Red State Arizona Goes Gaga Over Bernie Sanders As Demand Forces Rally To A Bigger Arena

Bernie Sanders

The demand for tickets for a Bernie Sanders campaign rally is so high in the red state of Arizona that the campaign has been forced to move the event to a bigger arena.

The Sanders campaign announced that the 7 PM local time rally in Phoenix has been moved, “With turnout projections mounting, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign has shifted the location of Saturday’s rally in Phoenix, Arizona, to the Phoenix Convention Center.”

The need for a bigger venue comes on the heels of the campaign discussing their wave of small donors that are opening their wallets for Sanders:

Small donors accounted for more than three-quarters of all contributors to the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, according to report filed on Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission.

Altogether, more than 76.5 percent of all contributions – totaling more than $10.5 million – came from individuals who donated less than $200.


In the report, the Sanders campaign disclosed that it raised more than $15.2 million during the two months since the senator from Vermont launched his campaign on April 30. There were 390,730 donations from 284,062 individuals whose average contribution was $35.18. The campaign spent $2.9 million during the reporting period and had almost $12.2 million cash on hand as of June 30.

The media has become fond of lumping Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump into the same category, but there is no comparison between Trump and Sanders as far as being an actual candidate is concerned.

Trump is at the top of the Republican polls because of the volume of mainstream media attention that he is getting. If Donald Trump had to campaign like a real candidate, his polling numbers would be much smaller. Unlike the media created candidacy of Donald Trump, Sen. Bernie Sanders is a candidate who has hundreds of thousands of people standing with him by opening up their wallets and giving what they can afford to fight back against billionaires like Trump.

Donald Trump is a novelty and a presidential election sideshow. Bernie Sanders is a real candidate who is being powered by ordinary Americans who believe in his message that the country needs good paying jobs and real economic opportunities for everyone else besides the people at the top. Bernie Sanders is building the sort of grassroots movement that isn’t bound by the partisan divides of red state and blue state.

The demand for Sen. Sanders illustrates an appeal that crosses into all 50 states.

32 Replies to “Red State Arizona Goes Gaga Over Bernie Sanders As Demand Forces Rally To A Bigger Arena”

  1. If Senator Sanders paid his de facto supporters, what trump pays his actors, the Senator’s campaign would be broke by now.

  2. I’m hoping that Bernie continues to have these rallies in supposed ‘Red’ states.
    I’d love to see him here in my moderately blue Central Coast Cal, but am happy to follow him wherever he goes.

    Hope some Bernie ops see this: Go to Austin !

  3. Now I await the inevitable Republican Brown-noser to come here in the comments and state that Sanders numbers are an illusion and that one of their own are in fact the ones with the superior numbers.

  4. Speaking of Trump (aren’t we always?),I was reading an article on “The Daily Beast” that Sideshow Don was bragging about being “worth” in excess of ten billion dollars. So I flashed back to an elementary school teacher who told us that the contents of the human body were, at that time, “worth” about two bucks. Sorry Mr. Trump, but even after adjusting for fifty odd years of inflation, you’re still “worth” about two bucks.

  5. I think you misunderstood the comment you replied to. He was referring to the people who were paid (by Donald Trump) to pretend to be supporters at his first campaign speech.

    He’s basically saying Bernie’s got real support, whereas Donald Trump is a national embarrassment for the GOP.

    But yeah, it’s still good to spread the fact that Bernie Sanders pays his interns. Did you know Hillary Clinton has unpaid interns working for her? I always try to mention that, too, because it’s sooo hypocritical.

  6. I’m concerned about the affiliation of voters. If you’re a registered Independent you can’t vote in the primaries in many states. So…what chance would Bernie Sanders have in the primaries if all of his followers don’t register as Democrats?

    In the red state of Arizona where Sanders seems to be so popular, only registered Democrats can vote in the Primary.

  7. I know that a lot of independent voters who support Bernie are registering as Democrats so they can vote for him in the primaries. They plan on switching back to Independent right after the primaries.

  8. Make sure your state has open primaries. If not, make sure those who really want Senator Sanders as their Democratic candidate, register with their state Board of Elections as Democrats. What great news there is that Arizona will be greeting Bernie with such enthusiasm.

  9. I hope you’re correct in your statement, if that’s what they’re after!

    I haven’t seen any mention of that online!?! And I surely don’t listen to “news” on the tv!

  10. I support Donald Trump’s candidacy for the GOP nomination, for the simple reason that of all the clowns on the GOP clown bus Trump is the one I want most to see Bernie Sanders destroy!

  11. Geez, six weeks ago I was walking alone with this guy Bernie and his son Levi in a cow parade (yes you read that right) [WINK] in tiny Brattleboro, Vermont (pop. 12,000). This whirlwind campaign, this avalanche of support, is making my head swim! — immediate past Chair, Windham County (VT) Democratic Committee

  12. Bernie Sanders will be at the Phoenix Convention Center this Saturday. Like Martin Luther King, Jr., Sanders brings a message of love and respect for people of all ethnic backgrounds: white, black, Hispanic—we are all in this together!

    Donald Trump rolled through Phoenix like a giant stink bomb dividing up Americans along racial lines. What a shame that Trump has insulted our good friends from Mexico!

    Let’s prove Donald Trump is wrong about America. We are not a country of bigots! Show your support for Bernie Sanders this Saturday and prove to Donald Trump that we love everyone no matter what their religion, ethnicity or status in life!

  13. An intern getting paid!! Those lucky bastards!

    Most interns work for free to “gain the experience”.

  14. Online….here’s one Green Party voter changing party affiliation to Democrat for the sole purpose of voting for Sanders in the AZ primaries. Furthermore, if he doesn’t get the nomination, I’ll be writing him in. I’m done “choosing the lesser of two evils.” From now on, I vote ONLY for the candidate that best represents my political positions.

  15. I have considered myself an atheist my entire adult life. _now 71_ However, recently I’ve begun leaning towards agnostic. On the side chance of a supreme deity I’ve begun praying 24/7 that Bernie Sanders will be the next president of the U.S. This praying stuff seems very strange for in my heart I know it is delusional and perhaps the on set of dementia.
    But, if there is a deity that has compassion for mankind and our planet, please help us elect Bernie Sanders POTUS.

  16. In a month or two, Michele Bachmann will swear that she saw Klingons, Romulans, Gorns, and Cardassians at Trump’s speeches.

    And, in all honesty, she may really believe it.

  17. Bernie Sanders’ “huge crowds” are embarrassingly white.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Bernie Sanders’ Race Problem: Why People of Color Aren’t Feeling the Bern
    Discalimer: Certainly, I don’t speak for all people of color. I can only speak for me. But I am an American of color, and I have seen my president be maligned by his foes and disparaged by his supposed “friends” even as he has become the most transformative leader in a century. I base my views here on the true history of the struggle for equality as I have understood it personally on two fronts – on the basis of race and on the basis of sexual orientation. In this essay I offer my view informed by that history and animated by my observations and experiences (including in writing here).
    Read More

  18. I only have one thing to say and this is to those rabid Bernie fans. I think Bernie is great and if he wins the nomination I certainly will give him my vote. But for those of you who say if he does not then you will write his name in or vote Green , ect. then you have NO idea of what Bernie has said more than once. He said he was running on a Dem ticket instead of as an Independent because he DOES NOT want the votes to be split thus giving a Republican a shot a winning the White House. Wake up people you will only be giving the Repubs what they want if you follow thru with those ideas.

  19. Kate, well said and so true.

    I have been thinking the same thing.

    Dems, if you have to plug your nose and vote for whoever wins the primary on the Dem ticket…you BETTER DO IT. Because not voting, or writing in a vote will hand the election over to the GOP.

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