Bernie Sanders Sets A New Record As 11,000 Show Up For Rally In Red State Arizona


Bernie Sanders drew the biggest crowd of the 2016 campaign as 11,000 supporters came out to hear him in red state Arizona.


According to the Sanders campaign:

A crowd of more than 11,000 people, according to Phoenix Convention Center officials, jammed a sprawling exhibit hall to see the senator from Vermont.

“This is the largest turnout…” Sanders said before the roar of the audience drowned out the rest of the sentence with cheers.

“Somebody told me Arizona is a conservative state. Somebody told me the people here are giving up on the political process. That’s not what I see here tonight.” Sanders told the audience in Arizona, a state that has voted for Republican presidential nominees in all but one of the past 10 national elections.


“Progressives will never win unless we plant a flag in these states. The Democratic Party cannot abdicate and surrender half the states in the country.”

The crowd that Sanders drew was nearly three times bigger than the audience for Donald Trump last weekend. Trump is claiming that 10,000-20,000 were at his event. In reality, local officials confirmed that the doors were closed when attendance reached 4,169.

Tens of thousands are turning out to see Bernie Sanders because they believe in his message of fighting back against the billionaires. Sanders was correct. Democrats must campaign nationally. There is an audience in every state for the message of taking our government back from the billionaires.

Bernie Sanders is taking the fight to Republicans on their own red state turf, and tens of thousands are joining him as the populist fever is spreading nationwide.

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  1. Don’t believe those who say Bernie can’t win. He can & will win with our support. We must all come together and fight for him so he can fight for us.

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

    Mahatma Gandhi

  2. There’s plenty of good, progressive minds everywhere ..and dare I say, a growing number of former ‘conservatives’ that are waking up to the fact that they’ve been sold a bill of debt and economic garbage by the Republicans. Bernie’s populist message strikes a chord with these people, too. They like it that he’s not an ‘insider’.

    Bernie has a national, uniting theme. The more that people actually hear what he is for, what he has been saying for decades, they like it.
    But , it’s not Bernie…it’s us. WE have to make sure to communicate, and THINK BIG !

  3. Bernie Sanders had a phenomenal night in Phoenix; the latest numbers say that over 12,000 attended the rally! This is the Revolution we have been waiting for! Working class Republicans are converting to Democrats all over the place because they appreciate Bernie Sanders inclusive message. There is nothing we can’t do if we stick together and show the oligarchs that America belongs to everyone, not just them. They cannot have it all!

  4. Watched him from Washington State along with 3600 others live streaming on Y-tube channel,so those in “attendance” was closer to 15,000. Tomorrow, he’ll repeat that in Houston. Haven’t been this excited about an election, ever! And so tired of those who say he can’t win! The biggest hurdle will be getting past the establishment DNC. There are petitions and planned protests.

  5. It was a fabulous speech and the people of Arizona did themselves proud to show up and trump Trump. Meanwhile HRC was in that fiercely competitive primary state of Arkansas instead of at NetRoots. I can hardly wait for the Black Lives Matter group to disrupt her next event. While they and there, they can call her out for her support of the banks who red-lined their communities, foreclosed on their mortgages and wouldn’t give loans to the people and businesses.

  6. I have to disagree with you about Hillary. While I like Bernie & will vote for him in our primary, I will vote for whom ever the Democratic nominee will be. I don’t want a 2000 repeat and have a gop get into the W.H.

    Yes she has the name recognition and there is the Clinton Foundation, but I think she genuinely cares about middle class and the poor.

    I shared your concerns as well for some time, but I believe she is a good person.

  7. Thank you Judy for stating it so well. I strongly agree with you. I like both Hillary and Bernie, and have sent (small) donations to both. I’ll support and vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is, over ANY republican.

  8. When are polls going to be released pitting Sanders against the various Rethug candidates? Hillary has come out ahead in such polls. Will Sanders be able to match her?

  9. Google search #RepublicansforBernie and you’ll be surprised [WINK] and also #reddit4sanders

  10. This is the first report from the media where it has stated like it is and not disparaged Bernie Sanders. Bernie is making ground. I hope it is reflected in the next polls (wonder why it has stopped suddenly). As far as Hillary, it is hard to not see through her facade. She may be better than the republican clowns but certainly cannot be trusted to keep her false promises about reducing income inequality, influence of money in politics etc. She is really the democratic establishment, who in my opinion is worse than the republicans.

  11. What I find interesting is that most of us that support Sen. Sanders say that we will vote for him in the primaries, but we will vote for, and support, whomever wins the nomination. Yet not one of the Hillary Clinton supporters have said the same if Sen. Sanders wins the nomination. When asked directly if they would do the same they usually ignore the question. Believe me, I have asked them numerous times.

    Oh, and Boycott Media, I am the one that gave you the thumbs down. I would prefer to see Sen. Sanders in the WH, but I most definitely would rather see Hillary Clinton there than ANY of the Republicans idiots we are being offered as capable to run the country. Hell, they can’t even run congress.

  12. No. He won’t. With his votes against sensible gun laws, pro-protecting gun manufacturers from lawsuits, his silence on police brutality against people of color, his anti-immigration stance, and his yes-vote to protect the Minutemen solely on the southern border that, three years later, resulted in the murder of two American citizens with Spanish last names of which one of those Americans was a nine year old girl, Brisenia Flores, the Black and Latino demographic don’t feel “the Bern” as his White supporters do.

    He will not get their votes, ergo, he will not win the primaries.

  13. I have stated time and again that I will not vote for Bernie Sanders in the primaries (I’m Asian, a person of color, and he holds zero appeal based on his voting record with me).

    I will, however, vote for whoever wins the Democratic primaries.

    Every Biden and Hillary supporter has said as much. NONE have claimed otherwise. Oddly enough, rarely (if ever) do I find a Sanders supporter promising the same thing. Instead, they say they’ll vote third party if they don’t get him or stay home and bake waffles – like in 2014.

    So your contention is wrong.

  14. Do a little research, he has spoken out about all of the issues you listed. The truth about Bernie is he is not divisive. He does not pander to labels. He fights for EVERYONE period! He was arrested years ago fighting for civil rights! I could care less who you vote for, what I do care about is that you educate yourself before you vote! Bernie has years of voting history that is there for your review, you should check it out. He has been fighting the same fight for 40 years and has never waivered! There is no other candidate that can say that. #feelthebern

  15. Check out the Progressive Party ( Bull Moose ) platform of 1912:,_1912) , and see how much it mirrors what Bernie is saying today. Some of their proposed reforms were eventually enacted: a progressive income tax, women’s suffrage, direct election of Senators, an inheritance tax, social insurance …what became Social Security, a minimum wage law and an 8 hour workday, a federal securities commission (SEC), and more.

    These were and are mainstream. We have to work to reverse the domination of politics by business; what TR and the 1912 Progressives were fighting for, and what Senator Sanders’ primary theme is today.
    The platform of 1912 boldly called : “To destroy this Invisible Government, to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.”

  16. Presumably for the same reason the activists disrupted O’Malley and Sanders .. to put them on the spot and get their views about the BlackLivesMatter movement. She has huge support in the African American community and should be required to earn its support just like her competitors. Watch the video from NetRoots .. it’s not bad. She can’t just skate with the AA community imho….

  17. The Democratic establishment is worse than the Republicans? Sorry, that’s just plain NUTS, especially if you claim to be a progressive.

  18. Kranky,
    I suggest you do some research into why TR ran for President as a third party candidate. It was a case of sheer jealousy. Taft, TR’s good friend, was elected President to succeed him, with TR’s strong support. Taft’s policies were very similar to TR’s. But TR couldn’t stand someone else in the spotlight so insisted on running against Taft for the nomination. When TR lost he decided to run as a third party, splitting the Republican vote and guaranteeing the election of Wilson. I hope you’re not saying that Sanders should follow the same path.

  19. There are many democrats/liberals trapped in that RED state, as well as Texas and the entire RED BELT of the south.

    They are SCREAMING for help for their voices to be heard and Bernie is their choice.

  20. I’m with you and I’ve said the same thing over and over.

    I will vote for BERNIE in the primary and the democratic nominee in November.
    A tea bagger can visit the WH but will NEVER live there.

    Both Bernie and Hillary have stellar records and have little difference in their stance.
    The difference I see:
    Bernie’s top doners are unions
    Hillary’s top donors are CitiBank, Goldman Sac’s and others from Wall Street.

    I really like this:
    Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) ranks 84th in the Senate with an estimated net worth* of $460,506 in 2012

    Check out their issues
    Bernie Sanders on the issues

    Sanders senate report card

  21. If you’re a representative of a Sanders’ supporter, your condescending tone (must be a contagious Sanders affliction) toward anyone who doesn’t immediately fall in love with your candidate just guaranteed him another lost voter – and the 40 I help with voting.

    Again…Sanders is going to lose. His votes in the House (voted against immigration reform in 2007), his votes against sensible gun laws, his vote to protect the Minutemen ONLY at the southern border that resulted in a murder of a nine year old girl, will come out and he WILL LOSE no matter how many times his supporters tout “he marched with MLK!!!!11”.

    And by the way? Speeches don’t make law. It’s just hot air. His votes, however, has had consequences. I stand by the facts of everything I wrote in my post. Your bullying is never going to change that. Period.

  22. Good for you! But you’ll be in the minority. Oh well.

    You really can fool some of the people some of the time…

  23. What? Are you saying that Hispanics don’t “feel the Bern”??

    Well, maybe it’s because they “may not understand” how loudly he’s shouted (although did VERY little about it) about civil rights – much like he’s accused the Black community that they “may not understand” his record on civil rights.

    Uh huh.

    Maybe “the Bern” doesn’t understand that the Hispanic community is not going to forgive him for voting NAY on the 2007 immigration reform bill?

    Without the Black and Hispanic vote, “the Bern” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  24. Not saying that Sen. Sanders have said this but when you read his supporters comments its like you people of color if you know what’s good for you better feel the bern. All I can do is SMDH at the racist paternalistic attitude of the far left

  25. AndyfromVA…Senator Sanders has promised many times that he won’t play spoiler.

    I’m hoping he’ll keep that promise.

  26. I support HC, and the primary in my state is so late, it won’t matter who I vote for. If Sanders is going to have a shot, he needs to focus on the earlier states that have large ammount of delegates. Iowa and New Hampshire won’t help him win the nomination. In the general election I’ll vote for the democratic nominee, whomever it is. I don’t understand how tearing up either candidate does anything usefull when their not doing it to each other. Thats what the republicans are for. Why make their job easier?

  27. To those saying, Bernie doesn’t stand a chance you’re very wrong on every level and do not understand the grassroots strategy. Sure Hillary has hundreds of millions of dollars in her campaign war chest, but almost all of that is from billionaires, Wall Street, and corporations who don’t give a damn about the middle class. Where Hillary might support the middle class her constituency is still those big money donors and not the people. 6 or 7 big donors is where most of Hillary’s money comes from. By contrast, Bernie’s 15-20 million dollars is from hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people donating whatever they can afford mostly $50-$100. There are some unions supporting and donating to Bernie. They are voters. They are Bernie’s constituency. Bernie is consistently outraising all of the republicans and Hillary in small donations from individual voters. At Bernie’s campaign events, he is drawing bigger crowds than any other presidential candidate. Bernie can’t win? Wrong. …

  28. Yes, they can, and yes we are. I was part of a group that organized a Bernie Sanders fundraiser last night. We had over 200 people show up for it and raised over $5000 in small donations for Bernie. I not only talk the talk I walk the walk.

  29. I’m not a fan of the mud slinging either.

    California, with 55 electoral votes. and is also one of the last in June.
    We have the MOST electoral votes and the candidate MUST get us or LOSE.

  30. He’s not completely against money from Big Money. He accepted $10,000 from HILLPAC in 2006.
    I’m not saying that’s wrong, just kind of elusive.

  31. Really Deborah? I just checked Open Secrets and found nothing to substantiate your claim. Would you care to provide some proof to your claim?

  32. Perhaps the ones who voted for all the replugs are finally starting to get it that they do not have the people’s desires in mind– but only the rich and corporations that can fill their pockets with money. In other words the people are “wising up.”

  33. Free Republic… You’re kidding right? I read your link and after fact checking it there is still no proof. Now try providing real proof from legitimate sources.

  34. I did a quick google search for the $10,000.00 Sanders reportedly received from Hillary in April of 2006.
    I did find several instances of such being reported.
    However, they all tied back to the Open Secrets as a source.

    Strange that. Open Secrets that apparently has no source.

  35. The New Republic ? Don’t make me laugh. They’ve been Right Wing since the 80’s, with Kondracke, Krauthammer, and other neoliberal stooges ! I called up and got through to Kondracke and personally told him he was a sellout.

  36. You’re a troll. Go away, or at least avoid Bernie.
    We all know you now, so what you post goes right in the roundfile.

  37. The Democratic party has a shot to get back to its FDR New Deal roots with Sanders. If HRC is the chosen candidate then it’s obvious the neoliberal Wall St power grip still has not loosened.

  38. The ‘Freepers’? You’re either a joke, or more likely a right wing plant .

    Just go away. You’re revealed and useless now !

  39. I am a lifelong Democrat, and at 90 years of age I have never missed any election, I vote for my party 90% of the time and right now I see Sanders reminding me of FDR, he beat Hoover in 1932–Wall Street owned the Republican party like they do now and FDR beat them and brought on the New Deal which took us out of the big depression [I know I went thru it]] Sanders is trying to do the same–trying to retake the country from the money interest –I have always said if you have money vote Republican–if you are an average American then you should be a Democrat–and support Sanders.

  40. I am a 90 year old voter and registered Democrat–I have very little money so I am a Democrat—if you have money vote Republican.

    Sanders reminds me of FDR who brought about the NEW DEAL and took back the country from the money interests–Sanders is trying to do the same thing–and I hope the average American will see that and help talk our country back from the fat cats in the REPUBLICAN PARTY SO GO SANDERS

  41. I’ve always felt that as soon as the effects of the republicons became nation-wide, there would be an outcry state by state to not support them anymore. The right is toxic to the working, retired, poor, sick, homeless American. But it took over 30 years. America’s awake now, and not happy!

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