Online Petition Targets Websites Promoting Trump’s Hotels


It has been about a month since Donald Trump announced that he is running for president, and his speech is still dominating the news.

Trump’s anti-immigration and racist rhetoric has helped him win support from some GOP voters, but it is also causing tremendous damage to his business relationships. According to the Daily Beast, his comments have cost him over $50 million.

Since his racist comments, online organizers have taken aim at Trump’s partnerships and licensing agreements with other companies. More than 700,000 people signed the petition demanding that Macy’s cut ties with Trump and hundreds of thousands have signed petitions as well.

Last week, I posted about Erick Sanchez’s campaign, which led to celebrity chef, Jose Andres, and ThinkFoodGroup canceling plans to open a restaurant in one of Trump’s hotels. Changemakers have also used’s platform to organize successful campaigns targeting Trump’s business relationship with the PGA, Macy’s, and NBC.

According to the blog, people have started nearly 200 campaigns targeting Trump- many of which target his business relationships. One petition which will be interesting to watch, calls for TripAdvisor, Expedia, and BOOKING to “stop promoting Donald Trump’s hotels on your websites and discontinue any business relationship with Trump’s organization.”

So far, nearly 2,000 people have signed it. Will you be the next?

Kyle McCarthy works in the tech industry and is editor of, a blog focusing on issues affecting Millennials today. He also blogs at Huffington Post, often writing about business ethics, politics, affordable higher education and #Tech4Good. Kyle also co-founded the nonprofit, and was listed as one of “10 advocates fighting for student loan reform.” Connect with him on Twitter @KyleMcCarthyism.

18 Replies to “Online Petition Targets Websites Promoting Trump’s Hotels”

  1. Trump’s words echo the sentiments of many Americans.
    The media’s “translation” of Trump’s words do not.
    But what the Trump haters don’t understand is that the kind of people who are gravitating toward The Donald are the kind of people who would NEVER sign an on-line petition to do anybody harm in retaliation for the horribly obscene crime of disagreeing.
    We are the kind of people who find that kind of action mean, spiteful and recklessly juvenile.
    But on the other hand, sometimes there are things we can learn from people like that.
    I certainly have.

    ***TRUMP 2016***
    …because “voting is the best revenge”

  2. My! Such noble thoughts…. as if what Trump is saying must have some sort of credibility. It doesn’t. It’s funny that so many right wing people will pledge a boycott of any business that advertises “Happy Holidays” instead of merry christmas, but recoil in horror should there be a boycott of any person or business that “disagrees” with their preconceived ideas.

    Boycotts do work – and guess who taught us that strategy?

  3. You mean the kind of people who chose to boycott Disneyland because they were gay friendly?

    Try again Fail Whale.

  4. k… you mean ‘many Americans’ from the uninformed Fox News watching droolers?

    no matter how hard he bloviates his ‘Empire’ benefits from cheap labor… the maids in his hotels, groundskeeper, construction laborers…

    live in your bubble and pretend…

    Trump… living well is the best revenge..

  5. Trump looks like a blow fish, no offense to blow fish. This guy is the GREATEST Jerk Ive ever seen. You’d think with that kind of money, he’d look better.

  6. the problem with this blow fish is that there isn’t a trained sushi chef in the world skilled enough to keep one from being poisoned if you bite on this asshole…

  7. I can’t decide if Trump’s rise is good or bad for progressives. It’s good since it highlights how horrible the Rethug platform is. And it would be great for progressives if Trump actually won the Rethug nomination since he’d never win the general election (I hope). However it’s bad since he makes the other Rethugs look halfway normal.

  8. Don’t be so sure that the dummies that make up the voting public wont vote for this bankrupt racist. Celebrity is a powerful drug for the uninformed just look at California when they elected Arnold

  9. Trump is free to spew all the racist comments he likes. And american consumers are free to use their buying power to show Trump that he is a hateful bigot and that bigotry is not welcome here. Neither his nor yours, since you agree with him.

  10. Trump doesn’t own all the properties his name is unfortunately affixed to. He sold his ‘brand’ — his ‘name’ and those said properties including hotels and condominiums were misrepresented to people as Trump & his kids would make various appearances at sales events. A property in Florida where people paid their down-payments — was never built. This was one that had the Trump name but no financial interest held by Trump — he had sold his name. The last time I researched, these people were having to take the true property owner to Court to get their deposits back – said deposits of course being tied up for a long time. With the info re when building to be complete etc, some had sold their homes; others this was their savings. Disgusting man. You can be sure he’s added these buildings to his ‘wealth’ he announced with not a Dime of ownership.

  11. All his spewing BS that Hispanics/Latinos ‘Love’ him — last poll I read, over 70% of Latinos/Hispanics hated him. I haven’t checked for a poll taken of African Americans. That would be interesting too!!

  12. Forbes has tracked Trump’s worth/wealth for about 30 years. When he threatened to run in 2008, it was Forbes that put out info as to his net worth (thought may have been MotherJones or Bloomberg when posted few days ago – my mistake).

    Here is an article by Forbes re his election disclosure this past week. Forbes states his net worth is $4Billion — not the inflated $10B. That’s Trump having wet dreams still!!!

  13. I would like to know how this successful bully declared bankruptcy ten times? First : Does he not stiff those banks we had to bail out at taxpayer’s expense? Bankruptcy means you do not have to pay your creditors / debts. Too me, he is an opportunistic slug and certainly not presidential material. Secondly: do his supporters really think he has the temperament and patience for such a job? This idea is completely ridiculous. He is embarassing!

  14. …DJ, I think the term is “inbred”…
    …unlike the true blow-fish Trump {and his ilk, see BLO’Reilly… lol} it ain’t his liver that’s so toxic…it’s his heart, brain and mouth that are so deadly…for example I get sick to my stomach when a Reich-Winger is Bloviating on TV…

  15. The medias translation?? He IS saying these things.he’s a rasist.pretty simple. In return,you sir,are also a rasist. Trump does not have the qualities to run for potus let alone be potus. But but but he’s the front runner in the polls. All that means is nothing.

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