Community Moneybomb Explodes And Raises $62,000 For Bernie Sanders In 24 Hours

Bernie Sanders Portland, Maine

A community-based grassroots group that is supporting Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders raised at least $62,000 in 24 hours.

The group Grassroots for Sanders is an online community of 65,000 people that was originally founded on Reddit.

Before the moneybomb was launched, Aidan King, the founder of the Grassroots for Sanders movement, said, “We will be giving $15 dollars on July 15th to promote a 15-dollar minimum wage. We hoped to get enough people participating to make a real difference, and I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished today.”

Grassroots for Sanders exceeded expectations. Initial estimates are that they raised $62,000 in 24 hours. The average size of the donation was $20. Many people were donating through other methods, so it is possible that the final fundraising total will approach $75,000.

The fundraising for the Sanders campaign comes from individuals. The Senator from Vermont does not have super PAC or big corporate donors. The Sanders campaign is being funded by ordinary Americans. Sen. Sanders is building a movement to fight back against the big banks, corporations, and billionaires. Sanders has seen huge crowds turn out for him in red states and blue states alike.

The idea that ordinary Americans would come together to donate whatever they can afford to support a presidential candidate is what our representative democracy is supposed to be about. Unlike other candidates, especially those on the Republican side, Bernie Sanders isn’t waiting for a billionaire to write him a check.

Sanders is representing the agenda of small donors all across the country with a message of opportunity and economic populism that runs counter to the Citizens United infused Koch driven campaigns that dominate the political landscape.

Bernie Sanders is a throwback. He is a candidate who is being powered by the people. Whether one supports Sanders or not, this is what political campaigns are supposed to look like.

The presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders is good for the Democratic Party and even better for the nation’s democracy.

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  1. I put my Bernie 2016 sticker on my car yesterday over my Obama 2012 sticker. I am proud to be the first on my block to show support for Bernie Sanders. I love him and what he says about America. Go, Bernie, Go!

  2. Don’t Count HRC Out!
    “While Bernie’s an appealing choice to some Very Liberal Democrats, Democrats who describe themselves as “Somewhat Liberal” may instead prefer Clinton. The policy differences between the Democrats aren’t all that profound; Clinton is pretty liberal herself, and she and Sanders voted together 93 percent of the time in the two years they spent in the Senate together.

    I still say…
    It’s wiser moving this big ship very slowly.

  3. If you know something that I don’t, please share!

    I clicked on you link and was told it was not available.

    Don’t play games….most of us want to be informed.


  4. Baby Boomer’s FIRST PRESIDENTIAL Election 1972. We thought for sure Dems would win! People were growing Progressive, America/The Future was our Oyster…
    But NIXON The DICK won!

    Please read up on that famous election:

    “Senator George McGovern of South Dakota, who ran an Anti-War Campaign against incumbent Republican President Richard Nixon. The perception of many voters that McGovern was a left-wing extremist”

    Nixon won 60.7% of the popular vote. No candidate since had managed to equal or surpass Nixon’s total percentage or margin of the popular vote…
    And we know the rest of the terrible Nixon Story:,_1972

  5. I just got it!!

    Wow…do you think?

    I’m kind of old. I count on people here to keep me in the loop, as I still work to supplement my SS. I don’t have as much time as I’d like to research everything I read.


  6. When I clicked on the link it took me to the website, not the article. Click on the link again, then to the left and down a tad you will see the word “worker”. Click on that word, and then scroll down. They are sending out invites asking people to show up at Bernie’s events.

  7. Ah, yes, one of the ladies that failed by trying to claim that Sen. Sanders had dual American/Israeli citizenship and made comments about not wanting Israel running Washington if he were elected. Oh, yeah, I looked up your list of Rep/Senators that held dual citizenship and DJ identified it as a White Supremacists website

    You couldn’t smear him with you Nazi list and your dual citizen garbage, now you are going to try communism? NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Because every time you post more crap like this, I’m gonna be here detailing all your actions.

  8. What the hell are you talking about Patricia? I don’t know anything about a dual citizenship, nor have I talked about one. You wouldn’t be trying to discredit my research would you ?

    OOH, I’m scareda you!

  9. A public RANT. The more I see of Bernie the better I like him. I think Hillary has earned her chance too. I will vote for whoever wins the Primary.
    I am 79 and on a fixed income, no chance of change. My taxes are due or my hovel will go for auction so some good ole boy fat cat can scoop my little patch of land up for taxes.
    I try to exist on less than $800 a month. I pay tax on every bite of food in my mouth, everything I use and the roof over my head. I worked from the time I was 16 on low paying jobs. I paid my Medicare ins. and into my SS fund until I was crippled in my 60s by a drunk surgeon that couldn’t cut it in Canada. If not for that I would be working now. I learned the hard way what Saunders is talking about. I live it. But the greedy b******s ain’t killed me yet and that is the only way they will ever truly beat me. Don’t bother to post any communist BS to me. I am uneducated but not stupid.That crap is more out of date than my last good dress I am to be cremated in.

  10. Incumbents nearly always win. Carter didn’t because Reagan and his Wall Street backers fiddled with Iran.

  11. O please, the coverage on netroots is incomplete and biased. Sanders actually managed to have a decent round of Q&A with the protesters but the MSM only wants to talk about how it was a blunder. Besides that, one disrupted event is hardly cause for worry.

  12. when you bust into a room, take over an event and demand answer while trying to scream over those answers you get what you get. I support the blacklivesmatter movement but you dont troll allies and you dont demand answers only to drown them out with chants. The whole thing was disrespectful.

  13. dont be ignorant. IF there happens to be a communist party group in houston I wouldnt expect them to have more than a hand full of members, and by many independent media outlets there were over 9000 at the rally in houston. Youll have to try alot harder to smear Sanders.

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