immediately after he unilaterally detonates the diplomatic framework that our allies have painstakingly worked on for so long.

And that’s just the first problem with the Wisconsin governor’s comments. As the website Real Clear Politics reported, Walker also labeled the compromise “one of the biggest disasters of the Obama-Clinton doctrine.” This is shameless politicking over a momentous, if nerve-wracking agreement that gives the United States a real shot at preventing nuclear war in the Middle East. What did we have before this week? Absolutely nothing. Walker should know this, as he knows it was Secretary of State John Kerry who brokered the tense negotiations, not 2016 presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton. The latter may be in fact the only foreign policy detail of which the Republican candidate is aware.

If one of the demonstrations of fitness for the nation’s highest office is the ability to understand the issues and comment judiciously, Walker failed at both ends of the test this week. It’s not really a surprise, nor is Walker alone in ignorance. As our writers have reported continuously, all 15 Republican presidential candidates raced to the nearest microphone to voice criticism of the Iran plan without offering a credible alternative. But still, you’d think a man long touted as the “future” of the party would have something more to offer than stale, pandering stupidity.

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  1. The Republican Party pride themselves on ignorance.Why stop at Iran? There’s education, science, cultures of other ethnic groups, politics, religion, education… name it. And the GOP and their zombies, hmmmm, voters, are ignorant.

    Scott Walker is in no position to discuss Iran or any foreign policy. He hasn’t been briefed on the deal, so how can he discuss what he doesn’t know?

    What am I saying? Of course Walker is discussing a topic he knows nothing about. They do it all the time, cuz they know their ignorant base is too brain damaged and can no longer think for themselves.

  2. Most of the GOP POTUS wannabes couldn’t find Iran on a map, nor could they correctly identify the branch of Islam that is its official religion.

  3. Walker reminds me of what Aunt Esther
    always called Fred Sanford on the old
    Sanford & Son tv show. “You beady-eyed,
    fish-eyed fool!”

  4. There is so much ignorance coming from the republicans, one of the points they like to argue riles me no end. They like to talk about appeasement,sneering at Chamberlain’s
    agreement with Hitler in 1939. Someone should tell them that perhaps Chamberlain was listening to his allies, who in the US, all the influential voices supported Hitler,
    think Prestcott Bush, Henry Ford, Hearst and even the Kennedy grandfather. The US does not have any right to sneer at Chamberlain.

  5. Scott Walker sounds just like John McCain chortling to the audience in 2008: “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.” Nothing’s changed in the GOP; they’ve been “dumb, dumb, dumb” for decades now.

  6. ‘Nor is Walker alone in ignorance. As all 15 Republican presidential candidates raced to the nearest microphone to voice criticism of the Iran plan without offering a credible alternative.’

    Isn’t this what the GOP has done with everything that the Dems & President Obama have put forth? Criticize, use lots of talking points, bile & hate, but offer no alternatives to what they don’t like.

    ACA Health Care Coverage – They hate it, no alternative

    LGBT & women’s rights – hate it, no alternative

    Fair wages & Jobs – hate it, no alternative – they still tout trickle down which has not worked in 30+ years.

    Immigration reform – hate it, no alternative

    So, this is just another thing to add to their hate list in which they have no alternative.

  7. “But still, you’d think a man long touted as the “future” of the party would have something more to offer than stale, pandering stupidity.”

    Insightful summing up not only of Walker but of the entire Republican party. Pandering stupidity. That’s their platform.

  8. ONLY in the usa could some college dropout, who was almost recalled by his state, who got PUNKED by a radio show that set this god damn IDIOT up into thinking he was talking to a koch brother representative!! and this DUMBAS$ just started SINGING like a jail house snitch!! This goofy BAST@RD isn’t just dumb looking, he really is DUMB! the ONLY thing worse than this moron, is the LILY WHITE tea bag freaks who cheer for him!! Did you hear the few idiots cheering for him!?? it’s like watching retarded SHEEP stick their heads in a meat grinder!! I can’t believe the koch brothers are so MOTHER-F stupid that they’d pick this cross eyed cartoon elmer fudd looking sock puppet! I know some of my liberal friends here are atheist and I respect that but the usa needs HELP! whether it’s God, we the people or FU@KING space aliens!! because when someone like scott walker can seriously run for president, you know we’re nearing extinction!!

  9. You really made me laugh with your description, and I agree with you, this clown shouldn’t have any more responsibility than show store clerk. I voted to recall this moron, but somehow the kochsuckers pulled his arse out of the fire. I still think it was rigged.

  10. One of the best critiques of the Iran agreement is on VOX, they have a world class nuclear scientist who has studied the deal right from the framework agreement to the present deal, he gives it a resounding A grade.

  11. Notice Walker also lauded Reagan for freeing the Iran hostages in 1980 ( even had a ‘hostage’ in the audience ), when it was Jimmy Carter’s patience and intelligence that accomplished that.
    We didn’t know at the time, but it was Reagan that secretly dealt with the Ayatollah to KEEP the hostages until after the election, and promised to trade arms to the Iranians for doing so ( which was done ). This was treason, and was done to win the election.

    Walker is just as crooked.

  12. @Le hunt, I was being polite when I described scott walker’s appearance! lol @Kanky, I LOVE YA!!! you know your political history!! REAGAN pulled a fast one in that back door deal with Iran and stole the election away from Carter!! just like Nixon went behind LBJ peace negotiations with Viet Nam! trying listening to the recorded conversation LBJ had with republican Everett Dirksen! it’s ALL there!! But what really blows me away is, ALL these so called “INTELLIGENT” republican TROLLS who drag their SORRY A$SES in here, don’t have a CLUE about the REAL RONNIE RONNIE and RICHARD M NIXON!!

  13. Reagan/Carter, yeh! and he don’t even remember doing it with OLLIE NORTH
    “Arms for Hostages with Ollie and Ronnie”

    Now isn’t that a pisser.
    North was a convicted fellon and struts around like the second comming of
    Charleston Heston at the NRA.

  14. “He has traveled only rarely overseas and showed little interest in world politics in college or as governor.”

    He showed little interest in college, as well. It’s pretty bad when Sarah Palin has a better education than you, Scott.

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