Anti-Science Boehner Hypocritically Remembers Apollo 11’s Moon Landing

Buzz Aldrin in a photo taken by Neil Armstrong (from Twitter)
Buzz Aldrin in a photo taken by Neil Armstrong
(from Twitter)

We talk a great deal lately of the entertainment factor where Republicans and their policies are concerned. Sadly, even when it’s funny, it’s painful, like this tweet from John Boehner earlier today in celebration of Apollo 11, and of a moon landing which took place 46 years ago today:

And it seems like ever since, the GOP has been trying to make a giant leap backward – against mankind.

This is what Apollo 11 gave us:

In 1961, Democratic President John F. Kennedy announced his intention to send Americans to the moon. In 2014, Texas Republicans said they wanted to get rid of NASA. Republicans complained scientists bully them with facts.

This year, Republican Ted Cruz, who wants to be president, lied about NASA’s budget, and got caught. Ted Cruz said he doesn’t want NASA studying the Earth’s climate. NASA administrator Charles Bolden had to explain to the man who would be president that,

We can’t go anywhere if the Kennedy space center goes underwater, and we don’t know it. That’s understanding our environment.

Sure, Apollo 11 united us all. And Boehner and his Republicans get their way, the place from which Apollo 11 was launched – Pad A, Launch Complex 39, Kennedy Space Center – will be under the waters of the Atlantic before we launch another mission to a planet. Let’s face it, rejecting science is not the quickest way to the exploration of our solar system.

The next step is supposed to be #Mars. Right now, we can write books and make movie about an astronaut trapped on Mars (and I highly recommend the book), but we can’t go there.

Right now, we can see the moon:

The moon, as seen from the International Space Center (from Twitter)
The moon, as seen from the International Space Center
(from Twitter)

We just can’t go there either. We can’t even fly to the ISS in a NASA craft. Let alone #Mars.

And it is not just science – either space or climate. It is people.

Margaret Hamilton, who worked on Apollo 11’s software – the software that made the success of the mission possible. She told Time Magazine she hopes “that we continue with exploration.” How unlikely that is, if the GOP gets its way. How more unlikely it is that women will play any part in it, if the GOP gets its way.

I will never, for as long as I live, forget sitting in front of the television, a little older than my son is now, and watching Neil Armstrong – and hearing his words – “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Gene Cernan, who commanded the last Apollo mission said, “We leave as we came and, God willing, as we shall return, with peace, and hope for all mankind.”

But we won’t return. Not until the Republicans decide that science is important. That it is science that explains our universe, and that it science – not a cherry-picked Bible – that provides us the means of that understanding.

All things are knowable. Just not from the perspective of the Bronze Age.

Such thoughts can make you melancholy. When really, all you should be is happy.

Photo from Twitter

8 Replies to “Anti-Science Boehner Hypocritically Remembers Apollo 11’s Moon Landing”

  1. You CAN’T pray this shit into space!!!

    Texas GOP, do you realize how much FEDERAL $$$$$ flow into NASA???
    Why do you think your senator Lyndon B. Johnson got NASA to make HOUSTON also part of NASA??? FOR FEDERAL JOBS AND $$$$.
    Without LIBERAL LBJ, Houston would still be a swamp.

    I remember watching the moon landing in B&W on our first color tv set, but we got to see Walter Conkite in living color.
    My parents bought the color tv specifically to see the moon landing in color only to realize is was being broadcast in B&W. They spent a fortune on that tv and argued for weeks about the $$$$ before they bought it.
    It was the first time I watched reruns of The Flntstones in color.

  2. Melancholy? Oh hell yeah. Happy? Yes. Why both?

    Happy because of what we did. Melancholy because of what we could’ve done since.

    We could’ve taken Kennedy’s dream and ran with it. We could’ve had a bigger and better Space Station, perhaps even a moonbase.

    But no, we had to outspend the ‘Evil Empire’. We had Watergate, and the Savings and Loan Debacle. We had all of these Republican inspired and created problems. We could’ve had a vibrant economy that paid well and tax monies enough to step outside of our cradle.

    But Tax Cuts for the already rich- were more important.

    And then there are such boondoggles like the F-35, that will ultimately cost us Near a Trillion Dollars- and it doesn’t work. But Republicans INSIST that it be funded anyways.

    We could’ve funded a lot of Nasa projects for that amount.
    Maybe we could’ve even be walking on Mars for that amount.

  3. I’m one of those dreamers who thinks we should be spending a lot more money on space exploration. I don’t think we can truly understand our universe and our place in it without actually getting out there.

    Plus, I just think space exploration is damn cool and it boggles my mind that there are people up there right now, orbiting the earth. Honestly, I wish I were one of them. :)

  4. Did anyone else notice that he doesn’t have the correct amount of years that this happened? He said today marks the 45th anniversary of the first moon landing by Apollo 11. No, it’s the 46th anniversary. Just another fine example of proving that the Republicans cannot do math…even simple math like this!!!

  5. I noticed that too! Monday was the 46th anniversary of the moon landing.

    The GOP ought to just keep their mouths closed when it comes to anything regarding science. I’m forever amazed at the rank stupidity that has infected the entire party.

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