Republicans Terrified As Texas Demand For Bernie Sanders Forces Rally To A Bigger Venue


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has a message that is so popular that he was forced to move a rally in Texas to a larger venue to accommodate the growing crowd.

The Sanders campaign announced the change in venue for the Democratic candidate’s Houston, TX rally on July 19, “With turnout projections mounting, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign has shifted the location of Sunday’s town meeting in Houston, Texas, to the Hofheinz Pavilion.”

These events were intended to be town hall meetings, but demand is so high that format has been getting changed to a campaign rally. I anticipate that the Houston event will also be more of a rally than a town hall.

Demand has also forced the campaign to move a Saturday rally in Phoenix to a larger venue, as the big crowds are showing no signs of diminishing for Bernie Sanders.

Republicans should be terrified of Bernie Sanders’ popularity because Texas is the heart of the Republican Party. The state is demographically changing, but the reason Republicans should be worried about Sanders is that he is demonstrating the power of a liberal populist economic message in red states.

Bernie Sanders, the candidate, isn’t what Republicans should be concerned about. The message that Sanders is bringing is what should strike fear into the GOP. Sanders talks about creating jobs, repealing Citizens United, raising wages for working people, equal pay for women. The Sanders message is that it is time to stand up to the billionaires and corporations and return the government back to the people.

If this message can find support in red states like Arizona and Texas, it can be successful all across the country.

Bernie Sanders is demonstrating that there is and huge demand among red state liberals for their candidates. Democrats and liberals in red states are often unfairly forgotten and lumped in with Republicans. Sen. Sanders is making an effort to campaign in front of these voters and ask for their support.

Be afraid Republicans, because Bernie Sanders is showing the country the potential power of liberal populist ideas in red states.

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  1. Bernie’s messages need to be spread all over the Social Media.The true messages sent out over the land will counter and send down in flames the numerous lies of the GOP.

  2. And I suppose that they felt that the Republicans were going to ride in and rescue?

    Lazy Arsed Texans if such be true!

  3. Why should she be worried? Don’t you people understand demographics? You really think the Obama coalition will abandon Hillary? You think she will lose the 18 million votes she got the last time she ran? You think the 60 plus% of Latinos are going to all of a sudden go for the Bern?

    All I ask when the dust settles that you Berniacs support the Democratic ticket. That is all

  4. Try reversing that DJ. Hillary was the ordained nominee in 2008 and look how that turned out. Bernie Sanders is the real deal, and his popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. America has had it with the status quo for which Hillary Clinton represents. Bernie Sander represents true change and the status quo is terrified of that. The MSM can try to character assassinate Bernie Sanders all they want. They did it to him when he ran for Mayor of Burlington VT when he ran for Congress, and when he ran for the Senate. Since going to Washington Bernie Sanders has never lost reelection. Hillary Clinton has ran for POTUS and lost. She will lose again.

  5. I can understand your arguments but the Bern aint winning without the Obama coalition. They say a picture is worth a thousand words
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    If I didn’t know any better that could be a republican convention

  6. this is a hard article to follow….is this the authors opinion that repubs ought to be afraid?…………or ARE they afraid? Why didn’t he interview a few actual republican leaders in texas and see if they are afraid? Knowing the repubs in charge in texas they probably feel their voters will continue to vote against their own self interest and aren’t too smart…….. and all they need to do is throw in a few avowed socialist comments about Sanders and he will be ignored by their voters. I have learned to question the validity of the press in simply seeing how they are denigrating Sanders in this contest in their reporting. Ive also concluded pundits no absolutely nothing.

  7. I understand where you’re coming from by your citing the Obama Coalition. That is the status quo that Hillary is representing. Obama has done great things as POTUS. He will go down as one of the greats. But times and demographics have changed and the Obama Coalition is obsolete and rapidly becoming irrelevant.

    Bernie’s grass roots movement is gaining the steam to become unstoppable.

  8. If you think he won’t get most of the obama coalition and steal some of hillary supporters plus get the undecided votes then you are sadly mistaken. She is winning in the polls early due to name recognition. He message resonates with people. There are many people who are supporting him that didn’t support obama. Its early in the game, as time goes by his support increases and her support decreases like what we saw last time. Just wait until debates when sanders obliterates her. Im not worried.

  9. Bernie’s policies are mainstream and supported by a majority of the American people. Notice that the MSM wants to paint him as ‘far left’ or the constant use of the word ‘liberal’ to pretend that his agenda is not mainstream even though it really is.

    Bernie Sanders is stepping up to lead us in a fight to break up the banks and reign in Wall Street. His agenda addresses income inequality and creates a way to restore economic opportunity and quality of life to the American people. He is an honest man of integrity with a consistent record fighting for ALL people.

    We must fight this fight now and not pass it on to our children. There is no other candidate that is NOT FOR SALE and has the GUTS to stand up to big $ and say YOU CAN”T HAVE IT ALL.

    THINK BIG! Choose Bernie Sanders! #Bernie2016

  10. Fellow liberals, both Bernie and Hillary are viable candidates, both have stellar records and a vision of a better U.S.

    The only difference is, Bernie’s top doners are unions and Hillary’s are CitiBank, Goldman Sacs among others.

    The liberals are the adults and we don’t need to bicker amongst ourselves, let the GOP circus of children do this.

    For me, I’m voting for Bernie in the primary and the democratic nominee in November.

    A tea bag/GOPer can visit the WH, but they must NEVER live there.

    For a GREAT LIBERAL read, see California governor Pat Brown’s 1959 inauguration address

    He names the successful liberal governors of that time and of our huge debt caused by the republican before him.

    As a liberal Californian, I have a tear in my eye reading this.

    Now you see why I defend Pat Brown and of the California that WAS under his leadership and Jerry Brown, his son, is bringing California back to this w…

  11. Republicans are already paranoid. Fear is what motivates them ….why their slavemasters get them to vote against their own self interests.

    This is a character defect to be exploited, NOT ignored or complained about by unimaginative Democrats that would fight wars with library books.

  12. But times and demographics have changed and the Obama Coalition is obsolete and rapidly becoming irrelevant.

    You really don’t want to go there

  13. Republicans need not be terrified. Republicans and Democrats both need to realize that the “Center” is bought and paid for on both sides.

    We fight over scraps and wedge issues while the top 1% laughs, realizing that whichever politician gets elected, it will just be more business as usual for them.

    Bernie follows the constitution, doesn’t duck the issues, doesn’t hide his positions or stick his finger in the wind.

    How can you hate welfare for the poor while ignoring the much larger welfare for the extremely wealthy? Welfare for the Defense Industry? No-bid contracts? When has trickle down ever worked?

    All we have seen is outsourcing of jobs to countries that don’t come close to meeting our standards, all for that “profit margin”.

    Next these goods get imported back into the country slightly cheaper than before, except now our jobs are becoming “service sector” jobs. Basically we serve the rich and while their profits continue to skyrocket, ours stagnate and declin…

  14. And who is the ‘far left’ that you complain about ?
    Who gave us Social Security, Medicare, Civil Rights, the New Deal, the Great Society.. ? The ‘Far Left’ !
    ‘Centrists’ never fought for those advancements. They usually drag us backwards, by co-operating with reactionaries.

    You satisfied with crumbs off the table because you’re too timid ?

  15. All you need to know, for now: Sanders is “demonstrating the power of a liberal populist economic message”. It’s got traction. First steps.

  16. Also, a previous poster said O’Bama has done some great things. One thing he has been asleep at the wheel on is public education. He and his policies have destroyed our once-great system of public schooling. His first mistake was putting Arne Duncan, his basketball buddy, in charge of it. Second mistake was to allow Bill Gates to basically dictate education policy for the nation……as an experiment, in Gates’ own words).

  17. You speak the truth. The dem candidates in November were DINOs. They pandered to the republican party and loss.

  18. No I am pragmatic. Lets take your arguments one by one. Social Security: At first people of color was denied. Farm workers were denied. Only through years of progressive action we have what we have today. Not by raising hell but though hard work.

    Civil Rights: We are still fighting for civil rights for ALL Americans. You think Brown vs Bd. of education, I have a dream or LBJ signing the Civil rights act was the work of bombastic people? No it was he work of progressives that took small steps to achieve that dream. Hell this is 2015 and gays just now are getting their due rights as citizens and we are still fighting to maintain our rights for POC and Women.

    Every program you stated has been fought for years in small victories some setbacks but we progress. That is why I am a progressive and Sanders is not.

    “Standing up” isn’t all that it took to change the ugly history in this country. It took the bloodshed of nonviolent people who endured it all, it took the marchers who understood the meaning of one step at a time, and it took a movement that took one step at a time and kept moving rather than a cadre that demanded revolution. H/T Spanden

    Sen. Sanders have been on the hill for more than 25 years and yet while he speaks a good game show me where he had any significant impact since he has been there? I tried to be neutral in this race, not taking sides because I am a DEMOCRAT and I know what petulant children can do when they don’t get their way. Saw it in 2000 and I am scared that I will see it in 2016. Then its game over

  19. Bernie Sanders will be in Dallas this Sunday at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel to discuss income inequality and other economic issues that concern Texas voters.

    From 2000 to 2012, the number of poor in Dallas has exploded by 41%. Dallas has the highest child poverty rate among cities larger than 1 million people. In the last decade median income for Dallas’s single moms with children fell by 30% from $28,026 to $19,559.

    That puts Dallas the third or fourth poorest urban city behind Detroit, Memphis and Philadelphia! Don’t miss this important rally and get there early!

  20. If you ever stop slapping the “liberal,” “far-left” label on Sanders more people will join up. Bernie Sanders… to me… is not a liberal unless you define “liberal” as someone who tells the truth. A cross section of Americans with a wide variety of political beliefs have: lost their jobs, lost their homes; watched their “safe” investments tank, they’ve scrimped and saved so their kids can go to college then the kid ends up with a job at McDonalds and a debt which will last a lifetime, families have gone bankrupt trying to pay for medical care, the list goes on…what exactly makes these “liberal” issues? These are the things Bernie Sanders talks about.

  21. Actually Dj I do. The Obama Coalition represents the same DLC centrist Democrat ideology. The demographics have shifted left of center and Bernie Sanders is left of that. Because Democrats ran on the status quo center/center right they did not excite the base, or even rank and file. They said “screw this”, stayed home, and the republicans gained control of the Senate. Hillary represents the center/center right status quo. The Democratic base, and the nation isn’t interested in that so yes that is why I will go there.

  22. Great article, but it is a shame that the Headline is so inflammatory. Why don’t we follow Bernie Sanders lead, and stay positive without the attacks on people who have a different world view. You are not going to win over republicans by sticking their nose in it. If you want to promote Bernie Sanders and recognize the substantial following he has developed, how about supplying a headline that people can post without looking like a snark?

    Bernie is drawing great crowds because the Millennials are out supporting him, people who have felt disenfranchised for a variety of reasons are supporting him, and even the VFW has endorsed him, calling him the “One Congressman who has our backs.”

  23. I think you are reading the mid terms wrong. The Dems that ran with the President won. Those that didn’t lost. It is as simple as that. You talk about the democratic base but the base are not white liberals. Yes they are important but alone they cannot win. The same can be said about the conservdems base.

    I don’t know why people don’t want to give props to what the President accomplished in winning 2 landslide elections with a majority of the vote and I am not even going to go there with the motivations that the far left will not at least say thank you for showing us the way to win but mark my words. Write us off all you want, denigrate the Presidents record like Sanders have done in the past and then you will know who are the true base of the Democratic party and trust it aint you

  24. Let’s all of us, no matter who we prefer as a candidate, agree that in the end, after the convention dust settles, that we will support whoever is chosen to be the Democratic nominee, AND GOTV, BECAUSE THE ALTERNATIVE IS UNACCEPTABLE.

  25. I completely agree Sherry. Whoever the Democratic is will have my vote. It’s those who support the status quo and prefer to use the old tired wrong headed Lee Atwater strategy of politics of personal destruction are causing the division. In the end we must be united and srong to defeat the GOP and send them the way of the Whigs.

  26. You are quite correct Kranky, witness the NRA’s crying Wolf about how Obama is going to take away their Holy Hand Guns,,,how many times now?

    Any suggestions as to incite their fear in our favor?

  27. Sadly the corporate media will ignore Sanders rising popularity and continue to talk about Hillary, Jeb, Trump, Walker and the rest of the candidates who are nothing more than puppets to Wall Street, the 1%, multinational corporations and the too big to jail banksters.


  28. Donald Trump Campaign Offered Actors $50 to Cheer for Him…/donald-trump-...
    The Hollywood Reporter
    Jun 17, 2015 – A casting call was sent out last week “looking to cast people for the event … In politics, “astroturfing” is when people are hired to attend a rally or …
    “Rent a Crowd” Company Admits Politicians Are Using Their ……/rent-a-crowd-company-admits-politicians-are-using-th…
    Jun 16, 2015 – Pay people to attend their rallies to make them seem like they’re gaining in … providing its clients with the ability to hire actors to pose as fans.
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  29. I just hope he earns police/FBI protection soon because people who rattle the establishment — and garner popular support — are shot and killed. It’s an American tradition.

  30. The Republican party hasn’t got a chance in this next election. They really don’t have one viable candidate that could take on either Hillary or Bernie in the general election. They’ve moved so far to the right that they’ve become a fringe, extremist party. Eventually, they’ll become extinct. I think this election will really be about how the Democratic party will be defined in the future. Voting for Hillary is almost like voting Republican as she represents corporate interests and voting for Bernie is like voting for FDR. Personally, I’d rather see someone like FDR in the White House.

  31. Repubs are not afraid of Sanders. They want him to do well against Clinton just like we want Trump to beat down Bush. Repubs want to win and they think having Bernie to run against will make their victory much, much more likely. Maybe they’re wrong but ask yourself – when was the last time a Democrat aligning himself with the far left of the party won the Presidency? Answer? FDR, perhaps. Successful Democratic candidates like Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton and Obama (yes, Obama) have all been moderates.

  32. Every Dem needs to vote for president in 2016. Not write-ins..whoever wins the primary needs our votes.

    After all President Obama has done during his 2 terms, the accomplishments of which there are many, despite the obstruction at every turn…if you do not vote Dems…these 8 years will be dismantled.

    If your candidate does not win the primary, VOTE ANYWAYS for whoever did.

  33. Denise, I see what you are saying, but I respectfully agree to disagree.

    Look at 2014, after all the obstruction, shutting down gov, and taking away women’s rights..the GOP carried 2014. Why? Various reasons, voter suppression, and only about 30% of Dems VOTED.

    Don’t think that people are wising up..they are not. How do you think Scott Walker got elected 3 times? Koch money..will prevail if all Dems do not get out and vote. There is no room for apathy in 2016. None. People will continue to vote against their best interests because they are uninformed and don’t want to be informed. So, no I think the GOP has a good chance to take 2016..whether it is bought, they cheat, or Dems stay home out of apathy.

  34. Say it aint so Bernie
    Bernie Sanders and the Minuteman Militia: “Progressive Hero” Voted to Protect Racist Vigilante Border Thugs

    In 2006, realizing that a Democratic takeover is in the writing on the wall, the then-Republican majority in Congress hobbled together to write into law protections for the anti-immigrant, racist vigilante group. Even though the militia group is involved in unsanctioned, armed activity along the Mexican-American border, the Republicans barred the US government from notifying the Mexican authorities about potential dangers to their citizens living or traveling near the US-Mexico border.

    The amendment to the Homeland Security Appropriations bill read such (link to text in Congressional record):

    “None of the funds made available by this Act may be used to provide a foreign government information relating to the activities of an organized volunteer civilian action group, operating in the State of California, Texas, New Mexico, or Arizona, unless required by international treaty.”
    The Bern voted yes

  35. He’s helped coup two democratic governments(Honduras and Ukraine), fixed the elections in Haiti, sanctioned Venezuela for continuing to elect people he doesn’t like. He has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all other presidents combined. He made insurance companies rich by allowing the ACA to be gutted so it’s not even as good as Romney-care. The general impact of never ending war perpetuated by drones inside nations that we’re not at war with, the drastic increase of wealth for his donor base(and Clintons) doesn’t exactly impress much either.

    He’s not a great president. He was a center right politician going up against another center right politician and he won. He’s acted almost exactly how Clinton would have. He put her in charge of the State department knowing she was a warmonger. He’s not a great president.

    If a center right Dem wins, millions wont vote, nor should they. The Democrats wouldn’t have earned them. I’ll vote Green if a Bernie-type doesn’t win.

  36. Wall Street has three favorite candidates in the early 2016 jockeying.
    Those candidates, in preferred order:
    Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton. If it turns out to be Jeb vs. Hillary, not only will there be an incredibly low voter turn-out (possibly historically low), but Wall Street will pop the champagne as they have already won either way.

    All the sane people have given us trillions of debt and trillions more on the horizon so in case anyone is wondering,
    I’m pulling for the lunatics.

  37. my headline would read
    Hilary is Terrified and the republicans are cheering As Texas Demand For Bernie Sanders Forces Rally To A Bigger Venue

  38. Bernie himself has said that he is a Socialist, and has been since he first got into politics. It’s a label he gave himself, and once said he was proud of it.

  39. Republicans are stupid. We can’t ‘win them over’ because they are dolts. We need to repudiate, ridicule, shame, and marginalize these idiots into non-interference as much as possible.
    Republicans are society killers … and if you don’t ag
    ree with that, you’re a problem too.

  40. Lori,
    I just signed your petition. I agree with you wholeheartedly and can’t wait until he becomes the next President.

  41. I get what you’re saying. I just believe we’re in a unique time in which people are slowly waking up to the fact that our political leaders have been total frauds and sell-outs. I know there are still a bunch of ignorant fools out there who’ve been brainwashed by FOX News, but I believe that’s beginning to change. Our biggest problem is apathy. If more people had voted in the last election, the Republicans could not have swept the House and the Senate. We also have to do a better job of educating people. Bernie is perfect for this because his delivery of information is so clear cut and on point that you’d have to be a complete idiot not to grasp that what he’s saying is the truth. If anyone can reach the low-information voter, it will be Bernie.

  42. These people didn’t vote, because the Dems ran to the right again. That isn’t what these people want. Anybody that is part of the 99% should be one of these people.

  43. Hillary IS a moderate democrat, like FDR. Bernie is a democratic socialist now. He was an independent socialist, until he wanted to run for president.

  44. djchefron:

    Why? To demonstrate the appeal and power of Senator Sanders’ message,an the emptiness and rejection of the multitude of Conservative lies, falsehoods and misinformation messages.

    That’s why.

  45. Hammer is right. As was DJ when he said it upthread. Our preferences matter only until after we know who our nominee will be. Immediately there after our personal preference becomes irrelevant. Clinton? Sanders? Some combination there of? Whoever it is, we must agree to SUPPORT THEM AND VOTE FOR THEM.

    Either of them are worlds better than any GOPT option.

  46. Bullshit.

    Latter day spin doctors like you are not going to change reality.

    He helped infuse blood into our anemic economy, pushed the ACA when the Republican stonewalled One Payer, instituted surgical strikes as opposed to boots on the ground.

    Not to mention the catalyst for helping gay marriage become law.

    You wish to keep your head in the cloud with your overly idealistic standards, fine.

    The rest of us deal with reality on a day to day level.

    Obama is a Damned FINE President!

  47. Thank you, DJ. I’m completely undecided and am trying to learn as much as I can about both Bernie and Hillary. Including the downsides, and both have them. As with the vast majority of all politicians, there are black marks on both of their records. But I want to know them better so that I can weigh out the good versus the bad and then compare and contrast from there.

    To make a longer comment a little shorter, my apologies, I’ll say this; thank you for doing the unpopular job of sharing everything you can find on our democratic POTUS contenders.

  48. Child I can speak wherever I choose. You on the other hand is about to piss me off this early in the morning so watch yourself.

    Now if the truth hurts then I suggest you put on some big boy pants and debate the facts that bring up. This is a blog for political debate not a bunch of cheerleading ball washers. So deal with it. And if you are wondering who the hell is me well: I’m the Man that is sittin next to the man sittin next to the man that is sittin next to man sittin next to the GOD DAME man

  49. That animal is part of the reason why I am not for gun control. Do we really want to be unarmed, helpless, and defenseless with wackos like this well heeled? And if liberals think they are just going to go in and hand over their guns, then liberals as delusional as they are.

  50. So you’ve chosen to let your fear rule your existence.

    So, in an effort to alleviate that fear- you’ve chosen to stockpile guns… all in the possibility that a lone nutjob will somehow might be a threat?

    No. We don’t want to take your Precious guns. We want the nimrods and crazies like Roof to not get guns.

    And no amount of hyperbole is going to change that fact.

    Most guns are a danger to it’s holder.

  51. And guns are only as good as the amount of rounds.

    Once the ammo is gone, the gun becomes a club.

    And rather ineffective against a sword or a knife.
    Which can be rather devastating against an opponent who lets his firearms inflate his courage.

  52. Perhaps it’s no longer (or ever has been) only a ‘liberal’ message? They are hardly the only ones getting screwed – and that is far more important than any silly label.

  53. Yes. Find the nearest Bernie Sanders event. Go and cheer him on, but then make sure you volunteer for his campaign, donate your small citizen dollars to his campaign, talk to people about how he is mainstream like you and like me, encourage them to vote, be sure you vote in every election local, state, and national. In other words be informed and active as a citizen should be. That is patriotism, not just waving a flag. I am worried for our country with very good reason. I am from Wisconsin and one of the grandmother, teacher, don’t-have-a-violent-bone-in-my-body, supposed “radical protesters” that Walker “stood up to” in Wisconsin. I am seeing him destroy our state in so many ways. Don’t let any GOPer do this to the country. Fight for Bernie!

  54. I don’t like the adjective “terrified” — that is so faux FoxNews. We don’t have to do that. How about this, condensed into the headline? “Ask your Republican friends and family how they feel/what they think AND would they consider going?” … to the venue that has to be larger because so many more than first expected are coming to hear Bernie. Wonderful to see all the comments from all over ! LindaNoel in Spokane, Wa

  55. I WILL vote for WHOEVER the Dem nominee is because the alternative is four to eight years of thugs destroying the good that we have created. Personality be damned. This country wants solid progressive policy in place and functioning. living under the Bush/Cheney clique was not good and worse waits in the wings. Walker is a horror; narrow minded, vain, bigoted and ignorant of all aside from his own personal enrichment. The conservative love of ignorance and their hypocrisy regarding Christianity is mind numbing. i no longer want anything to do with self identified conservatives. they seem a hatefully selfish and mean group of people. As the Tea Party Patriots say, “Let em die.” (Tea party response to the question “what shall we do about the uninsured?”). and these Americans claim to believe and follow Jesus Christ. Tea Party hypocrisy is now the order of the day for conservative people. fear and hate is what they sell. You buyin?

  56. So, just to play Devil’s Advocate here: Has it occured to you that the booking of a small hall first and then replacing it with a larger venue could be a publicity stunt? Sure, Sen. Sanders will draw in Austin, Houston and Dallas, but…. that’s about it for the Dem strongholds in the state.

  57. I do vote, I just l don’t vote for Democrats that don’t represent my viewpoints. I don’t vote for Democrats that want to force third party candidates out of debates and have them arrested when they show up to protest. Millions won’t vote. They don’t vote because they’re uninspired by uninspiring candidates, not because they’re lazy. You’re right though. If those millions voted, we’d have 4-5 major parties and the Democrats and Republicans would have very little ground to stand on or would merge(they’ve done it in the past when 3rd parties threaten them). People expecting someone to vote for someone that actively works against their interests just because on a few, we agree is the problem.

  58. He infused blood by what? The ACA didn’t boom the economy. He never took single payer seriously after the primaries. We have a higher GDP while a decreased median income. I don’t see that as infusing. The top 10% have had incomes rise. The bottom 90% have had them decrease during the administration. This is hardly inspiring when the GDP and stock markets are booming. Call it obstructionism by Republicans if you want. I call it the same economic policy that pushes the TPP. It’s about business and donors. That’s what Obama is about.

    As for gay marriage, he was against it as was Hillary until recently(Aka when a majority supported it and it was more dangerous than helpful to have the other view).

    We’ve got boots on the ground in Iraq and Ukraine(and in all of Eastern Eu). Not many, but that’s how Vietnam started. Ukraine, at least, is heavily associated with our letting USAID fund the protests that overthrew a democratically elected government. He’s better than some, but he …

  59. I don’t understand why you don’t see the importance of electing not just any Democrat, but a good one. Right now, Obama is selling us out on TPP just like Clinton sold us out on NAFTA. Last December he gutted Dodd Frank by passing the Cromnibus bill, and Bill Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall and pardoned criminal bankers like Mark Rich. Sorry, but that’s not good enough, and if you think liberalism can’t win the general then please remember FDR. He was the most left wing president in history by far, and he was the most popular president in our history. He won 4 times, and gave Democrats a record number of seats in both the House and the Senate after his first two years. Clinton is a shill, and won’t fix the trend of corporatist Democratic presidents that we have seen for decades.

  60. Phoenix is not exactly a Democratic stronghold, but they had to move the event here to the Convention Center from the Comerica Theater.

  61. The Republicans can take comfort in two things: 1) there is still a huge number of willfully ignorant, pseudo-patriotic, racist, resentful people who don’t want to know what is really at stake and 2) there is still a significant number of self-centered, arrogant, so-called liberals who will dismiss the next election by rationalizing that there is no difference between the two parties, thus selling the country out to the next Republican ignoramus just like they did in the 2000 election.

  62. XaurreauX
    That’s what kills me. The “Sanders or nothing” cult mentality is just wacky and ignores reality. I have no doubt that Sanders’ supporters are good people with progressive views but they seem to be living in a fantasy world. There is no difference between the political parties? NONSENSE! Republicans and independents will vote for Sanders in droves? NONSENSE! No one who is a self-described socialist will win the vote of ANY Republican and most independents. When we see polls showing Sanders beating the Republican candidates, as we have with Hillary Clinton time and time again, I may change my views. Until then it’s very clear that a vote for Sanders is a vote for Republicans to take over the Presidency, no doubt about it.

  63. Damn! I was almost born there, along with my brothers who were…

    Ouch! Bernie needs to tap Lewis Black as his running mate!

    30’s to the 70’s the Dems in Texas crushed the Republicans…

    There are no Republicans anymore!

    Pseudo-Conservatives, maybe.

  64. I was at the Houston rally tonight. It started out to be a town meeting at a venue of fifteen hundred and had to be moved to an 8000+ seat arena. They had to block off one section, so estimate about 6000+ people packed the place. It was brilliant. Bernie was a rock star. We CAN make this happen. We can turn TX blue because the people who are down here that are the rightwingnuts, and our insane governor, who is wingnut in chief, are so far off the chain that it’s driving a whole lot of people away. I mean the GOP in TX is utterly imploding. We’ve got to keep the Bernie fires burning until they all switch sides and register to vote Democrat. TX is, by the way, NOT exactly an open primary state as they are listed. TX is SEMI-open, which means if you are registered as a Republican you can only vote in the GOP primary, but if you are registered as a democrat or you are unaffiliated you can vote in the Democratic primary. We MUST get the voters to actually vote in both elections!

  65. Thank you!

    I am for Bernie, and if he didn’t win Dem nomination, you are gonna hate me for saying this but I’d probably vote for the Green Party especially if the R side is Jeb.

    I literally don’t see a meaningful difference between the Jeb and Hillary.

    Hillary’s “speeches” sound better and may appeal to the Dem base, but the thing is that what she says she wants to do requires her to fight against $ interests, and she just will NOT do that. So, in the end, we’ll get the same outcome on major economic policies regardless of Jeb or Hillary.

    When it comes to social issues, neither of them is a nut job enough to veto left and right whatever that the Congress passes, so, it really wouldn’t matter what they believe, though the makeup of the Congress itself would greatly matter.

  66. Interesting. I’m going with Bernie caz getting the money out is my priority, but out of curiosity, in case you know more, the text says that the money should not be spent on informing the foreign government. Did that automatically mean that the US would not notify? I hope my question is clear. Saying that this money is not earmarked for that purpose may or may not mean that it makes it illegal for the US to notify, so long as the money is not taken out of that fund?

  67. Hm… in the swing state of VA, Sanders is within 2% point of well-known republicans. So, we’ll see.


    “We also tested Bernie Sanders against the leading Republicans- he leads Trump 43/39, but trails Bush 40/39, Walker 39/38, and Rubio 40/38. On average Clinton performs a little under 7 points better than Sanders against the top quartet of GOPers in head to head match ups.”

  68. Totally thought about it.

    The thing is thousands, close to 10K?, showing up to see the said “scary extreme leftist socialist” is something that R and Hillary will take notice of; they proly feel the need to adjust their views on the electorate landscape which is considerably left than the right-wing Congress whose bubble they live in.

  69. And sorry for splitting the post. The system doesn’t let me edit my posts? I would fix my typo also.

    I found the below, about 60% down on a page you posted.

    Personally I think it makes sense not to tell anybody where the boarder patrol people are located? Caz wherever they aren’t located is a good place to cross?

    “….what this amendment does is it clarifies Congress’ position on a Border Patrol practice or a practice of the U.S.
    Government that tips off illegal immigrants as to where citizen patrols
    may be located.”

  70. Ok people, it’s great that you are SAYING you are behind Bernie, but do you realize, and Bernie said this himself, that it will take more than him being elected president to make real change. It will take YOU getting actively involved in the political movement and processes. It will take more than you making a post to Facebook, buying a t-shirt or bumper sticker, contributing to the campaign, it will take a commitment on the part of every American who wants change. If you want change you can no longer sit complacently by. You have to either start a local Bernie Sanders grassroots meet up group or join one already in progress and get involved!
    Grassroots Organizing in Six Simple Steps
    Step 1: (already in progress) FLOOD social media with Bernie Sander’s ideas. ‪#‎FeelTheBern‬, ‪#‎BernieSanders2016‬, anything you can think of. When we talk about the issues and not personal politics/scandals, we win. Invite your friends to the various Bernie Sanders pages popping up!…

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