Desperate Conservatives Break Out The Nazi References In An Attempt To Stop Bernie Sanders

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An article written by Kevin D. Williamson on Monday, comparing Bernie Sanders to Nazis, marked a new low for the supposedly “respectable” conservative publication National Review. After causing a stir with his article, Williamson went on Twitter to defend his article by tweeting:

There is no intellectually honest way to get from this to “Bernie Sanders is a Nazi”

I wonder if Williamson realizes people can still read his article. In it he states:

He [Sanders] is, in fact, leading a national-socialist movement, which is a queasy and uncomfortable thing to write about a man who is the son of Jewish immigrants from Poland and whose family was murdered in the Holocaust. But there is no other way to characterize his views and his politics.

How dare us liberals accuse him of calling Sanders a Nazi, just because he used his name and the words “national-socialist” and “Holocaust” in the same sentence. After all, Williamson wasn’t saying Sanders is a Nazi, he was merely implying, that Sanders was so uncomfortably like a Nazi that the parallels made him queasy. Wow, pardon the left for jumping to conclusions, simply because Williamson threw in a gratuitous mention of the Holocaust, that really the silly liberals, should recognize wasn’t actually meant to be germane to his argument.

Later in the article, Williamson finally throws in a “he’s not really a Nazi” disclaimer by assuring the reader that Bernie Sanders is no Julius Streicher (glad that’s cleared up), because he is motivated more by “political hatred” than “racial hatred”, like a different “national socialist”, Hugo Chavez. Well, actually in Williamson’s narrative, Sanders is like an-anti Latin American Hugo Chavez, which seems a bit ironic. However, the important thing Williamson is trying to convey to the reader is that socialism and nationalism are bad, and that because Sanders argues for socialism and a form of economic nationalism, then he too is bad.

Yet,  Williamson’s evidence that Sanders is a national socialist, is based primarily on the fact that Sanders promotes fair trade over free trade, and that he wants to repeal the Supreme Court’s “Citizen’s United” ruling. Oh the horror.

While opposition to free trade can include elements of parochialism and as a consequence, politicians can stoke anti-Chinese or anti-Latin American prejudices to rally white economic populist voters, there is nothing inherently racist about opposing trade deals that cede American national sovereignty (and the sovereignty of other nations) to unregulated corporate power.

Interestingly, Williamson is careful in his piece, not to mention the Citizens United ruling by name. Instead, he simply argues:

Criminalizing things is very much on Bernie’s agenda, beginning with the criminalization of political dissent. At every event he swears to introduce a constitutional amendment reversing Supreme Court decisions that affirmed the free-speech protections of people and organizations filming documentaries, organizing Web campaigns, and airing television commercials in the hopes of influencing elections or public attitudes toward public issues. That this would amount to a repeal of the First Amendment does not trouble Bernie at all.

In the context of discussing “National Socialism” and repealing the First Amendment, the rhetorical strategy is seemingly designed to conjure up fears of Bernie Sanders’ rounding up dissenters and shipping them off to concentration camps. But what Sanders is calling for is repealing Citizens United so that extremely wealthy people can’t funnel unlimited money into our elections in the hopes of influencing political candidates. Limiting the ability of the Koch Brothers or George Soros to contribute unlimited amounts of money to run election season commercials isn’t criminalizing dissent in the same way the Nazis did. However, to Williamson maybe its kind of sort of like what the Nazis did.

Far right wing revisionists habitually attempt to conflate Nazism with Socialism, in a desperate effort to recast Nazi Germany as a failed “left wing” state, instead of recognizing it as the right wing Fascist dystopia it was. National Review is attempting to smear Bernie Sanders’ by implying that the Sanders political revolution bears some similarities to the Nazi movement in 1930s-era Germany. Williamson has good reason to be queasy and uncomfortable about what he wrote, not because of Sanders’ brand of socialism, but because the tortured analogy Williamson is trying to make is too ridiculous to print. Well, too ridiculous to print, unless you’re National Review, apparently.

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  1. You know William Buckley would be throwing up right now. Yes he was a conservative but back in the day he had enough sense to purge this nonsense from even being brought up.

    Let me break it down. Sen. Sanders in his own words say he is a socialist. No problem, America couldn’t function without socialism in fact its even in the Constitution.

    Then Sen. Sanders says he is for a national economic policy. Cool who don’t get giddy over made in America.

    Now back to the idiot Williamson. In his, I cant even call it thinking, lets just say lizard brain he says, Socialism/ Nationalism ergo National Socialist so NAZI.

    We are truly a bunch of dumbasses that this POS is paid 6 figures to write this bullshit. That is all

  2. All of these continual references to Hitler, Nazis, the Gestapo, fascism, brownshirts, or the Holocaust serve no purpose other than to use disingenuous fear-mongering tactics to try to sway the public to an otherwise indefensible point of view.  It’s right out of the Atwater-Rove playbook on how to smear your opponents or an opposing opinion when you have nothing legitimate to say.

    The terms “fascist”, “Nazi”, and “Holocaust” get thrown around far too loosely by people at both ends of the political spectrum, and it insults the memory of those that had to live through (or died because of) the policies of a truly fascist regime.

  3. If we could get-through to the Intelligent Republican Voters…explain what’s coming down. Help them understand:

    “Dred Scott turned People into Property.
    Citizens United turned Property into People”

    How the Koch/Oligarchs have taken control of varies GOP Leaders since Citizen United.
    How AFP ‘Americans For Prosperity’ is a gimmick/owned/controlled by $$$$$ absolutely against America’s best interest.

    This could be an opportunity!
    (They haven’t a clue)

    We should bravely go into RightWing Territory…being humble/kind…
    telling it like it is!
    We must save America.

    Ya know…
    This may be the hidden element: Trump is trying to save the country…perhaps he knows what’s behind the CON’s and he knows they’ll try to steal 2016!

  4. Not quite true. People “at both ends of the political spectrum” do not make these allusions with the same frequency at all.
    Typically, it is some right-winger, projecting their own authoritarian mindset, or trying to muddle the conversation into confusion.

    BTW, Prof. Godwin, for whom the “Godwin’s Law” is named, has said that applying it when people DO behave like fascists and Nazi’s is legitimate; and they use “Godwin’s Law” as a false cover.

    Both ‘sides’ are not the same. Republicans are the worst elements in contemporary American politics and culture, or lack of it.

  5. There are no ‘intelligent’ Republicans left.
    They are all part of a death cult that is committing suicide, and we should just step aside and let them.

  6. Kranky,
    We can’t let Republicans falter…
    Like Two Strong Wings…of an Airplane.

    We’ll never get this baby off the ground and soar again unless there’s strength on both sides working in harmony with cooperation!

    We must awaken their misguided HATE Brainwashing…bring them back to reality!
    That’s the only way!

    “U.S. American Economy
    Why America is Falling Behind the Rest of the World”

  7. The Nazis;
    Outlawed Abortion. Burned books. Made certain segments of society- scapegoats. Authorized gun ownership to a special class. Gave military grade weaponry to same.
    Instituted a state Religion. Made criticising the leader a state crime. Were extremely nationalistic.

    And loved war.

    Now, I may be condemned for this comparison- but what the hell.

    All of the above: Not-liberal. Not Sanders.

  8. Often I read of many folks commentating about the need to get us Dems to go out and VOTE!!!

    “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”
    ― Joseph Stalin

    I think it’s overdue to start some Federal Investigations into the REAL voter fraud:
    Diebold, voting machines, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Maine, everywhere I see a Reprehensible Governor who common-sense suggest that he not be re-elected get back in; invariably I learn that Voting Machines seem to be intertwined in said state.

  9. Stupid that a racist rag like NR would call Bernie a “National Socialist” when they once employed reactionary European Conservatives like Derbyshire from the UK that would make Hitler blush with envy.

  10. Hey Williamson, Bernie Sanders is a Socialist Democrat. This is quite different from YOUR pollution of the definition of the word.

    Jesus was a socialist.

    Followers of The Way were communists — they shared everything with each other.

    Keith Brekhus, a well-written article.

  11. Suga..YOU are WRONG about the Reich Wing! Yes an aircraft needs two wings! I know this well because I design and fly my own R/C aircraft. However the Reich Wing can be removed and replaced by ONE SINGLE WING that is stronger than both. Republicans have ruined this nation and to want them to be stronger is just plain insanity!

  12. It has been truly prophesized that any prolonged debate on the Internet will eventually relate to NAZIs and Hitler, even when they have absolutely little or nothing to do with the primary subject that is being debated. Bernie Sanders wants to reduce the shamefully bad distribution of wealth in the USA and tax the billionaires more than the many middle class working Americans. Sanders is the opposite of Trump. We can not judge Sanders by the amount of donations he receives…but we can judge Trump by the donations he receives from wealthy Republicans, in spite of the fact that most Republican candidates consider Trump to be an advertising “side-show”. WINK

  13. Gee, I’m sorry, but I must have missed something important. Just when did The National Review become a “respectable” conservative journal? It has always served the ultra-right wing as a pseudo-intellectual PR front, but is no more “respectable” than Fox News. In this piece, he engages in fairly blatant ad hominem attacks, but in this nation, the only folks who might qualify for such labels are the main body of republicans.

  14. When it wasn’t founded by William F Buckley it was respectable though conservative. He kicked out the John Birchers out because he saw how crazy they were. But you are right, its just a rag like most right wing media

  15. Right on labman,
    The term communist, commie, socialist, and leftist are also misused to the point of meaninglessness. Terrorist is fast approaching that same point as is elite.

  16. I guess I am confused (from living so long in Europe) but I thought the people over here who proudly call themselves the neo nazis were kind of right wing!

  17. I honestly believe most, if not all honest people in the GOP jumped ship in 1992 out of revulsion for the
    republican party’s despicable pandering to the racists in order to get southern votes. It was these refugees from the GOP who helped elect Clinton and limit GHWB to a single term. It was to keep these voters in the party that Clinton moved the party so much to the right and abandoned liberals, progressives and Black Americans.

  18. We fear Nazis because they are too much like us. Pol Pot gets a pass. Idi Amin is ignored. ISIS gets a ‘harrumph.’

    But Hitler is ours. He’s that evil side we refuse to acknowledge – the Voldamort/Darth Vader/John Galt figure who is one of US. The White, Christian alpha male, unafraid to use force and violence to achieve his goals.

    The flower of European culture. We look in his eyes and see what we could be, if we allowed it. See what we were and what we have done as a Western European civilization. We fear it, but refuse to name it. Until we do, it will be with us.

    “We have met the enemy and he is us.” – Pogo

  19. It is very interesting that you bring up Jesus in your post. I think there is much that Republicans and the Christian Right do not like about or Savior. Humans can truly know little about him and to make assumptions based on such limited knowledge is dangerous and I think somewhat disrespectful or even blasphemous.
    Suppose the world learned that Christ has returned many times and in one incarnation he was bartender at the Stonewall and in another he was an abortion doctor. What if we learned that He and Allah are bosom buddies and he wants us to respect the followers of the Muslim faith or even that Mohamed was actually another incarnation of Jesus.
    What would Dominionist preachers and other tools of wealth do then?

  20. Joan,
    While I will not say Republicans are Nazi, racist, bigots I will say Nazi racist bigots are Republicans. Who else would this scum vote for? Maybe Donald Trump will provide them an alternative party if he is denied the GOP nomination.

  21. I agree about the counting of votes. I live in a very gerrymandered district, without any Dem representation at all. I mailed in my ballot in the last election, and had worked hard to ensure many more Dem votes, which I am sure happened. We all mailed in our ballots. And the Florida Governorship stayed the same. And I am almost sure our mailed in votes weren’t counted. I asked for confirmation and never got it. The voting machines in Broward County were down for two hours. A judge refused to extend the voting time to make up for those who waited and were denied. Broward has a large Democratic constituency.

  22. It IS a rag! Like gawkers at an accident, I am drawn weekly to articles by Rich Lowry, a notorious Hillary hater and right wing bigot, and is, I think, an editor there. I do it because somewhere inside of me is someone who loves to hate hatred!

  23. The Nutsies love Nazi’s because deep inside they are like them. They just can’t face the truth. They are so far removed from being Patriots(except those who like to perpetually dress in costumes),the real meaning of the Constitution,the Bible,civil rights,loving your fellow man they will never find their way back.

  24. You see, the Right Wing over here knows that “Nazi” is a bad thing. Thus they use it as a moniker for anything and everything they feel threatened by- witness Rush Limbaugh and his “Feminazis’ moniker.
    But as always, the American Right Wing never actually takes the time to investigate… well…everything. And as such- they so eagerly make themselves look like the buffoons we know they are- to the rest of the world, unknowingly.

  25. …from me own Teahadist relatives {before they quit talking to me…lol} they admitted they think Jesus was a radical liberal, so He was kinda persona non grata to them…I told them if they wanted to turn thier backs on Jesus; they should quit calling themselves Christians…in fact, since they ‘lived’ in the Old Testament, they’re de facto Apostate Jews…
    …come to think of it that’s when they quit communicating entirely…lol

  26. I frankly would not wipe my ass with the National Review, as my ass would be way dirtier, & downright TOXIC if I did.

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