Self-Proclaimed Champion of Veterans Jeb Bush, Supported Switfboating John Kerry

Jeb Bush said yesterday in response to Donald Trump’s attack on John McCain that all veterans are deserving of respect:

As Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Jay Bookman then pointedly asked, “Yeah. Just like the respect that John Kerry got in ’04?”

It turns out that in 2005, Jeb thought one veteran in particular should be attacked. He even thanked other veterans for swiftboating John Kerry, whom Republican conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi, who has never served his country, decided to accuse of cowardice in order to keep him out of the White House:

Here is a bigger shot at the letter proving Jeb Bush thinks veterans are fair game for slander:


So Jeb, who at least (unlike Trump – or his brother) had not escaped service by deferment but who graduated late enough that he was simply never called up, feels it is wrong to attack a Republican veteran, John McCain, but perfectly permissible to attack a Democratic veteran, John Kerry.

You also have to admire also how all these brave Republicans leapt to veteran Tammy Duckworth’s defense when Allen West questioned her loyalty, or when Tea Party bum Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) questioned her war record. Duckworth gave both legs for her country in Iraq. Walsh, like so many Republican critics, has given nothing.

Then there is the time they all jumped to the defense of former Democratic Sen. Max Cleland (who lost three limbs in Vietnam) when he was vilely attacked by Ann Coulter. Cleland received a Silver Star “for gallantry in action” at the battle of Khe Sanh, despite Coulter’s claims that it is a “fact” he was never there (I think the Army would know).

It scarcely needs be said that Ann Coulter never served her country. She lacks all ethics but she didn’t lose those in combat, but rather surrendered them voluntarily when assuming the role of Republican troll.

It turns out the only veterans Republicans think should not be slandered are Republican veterans.

Jeb Bush lied yesterday when he protested Donald Trump’s attack on John McCain. He does not feel that “all our veterans [emphasis added]…have earned our respect and admiration.”

Donald Trump is not the only Republican who owes an apology this morning. The dishonest and hypocritical Jeb Bush also owes an apology, not only to John Kerry, but to all veterans.

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  1. And lets not forget republican campaign darling Ped Nugent who pushes guns and hate pissed and shit himself out of valiantly serving America. Wayne LaPeePee too(nervous disorder((scared)) ). These guys are wimps that have no place serving as Commander in Chief or even knowledgeable enough to vote. Bush, no – Trump, no – the 16 others, no. No no no!

  2. Come to think of it, my big brother was drafted while in college, had an education deferment. He enlisted directly after graduation and served for 10 years in the Army – he also managed to get 2 Masters Degrees while serving. Perhaps many young men of that time would also be billionaires if they got to stay home and go into business while others served and 57,000 died. Drump and Bush’s benefited from his age group being gone, dead, scarred for life. He is no great man for gaming the American economy feeding his desire for greed and power. American vets, WAKE UP!!!!!! These guys have no business making any military decisions.

  3. Trump = Boss Hogg?

    I don’t suppose we’ll get to see Jeb’s reply to Mr. Brookman’s question?
    Or would that be printable?

    Respect for Veterans? I get the notion that respect doesn’t include $$$ for Veteran’s programs. Especially considering how many times Republicans have voted to slash funding for same.

  4. Well McInsane did step up to defend Kerry against the attacks so I have to give him credit for that.

    Now if Trump had any brains he should have attack McInsane record or lack of on Veterans issues but I guess that would have been too much substance for this dumbass

  5. “They’re underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them” … former first lady Barbara Bush
    The apple doesn’t fall far the tree

  6. Bebe, that’s exactly what all these big blowhard nuts are. COWARDS that thinks talking tough will take the stink off. When I see these types the odor of coward is enough to gag me. It’s a good thing I am housebound for the most part. None of them would hesitate for a moment to beat up a 79 year old cripple. Then brag about it. And for my part I have never been a good liar, my every thought and disgust shows on my face like neon lights.

  7. Thank you Mr. Haraldsson for telling it like it is.
    Both Bush and Trump are displaying the kind of
    below the belt tactics that show American voters
    just how two-faced and dishonest they can be.
    Teddy Roosevelt and Ike wouldn’t want to be a
    part of this unpatriotic party!

  8. The GOP don’t give a damn about war veterans! Look at how they treat them once they return home. It doesn’t matter what their political leanings are, frankly, they don’t give a s**t!!!

  9. I really cant stand snooty elitists – Bush, Trump, Romney. They only see life through their privilged eyes, always looking for that next dollar to feed the greed.

  10. Younger people today don’t have the memory of what Richard Nixon was like, unless they spend time studying what happened to our country back in the 60’s and 70’s.

    Some of Nixon was good (China, etc.) but I think Nixon and his crimes were the start of the downfall of the GOP. They haven’t recovered any sanity since that time.

    Today’s GOP is both frantic and desperate. They know, deep down, the party is destroying itself. The desperation is obvious nowadays, and I can only hope we are nearing this insane period in our long history. . . . or maybe not, looking at the GOP clown bus for 2016.

  11. I clicked on this site a moment ago and it is as though we were on the same plane, who can forget the rethuglicans walking round with purple band aids on their faces to mock Kerr’s purple hearts.
    And another thing, at least Trump did not get captured – by the draft, he got multiple deferments, as did Cheney, Mittens just took off and spent the time in Paris!

  12. Strangely, although very inarticulate, what Trump had to say about McCain has some validity. McCain graduated last in his Annapolis class, and got shot down in Vietnam because he was a lousy pilot. He crashed multiple jets. Look up the USS Forrestal disaster that cost many lives, countless aircraft, and permanently damaged the carrier. All because McCain had to be a hotdog. He would have never been where he was if his father had not been an Admiral.

  13. The cowardly roaches in the Go On Pissonem party, has lied for years about concern for veteran’s well being after (if)they return from serving this country. They do basically minuscule shit, while pretending to care soooo much for our men and women in the military. They don’t give a shit for NO human being needing government assistance. Even after paying taxes and sacrificing their lives overseas. How they treated Bob Dole was beyond lowlifed. But, we’ve still got the pain lovers out here that vote for Republicans. Why? Those voters like to inflict pain and thrive from others suffering just as the Republicans do.

  14. The letter from Jeb Bush to the swift boaters thanking them for what they did to John Kerry to get his brother elected is enough to make me vomit, it should offend everyone. It is on the internet, there is no mistake in it’s authenticity.

  15. Jeb Bush entire political career should make you vomit. Really when the only so-called honorable is his father that whole family should be in GITMO. And Jeb grandfather Prescott should have been brought on war crimes for trading with the NAZIS

  16. And I am sure Jebediah thinks his bro went in the air national guard so he could see some combat which Cleland, Kerry, McCain & Duckworth saw by serving in the regular navy and army. Not to disparage all the guards men and women who served in junior’s missions, but we all know junior got some strings pulled so he could “serve” in the air national guard so he wouldn’t get sent to southeast Asia. Typical hypocrite

  17. Senate Republicans Block Veterans’ Health Bill on Budget Worry
    2012: GOP blocked Vets Jobs Bill
    H.R. 466 – Wounded Veteran Job Security Act
    H.R. 1168 — Veterans Retraining Act
    H.R. 1171 – Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Reauthorization
    H.R. 1293 — Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act
    S.3457 — Veterans Jobs Corps Act
    1. 2014 – Led by Mitch McConnell, Republicans filibuster a bill that would have boosted funding for the VA by $21 billion, expanded benefits, and repealed cuts pushed through under the Ryan budget deal.
    2. 2013 – Paul Ryan’s budget CUTS $6-billion from Veteran Benefits.
    3. 2012 – Republicans block seven other bills that would have helped Veterans and the VA: H.R. 466, H.R. 1168, H.R. 1171, H.R. 1172, H.R. 1293, H.R. 1803, and H.R. 2352
    4. 2012 – Republicans fi…

  18. Sick Puppies masking as Patriots. Comes from a family of evil doers. I noticed how those who preach and scream the most about people being “takers” are usually the biggest ones on the dole. They have their hands in every pot to self serve themselves. If every right winger were ejected from society the world would be a better place,also richer and more fair. It irks me when people have held good foot. Jobs all their lives and then want them taken away from others. They are nothing but greedy,selfish wing nuts. Their is a special place in Hell for them.

  19. Just the mere mention of the name: Ann Coulter: induces a severe case of erectile dysfunction.

    I wouldn’t f*ck her with George Bush’s dick.

  20. Republicans in general don’t like any government employee but themselves. They particularly dislike veterans, federal employees, public school teachers, local police, fire and EMS workers.

    Veterans, like retirees of any branch of government service are anathema.

    The only reason Jebberish is critical of McCain is because Trump current leads in the polls and threatens to run as an independent if he doesn’t get the GOP’s nomination for President.

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