Republicans In Full Melt Down As Trump Refuses To Quit Race, And May Run As An Independent


Donald Trump refused to drop out of the race for the Republican nomination today and confirmed that he may run as an Independent if he does not win the Republican nomination.


Transcript from ABC’s This Week:

RADDATZ: So let me just get this clear. You are not apologizing. And you are certainly not pulling out of the race as some of your opponents have suggested.

TRUMP: Of course they’d love to have me do that because I’m leading the pack. I’m certainly not pulling out; I’m leading and I’m leading in many states. North Carolina just came in; I’m way in the lead there. Nevada, as I said, just came in. I’m way in the lead there. And, interestingly, in Nevada, I lead in Hispanics by a tremendous — the Hispanics, I’m way into the 30s with Hispanics. Which I said, if I get the nomination, if I run for president, I will win the Hispanic vote, because I’ll be able to take jobs back from China, jobs back from Japan and Mexico, and everybody else that’s ripping us off on trade. And everybody knows that. And I will win the Hispanic vote.

RADDATZ: So you think this will actually help you? This is involving veterans and you heard what I said about those veterans groups. You still think this will help you in the polls?

TRUMP: I believe that I will do far more for veterans than John McCain has done for many, many years, with all talk no action. He’s on television all the time, talking, talking. Nothing gets done. You look at what’s happening to our veterans — they’re being decimated, OK. So I will do far more for veterans than anybody. I’ll be able to build them new hospitals, I’ll be able to build them care centers. I’ll be able to help the veterans.

John McCain has failed. Because all you have to do is take a look — what you report on all the time, take a look at the scandal at the Veterans’ Administration and the disastrous conditions under which our veterans have to live. And believe me, I built, with a small group, the Vietnam Memorial in downtown Manhattan. I know what it is to help people and I know what it is to help veterans.

Not only is Trump not going anywhere, but on Saturday, he sent his strongest signal yet that he would run as an Independent if he does not get the Republican nomination. When asked if he would not run as a third-party candidate, Trump said, “No, no. I won’t go on record as saying that.”

Republicans created the political environment that he is flourishing. Fox News and the GOP loved Trump when he was chasing after President Obama’s birth certificate. 2012 Republican presidential candidates, including Mitt Romney, courted him and kissed his ring.

The Republican Party is in a state of full-blown state of meltdown because they can’t stop Donald Trump.

The monster has turned on its creator. Donald Trump is poised to destroy the Republican village, and there is nothing the torch and pitchfork wielding villagers can do about it.

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  1. The best way to put it is that Frankenstein’s monster is loose and the villagers can’t stop him. The doctor who made this monster can’t stop him. The monster hunter can’t stop him.

    We, on the other hand, are watching this and just laugh. It’s full comeuppance for a party that thrives on hatred.

  2. aug 6th, i think is the first ‘fox staged debate’. luntz, rove, ailes, all the gop show runners, will be ripping their eyeballs out, if trump is on that stage. he will suck all the air out of the soundstage. will be epic. and will kill the gop for the white house. my hope is it will also get the real silent majority, dems, out off their butt, and vote. if they vote, sanders, or hillary have a majority in both houses, and this country will do the stuff obama tried but was blocked.

  3. The republicans only have themselves to blame. Since the 90’s and especially now with the Presidency of Obama they have embraced the crazy like flies on shit and now its going to bite them big time.

    While I chuckle I also am sad that one of the two parties have allowed, no encourage this dumfukery so we now are unable to govern ourselves in any meaningful way.

    Now we have Rand Paul saying he will hold up the highway bill because of the bogus video of Planned Parenthood.

    The problem isn’t Trump. The problem is that whole cesspool known as the republican party.

  4. Donald Trump should donate his brain to science so they could study the part of the brain that deals with self-image…

    Ya think it might be a little swollen?

  5. I love this. The party is very splintered! All the gerrymandering in the world won’t help the GOP win the Presidency if Trump runs as an Independent, which I hope he does!

    Trump is all about Trump. He doesn’t give a Damon about the GOP! I suspect Walker will get the nomination, as his pimps have been grooming him for that moment. They never saw Trump blowing his trumpet and ruining the pimps hand chosen whore to have serious competition.

    The GOP is a house divided, and no one is to blame but them. I love karma

  6. Even if he did run as a third party I doubt that the American Taliban would win the Presidency. The electoral map never lies

  7. Trump is the proverbial BULL IN A CRYSTAL STORE. Knocking over the Republican candidates one by one. Smashing them onto the floor, and coming back to stomp on them.

    He is the best thing the Democrats have going for them right now. Let him loose Democrats, Shhhhh don’t say a word against Trump, let him destroy the Republican wannabe President cart. He is making it easier for Hillary. ;)

  8. And if he runs as an independent all of the independence minded Tea Baggers will flock like the Sheeple they are, and help dilute the vote for the more…’mainstream’ Republicans.


  9. How many times did I say????

    if Trump doesn’t win the GOP nomination, he will go ROGUE INDEPENDENT, syphen votes away and PAVES the democratic presidency.
    Drmp is very narcissistic and arrogant to do this.

    GO DONALD, you’re the democrats BEST FRIEND!

  10. The fall-out from Republicans reaping the whirlwind of their hatred, obstruction and their lies remind me of that time when Republicans stole the 2000 election from Al Gore and Baby Bush’s presidency turned out to be the worse in the history of the U.S.

  11. I must say I have never liked Trump, however
    I am getting some enjoyment to see him sucking all the energy away from the others, they are so so boring, none of them know how to handle him.

  12. Trump is slaughtering the white elephant of racism that has lingered for far too long in Lincoln’s Freedom Party. He deliberately exposed the racism of the Silent White Majority of the Dylann Roofs of this Country (I hope I have not blown his white supremacist disguise! This is so exciting!) He has acted it so as to show that white society IS guilty of the atrocities that white supremacy has inflicted on black people. Hence, collective punishment for the responsibility and complicitness for these crimes is quite in order.

  13. Oh please, oh please, oh please, Donald, run as an Independent! That will split the republican vote, teapots will vote on you! Please,do us that favor!

  14. I read somewher that the GOP want to change the electoral college. Not sure where, but I read it months ago. A third party takes votes away from Walker, or whoever receives the nomination

  15. They don’t want to change the electoral college what they want to do is instead of winner take all the delegates they want to whichever party wins its congressional district would receive that delegate. Another bastard child of gerrymandering

  16. So why did the Bushites break this commandment when they attacked John McCain and his military record in the 2000 Presidential Election?

  17. I agree with many comments. Looks like Trump is leading with Walker and Bush a few points back.

    I see no reason Trump drops out.

    Democrats can NOT assume anything in 2016. I hope smarter people then me are planning for the possibility of going against Trump.

  18. AndyCA:

    Ha! You got it. I could’nt remember the metaphor, so I came up with Crystal Store. Meaning, glass ware all over and the bull knocking them down, breaking everything in sight. As you said….same, same.
    ;) Trump is Bulldozing through the ranks of the Republican hapless wannabe Presidential contenders. They don’t know how to deal with his bombast. And feebly try to react with weak asides. Not working. Trump, as I read previously: Got them by their weak balls. Ted Cruz seems to know what to do with Trump: KISS HIS ASS. Right. Teddy Cruz did that, and went back to his corner. I can’t believe what I am seeing! The Republicans are quivering and shaking in their boots. Even McCain don’t know how to push back. He does it with Obama though, but can’t do it with Trump? What does that tell you? Trump has them looking like weaklings. He has shown them up. He has peeled their cover off. Trump has called them a bunch of incompetent fools. They can’t defend that.

  19. If were lucky Trump and Sanders both will create a couple of epic shit storms that pelt these assholes who have wiped their rear-ends with average Americans!

    WE the PEOPLE are waiting to give them all one HUGE collective FLUSH!

  20. Yes…but what can we do about the number of Trump-like idiots who are in Congress? These “smug-in-their-arrogance” Congress critters are more destructive to us than Trump’s atrocities.

  21. I worked for Crystal Cruises for 8 years and they’d frown on the CRYSTAL usage.

    The GOP needs to have ONE GIANT “debate” with everyone, let them scream at each other, duke it out and let the last candidate standing be the nominee.

  22. By insulting one of the most dangerous men on the planet, The Donald finally brought his mouth to a gun fight. Wonder what his family thinks of that?

  23. A little off topic but I thought this is important in the democratic race for the other candidate

    Conservatives Launch Pre-Emptive Attacks on Sec. Julian Castro

    One year ago, Julian Castro (former Mayor of San Antonio, TX) was sworn in as the Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Many people (including this writer) assume that he is the most likely prospect to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate in 2016. Apparently a lot of conservatives share that assumption because lately they have launched some interesting attacks on Castro.
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  24. Look at the RightWing GOP Presidential Poll:

    BUSH 14
    TRUMP 18
    WALKER 15
    PAUL 8
    CARSON 6
    CRUZ 4

    AND ON…But they put Bush ahead of Trump!

    On Direct Right Side of Page:

    (We should read what articles they are filling their heads with)

  25. I’ll believe that The Donald will run as an independent when I see it. I personally think his candidacy will implode and he’ll find some fool way to drop out.

    I’m not counting any chickens. I think it’s going to be a hard Presidential race. I hope I’m wrong.

  26. The True Face Of The Republican Party of 20 15 ; he represents every aspect of what they stand for including being born rich. Donald Trump is the real Republican of today lets all hope he wins the nomination.

  27. i will also add, that when you make rick perry calling the donald dumb, freakin goober perry, then you’re really f’d. also, raphael ted cruz, was the only and is still supporting what the d bag has said, and the other jackals will be calling out the canadian upstart… so that leaves us, the kochsucker boy, walker. when america hears how really ignorant he is, his lack of education, he will burn out, no matter how much jack the kochs will plow in. you all know last man standing will be jeb!.

  28. “Trump the Rump” is the Democrats blessing in disguise. Maybe we should send him a “Thank You Card”.

  29. ain’t it the truth! Look at all the comment pages. They parrot Fox News lies. It is hard to believe. So much so that trying to sway them is hopeless. We have got to get them out of congress and Keep them out of the White House.

  30. I’m going a little off topic myself. Jon Stewart will be returning tomorrow night to do the Daily Show after being off for the last two weeks. With only three weeks left for him, he will be very busy trying to cover what has happened since he has been off and for the remainder of the next three weeks. His guest this Tuesday, July 22 will be President Obama. I don’t get cable but, I will definitely catch up on my computer the next day. Looking forward to the next three weeks! Will miss Jon Stewart!!

  31. Trump may run as an independent. That is the best case scenario, for Democrats. Trumps’ megalomaniac ego has him believing he could win as an independent. In reality he’ll be siphoning massive votes from the Republican nominee. But since he need the Latino vote & they hate his guts Trump cannot win. It just gets better & better. Trump cannot help himself.

  32. So,Sideshow Don and his rich friends erected a monument to veterans. How, pray tell, does that help veterans find jobs, feed their families, get rehabilitated, etc? I’m sure he gave himself a nice warm feeling, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a tax break for doing it, but what good did it do?

  33. my vote will be for Trump – no matter what party he is affiliated with. Look at the mess the democratic party has done since the 80’s. Then look at the lies of the Bush and Reagan years. The illegals are taking over. They shot and killed my uncle. You never hear about that anymore. Damn them all to Hell. Trump is the only one willing to stand up and take our problems by the horns and fix them. I believe he will restore American values.

  34. I love Karma and its happening two fold to the republican/tea party. I am lost for words for the Donald except to say he will be fired as soon as he destroys the republican/tea party. Thank You Donald
    you gotta be better than the do nothing congress.

  35. That’s about the most ignorant reasoning for being a bigot I’ve ever heard. Really it’s more of an excuse. Personally, I hope you get your wish, and he’s the nominee or if not runs as an independent. Your a dumbshit!

  36. What kind of idiot would allow/let/champion him, running as anything, let alone an independent? They would have to be totally clueless and well, just really dumb.

  37. The best part about Sideshow Don (besides the entertainment value)is that the Republican party is going to have to spend a huge pile of time and Koch-brothers money just cleaning up the damage he’s doing.

  38. I totally agree that it’s fun to watch THE DONALD performing…but what he said about the disgraceful way our veterans have been treated will strike a resonant note with many…me included…not to say I will change my support for Sanders..

  39. All in all, I find myself watching the actions and bloviations of the sTRUMPet to be most ….


    Huffpost got that right at least.

  40. Trump the Trojan virus continues his plan to delete the GOP as a viable political party and I LOVE IT!

  41. Correction: President Obama will be Jon Stewart’s guest tomorrow, Tuesday, July 21st, not 22nd…man it’s hard getting old!!

  42. Tell Dems to get off their butts and VOTE..EVERY ELECTION..that’s how we get rid of these oxygen thieves.

  43. Donald’s McCain Comments Won’t Hurt Him

    After more than ten years of blogging, I feel fortunate that I don’t have more than a couple of posts that I regret. And I don’t regret this piece on John McCain even though I felt ambivalent about even when I was writing it. It was a downright savage piece, but he deserved it and the bottom line is that it was just the unvarnished truth. John McCain was a terrible student at the Naval Academy who should have been kicked out. He was an awful pilot who should have been grounded. He was a prisoner of war, but not one of any kind of special distinction. He got captured and made a political career out of it.
    Read More

  44. Just let him run …

    Even if he stays goo he will split the vote. Moderate reps will vote democrat and only more hardcore and teabags will vote trump

    If he goes Independent then, he will destroy gop 2016

    Either way, Trump running = guaranteed democratic president for 4 years at least

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