Huffington Post Moves Coverage of Donald Trump from Politics to Entertainment

We have been talking about the Republican clown car for years, but Huffington Post has actually decided to “fire” Donald Trump and his “campaign,” as they refer to it in A Note About Our Coverage Of Donald Trump’s ‘Campaign’ yesterday, from news to entertainment.

This is their reasoning:

After watching and listening to Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy for president, we have decided we won’t report on Trump’s campaign as part of the Huffington Post’s political coverage. Instead, we will cover his campaign as part of our Entertainment section. Our reason is simple: Trump’s campaign is a sideshow. We won’t take the bait. If you are interested in what The Donald has to say, you’ll find it next to our stories on the Kardashians and The Bachelorette.

This was posted to Huffington Politics. If they are serious, this should be the last mention we should see there of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump posted his response on Facebook, in the third person of course:

Donald J. Trump Response to Huffington Post

Mr. Trump is number one in the unimportant Huffington Post poll, along with all other recently released polls including Reuters, FOX, USA Today/Suffolk University and The Economist.

Mr. Trump is in first place in Nevada, where he is also number one, by a wide margin, with Hispanics. He is number one in North Carolina and expects to win Iowa and New Hampshire.

Mr. Trump singlehandedly raised the issue of illegal immigration and started a national conversation about what has turned out to be one of the most important topics of this election cycle.

Likewise, Mr. Trump is the leader on issues such as the terrible United States trade deals, strengthening our military, taking care of our great Vets and the repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

If you read previously written Tweets, Mr. Trump has never been a fan of Arianna Huffington or the money-losing Huffington Post.

The only clown show in this scenario is the Huffington Post pretending to be a legitimate news source. Mr. Trump is not focused on being covered by a glorified blog. He is focused on Making America Great Again.

The Donald is typically full of himself, giving himself credit where it is not due – he can hardly claim to have begun the immigration debate, the discourse on bad trade deals, or, alternatives to Obamacare – but this is how the man is. He is not the first politician of either party to be full of himself. He’s just the most obnoxious.

And this is how HuffPo responded to Trump’s response:


So Trump is right up there with a sparkling Britney.

While this development is amusing, how is it that Huffington Post can separate Trump’s campaign from those of other Republican candidates who are equally “sideshows”? They won’t take the bait where Trump is concerned, but they take Ted Cruz seriously? Or Jeb Bush? Rick Santorum, for all his craziness, has never been relegated to the Entertainment section.

Even Sarah Palin, perhaps the ultimate in Republican clown shows, was never put in the Entertainment section – not even when she praised Donald Trump in June. That news also appeared in Huffington Politics.

If Trump is Entertainment, then all Republican politics for years has been Entertainment. After all, his extremism is merely the culmination of years of work by various Republican demagogues. Where do we draw the line?

There are various other reasons to object to what Huffington Post has done. For one thing, Trump is polling at the top, not the bottom of the polls. It seems to be a very serious campaign indeed. Whatever Trump really believes, the Republican base believes in him, and it is the Republican base who will be voting in the primaries, not news organizations.

Fox News rightly cites “Rich Noyes, research director at the conservative Media Research Center,” who “said the decision on a candidate’s legitimacy should be up to voters, not the media.”

And however much a joke we might consider him because of his loud, buffoonish behavior, Trump scares the bejeesus out of the Republican Party. And we liberals and independents must avoid the temptation, like Republicans, to dump reality when we don’t find it lining up with our preconceptions.

David Corn at Mother Jones has voiced another valid objection. He says that “to exile Trump to the realm of the Kardashians is to let the Republican party off the hook too easily”:

Trump poses a crisis for his party. It may be entertaining for the Democrats to watch. But this crisis is not transpiring in TMZ-land. It’s what the GOP has brought upon itself. Here is the ROI on the GOP’s extreme politics.

Then too, if Trump can be sent to the Entertainment section, how about other candidates a media outlet might not like? The corporate media could as easily decide Democratic candidates are not to be taken seriously.

As moves go, HuffPo’s is not the most sensible one.

Humans have shaped their reality for thousands of years in various ways, but anyone serious about understanding it has taken the task of cataloguing and defining that reality very seriously. Charles Darwin had to deal with the inconvenient reality of the platypus and we have to deal with Donald Trump. The platypus turned out to be a mammal, once we were able to sequence its genes, and is hardly the terror to evolutionists creationists might claim.

The creationists pretend the platypus’ genome has not been sequenced to make their argument against evolution. Huffington Post also rejects evolution – the evolution of Republican politics. It can, but refuses to, sequence Trump’s ideological genes in order to find his evolutionary niche.

Huffington Post says it will not take @realDonaldTrump seriously, but at this point, is there any reason to take Arianna Huffington seriously? Even Fox News, which I think we all agree is not real news, has not relegated candidates it does not approve of to the Entertainment section.

Donald Trump has a point. Is any news source a legitimate news source if it refuses to take reality seriously?

42 Replies to “Huffington Post Moves Coverage of Donald Trump from Politics to Entertainment”

  1. maybe the answer is for everyone to start an infotainment section… like those late night TV fillers…

    it could be there with the Hair in a Can or Pocket Fisherman infomercials…

    then the whole Clown Show would have an appropriate place… any breakout could then go back to entertainment and if it gets better maybe back to the political page…

  2. Considering his bombast, hyperbole, and posturing- along with his clown like hair…

    Entertainment indeed!

  3. I’m not sure it even deserves to be in the entertainment section. A much more suitable location would the the HuffPost’s “Weird News” category.

  4. Apparently the lord of the apprentice ring has made a
    complete circle. Beam me up, Scotty, there’s no signs of
    intelligent life here.

  5. This article sums itself with the line, “And we liberals and independents…” Clearly a leftist article about a leftist paper, and not real journalism. As someone who has always voted and been independent, I hate being categorized with this article and hope Trump wins. Why? Because The Huffington’s Post is the same as all of Trump’s opposition, truly “political”. It attempts to use it’s power as a news image to make a decision on what is “politics” and what is “entertainment”. Is the Huffington truly an expert who can make this decision? That is the essence of the fallacy. But to be fair, Trump is a bit… extreme. I am just tired of these political games the Huffington post, and this very article play. At least Trump attempts at action, you know, ‘executes’.

  6. This is not good for huffpo. But it is not to unexpected. Ever since they sold out some of their editors came up through the dark side of conservatism so while I have no proof and frankly don’t care it must scare them that the Donald is putting the true face of republicanism out for all to see.

    That being said they really don’t have that reach or power to decide who is viable or not

  7. I understand the Post’s sentiments, but, I believe that Trump should be covered as news.

    We must not underestimate how dangerous he is.

  8. Trump may be leading in the polls at the moment but with him polling at 17% and being in the lead, it’s not saying much considering the number of candidates running against him. His numbers will likely decrease as his fans tire of hearing his self-praise and telling everyone how rich he is. Can you imagine the outrage if President Obama or Secretary Clinton were to stand in front of an audience and tell them that they were really, really rich? They’d be screaming for their heads, especially the GOP! With Trump, it’s ignored but likely because he just never says anything credible. The pompous ass has not proposed any serious policy for the country. Instead, he says he’s going to tell other countries what they have to do. Let’s see how well that works out for anyone, Donnie! He’s obviously clueless as to the function of the different branches of gov’t and how they are supposed to work together. He’d crown himself King Donald of the U.S., proposing it to be a lifetime posi…

  9. Are the American people finally so far removed from reality that bombast and total disregard for provable fact is taken as serious political fare?

    Don’t answer that. I don’t want to know.

    Huffpo is right, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. Trump shouldn’t be considered entertainment by anyone. Mexicans coming here illegally are rapists? That is entertainment? I thought they came here to pick tomatoes or change the linens at your local hotel.

    Trump is a turd in the national punch bowl. If that is entertainment, we need to look in the mirror and ask WTF?

  10. The self aggrandizing crap spewing from Donald Trumps mouth hardly qualifies as entertainment either.

  11. it’s a sort of two edge sword…

    when you pay attention to him it inflates his actual importance… stop paying attention and he’ll go away..

    the danger would be if he actually had a chance to win the Presidency… he can be #1 in the Republican polls all anyone wants but he’d have the same chance of winning as Goldwater in ’64 no matter how rabidly the base supports him…

  12. Read the byline above, Steven: “Real Liberal Politics.” By your definition then also, Fox News is not real journalism. Do you admit that? The fact is, we cite our sources here. We quote Republicans when we talk about Republicans, rather than erecting straw man arguments. Your own approach to this issue says more about your own ideology than mine – or this site’s.

  13. At one point, Hitler might have been considered an evil Charlie Chaplin*. The advent of the Crash changed that. Don’t think men of great wealth couldn’t create another one, any time.

    “The Great Dictator”, q.v.

  14. Huff post made a stupid decision on this and it makes them look foolish. One would think a lib leaning paper would be ecstatic to expose the repug agenda and lies. Every time Trump talks, the other candidates and fellow repugs have to scramble. Kind of like rats in a maze.

    Trump should be front page everywhere, every day.

  15. I don’t understand Huffpo moving the Trumpster off of the political page, but leaving that dim bulb Bristol Palin and her reproductive shenanigans on the political page. Or her idiot mother, for that matter.

    So the whole thing seems to me to be just some click-baity attention-seeking tactic by Huffpo.

  16. Also, Firefox 39.0 on Windows suddenly has no option for commenting, although I can see comments. I am writing this comment in Chrome.

  17. I know that the HP is just a blog but it would be very wise to note that Macy’s had 30,000 Credit cards cut up.

  18. At this point, anything Palin, will be nothing more than a flash in the pan.

    And as such, will require far far less bandwidth.

  19. How many customers do Macy’s, Inc.’s stores serve?
    Because Macy’s, Inc.’s department stores are some of the best known and most-loved in the world, they are a frequent destination for hundreds of millions of Americans and international visitors alike. Aside from shoppers who pay with cash, check or third-party credit cards, we have more than 50 million proprietary charge accounts on record.

    Now Macys may be inflating their numbers but 30,000 complaints is nothing compared to the numbers that shopped there every year

  20. The guys at the Huffington Post may look smart now by placing Trump in the same league as the Kardashians and the Bachelorette…

    But, the longer Trump stays at the top or near the top of the polls, they end up looking very bad because they basically treat the front runner in the same league as trashy television.

  21. This is probably a Flash issue. Adobe has stopped issuing security updates for Flash under Firefox’s long-obsolete Netscape API for plug-ins. Mozilla has no plans to migrate its Flash support to the newer Pepper framework. Flash for Firefox has been on life support for a while; Adobe has been issuing only security updates since version 11.2, while the rest of the world is using version 18.

    To put it simply: Flash is now crippled on Firefox because it is a security risk. Migrate to Chrome as soon as you can.

  22. They should have done it ages ago. HP is simply acknowledging the new normal. In point of fact, the Republican side of the Presidential race has degenerated to the status of a reality show over the last eight years. Principled, reasoned opposition to questionable progressive policies have been entirely displaced by reckless fearmongering, ludicrous accusations, and deliberately outrageous antics. That’s precisely why a circus clown like Trump is leading the polls — he’s exactly what Republican voters have been conditioned to accept. It’s an indication not that Trump has become a serious candidate, but that the GOP is no longer a serious party.

  23. I was thinking the same as far as HP starting to lean right. I’m sure that a lot of right-wingers wish he would just shut up. Donald Trump is saying loudly what they all think privately. The right used to be very adept at hiding their true character, but since President Obama was elected, they have lost it and laid it all out for everyone to see. Anyone who votes GOP these days knows what they are about, and is agreeing with their ideology.

  24. Trump is narcissistic and loves being in the limelight as perfomance art.

    How many times must he GLOAT over his “billions” and he can buy anything he want, to prove what exactly?
    He’s not even close to being a middle-class American.
    He’s part of the one tenth of 1%.
    Will he encourage companies to give adequate wage?
    Put back the Dodd-Frank Wall street regulations?
    Regulations period?

    I’m still hoping he continues his surge and when he isn’t the GOP nominee, goes ROGUE INDEPENDANT and syphens GOP votes away and pave the way for the democratic president.

  25. I disagree with you, and here’s why.

    Trump is VERY narcissistic and when he isn’t the GOP nominee I’m hoping he goes rogue independant.
    Alot of tea party people like him, it’s as if when he’s president they will be as wealthy as him, if this makes any sense at all.
    He’s a celebrity and they LOVE this crap, look at Reagan, Arnold and Jessie Ventura <–although hs was a reformer not a GOPeer.

  26. I would agree 800% Fox news is not news. (I really am independent.) NPR, As well as a few websites do a pretty good job, (not perfect but good). And again I’d agree my statements, much like anyone’s, say more about themselves than the subject about which they’re speaking. But, that’s why we speak, to express ourselves. I don’t even state that these “political” moves are wrong, just that I’m tired of them. Aren’t you?

  27. Sounds good if they had actually done it. I check HP through the day sometimes to see if there’s any big news breaking somewhere that I need to go to a more honest source for the real story.
    The Donald is still spread all over the front page along with all the Kardassians and Bruce.
    I dropped Huffington Post from my normal routine when they forced Face Book as a condition of being a member. I have a deep deep distrust of Face Book and Huffington Post after it was sold out to AOL and Face book. It was always impossible for me to believe one of Breitbarts best friends could really be on the up and up in the first place.
    It is just another example of the same group of people owning all the MSM and they certainly are not working in the best interest of the majority of Americans.
    This publicity stunt between HP and The Donald is just more proof of the same ole, same ole.

  28. Well, as a longtime Macy/s customer, I didn’t cut my card up. I just put it in a drawer and am now happy to put it back in my wallet to use!

  29. Better yet, quit covering this a-hole, blowhard, gas bag, disgrace to America, all together. That would be an excellent service to your readers.

  30. Relegating Trump to the Entertainment page will only increase his popularity with TV viewers and potentially give him the presidency should the Democrats select Hillary. I’m an Independent and see our nation failing after less than 250 years, certainly so if any GOP candidate or Hillary is elected.

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