Obama Eviscerates Netanyahu and Republicans For Trying To Provoke War With Iran

During his press conference on the Iran deal, President Obama annihilated Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Congressional Republican talking points by calling them out for supporting military action against Iran.

The President said:

For all the objections of Prime Minister Netanyahu, or for that matter some of the Republican leadership that’s already spoken, none of them have presented to me or the American people a better alternative.

I’m hearing a lot of talking points being repeated about this is a bad deal. This is a historically bad deal. This will threaten Israel, and threaten the world, and threaten the United States. I mean, there’s been a lot of that. What I haven’t heard is what is your preferred alternative.

If 99% of the world community, and the majority of nuclear experts look at this thing and say this will prevent Iran from getting a nuclear bomb and you are arguing either that it does not, or even if it does it’s temporary, or that because they’re going to get a windfall of their accounts being unfrozen they’ll cause more problems, then you should have an alternative to present.

And I haven’t heard that.

And the reason is because, there are really only two alternatives here. Either the issue of Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon is resolved diplomatically through negotiation, or it is resolved through force. Through war. Those are the options.

The President followed up his answer by destroying the Republican talking point about negotiating a better deal.

Obama is correct. The reason Republicans and Netanyahu keep fearmongering about this deal is because they are opposed to peace. Republicans and Netanyahu want to provoke a war with Iran by using force to destroy Iran’s nuclear program.

Republicans only offer empty talking points, because they don’t want to tell the American people that their plan involves military action against Iran. From the conservative point of view, any diplomatic solution must require terms that Iran would never agree to because the end game for conservatives has always been military action.

President Obama is going to win the debate over the Iran nuclear deal because he has framed it as a matter of war and peace. It is obvious how the domestic politics of the Iran agreement are going to play out. Republicans will pass their disapproval resolution. Obama will veto it, and Congressional Democrats will sustain his veto.

Obama has already won this debate as demonstrated by his complete destruction of Republican talking points during his press conference.

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