Racist Rep. Steve “Cantaloupe Calves” King Says He’s As Hispanic and Latino as Julian Castro

steve king

Steve King (R-IA) announced on his Twitter account, that he is as Hispanic and Latino as Julian Castro:

As if to prove how he gets minorities, King said we needed to bring back profiling by law enforcement — right before his announcement that he was Latino (note how he is also doing the Republican/NRA thing of blaming gun-free zones for the horrific shooting of four Marines Thursday in Chattanooga):

That should be comforting to minorities, who might be dubious after King bashed Jews “who are Democrats first and Jewish second.” Or perhaps they are troubled by the time he tweeted a racist cartoon of President Obama.

Maybe the problem started when King proudly declared he was keeping an “enemies list” after his own party caught a whiff of King’s public stench and backed away slowly. King, like Trump, is known as a hardcore conservative. What does that mean? Well…

He’s a Tea Party Republican who hate-mongers about DREAMers, accusing them of being drug mules with “calves the size of cantaloupes” due to all of that pot smuggling he imagines immigrants do. This is what it means to be a conservative these days.

In April of this year, Democratic Congressman Jared Polis was fed up with Republican Rep. Steve King’s racism and bigotry, so he proposed a bill that would stop King from legislating. Speaker John Boehner even called King an “a$$hole”, though he let King and his Tea Party destroy the Republican party on immigration.

Perhaps minorities were troubled when King likened House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) to Jesus Christ after the scandal over his appearance at a David Duke white supremacist conference in 2002.

Whatever… It’s truly inspiring to see how Republicans are dealing with the result of their hate-mongering. Instead of dealing with the fact that their platform is a tough sell to anyone other than the woefully misinformed Fox viewer and the top 2% of the nation’s wealth, King skipped right over that refuge of the usual racist/bigot (I’ve got lots of Hispanic friends!) to announce that he, too, is Hispanic and Latino. Problem solved! There is nothing minorities love more than being told they will automatically vote for someone because of the packaging. (See previously failed Republican attempts with: Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, etc.)

Next up, King will announce he’s also more African American than President Obama, thus it’s totally okay that he hate-mongers about black people and advocates for policies that harm minorities.

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  1. How come there isn’t a single Democrat that even registers on the crazy -o-meter?

    Not a single one.

    Yet, I can’t name a single Republican that is not nuts.

  2. Ok there Sparky!!! Yeah..and I’m a Half Vulcan Jedi from Teaneck New Jersey. Frakkin’ Moron!!Republicanism and Conservatism are both mental pathologies.

  3. Perhaps you are. However, that King does not meet your critiria of being like you, it does not mean that he is not a “racist.” Both King’s actions and words belie your assertion, and indicate that he is a grade A prime example of a modern day “racist.” BTW, if you were being snarky about it all, then please add the “/s” at the end of your post.

  4. Boehner’s evaluation of King may have been the only
    true statement he has ever made. Seem to recall Jethro
    Bush registering as hispanic in a FL election,BTW. These
    dizzy repugs just keep the comedy comin’!

  5. I think all elected officials need to be drug tested before being allowed to be sworn in. If you test dirty, you don’t get to play in defining policies that affect millions of people.

  6. Really? Perhaps you have never heard of these fine folks

    Sheila Jackson from Texas comes to mind
    ‘Can we see where the moon landings were from the mars rover?’

    Nancy Pelosi. ‘We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it’

    Diane Feinstien. ‘I would tell Mr. and Mrs America to hand over their guns if I had the power.’

    Harry Reid. ‘I have a friend who says Romney never paid any taxes.’

    Your craz-o-meter is obviously miscalibrated

  7. “Separately, Pelosi spokesman Brendan Daly offered this interpretation of Pelosi’s comment: “She meant there was so much talk about process (in Congress) that people have lost sight of what’s actually in the bill. Once it’s passed, we can remind them of all the good things that are in it.”


    Feinstin is referring to California’s Mulford Act signed by governor Ronny in 1967 about CONCEALED guns. google MULFORD ACT


    Nice try, please play again.

  8. Ya know somethin’? the GOP is screaming and hollering that they’re a BIG TENT PARTY! well lets examine that, shall we? the GOP has been trying like hell since the 1970’s to block minorities from voting, they’ve saturated the airwaves with individuals like michael savage, bill o’reilly, rush limbaugh etc. ECT!! calling A.A.’s all types of racist insults, steve king is a racist, who’s enjoys saying stupid thing! This is the same individual who waited till Michael Jackson was DEAD and went on a rampage calling Jackson a pedophile! REMEMBER? steve king is just a republican, just like 89% of all republicans he just can’t STFU! he’s not happy until he’s saying something foul. BTW for you republicans here! explain something to me, if YOUR party isn’t racist, WHY every 4 or 6 yrs YOUR party always talks about changing it’s personality! REMEMBER? YOU were suppose to be ”COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATIVES” 10 yrs ago, and 3 yrs ago, YOU were making yet another, personality upgrade! WTF

  9. Yeah I could see that the two pictures- it was like one was a mirror of the other….(snark).

    What? You mean Mr. King ISN’T a black man?

    Who’da thunk it?

  10. Oh brother… once again, Steve-O proves that he is a real moron!

    First off, you aren’t Hispanic by any means. In fact, the only thing Hispanic about him might be his love for tacos, burritos and nachos.

    Secondly, you don’t get to pull out the “I am just as Hispanic as this guy” card if you right afterwards pull out the ‘we need guns on every corner because gunfire makes me horny’ card.

    Lastly… I kinda wish I was back in Iowa. I’d love to back whoever the hell would run against him. Hell, I’d throw myself into the ring. I may not have the money to do it, but by god… I will do my best to wipe this embarrassment out from Congress!

  11. @just say, what’s your problem? I’ve read a few of those FUX NEWS nuggets you’ve posted here, it’s safe to assume you’re a republican or libertarian, RIGHT? my question is, didn’t you’re DUMBA$S expect to get smacked down! You’ve been posting garbage and when someone playfully calls you a NAUGHTY name, YOU have a heart attack! Listen, I gone to conservatives sites and been called all kinds of nasty insults and don’t let them assume I’m A.A.!! because that’s when the N-BOMBS start flying! So my advice to you is either wait till your testicles FINALLY drop! and you can handle some friendly ADULT political talk, or go get your nails polished and take a midol! JUST SAYIN’

  12. Gosh, if that’s true, I must be a monkey’s uncle. My eyes have been hurting so much from eye rolling from these jerks whose sole purpose is to win power by hate. Hopefully, President Hillary Clinton wins this election in a landslide and win back congress.

  13. AndyCa… You only attempted to address 2 of my crazy examples and quite poorly I might add; neither explanation makes any sense or clears them.
    Knight4444… Are you implying that women are weaker and thus unable to argue effectively? That’s pretty sexist by definition,although actual definitions seem to mean little on this site.
    I am a conservative Democrat.
    I don’t watch any news much less fox.
    I didn’t have a heart attack I just thought it a waste of space to hurl epithets about but I see it is necessary for you as you have so little substance to back up your thoughts.
    How can you be for drug testing politicians when the current president admitted his own drug use?

    And yo mama wears combat boots

  14. Wow! You came up with 4 lame examples, one of which you had to go all the way back to 1967…really!? Compared to the freaking, idiot Republicans in which you can count on every other day, if not every day, saying something stupid, Just Sayin’, you ain’t got sh*t!!! You are just as pathetic as they are!!!

  15. Jesus H. Christ..King is delusional. I think he knows what’s coming down the pike. The unstoppable nomination of Castro as VP by Hillary Clinton. He’s a bit like Obama when he was a senator. Charming, youngish with impeccable credentials & a mega-watt smile.

  16. Are you implying that the President currently uses drugs? He talked about smoking pot in high school & his early college years. I doubt there are many in Congress who haven’t smoked pot at one time or another. PBO said he stopped smoking pot, buckled down and really started studying at Columbia. That’s how he got into Harvard. You don’t get in there w/o the grades and you don’t graduate MagnaCumLaude w/o them, either.

    There may be a couple of Democratic Congressmen/women who have uttered ridiculous things at one time or another, the GOP has an overabundance of those who do so every time they open their mouth. Their lying about PBO & refusal to work with him from day one has proven their extremism. Do you think if 9/11 had occurred 9 months after President Obama was inaugurated that the RW’ers would have rallied around the President as the nation, including the Democratic Party did with President Bush? Not a chance. Remember their pledge to refuse to work with him? Vote…

  17. …half-Vulcan Jedi from TEANECK??? Now I know you’re full of it!!! EVERYBODY knows the Vulcan Jedi Academy is in NEWARK!!!{{{/S}}}

  18. Feinstein who witnessed the assassination of San Francisco supervisor Harvy Milk and mayor George Moscone in 1978.

    She said that in 1995 was about ASSAULT RIFLES, she is STILL my senator and I will vote for her until she decides to retire.
    She was NOT banning all guns you IDIOT.

    here is a utube of it

    How dare you!!
    Why didn’t YOU provide VALID links, because you’re LAZY.

    You’re NOT even remotely a democrat, you’re TEA BAGGER.

  19. Save the USA, quit the NRA and all like gun associations. Form a new gun association which stresses gun safety, and responsible gun usage and promotes sensible gun laws in which there are extensive background checks for every gun sold. Every gun needs to be registered and every gun owner licenses so that we can keep guns out of the hands of criminals and every gun can be traced through all its owners back to the original gun sale. Support the USA quit the NRA. Stop the epidemic of senseless gun deaths in the USA.

  20. ANYONE running for public office needs to be drug tested.

    Steven Kingly Can come to my house, but he would not like the fact that I’m a thousand years old, and a good chunk of that is HERE in America.

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