San Francisco City Supervisor to Fox Reporter: “Fox News is Not Real News”

Bill O’Reilly has been under a bit of scrutiny lately for various reasons, including poorly-written and reasoned books, but primarily for his lack of veracity – not only on his show but in his own biography. To be blunt: he lies.

We saw him lie about his war coverage, we saw him lie about JFK in his “Killing JFK” book, we saw him lie about the LA riots, historians tore their hair at his “Killing Patton” book, and he has a history of getting really upset when people don’t go along with his invented version of reality.

In other words, he is the person least-suited on the planet to be doing what he allegedly does for a living. A journalist should report the news, not invent it. But he got some sweet comeuppance in San Francisco when he decided to go after the San Francisco Board of Supervisors over the murder of Kate Steinle, who was killed by an illegal immigrant.

Having had Steinle’s parents on his show Monday, on Tuesday he sent reporters out to ambush the Board of Supervisors.

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It didn’t go as planned. After all, he had just accused them on air of being responsible for Steinle’s death.

Remember, the Republican Party wants you to believe guns don’t kill people. Liberal polices do. Heck, Fox Five even accused Obama of having blood on his hands. Funny how President George W. Bush could invade entire countries without getting any on his.

We liberals need us some Go-Go Republican hands.

At any rate, the city supervisors were having none of that. And Jane Kim outright told her ambusher that guns are the issue here, and keeping guns away from people who should not have them. Novel idea, isn’t it?

Katy Tang told her accuser that “Of course Fox News would be this rude” and when pursued, added, approaching poetry, “You’re interviewing the wrong f*cking person.”

Scott Wiener was the one, however, who sank Bill-O’s battleship: “Fox News is not real news, and you’re not a reporter. I talk to real news only.”

As the Executive Vice President of Media Matters, Angelo Carusone, tweeted:


It is typical of Fox News that Bill O’Reilly and his entire network would not worry about white policemen gunning down black youths, or body-slamming young black girls to the sidewalk. After all, the victims are black.

But if a white woman is killed by a darker-skinned person, Fox News is all over it. If immigrants are the problem, logic dictates so are the police. After all, as the great Aristotle would say, killing is killing (and he should know, given the rumors of his killing Alexander the Great).*

Also typical is the desire to blame liberal policies, you know, the gun control advocates, for gun-related crimes, instead of the Republican Party, which advocates people owning any gun the military has in its arsenal. Because everybody needs home defense weapons like rocket launchers.

It is past time somebody reminded Fox News that they’re not real news. Scott Wiener deserves kudos for speaking up and saying what we all feel about the Republican propaganda organ created by Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes.

And that’s exactly what President Obama should say to Bill O’Reilly next time he demands an interview: “I talk to real news only.”

* According to Roman historians Plutarch and Arrian

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