Former GOP Congressman Michael Grimm Is Headed For Prison

Former Republican Congressman Michael Grimm, who represented Staten Island in the U.S. House, was sentenced to eight months in prison for federal tax fraud on Friday morning. In addition to spending eight months in prison, Grimm will also have to serve a year of supervised release. He will be required to surrender to authorities on or before September 10, 2015, to begin serving his sentence.

Grimm escaped comparatively lightly after being indicted on 20 criminal counts in April 2014. He ultimately plead guilty to just a single count of federal tax fraud.

Grimm concealed nearly one million dollars worth of sales receipts from his Healthalicious Restaurant. He also admitted to hiring undocumented immigrants and he lied under oath during a 2013 civil deposition.

The ex-Congressman made national headlines in January 2014, when he threatened reporter Michael Scotto on camera, yelling:

Let me be clear to you, you ever do that to me again I’ll throw you off this f***ing balcony. You’re not man enough, you’re not man enough. I’ll break you in half. Like a boy.

While Grimm avoided criminal charges for his violent outburst against the reporter, he could not escape the long arm of the law for his financial corruption. Grimm characterized the investigation against him as a political “witch hunt” but the evidence of his illegal activity was unquestionable.

The eight month prison term is fairly mild given the apparent depth of Grimm’s corruption, but many political observers expected him to escape jail time altogether. U.S. District Court Judge Pamela K. Chen could have sentenced Grimm to a maximum of three years in prison, but she opted to impose a more mid-range sentence, settling on giving him eight months behind bars.

During the proceedings the judge admonished Grimm, by stating:

Your moral compass, Mr. Grimm, needs some reorientation.

She added:

Everyone falls from grace when they are caught committing crimes. Some fall farther than others.

Representative Grimm has fallen from grace, a victim of his own corruption and his contempt for obeying the law. Hopefully when he gets to prison, he’ll be smart enough not to threaten to throw any of his fellow inmates over a balcony.

22 Replies to “Former GOP Congressman Michael Grimm Is Headed For Prison”

  1. He did not “conceal $1 million in receipts
    ” He stole it, let’s call it what it is! Eight months is too light a sentence for somebody who stole $1 million!! People who have have stolen far less serve more time than eight months.

  2. Prison is where all Republicans belong . They are all part of a death-cult conspiracy and anti-civilization nutjobs. They really don’t deserve anything better, and prison is less than what they should get …being marched into the sea.

  3. An Ex FBI Agent gets an 8 month jail sentence for basically pocketing a Million Dollars, Tax evasion…exploiting immigrant laborers, who were paid as little as $4.60 an hour.

    Being a politician has it’s rewards

    Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity

  4. He should be put in the general population with no special privileges since he probably will be released in five months, anyway.

  5. I hope someone widens his @rsehole. And I don’t want to hear any moralizing about prison rape jokes. He deserves it for what he threatened that reporter with.

  6. …hope they get the ex-FBI,corrupt politician being broken {like a little boy} on video…
    …ex-FBI asshole in GenPop…what could POSSIBLY go wrong???

  7. He most likely will be put in a “white collar” prison, much like Martha Stewart. Where he will have 8 months of luxury living, chef cooked meals and room like a suite at the Waldorf. He will never face a prison “general population” because he is a politician. That’s America for you!

  8. Staten Island !!?? Have no idea why it’s still a NYC boro. The clowns there will re-elect him to a long career of lies.

  9. People that are caught with pot serves more time than that. Kids with a BB gun are murdered and he gets 8 months.
    Looks like a good deal for a million not counting all the rest. Wonder how much he shared with that judge and the others responsible for that sweet sweet kiss on the cheek?

  10. He won’t have to worry about that. My guess is he is headed for a country club “prison” with almost all the perks he enjoys now. He won’t even miss his government checks he doesn’t have to pee in a bottle for. Or the money he is “earning” for his pension. Actually I doubt he will even miss much “work” since they have so much time off.
    This whole thing needs to be investigated by someone besides republicans. The damage crooked politicians do to this country, the slightest thing they do should strip them of their office and the money and put them in big boy prisons in the general population. If not hung. They aren’t just dishonest they are TRAITORS to this country.

  11. Grimm soon might have a bunkmate

    The Guiltier You Are, The More Lawyers You Need

    Y’all, I don’t know if even OJ ran up legal bills like this. From The Texas Lawyer.

    Perry’s report shows that he brought in only $685 in contributions, but he spent $1.48 million. That means that his legal defense costs represent 69 percent of his spending. Perry only had $1.28 million left in his campaign account as of June 30, which means that if his legal costs continue accumulating at the same pace, he will run out of money unless contributions increase.

    Gosh, wouldn’t that be a shame?

    Bubba has a saying that guilty people need a great lawyer because anybody can get an innocent person off.

    I think the only reason Perry is running for President is to raise the money today his lawyers. He knows he cannot win.

  12. How many republicans that are wailing against illegal immigrants hire them or receive donations from people that hire them?

    These illegal immigrants come here for a variety of reasons which might cause me to do so also but it is the ones that pay them that should be going to jail.

  13. How many Republicans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    An infinite number, since they do not actually exist.

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