Poll Finds That If Trump Runs As An Independent, Democrats Will Win In A Landslide



The new ABC News/Washington Post poll found that if Donald Trump follows through on his threats to run as an Independent, he will be handing the White House to the Democratic nominee.

According to ABC News:

In a general election trial heat, Clinton leads Bush, the GOP fundraising leader, by a slight 50-44 percent among registered voters. But with Trump as an independent candidate that goes to 46-30-20 percent, Clinton-Bush-Trump – with Trump drawing support disproportionately from Bush, turning a 6-point Clinton advantage into 16 points.

Trump’s support in this three-way matchup was 21 percent from Thursday to Saturday, vs. 13 percent in Sunday interviews.


Donald Trump support did drop in the national poll after he attacked John McCain, but a Trump third-party candidacy could set up a reply of the 1992 presidential election. 2016 could feature a Clinton, a Bush, and a crazy rich guy running as an Independent.

The Republican Party will already begin 2016 in a big Electoral College hole. Statistically speaking, the GOP will already require a dramatic shift in the electorate to win the White House. A Trump third-party candidacy of modest popularity would make the election unwinnable for the Republican nominee.

Donald Trump is not a serious threat to win the Republican nomination, but if he stays in the upper tier of candidates through the early primaries, Trump and his ego could launch an independent bid for the White House.

Some Republicans already believe that Trump is a Democratic plant that has been sent to destroy their party, but Republicans created Trump as a political entity, and it would only be right if he ended up costing them any chance of taking back the White House.

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  1. RUN Donnie Dipstick RUN


    see sCruz
    see sCruz run
    run sCruz run

    wagging his tail behind Donnie Dipstick

    waiting for Donnie Dipstick to lift his leg (again)

  2. Go ahead, make our day. Go ahead and allow your narcissism hurt the GOP. No matter who wins the GOP nomination, I expect the WH to remain in Democratic hands. If Trump the chump wants to assist, why should we get in his way?

  3. I love it how some fool repugs think Trump is a democrat plant.

    They refuse to believe this is all their own doing by embracing the crazies. It shows in the polls how flawed all of the candidates are and how stupid their voters are.

  4. This is why they ( GOP ) have to keep DT in the field throughout the primaries. Yeah, to keep him in tow ( somewhat ), holding on to the crazies he attracts so as not to alienate them into not voting, but to tie up Trump so that he doesn’t go rogue / independent in the general.

    The hilarious suggestion that Trump is a Democratic plant shows how weak and disconnected from reality these numbnuts are. It’s just reaping what they’ve sown, and they did it all themselves. Their entire field are batcrap loonie, or they’re criminal ( or both ).

  5. After his remarks about McCain I think his quick rise will be met with a quick fall.

    Bush has a long steady line across the top of the polls and Donald has a vertical rise and that isn’t sustainable since he is not POTUS material.

  6. This is the reason why I say that Trump owns the Republican Party. It will take quite a large payoff to get him to step out of the way…

    I believe I would contribute to a 3rd party run if he decides to do it. For a while anyway.

  7. Typical media bias. The most viable candidate – Bernie Sanders – is not mentioned. He will beat Billary for the democratic nomination, and smoke whoever the Republicans put up.

  8. You know real man of genius? If the pollsters thought he was in any shape to beat Hillary they would release some polls to show that. We don’t make the polls so stop our whining

  9. Why would anybody want that woman ( a well known habitual lier) in the white house running this country? Seriously, why is she ahead or even a considered nominee?

  10. Suga,

    That is one of the dumbest articles I’ve ever read. I’m no fan of Sanders but trying to make him out to be a Nazi? It just shows how ridiculous the right wing is.

  11. I hope Trump stays in the running, I like to see the other idiots squirm.
    After studying the other wannabees, so far I have concluded…… Jeb Bush is a coward who waits to see how the wind is blowing before he speaks. Cruz is a nasty opportunist who tries to be a bully and is so self important. Walker – well he is about the most ignorant man I think I have ever seen, I would just like him to have a debate with an expert in government and
    the world, I often feel like he would not be able to find another country on a map.
    We always thought Palin could not be beaten for dumbness, but they are coming pretty close.

  12. What an excellent way to wake up in the morning!

    And so many folks complain about the news being so gloomy.

    If sTRUMPet is indeed a Democratic Plant, then it speaks volumes about the gullibility of those who follow him.

  13. The last truly realistic Republican was Ike. Nixon began the ball rolling to Loonville, with the courting of the DixieCrats who were & still are loonie bigots. Its been downhill since then for the Republican Party. Sadly, they are so into their ideology of program cuts for the poor, tax breaks for the rich & praising God that they have gone over the edge to Loonvile without even a whimper.

  14. Here is the 2016 GOP Platform.


    Its the same old song & dance. Lower taxes, cut spending (like that is what their going to do – got a bridge to sell for that one). Deregulate, get rid of entitlements (Medicare & SS – like we don’t pay into those programs), & give free-enterprise free reign without accountability.

    Yep, all these things have worked so well for the past 30+ years. They blame the downturn all on the policies of President Obama for the last 6 years – as if none of the GOP policies had anything to do with the debt or the economic downturn. Blame the fixing, not what caused the problems to start with.

  15. I would rather have ANYBODY than that lier who’s history is of much evil doing! Why do people vote monsters into our whitehouse? She will destroy anything we have left and laugh all the way to the bank. You people know this

  16. Pollsters ? What are you smoking ? Like they have any semblance of legitimacy.
    All they do can be ( and is ) massaged by the ‘questions’ they ask ( many times leading ones ) and those they omit. Plus, we have over half of them ( Rasmussen, Gallup, et al ) that are nothing but Republican front groups.

  17. What history of evil doing?

    Why do you act like you don’t know? It’s all over the internet. Look it all up, it’s not hard, it’s EVERYWHERE ! There is NO WAY she needs to run this country. Period! NO MORE COVER UP’s and LIES ! Enough is Enough Already !

  18. I find it amusing when any poll is in favor of your favorite candidate its the best thing on gods green earth but when it doesn’t skew to your favor then bring out the pitchforks. You people are hilarious

  19. The beauty of all this is that now when Repukes start spewing their coded paranoia ( Benghazi ! — Aaagghh!, Obamacare — Shriek !, Illegals ! — Argle-bargle ! ), all we have to do is say “Donald Trump ! “.

  20. This country can’t afford another TEA BAG/REPUB LIER either.

    Were you screaming about this PURE LIE

    Iraq: The War Card
    As part of its investigation into the false statements made by top Bush administration officials leading up to the Iraq war, the Center for Public Integrity has just released an interactive database where you can search who said what, when.

    You’re screaming about the Benghazi killings???
    6,840 U.S. service members have died in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom

    An ignorant tea bagger can visit the WH but will NEVER, EVER, EVER live there.

    Go and vote for one of your clowns or for sideshow Donald and see this country go back into the toilet after president Obama got us out.

  21. Because you pukes have been pitching a hissyfit every time someone mentions her being a President?

    One thing I’ve noticed: Anything that makes a Republican Smile- is BAD for America.

  22. Why do people keep voting monsters into the White House? For the same reason so many morons keep voting for Republicans.

    Hillary will continue the Progress that Obama started.

  23. Seeking help would require him to utilize Obamacare, and we both know that he’d sooner die than let that happen.

  24. …”Seriously I can’t believe the thumbs down on my post here” Really!? You can’t believe that you can just throw accusations out there WITH NO PROOF! and we’re just supposed to believe you!? You can’t believe that people have the right and ability to question you when you repeatedly accuse and deflect and we’re wrong for giving you a thumbs down. Well, it’s either arrogance or ignorance take your pick.

  25. wow. reality escapes you. Hillary has more experience, more success, more accomplishments, and more brains than all of the GOP presidential pretenders combined. go look up her accomplishments on any search engine and see for yourselves.

  26. I want you to know there is a clear difference between fact and opinion and just about everything you righties say is basically your own opinion, truth be damned.

  27. AndyCA..give Jd a break. His first few drafts were in white Crayon before he could translate it to keystrokes. I am never surprised by these people with I.Q.s that start with a decimal point.

  28. Well I know if Sanders ran as a independent and it cost us the Presidency he and his followers would feel the wrath that even Nader didn’t feel

  29. Has nothing to do with R or D, what it has to do with is what the globalists and their agenda want!

    Trump is another Ross Perot type!

  30. it is truly breathtaking how out of touch and delusional rightwingers are. it is scary. this is like a modern day cult. rightwing zombies roam the land.

  31. Hillary is our best and only real choice for 2016. Bullying one’s way to the Whitehouse seems to be the Republican way. Past Republicans all believed in flexing America’s narcissistic muscle upon other countries. Where has all that gotten us? We need someone like Hillary to stand up and defend America against other nations, without shoving our superiority down their throats. She’s a woman who understands personal sensitivities. That’s a good thing!

    We all have to share this planet. We need to focus our attention on the betterment of THIS Country. Wasting our resources overseas, is beyond pointless. I believe Hillary can grow our Nation economically, and defend our weaknesses against global terrorism. She is bold, gutsy, and can lead the U.S. beyond the ignorance of its diehard Republicans. Their lot of campaigning morons, don’t begin to understand today’s global realities. We are living in a changed world. We need real and significant change to compete economically and empower…

  32. How is Bernie Sanders in any way a more viable candidate? His appeal is pretty much limited to far left whites, the “hippie segment” of the Democratic Party. Clinton is massively more popular with moderates, Hispanics, and African-Americans. The vast majority of polls show Clinton winning in the general election against all possible GOP candidates, while Sanders loses against nearly all of them (if the GOP nominates a terrifying nutcase like Cruz, then he has a chance). Saying Sanders is the only viable candidate is roughly as realistic as the Tea Party folks who say that only Huckabee, Cruz, or Trump can win.

  33. Djc, Pubs would be very happy to put Mexican Illegals All on Box-Cars and send them back SOUTH!

    Republicans Are Heartless!

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