Donald Trump, Who Deferred His Way out of Combat, Attacks John McCain’s War Hero Status

Donald Trump has attacked just about everyone you care to mention at this point, and now he is taking a particularly brutal stab at John McCain (R-AZ):

Trump made these remarks today at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa. You know, the state that makes Republicans behave very badly.

While Donald Trump could take issue with John McCain where policy is concerned, he prefers to take issue with John McCain personally. This seems to be Trump’s method of dealing with the opposition going into this election cycle.

But then, when you are ill-informed, if not outright ignorant on the issues, vague is good. Vague is very good. Vague doesn’t explain itself. Vague is very totalitarian in its fiats and pronouncements.

Donald Trump doesn’t really have a platform beyond how great Donald Trump is and what idiots everyone else are. He can’t explain issues he probably doesn’t understand. To date, at least, he hasn’t tried.

It is easier by far to just to insult the people who hold positions he opposes rather than try to articulate, and fail, at developing positions of his own. This is the last seven years of Republican opposition to Obama turned against the Republicans themselves, by one of their own.

And as we have noticed, they do not like it much. Particularly since Trump seems to be more skilled at it than the men and women who taught him this sort of theater works.

It is a fact that John McCain got shot down. It is a fact that he did not perform heroic deeds of daring-do in the air, like a Manfred von Richthofen, or an Eddy Rickenbacker, or Pappy Boyington. But he did survive five years of hellish conditions in a North Vietnamese prison camp, the “Hanoi Hilton.”

He did serve his country.

Unlike Donald Trump. While McCain was serving his country, risking his life in a war, Donald Trump was receiving deferments (in 1964, 1965, 1966, and 1968) to stay out of that war. Not, as Trump once claimed, because he had high lottery numbers.

As Louisiana Governor “Bobby” Jindal pointed out,

McCain’s daughter, Meghan, tweeted her reaction:

Other victims of Trump’s ad hominem attacks, Rick Perry and Jeb Bush, have come to McCain’s defense. Rick Perry said Trump’s words are disgraceful (and Perry ought to know something about disgraceful), tweeting that,

Jeb Bush tweeted in response,

Scott Walker, who has previously avoided criticizing Trump, also defended McCain and called on Trump to apologize, but Ted Cruz refused to do so, weaseling out of it by claiming, reports The Washington Post,

I recognize that folks in the press love to see Republican-on-Republican violence, so you want me to say something bad about Donald Trump or bad about John McCain or bad about anyone else. I’m not going to do it. John McCain is a friend of mine. I respect and admire him and he’s an American hero. And Donald Trump is a friend of mine.

It does not matter how good a pilot McCain was, or how or why he was shot down. What matters is that he was there, and Trump was not.

Thank what you will of John McCain, or even of Rick Perry and Jeb Bush. If there is a man on the planet who does not have the right to question McCain’s war deeds, it is Donald Trump.

52 Replies to “Donald Trump, Who Deferred His Way out of Combat, Attacks John McCain’s War Hero Status”

  1. …I got TONS I can disagree and dispute McCain about…this ain’t one of ’em…Trump , like the other deferment queens;has NO room to say jack-shit about ANY veteran…

  2. My god… this is even better then an episode of the Jerry Springer Show!

    All that’s needed now is a willing audience to watch. Oh wait… that’s us! *gets some popcorn, some peanuts, a large glass of soda and a seat to watch the fun*

  3. Donald Trump has a big heart so that is why Obamacare doesn’t make him angry. Hillary should choose Trump as her VP so he can explain why Obamacare’s 2016 deductibles of $6,850 for single coverage and $13,700 for families is so great because Hillary can’t.

  4. My sister’s deductible is not that high for her ObamaCare. It all depends on the plan you choose and I’d think you would know that…but apparently not.

    All of that said, please understand that Trump has no heart – not for you anyway. He has a heart for those near and dear to him but you? Yeah, he could not care any less about you.

    This is a sideshow to him; he wrote the script for this comedy years ago and now people like you are sitting in the cheap seats applauding him as if he’s the second-coming of George Washington himself.

    Good luck to you. You’ll need it if Trump ever gets near the North Portico as anything other than a visitor.

  5. Trump is an idiot and he’s stirring up the crazy people with this nonsense, that is all. He is NOT a serious candidate in any sense of the word.

    Of course, McCain did accuse him of stirring up the crazies but that is rich on McCain’s part, considering HE unleashed these nutbags when he chose Palin as his VP for 2008.

    That said, Trump has no business saying what he did about McCain. I do not like McCain in the least, but he was a POW, he did have the chance to come home but he chose to stay and he endured more abuse because of it.

    He is, whether we like it or not, a war hero and Trump, who got all these deferments, should be the last one criticizing his war record.

  6. Trump didn’t just take a cheap shot at McCain. He also insulted the families of every member of the military who was ever a POW.

  7. As much as I detest John “Crash” McCain, this is another Mexican Insult, to Vets.

    A man who couldn’t be bothered to serve his country because he had more important things to do, and denigrates someone who served- where have I encountered this before?

    Oh yeah- Romney.

    A Penultimate Republican. Not even declaring Bankruptcy would’ve worked to getting him out of combat in Vietnam.

  8. I think Trump is done. He should have been done long ago, but while America will tolerate, maybe even embrace racist demagogues…they don’t really go for people who mock American POWs for getting captured.

    I knew his intemperate rhetoric would eventually get him in trouble when he started going after the “wrong people”. I thought it would take him another week or two, but clearly I underestimated his stupidity.

  9. The irony is the republicans were too cowardly to attack his racism but now see an opening with this sideshow of his own making.

    Not trying to be cynical but maybe this was the only way to stop the bleeding of his empire. Attack the one thing all Americans can rally around, POW’S, get smacked down then exit the race and try to repair the damage he caused.

  10. This time I have to agree with the Donald. McCain graduated at the bottom of his military academy and his dad was in the same academy so he’s obviously not too bright. His military career was a disaster, constantly crashing multimillion dollar jets until finally getting captured by the enemy. Didn’t bother to meet psychobabble Palin or check into her history before giving her the running mate job. Definitely NOT a hero by any stretch.

  11. I have to disagree, Chuck. I do not like McCain in the least and he did this country a great disservice by choosing Palin as his VP and unleashing that lunatic on the country (which just encouraged all the other lunatics). I also know his academy and war record prior to capture weren’t that great. But the man was taken captive and tortured and when given an opportunity to come home, he would not take it if it meant the others with him stayed behind, which caused him to endure more harsh treatment (from what I understand of this).

    Given that, Trump has no business disparaging him for being a POW. He doesn’t just disparage McCain when he says stuff like this.

    He crossed the line.

  12. No, he has a hole where that heart is supposed to be. Thankfully, the ACA probably covers heart surgery.

  13. Trump fuc*ed up this one. It will be interesting to see how he weasels out of it. He should takes lessons from his buddy, Ted Cruz.

  14. To my dismay I once again agree with Trump on something. McCain, along with other GOP in Congress have done nothing but hurt our
    War Veterans. Remember what Ted Cruz did to poor Bob Dole a couple years ago. It was embarrassing & pathetic to drag that poor man in a wheelchair on the floor of congress. Then have the Repubs vote against him.

  15. But please, pretty please don’t let Trump drop out. He’s still sucking the air out of the other contenders. I especially love that he overshadows GOP darlings like slimy Scott Walker. Keep him in & keep him talking!

  16. To John MCCain’s credit he did vote for the Bob Dole sponsored bill pertaining to disabled veterans in 2012. But most of the Republicans voted against it with the exception of Susan Collins & all Democrats. It was a travesty.

  17. That seems to be his M.O. – run away from anything tough. Trumps’ a pansy-ass wimp who has to yell and scream to get his way like a 2 year old with a nasty mouth. Trump can never be Pres. with his lack of self control and his lack of empathy for other humans. His God is money, thats all. He is no Barack Obama, thats for sure!

  18. Yeah, just think how much fun it would be to watch the other Rs respond to his racist comments (which they agree with but don’t want to say out loud)in a debate. They’ll twist and turn until they look like deformed pretzels.

  19. Repugs get their panties in a wad but stood by and did not say a thing while Rove and the asshole Texas group John Kerry was swift boated.

  20. I have to be honest. Myself I have denigrated McInsane military record in the past and now I find myself in a position in defending him.

    But then I step back in my time machine, not what they did to Kerry but much earlier.

    Max Cleland. A decorated Vet who lost just about everything and they, the republicans smeared this HERO by saying he was in bed with Bin Laden. Think about that before we have a pity party for McInsane

  21. McCain is no hero. People should look up “songbird” just for starters, then “McCain yells at Grandmother in wheelchair”.

  22. Oh no argument from me.

    From all of the planes he crashed, to the wife he dumped once he got home from Nam.

    Keating Five and Failin’ Palin.

    Despite his using his family connections to get cushy spots in the military- he still served.

    Which is still head and shoulders above sTRUMPet.

  23. There is plenty in McCain’s political record for Trump to use against McCain, but instead he took the cheap shot – the shot that probably hurts the most for anyone who has been a POW, not just McCain.

    In truth, Trump didn’t even need to respond to McCain – McCain isn’t running for President. But Trump just HAD to do it, he had to attack and he had to do it on a personal level.

    This is shades of Sarah Palin. This is her M.O.

    While politicians do have to respond to attacks sometimes, the McCain statement was one that Trump’s political team could’ve crafted a smart response to. But Trump didn’t do that – he went on the attack and it wasn’t even a good one.

    He’s not presidential – of course, we didn’t need more evidence of that, did we?

  24. I must say RG, you’ve made a piss poor choice of coverage options in Obamacare if that’s what you got for deductibles.

    I’ve spent MAJOR time in and out of ER’s last year and even after 5 visits to same, not to mention all of the standard hospital visits- I still don’t even come close to that in deductibles.

    Next time open time enrollment rolls around- I’d suggest doing some more capitalistic research. It helps to do your homework.

  25. McCain fought AGAINST the search for more POWS in Viet Nam. He was too afraid of his record at the Hanoi Hilton getting out. He promised Viet Nam most favored nation status if they kept his records out of the public eye.

  26. I think Trump is done.
    I’d be surprised if that happened…McCain isn’t a sympathetic enough figure to the majority of Trump supporters.
    Trump is still serving a vastly more important purpose for them to walk away over something like this.

  27. You are confusing deductibles with maximum out of pocket expense. FYI, prior to Obamacare there was no maximum out of pocket for many health insurance plans. That’s why so many people ended up losing their life savings, businesses, homes, etc. Medical bankruptcy was sometimes worse than the illnessbeing treated.

  28. *John McCain* “is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”
    I’ve thought this about McCain since the 2008 campaign.

  29. What impresses me is how fast the rethuglican a$$holes responded to Trump’s slanderous comments about McCain. It’s just like the way those rethuglican ‘patriots’ supported John Kerry against the lying swiftboat crowd. Oh, wait…

  30. Leonard Pitts, Jr.: Here’s hoping cooler heads prevail in GOP

    He’s No. 1?!

    Yes, it’s an early poll and, as such, pretty near useless.

    Yes, Herman Cain was once No. 1, too, and we know what happened with that.

    Yes, the fact that he is No. 1 probably reflects name recognition as much as anything else.

    And no, he will never be his party’s nominee, much less this country’s president. It won’t happen even if GOP Chairman Reince Priebus has to personally shoot him with tranquilizer darts on the way to the podium to stop it.

    Read more here:

  31. Trump is symbolic and emblematic of the cancer that consumes the Republican Party. As a Veteran, I find his remarks beyond disgraceful and repugnant. While I may disagree with John McCain on political points, I will not besmirch his Military service with vile commentary. Memo to Trump: When you disgrace or shame one of us, you disgrace and shame all of us. No Veteran in his or her right mind will EVER support you. You are human waste.

  32. Knew if I scrolled down, there would be at least one who had the same thoughts.
    The last line in the posting hit it right on the nail.
    “if there is a man on the planet who does not have the right to question McCain’s war deeds, it is, Donald Trump”.
    As it is with the whole Clown Car of rethugs who want to lead this country. As it is with the whole Republican party. For that matter! Their record of avoiding to serve in the wars THEY start is remarkable.

  33. Yes, please do look up “Songbird” McCain, left a wife who was injured in an accident, to marry a very rich one, became a Senator. Never, was it revealed until much latter his real record. McCain can not be classified as a Coward, but a User!Has any one ever seen his Military buddies standing beside him? Speaking out for him?Or explain how he really received those injuries?

  34. …didya know…
    …John McCains US Navy record was sealed PERMANENTLY by Admiral McCain…possibly pertaining to his involvement in the USS Forrestal disaster…nearly gutted that carrier {she got dubbed the “USS Forest-Fire”…it’s a Navy thing}
    …in boot camp {Military History class} we covered what we KNEW to be fact…no conjectures…but we also knew we’d probably never know the answer…frustrating…

  35. It is official: I have more regard for the dump I took last week than I do for Trump The Chump Inc.

  36. I don’t like Trump but I have to agree with him on McCain.The only reason they made him a hero was his dad was a bigshot in the military. How many people got shot down in our wars and you never hear them being called hero. He really isn’t any better than Bergdhal. If you do some research you will find that when he was prisoner they broke him and he started talking and it was more than name.rank and serial number.Even his dad wasn’t happy about that.
    I get tired of the media always say he is a war hero but they rarely say that about others that was in the service.If the media always want to say McCain is a war hero why don’t they say that about all the other members of congress that were in the service when they talk about them.

  37. I am going to make this comment that will get me some nasty feed back, but here goes:
    Number one, I am NOT a Trump Groupie.
    Number Two, I don’t like his Obama Birther stance.
    Number Three, McCain needs to be shaken up. He talks the talk, but hides the fact that he ain’t no top of the pole academic, as trump and the facts show…..last in his class at the academy? Tsk, tsk. Crashed a couple of jets? Tsk, tsk. What he didn’t know how to fly? Tsk, tsk. But he Sure enough he gave Obama some undeserved hell. Karma is a bitch, and he is getting it from one of his OWN now. Remember he gave us Sarah Palin. Nobody gives him too much hell over that, I can’t wait for Trump to bring that up. Republicans. And the Irony is that it is coming from a Birther (Trump). We can’t make this up! ;)

  38. McCain did not know how to fly. Period. Remember he was at the bottom of his class.
    So? You might say. But it means a lot.

  39. Trump has become the shame of the Republican party even more embarrassing the most extreme radical conservatives.

  40. …you might consider this:
    …most Republicans never served; and none of thier families served, so for them the “Costs of war” morph into the “OPPORTUNITIES of war”…all the deaths are abstract to them, to be swept under the rug of “Collateral Damage” or ignored entirely…
    …there are none so blind as those who not only will not see, but refuse to see…

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