Trump Says “The Hispanics Love Me”, But New Poll Shows They Can’t Stand Him

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump reached new depths of delusion Wednesday morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Show. During an interview, Trump insisted that he would beat Hillary Cinton in the 2016 presidential race, and he also boasted that he would win a majority of the Hispanic vote. Trump, with his characteristic ego-stroking bluntness, proclaimed:

The Hispanics love me.

The remark was reminiscent of his 2011 comments on talk radio, when Trump asserted:

I have a great relationship with the blacks. I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks.

According to Donald Trump, the GOP should be a lock to win over majority voters as long as Trump is the party’s nominee. Unfortunately, Mr. Trump’s popularity with non-white voters is a figment of his wild imagination.

On the same morning that Trump was bragging that he would win the Hispanic vote, a newly released Washington Post-ABC News poll found that 81 percent of Hispanic voters had an unfavorable opinion of Trump, compared to just 13 percent who viewed him favorably. Donald Trump apparently confused love with hate, as his net favorable rating with Latino voters is negative 68 points. Even by the most charitable assessment, those results can only be summarized as Hispanic voters can’t stand Trump.

Trump has accused undocumented immigrants from Mexico of being rapists, and he has made anti-immigration rhetoric the cornerstone of his campaign. While that gambit has actually paid off in making him far more popular with Republican voters, it has damaged his standing with Hispanic voters. In May, 60 percent of Hispanic voters viewed Trump negatively. That number has risen to 81 percent, as Trump has continued to demonize Latino immigrants on the campaign trail.

Trump’s miserable 13 percent favorable rating with Hispanic voters suggests that if he becomes the Republican nominee, the GOP will suffer worse numbers with Hispanic voters than they did in 2012. Mitt Romney lost the Latino vote in 2012 by a crushing 71-27 margin to Barack Obama. By comparison, George W. Bush only lost the Hispanic vote to John Kerry by a closer 58-40 spread. Whatever other faults George W. Bush had, he did not practice demagoguery on the immigration issue, and as a consequence, he was able to maintain a moderate base of support with Hispanic voters.

Donald Trump however has turned to Nativist demagoguery. Republican voters are rewarding him for his xenophobic rhetoric, but a Trump candidacy would deliver a crippling blow to the GOP’s hopes of resurrecting their standing with Latino voters. Trump can profess that Hispanic voters love him all he wants, but the truth is over 80 percent of Hispanic voters can’t stand Trump. With such dismal levels of support from Latino voters, Trump has very little chance of ever becoming president.

23 Replies to “Trump Says “The Hispanics Love Me”, But New Poll Shows They Can’t Stand Him”

  1. Why would 13 percent of Hispanics view Trump him favorably?

    How do people of East Indian Asian, Arabic orgins, etc., view Trump and the republican party?

    Surely they understand that republicans look at them the same way they look at Hispanics and black.

  2. I’m not Hispanic, and I can’t stand the arrogant, piece of crap. All that money and to damn cheap to get a decent hair transplant. Or better yet a head transplant!!!

  3. I’m so in awe of those who think the “Trump” is POTUS worthy.

    They either have to be on drugs or they’re just plain ol’ stupid.

    I’ve always heard that ignorance is bliss…I’m beginning to believe it.

  4. Good old Bizzaro logic… that’s the best way to explain this. They love me because I hate them.

    Man, this is becoming way too easy.

  5. PLEASE….!!!!!!….CONTINUE TO PERMIT..!!!!….this person TO SPEAK.For the Hole gets DEEPER..!!!..DEEPER…!!!…DEEPER..!!!…I think one gets my drift(meaning)…!!!!!!!…Thank you So Much sir and GO HILLARY…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think Trump is one of EL Chapos biggest customers. This moron is on dope big time if he believes after crapping on them Latinos are going to vote for him. Man you can`t make stuff up!

  7. LMFAO so trump believes latinos love him?! I don’t know about the rest of you but the more I look at america and especially the GOP, the more I feel like I’m in the wrong FU@KING universe!! WTF!? this is comedy SCI FI $HIT!! the GOP is such a damn mess and so delusional! JESUS CHRIST! these people suffer from WHITE PRIVILEGE times 10! the GOP has talked to minorities like dogs since the 1970’s! HELL! they’ve NEVER respected women! and try telling the average republican that their party is racist and homophobic and they’ll turn bright red and start spitting their dentures out! american policies have become a national grace! BTW it isn’t just all republicans! WE have blue dog dems who are bat $HIT crazy too! you listening ben nelson, maria cantwell, OILGARCHY and WHITE PRIVILEGE in THIS country are one of the same! and the REST of the world clearly sees whats going on! AND our tea baggers bunch are paralysed by THEIR WHITE PRIVILEGE it’s impossible to reach them too! SOS!

  8. Well any poll that shows him not doing well in something he feels he’s doing great at- is Liberally Biased…


  9. Methinks TRUMP has his head in the sand. Is he not listening nor reading on the pushback and unfavorable comments coming from the Latino community worldwide? He sounds delusional. Trying not to accept the truth about him. No matter how he spins it, it still comes out that he is “Persona non-grata” with mucho Mejicanos and Latinos. Except of course, Marco (El Cubano) Rubio and his best buddy Ted (Good ol’ boy) Cruz from Canada, via Cuba.

  10. Well of course we welcome Trump’s Right To Free Speech!
    It’s one of the glorious things about living in the U.S. of A.! Any damned fool can get up and demonstrate what a complete and utter fool they are.

    Witness- the Republican Party.

  11. He didn’t hear the entire conversation lol What they said was that they would love to … shave his head and turn him into a pinata.

  12. It appears they are letting their religious views rule their political views. Totally insane. No one’s religion is our government.

  13. That includes me, I can’t stand Trump, the gop, and racists. I wish there was a more in depth poll regarding the ethnicity of the Latino population: Mexican, Guatemalan, Cuban, Salvadorean, Puerto Rican. We are not homogeneous, like myself, I’m Mexican-American.

  14. I really wish more pollsters would break down polling of Hispanics in more detail as you suggest. I realize that in some cases they avoid doing it because of small sample sizes if you break down the population into multiple sub-categories (i,e–tricky to draw statistically meaningful conclusions from a survey question that might be asked to only two dozen Salvadorans for example).

    However, I do know that Pew Research Center occasionally conducts polls where they break down Hispanic respondents into multiple sub-categories as you suggested. They do the same with Asian voters…giving us insights like that Vietnamese-American voters tend to be more conservative than Chinese-American voters for example, in the same way that Cuban-Americans lean more right than Mexican-Americans or Puerto Ricans.


  16. Why no, Donald Trump isn’t going to “win the Hispanic vote” any more than he’s going to be our next President.

    Hispanic voters overwhelmingly disapprove of Donald Trump’s controversial comments on illegal immigration, according to a new Univision poll.

    Seventy nine percent of Hispanic voters polled find Trump’s comments offensive, and 71 percent hold an unfavorable view of Trump.

    While a majority of those polled say they don’t think Trump’s comments represent his party, Trump and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush trail Hillary Clinton badly among Hispanic voters.

    Clinton would win 64 percent of Hispanic voters over Bush in a hypothetical matchup. That includes a five point lead in Bush’s home state of Florida, a 42-point lead in Nevada, a 14-point lead in North Carolina, and a 46-point lead in Colorado—all swing states.

    She’d fare even better in a matchup against Trump, where she wins the Hispanic vote by a 70 to 16 percentage point margin.

  17. Sammy, I’m not sure where that 13% come from but I’m betting(not certain) that MOST of that 13% are not of Mexican descent. Keep in mind, they polled Hispanics. So it could be a combination of Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Dominicans, black, white, and brown. I live in Dallas and being an African American who speaks Spanish I have a large social circle of Mexican nationals and Mexican Americans. I can say that 100% of my friends who have mentioned him in my presence are outraged by Trump.

    I’m always amused when people like Trump makes such general statements such as “Hispanics love me” or “I have a good relationship with the blacks”. WE ARE NOT MONOLITHIC!!!

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