Republicans In Congress Push A Federal Evangelical License To Discriminate Law


In the real world, especially the criminal justice system real world, when a person concludes that the law does not apply to them and acts accordingly they are a criminal. In America, specifically in religious Republican America, when a person decides that the law, the U.S. Constitution, and a ruling by the nation’s highest court does not apply to them and acts accordingly they are just persecuted Christians exercising their religious freedom. Of course, if evangelical Republicans had their way, America would be governed by a Christian theocracy and despite the Founding Fathers’ best efforts to forbid a theocratic government, Republicans are pushing legislation to impose evangelical laws on the nation.

Even before the U.S. Supreme Court decided that the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal, civil, and due process rights applies to all Americans, evangelical fanatics and Republicans claimed they would never accept the High Court ruling according to the Constitution as law of the land; according to their special “religious freedom.” After the High Court’s ruling, the same evangelical fanatics and many religious Republicans lambasted the Court for adhering to the Constitution as judicial tyranny, and still claimed they would never accept that the 14th Amendment prevented them from discriminating against gays. Republicans and Christian fanatics were intent on exercising their religious liberty to discriminate against gays with impunity one way or the other, and they were very serious.

So what evangelical Republicans in Congress came up with this week is a “novel” piece of federal legislation that mirrors the rash of religious Republican state schemes to legalize discrimination against the LGBT community. The new legislation is a religious measure with one of those clever Republican titles, “The First Amendment Defense Act;” because calling it a Christian ‘license to discriminate” against LGBT Americans likely would not go over too well with anyone outside of their theocratic cabal.

The legislation originating in the House protects bigoted Americans who oppose same-sex marriage according to their religion’s dictates, and according to language in the religious legislation, that license to discriminate also allows evangelical bigots, including for-profit corporations, to fire any woman who gets pregnant without being married…to a man. The law specifically prohibits the federal government from enforcing the Constitution, or anti-discrimination laws, against any religious fanatic, including for-profit corporations, who cites immunity from the law based on religious grounds.

There is also a little section that forbids the federal government from revoking a non-profit’s tax exemption, or terminating any company’s federal contract for discrimination based on religious liberty. The specific language in the bill is written to protect evangelical bigots “who believe that marriage is between one man and one woman,” and that “sexual relations are properly reserved to such a marriage.” Simply put, religious Republicans are Hell-bent on forcing the federal government to toe the theocratic line and legalize evangelical discrimination. The oath of office they took to support the Constitution as the law of the land be damned.

A legislative representative with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Ian Thompson, said that “in addition to targeting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, the bill clearly encompasses discrimination against single mothers.” As Thompson noted, the Republicans’ religious legislation specifically forbids the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) from protecting women from sex-based religious discrimination.

Thompson said the Republican bill is also a theocratic maneuver to “eviscerate anti-discrimination protections” for LGBT federal contractors that President Obama signed into law just last year, and “allows federally-funded grantees to turn away LGBT people from (taxpayer-funded) homeless shelter services or drug treatment programs.” According to Thomson who stated the glaringly obvious, “This bill is ‘Indiana’ on steroids” in reference to the so-called “religious freedom” bill in Indiana that incited a national and corporate backlash.

The Christian extremist who authored the House version of the theocratic edict, Representative Raul Labrador (R-ID), denied that the legislation has anything whatsoever to do with giving evangelical fanatics a license to discriminate against gays or unwed mothers. He lied like evangelical Republicans are wont to do and said oh heavens no, “It’s just allowing people to continue to believe the way they do.” One of his evangelical cohorts, Representative Bill Flores (R-Texas), said “We’re not going to try to dance on the head of a pin here. This legislation protects an institution (or for-profit corporation) based on its sincerely held religious beliefs from persecution.” It is, no matter how theocratic Republicans spin it, a religious license to violate the 14th Amendment.

Senator Mike Lee, another theocratic Republican from Mormon Utah, introduced a companion bill in the Senate and said that if a business or university fires an unmarried woman for having sexual relations out of wedlock, “they ought to be protected in their religious freedom.” Lee also said that there are plenty of businesses, colleges, and universities “that have a religious belief that sexual relations are to be reserved for marriage,”  and Lee understands that as good Christians it is their religious right to punish any employee who fails to adhere to the employers’ religious beliefs.

The theocratic legislation is gaining momentum among Republicans who are mounting pressure on Republican leaders in Congress to call a vote on the evangelical bill this month; before Republicans have to face religious fanatics at home during their recess. Speaker of the House, opponent of same-sex marriage, and ‘devout Catholic, John Boehner said that “The Supreme Court’s decision on marriage raises a lot of questions and a number of members have concerns about the issues it raises. No decision has been made on how best to address these.” Boehner is a liar; the decision has been made to address the High Court decision with legislation to prohibit government from enforcing Constitutional anti-discrimination laws. The bill has been referred to the Oversight and Government Reform committee that should be a red flag to any American that “reforming government” into a theocracy is the primary goal of evangelical Republicans.

It is really unclear where in the Christian bible, or the U.S. Constitution, evangelicals find an edict authorizing them to punish Americans who fail to conform to their religious extremism. It is highly likely that they are adopting practices of Muslim extremists in the Taliban and ISIS who cite their “religious freedom” to punish non-compliant people. It is fortunate that Americans have a secret weapon to thwart evangelical extremists in Congress in President Obama’s veto pen, because it is apparent that they believe the U.S. Constitution does not apply to them and they are acting accordingly.

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  1. Well here it is the republican wingers after projecting the dangers of Sharia Law and trying to pin it on the DEMs are in fact the ones who are attempting to invoke sharia law on the entire USA.

  2. Nothing in the Bible about divorce.
    If the baggers are so worried about
    the sanctity of marriage, why aren’t
    they banning divorce? Stole that
    arguement from Stephanie Miller.
    Jah bless.

  3. β€œIt’s just allowing people to continue to believe the way they do.”

    Another Red Herring. People can believe whatever the fark they want to right now. It’s the practice of some of what you want to believe in that everyone else has a problem with.

    The Shit they want to pull is “religious belief’ when it’s treating others like crap, but when some of the others wish to give some payback to them and suddenly it’s “Persecution”.

    And you religious nutjobs wonder why I’m atheist.

  4. Does this really surprise anyone? Before getting one’s panties in a wad, one should remember that it is just a proposed bill in committee at this stage, still has to be reconciled and brought to the floor for a vote in both chambers, and has to get past the President’s veto pen – it’ll never fly, like most of the other BS legislative masturbation proposed by R’s.

  5. There is a passage in the Bible THAT tells all to follow: “THE LAWS OF THE LAND.” Now our law tells us that we are to have freedom above all else. Sooo why are these Christians allowed to go above the law, circle around it? Are they not breaking the very law( the bible) tells them to follow?? Then of course, I must remember these people are liars, cheats, deceivers the very people the Bible tells us to be aware of..

  6. If Congress can define who is allowed constitutional protections, we have no constitutional protections. We have permission. Same at the State level.

  7. It always surprises me to see the inner workings of a repug mind. I just wonder how they think up all this shit and then parade it out. Is it how far can we go? Is it their true convictions? Or are they just really that ignorant?

  8. This. This right here. This is an example of the ‘Murikkkan Exceptionalism trumpeted by the junior senator from Texas. This is how the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan. This is how ISIL exerts themselves over the population areas they control. This is how religious extremism comes to power.

    This is how we have brought this down upon our own heads. This is happening because we cannot get off our collective, apathetic, lazy, disconnected backsides to vote when we have the chance, duty and right.

    Wasteful, treasonous, illegal, short-sighted and unconstitutional use of MY tax dollars. HEY! YOU! Yeah, all, y’all on Capitol Hill: Stop wasting my money. Do your jobs and work for the good of the whole country, or go home and run for local office. Better yet, go home, stop talking, stay out of sight, and take care of your own house since you can’t take care of the nation.

    Enough? You want some more? c’mon! John 11:35.

  9. So what happens to the poor single mother who is impregnated because of a “legitimate” rape and won’t or can’t abort? These bigots going to fire her too? On another note since atheism is a belief in non religion, then does an athiest have the right to claim the same rights for their actions related to their “sincerely held beliefs”? Ex: An atheist gun shop owner thinks a religious person is too stupid to own a gun and refuses to sell to the that person. Are these hypocrites gong to back the athiest? Oh we all know the answer.

  10. Let’s see if we can narrow this down for the logic challenged (repubs). You’re free to believe in any religion, you just can’t make, sanction, or impose any law against those who don’t follow your beliefs. Am I to surmise that if evangelicals don’t get their way, they too, will begin to lop heads off? And they call themselves Americans. Please.

  11. The only Bible which has ever mattered to them is the one they swear upon when they’re sworn in. Do you think they’ve ever read it??? Hmm, if they were truthful with themselves and others, they’d step back due to all the lies they’ve already told to get the vote!

  12. It’s OK, though. They’ve never read the Constitution they swore to defend and uphold either. All they know is that as xians they must be allowed to hate someone, or else they’re being persecuted.

  13. Hammer: I agree, this will never get past the president. This is why it is imperative that we vote. We cannot afford to have the House and the Senate with Republican majorities, We also cannot have a Republican President appointing Supreme Court judges. Thinking of it in that context is extremely scary, we need to remind everyone of this and encourage everyone (Democrats) to vote.

  14. The New Zealand editorial is right. The biggest threat to America is the wing nut GOP. Freedumb does not equal Freedom. Freedom applies to everyone as the 14th Amendment stipulates. These people scare me more than ISIS. They are here and they are extremely dangerous.

  15. The Christian Right is neither Christian nor Right. They seek to control the whole world and to impose their version of Christianity on all people. Those who do not fall in line with their dogma are to be eliminated. They twist the teachings of the Christian Bible to empower themselves to decide who God wants in heaven. If you listen to what the Dominionist preachers say they will eventually eliminate Catholics, Mormons, African Americans, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jews, and atheists.
    What they plan will dwarf the Nazi Holocaust.

  16. SCOTUS ruled Citizens are Corporations, so let’s merge all our corporate speech, & discriminate against stupid pseudo-GOP?

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