John Boehner Tries To Hide His Failure By Launching A Bogus Attack On Women’s Rights

Republicans have no ideas or plans for real problems, so they’ve invented a new problem in order to look like they’re doing something and naturally that new “problem” is women’s liberty.

You may have noticed that this Congress is even worse than the last Congress, which made history for doing almost nothing. Now that Republicans control the Senate, we are seeing the same sort of unbelievable dysfunction that runs the House. So we can’t pass infrastructure or jobs bills. The House even let the 81-year-old institution of the Export-Import Bank charter expire on July 1st, causing the business community to blast Republicans for not knowing what they were doing. Indeed.

Let’s not even go near their stunning failure to even come up with an immigration plan, an Iran plan, an alternative to Obamacare, or any of the things they shout about the most.

There are no plans. Republicans have no plans. So, left holding the bag on numerous grown up issues, Republicans have decided to double down on the one thing they know they can agree on– restricting freedom from women.

Sure, they’ve had “missteps” in the past when it comes to women, but they are sure that this time, oh sweet misunderstood video, this time you are on their side.

This was a job tailor made for them! Investigations and witch hunts into a cultural issue they are sure they can squeeze for votes? Yes, please. A way to distract from their inability to get anything related to their jobs done? Yes please! Gruesome video they can get hysterical about and preach down to us all about? YES PLEASE!

Politico reported that Republicans see an up for them in yet another conservative-funded, secretly filmed video, in that they can now show you this video and you won’t mind so much when they take women’s rights away:

Republicans on Capitol Hill are betting the secretly filmed Planned Parenthood video — depicting an executive allegedly discussing the sale of fetal organs from terminated pregnancies — will give them cover to more aggressively push abortion issues without the political ramifications that have haunted the party in the past.

As soon as the Planned Parenthood video was released publicly days ago, Republicans pounced. For some reason that they haven’t explained, they waited until the video was public, but several Republicans admitted to having seen the video weeks or a even a month before it’s public debut. That sort of reeks of coordination, and if Democrats weren’t busy trying to save the country from Republicans, maybe they could call for an investigation, but no matter — Democrats aren’t in charge so that won’t be happening. But at any rate, starting with Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) and then Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Steve Scalise (R-LA) called for Congressional investigations to investigate if Planned Parenthood was selling body parts.

This is probably a good time to remind everyone that Planned Parenthood never said they were selling body parts in the video. That didn’t stop Republicans from claiming they did, or now from investigating something that was never suggested. But hey, if you had free access to taxpayer money and you couldn’t get anything real done and needed to impress voters for an election, why not stage yet another “investigation” and use it to show that you were busy– so busy. You’ve been working!

Also, harvesting body parts is not illegal, it’s called medical science in fact and it might be gross to some but it saves lives.

Politco noted that Republicans see a window here:

McCarthy is already talking about defunding the organization through the appropriations process. And in the Senate, GOP leaders who have been eyeing a vote on legislation banning abortions after 20 weeks of gestation say this will give them momentum to clear the bill later this session.

So. Expect Republicans to do nothing else but make a big show of their Benghazi investigation (years in and nothing yet) and now this- an investigation into a video that showed nothing they are investigating. The only reason they are “investigating” the video is because they had their activists point at it and accuse Planned Parenthood of something that is not even in the video, but guess what? It gives them a chance to show you how “gruesome” an abortion is.

And delving into blood and making a horror show of it is what Republicans do best. They don’t solve actual problems like a lack of affordable healthcare, but they were super good at trolling the people who were trying to solve that problem with horror and blood – “death panels” and “socialized medicine killing babies!” and literal coffins being left on lawns. This is what Republicans have come to- they are a horror show. An endless horror show of reactionaries with no ideas.

I’m betting a lot of us wouldn’t like to see a video listening to a heart surgeon describe their bloody work or what they do with body parts. But maybe Republicans should leave medicine to the folks who specialize in it, especially since Republicans can’t even seem to do their own jobs. The jobs we are paying them to do. Maybe they should just focus on the basics, things that were done routinely for 80 years until this Congress.

Republicans can’t do their job so they’re coming for women’s liberty. Again.

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  1. And what do these idiots think happened to all the aborted fetus material that their wives and daughters left in Sweden when they went to visit “auntie”?

    Hypocritical bastards…

  2. The simple truth is that John Boehner is a notorious drunk. His weeping displays his emotional state as not having much control over his life. Look close enough and you’ll find staffers must stuff his mouth with the corrupt ideology he is too far into alcoholism to understand.

    Mitch McConnell has paralyzed our government, not because of any actual political beliefs but because he is, by nature and nurture, a racist. He openly stated years ago that he would do all he could to see that Obama left no legacy. Alabama born McConnell, whose family tree I’ve constructed, has slave owners on both his father and mother’s direct ancestors. He has been more than willing to waste time attacking “Obamacare” and anything at all that might leave our first Black President any record of accomplishment…..and to hell with the people’s work.

    All this is possible because they are supported by both corporate 1%ers who like things just the way they are and the right wing Zionists who control the …

  3. There is only one way to stop this insanity. VOTE!! From WW2 to the 70’s voter turnout was almost always around 60 percent for presidential elections and 50 percent for mid-term elections, and Democrats usually won in a walk.

    In recent years, mid-term turnout has been between 36 and 38 percent. If we can get it above 40 percent, we can win. Get it to 45 percent and we will win; if we get it back up to 50% and we’ll dominate again,

    Right wing pioneer Paul Weyrich said: “Now many of our Christians have what I call the ‘goo-goo syndrome.’ Good government. They want everybody to vote. I don’t want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of people. They never have been from the beginning of our country, and they are not now. As a matter of fact our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down.”

    That is their only strategy and it works because they keep taking away our rights.

  4. The more these “men” go after women’s rights, the more I become a feminist to a much greater degree. It’s past time to get radical again. Curse these fools who can only see my vagina and wish to control every aspect of my body and life. May they suffer from erectile dysfunction until they learn to respect and treat a woman as an equal. Period.

  5. Man, could you imagine what would happen if these nincompoops actually knew how to govern a country? We might be in an even better shape now then what we have now.

    Instead, what we have is another planned dog and pony show to basically convince the stupid among us that Planned Parenthood, for all the good that actually does, harvested baby body parts and does abortions (Oh, BTW: Maybe if you knuckleheads cared about proper sex education, abortions wouldn’t be an issue!)

    Once again, we are seeing what happens when one side basically says ‘I don’t want to do my job’.

  6. This sudden repug assault on PP has all the earmarks of
    Rovian spin syndrome. Remember how Turdblossum got
    Dubyah four more years of stoogery by making election
    2004 all about stem cell research and marriage equalling
    one man+one woman?

  7. I love animals and would never harm any. I would avoid any that would harm me.

    So, what does a compassionate but smart person do with a rabid dog ? …or a pack of them ?

    Republicans are destructive enemies, and America has to come to grips that “Kumbaya” was just a song.

  8. I can only imagine how far ahead the USA would be if we only had a Congress that was competent and actually understood the art of compromise and what it means to govern.

    These Republicans are on the precipice and if they don’t get their act together, they will cease to exist as a Party. Oh, they might continue to call themselves the GOP collectively, but it won’t be a cohesive Party – and if the Party isn’t cohesive, it will not function. Embracing the crazy, going after the freedoms and liberties of its citizens, talking war, war and more war all the time, etc., is not going to lead to cohesion.

    So, want a government that works?

    Then get out there and vote for people who not only know the art of governance, but actually WANT TO GOVERN.

  9. This why they will lose

    Of the more than 250,000 contributors who donated to Clinton, 61 percent are women. That puts her on track to outstrip the presidential high-water mark set by President Obama in 2012, when 47 percent of donors who gave him more than $200 were women, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.
    The surge of female-driven contributions for Clinton could fuel a partisan divide when it comes to gender and political money. In 2012, women gave 52 percent of their federal donations to Democratic candidates, a slight edge the party has held since 1998, according to the Center.

    So attack women’s rights at your peril

  10. Rin and Djchefron……Au Contraire..!!!!..If one is being spoon fed by the Fake-Ass main stream media and their ILK…and Certain quarters within the Democratic Party…The Sky Is Falling..!!!…Granted It is Still early and much can happen…But..If She Stays on course With Her Head Held High/God’s Blessings and Protection…!!!!!….She Will Be Madame President Hillary Clinton..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…GO HILLARY…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Whenever I see a female reThuglican senator or reo or even one attending a rally on TV, I shudder. How, in the name of common sense, could ANY female support the far-right anti-women agenda?

  12. Yep, Billy, clear as can be – based on facts, trends, history and all those details of Dem party political support, etc. Long way off but considering prior 18 million vote record breaking accomplishment… well, this one is a whole lot easier this time around. When you have been around the block you know the scenery and get the big picture.

    As the link above to the snarky blog post by Hillary’s communication director, Palmieri, states – Hillary has had a fabulous campaign and it is producing record breaking accomplishments.

    You’d never guess it from the “media spin” because, well, they NEED at story, they need a protagonist – an underdog story or nobody would pay it all any mind till election day.

    The media is great at the pretend “woe is me” story line. Makes for lots of clicks from the gullible masses.

  13. I have no doubt that McConnell, as well as many members of congress, are racists. Funny that McConnell has an Asian wife, just like Rupert Murdock. Rich, old, ugly white men can find no one else to even look at them. As a general rule, Asian and other foreign born women, like Trump’s wife, are easier to control and dominate. Thus, they believe all women are like that. Plus, we are so stupid we don’t know how to take care of our own bodies. Women in this country have always been treated like a minority, even though we’re not. However, things are shifting now and they are scared shitless that Hillary is going to win. Expect these attacks on women’s rights to escalate rapidly in the next 18 months. What is likely to happen is they will overplay their hand, like they always do, and there will be a huge backlash against these racist, bigoted, misogynists. Vote for Hillary!

  14. This is another example of how the Republican Party has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s a fundamentalist branch of Islam. It looks exactly like fundamentalist Christianity.

    They are ideological bedfellows–or even kissing’ cousins.

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