Maine Legislature Rejects 65 Botched Vetoes From Gov. LePage Forcing Likely Court Showdown

angry Paul LePage

The Maine House and Senate each rejected 65 vetoes sent to them from Republican Governor Paul LePage on Thursday, forcing a probable showdown in the state’s Supreme Judicial Court. House Speaker Mark Eves, a Democrat, and Senate President Michael Thibodeau, a Republican, both refused to consider the vetoes, because LePage held the bills for over ten days without acting on them. LePage initially was attempting to “pocket veto” much of the legislation, but the law only allows pocket vetoes when the legislature adjourns.

However, LePage was unwilling to admit his procedural error and instead double downed insisting that lawmakers should bend to his imperial dictates rather than follow Maine law. Now LePage will have to hope the courts agree with his twisted interpretation of the governor’s powers, because the legislature clearly does not.

House Speaker Mark Eves declared the governor’s behavior as out of order, and flatly rejected the vetoes, stating:

You cannot veto a law. This legislation is already law, in accordance with the Constitution, history and precedent. The governor’s veto attempts are out of order and in error. He missed the deadline to veto the bills.

If the Maine Supreme Judicial Court sides with the legislature, LePage’s strategy will backfire as one of the most cataclysmic blunders in government history. 65 pieces of legislation that LePage opposes may have become law, because the Tea Party governor can’t abide by the correct process for vetoing legislation he is against.

LePage has proven time and again that he is either too arrogant or too foolish to serve as governor of his state. He has repeatedly attempted to bully lawmakers, but on July 16th they may have exacted their payback. Dozens of bills that LePage opposed are now law, unless Maine’s Supreme Judicial Court decides to side with the governor by choosing to overturn those laws. Unless the court is unusually partisan, there is no reason to expect that they will rule in the governor’s favor.

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  1. LePage is a colossal fool and is his own worst enemy. What Maine needs to do is figure out what is wrong with them and why they have elected this fool twice. I know it was a three way race that had Cutler as the stubborn spoilsport who got 8% which was the difference, but who in their right mind would give this buffoon a 2nd chance?

  2. The irony. LePage claims to be a Christian, wherein humility is supposedly held in high regard.
    But oh so many of LePage’s brand of Christianity, simply cannot abide the notion of being wrong.

    Why it’s almost akin to the Divine Right of Kings.

  3. “Double downed”? Do you say “I sit downed to have dinner” or “He write downed everything I said”? Try “doubled down”.

  4. …he {Keith} musta been in a hurry…
    …this fat Teatard pig needs to be driven outta Maine on a rail…{and if they launch that rail into the Atlantic, who can blame ’em???} King Paul da Turd is about to get a lesson that the “Divine Right of Kings” ended centuries ago…{kinda surprised he didn’t try for “Right of the first night” or even “Right of the first blood” that Koch-sucking polymorphrodite bastid}
    …here’s hoping even conservative voters learn a lesson: If you elect a psychotic to office; don’t be surprised when {s}he turns and tries to hurt or kill you…

  5. Shame on the Governor for trying to take “LePage” out of the Karl Rove play book.

    Couldn’t resist;-)

  6. LePage to the people of Maine:
    “Rules? I don’t need no rules. I don’t have to follow your stinkin’ rules!”

  7. I wonder when it will occur to the TBaggers who have elected clowns such as LePage they are electing mini-dictators. The TBaggers say they want to “return to the Constitution,” but each and every little potentate they put into office willfully ignores it.

  8. I think that they’re well aware of the folks they elect being tinpot dictators- after all, they’re getting tired of playing fair when it comes to elections.

    Got Diebold?

  9. Its because they don’t know the Constitution and the 2 amendments they cite the 2nd and the 10th they always get that wrong. Being stupid and a teabagger are the same thing

  10. Anyone care to take a bet?

    When the Maine Supreme Court upholds those 65 botched pocket vetoes into laws- Charges of “Judicial Activism” from the Right?


  11. This is a poisonous toad that cannibals use for blowgun darts.

    Why do we need Maine anyway ? It’s a useless hunk of rock that was an afterthought for a state. Even Canada didn’t want it. If we tried to pawn it off to some other poor sucker nation it would be like the “Ransom of Red Chief”.

  12. As a New Englander(Massachusetts), I strongly disagree. Maine is a great state with beaches, skiing, hiking and easy way of life. It was not an afterthought. It was originally part of the State of Massachusetts until 1820 when it was created 1820 as part of the Missouri Compromise, in which free northern states approved the statehood of Missouri as a slave state in exchange for the statehood of Maine as a free one. In this manner, northern representation remained balanced with southern pro-slavery influence in the Senate. So it was actually not an afterthought.

  13. Nine of our last 11 governors were elected by less than a majority. The system is designed to accommodate two candidates despite the fact that there are three or four candidates who often run for office.
    Now, we are considering “Ranked Choice Voting.”

    LePage has used many underhanded tactics that discredit him which hurt legislators, and the people of the State of Maine. The latest is his interference with Mark Eves, in his last term as Speaker of Maine House of Representatives. He was hired as director of the Good Will-Hinckley School. LePage threatened to withdraw state funding if the school did not dismiss Mr. Eves as their new director. They caved. This is blackmail.

    LePage denied he would use TP agenda.

    This is typical of LePage’s bullying tactics to get his own way. He is incapable of holding any leadership position either governmental or other.

    In 2010 LePage accepted tea party $$ but denied he’d use TP agenda. Not so! He uses tea party …

  14. I totally disagree with you.

    I’m from “away” and living in Maine since 1979. Not only is Maine a beautiful state, but Maine people are warm, wonderful folks who are willing to help – and do!

    Yes, the winters here have become much worse since global warming, but the Maine hospitality has continued to be open and accepting.

    Although some friends “warned” me about Mainers — not liking folks from away etc., I soon learned this was far from true. My job on arrival in Augusta was executive secretary for legal services non-profit for ten years till seminary. I got to know the State quite well, have numerous friends here – and am an activist.

    When we first came to Maine I was overwhelmed by the kindness to me and my children who had just relocated from the Bronx, NY.

    New York will always be my home, but I do my best to be a good citizen, friend and neighbor, and to appreciate where I live.

    Don’t judge us by LePage. Too many didn’t vote. This will change!

  15. Keith Brekhus your article is very well written and quite accurate. Indeed, these are difficult times for the people of the State of Maine, but we will overcome them.

    Thanks so much for your words. They are gratefully appreciated.


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