President Obama Perfectly Explains Why Republicans Are Stuck With Donald Trump


During his final interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, President Obama offered a piece of media criticism that perfectly explained why Republicans are stuck with Donald Trump.

Obama was discussing the media with Stewart when he said, “The media are a bunch of different medias. Some get on my nerves more than others. What I’m most concerned about is not that it’s unfair or too tough on government … but that it gets distracted to shiny objects and doesn’t always focus on the big tough choices and decisions.”

The President was talking about the media, but he also nailed one of the dynamics that is fueling the rise of Donald Trump. The media loves celebrities and controversy. They media is drawn to these cheap forms of news coverage like a baby to a shiny object. Donald Trump knows how to do two things very well.

Trump knows how to appeal to Republican primary voters by speaking their extremist language, and he knows how to be the shiny object that the media can’t say no to. The country does have a serious decision coming up over who will be the next president, but instead of discussing issues, our corporate media is head over heels for Trump’s antics.

Obama criticism of media applies beautifully to Donald Trump, who is playing both Republican voters and the media in a cycle that reinforces itself. Trump says crazy things and his poll numbers go up. The media covers Trump because of his high poll numbers.

The Republican Party is responsible for turning Donald Trump into a political figure. Fox News’s Fox and Friends gave Trump a regular Monday segment on their show. The 2012 Republican candidates courted Trump for his endorsement. Republicans let Donald Trump in the door, and now he is burning down their house.

Trump is being fueled by elements that are out of the control of the Republican Party, which is why Obama’s media observation applies nicely to why Republicans are stuck with Donald Trump.

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  1. In my FB note, “JEB: the ‘smart’ Bushie? LMAO”, I correctly point out that one of the reasons he shouldn’t be running (I produced the note before he announced his candidacy) is that the minority lunatic wings of the GOP, Conservatives, Tea Partiers and Libertarians, do most of the voting in the primaries.
    The Hair-Brained Donald is saying EVERYTHING that lunatic minority wants to hear.

  2. Buyer’s Remorse, isn’t gonna fly with the Republican base.

    You can’t just divorce yourself from sTRUMPet like you do your first wives- Republicans.

  3. Hitler was a shiny new object too. I resist comparing Trump to Hitler but..Dems shouldn’t be so complacent. This is all awesome in a way & I love him sucking the air out of other GOP Pres. contenders. Especially that slug Scott Walker. But with Trump’s dominating polls, maybe we should stop treating him like a joke.

    I hate Trump, but find his speeches strangely mesmerizing. I find myself googling his name to see what he’s done now. Today he gave out Lindsay Graham’s personal phone number. That’s kind of awesome. He could win against all odds. That would not be funny.

    I’ll never forgive Trump for being the Godfather of the Obama Birther movement. He can be dangerous & destructive.

  4. It’s going to end up Bush v Clinton. Which is a bit like deciding whether to punch yourself in the genitals with your right hand or your left hand.

    Until we have to make that choice, at least we have Trump to provide some comic relief.

  5. Yes. Republicans are such idiots and gullible suckers. Not a ‘shiny object’ this time, but a fancy pedigree dog that shows up on their doorstep …worth Oh so many $$$.
    Except the elite breed poops on the carpet, chews up all the shoes and most of the furniture, then snarls menacingly at strangers and even family members.
    But, they got their expensive showpiece that they bragged to everyone else about.
    Watch them bring in an even greater embarrassment like Palin as a distraction from their ‘mistake’.

    Republicans really are a theatre of the absurd.

  6. Godfather of the birther movement and, just below a murdered squirrel. Donald Trump is a prime example as to why I never want to be rich. Ya’ jes’ cain’t maintain ya’ brain with a wallet that over stuffed.

  7. I agree with totally with you Gina. There are a lot of flipped comments about Trump and his actions, but he really needs to be taken seriously. He’s a very savvy businessman, like his tatics or not. My take on this is that he knows exactly what he’s doing and has no intentions of backing out.
    I agree with the President, we have many things that need to be discussed that are way more important – It will happen once Trump has had his fun, making the party look like fools.
    I think that President Obama has done a overall good job especially having to deal with the Republican congress. My standard statement to people who say they can’t wait for him to leave office is “Becareful for what you wish for”. All elections are important, 2016 is the one that we need democrats and independents voting more than ever.

  8. Really
    In his own words
    On African-American support for Democrats

    “Well, here’s what you got. What you got is an African-American president, and the African-American community is very, very proud that this country has overcome racism and voted for him for president. And that’s kind of natural. You’ve got a situation where the Republican Party has been strongly anti-immigration, and you’ve got a Hispanic community which is looking to the Democrats for help.

    But that’s not important. You should not be basing your politics based on your color. What you should be basing your politics on is, how is your family doing? … In the last election, in state after state, you had an abysmally low vote for the Democrats among white, working-class people. And I think the reason for that is that the Democrats have not made it clear that they are prepared to stand with the working-class people of this country, take on the big money interests. I think the key issue that we have to focus on, and I know people are uncomfortable about talking about it, is the role of the billionaire class in American society.”

    He also apparently doesn’t realize that a lot of those white working-class people tend to vote THEIR color, whether it ultimately serves their economic needs or not. But as always, it’s only a problem if black people vote for other black people

  9. I just wonder who it is that could control this phenomenon if not the voters. I have heard Fox say this repeatedly that what can they do if he gets such good poll numbers. That gives him the stage to be even more bombastic. Plus their readership loves him. You can read in a post of 20 responses “He says it like it is” over and over again. I’m still trying to understand what he’s actually saying.

    After all the target is those ultra-conservative voters who make a difference in primaries. Once he gets some delegates committed to him it will be even worse

  10. No way, he loves seeing her on her knees before him begging for relevancy. Palin is major ass kissing now. Its quite a joke.

  11. My sister informed me that, for the first time, she is reading “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”. She is only in the beginning chapters…and as she reads, she finds herself thinking, “Trump…Trump…Trump…”

  12. PBO is right.. For 6 1/2 years the American people was treated to the media give chase after the republicans and their hoodlums mouth piece shenanigans from their racist slurs to their false allegations that gave birth to the teabaggers (that was born out of the 08 election). Which was funded by the likes of Kochs Bros, Oil Ind, Coal Co etc. Now the republicans and the media don’t know how to contain the beast or their minions for fear of being outed by them.

  13. Ronaldo Reagan, 1979: “I can’t do a damn thing until I’m elected”. Sold the U.S economy out to the rich n’ greedy. Ain’t been the same since.

  14. Trump is fantastic. He’s the permanent Republican mirror that is welded to them.
    He’s showing the world what a ‘real’ Republican is.

  15. Yes I hope Donald Trump does win despite the odds. Democrats who underestimate the Donald’s appeal to the common American should beware. Quake in your designer boots you liberals. [wink]

  16. Listen you all, Donald Trump swill take as to world war llll, He is nothing but a dangerous dictator. I feel so bad for the people that can’t see through him. Thank you for the people who supported President Obama. Watch the video “Survive the end Days” and pray that this will never happen .

  17. I would like to emphasize that I am extremely concerned about what is going on with this election, and what the future of this Country will be I sayude this again. Donald Trump is very dangerous, and he will take us to World War III. Inevitably . Be very careful or else we all would suffer the consequences . Please watch this video “Survive The End Days” and pray that this will never happen .

  18. Its not only these extremist in the right wing GOP, the Republicans have been conditioning the people with hate, racism and bigotry, and those people are getting frustrated with even their own party who are doing nothing for then but instead impeding the government from working for them, and now Trump is tapping into it, and it is working for him, the person way up above has it correct, this guy is a dangerous demagog, it is like rise of the Nazis, we have to be very very careful.

  19. This country will NEVER elect an orange, twitchy 5th grader. Trump is dump. Sen. Graham needs to sue this loudmouth idiot void of any policy. He offers nothing.

  20. Hey everybody look at Seether, the epitome of the gopbag party – low-class, uneducated, foul-mouthed, hater. This is who the crazies are playing to. Precisely! They are 5th grade name callers.

  21. Yep, immature, low intellect, haters with no plan except war, feeding the 1%. There is no modern republican party, they’ve undergone a coup by the insane segment of their party, ushered in by Reince.

  22. I like this:

    ——“Republicans let Donald Trump in the door, and now he is burning down their house.”——–

    Shouldn’t Reince Preybus (RNC Chair) be on the fire engine trying to put out the fire?
    Kinda quiet on the sidelines “talking” to the flamethrower Trump, politely asking him to calm down and put away his flamethrower antics. But No, Trump says: Get outta my way, or I will attack you too. Preybus curls up in the corner and sucks his thumbs, while Trump continues to “burn the house down”.

    Democrats are enjoying this.

  23. While this is true, the Republicans are having a hard time keeping D. Trump from burning down their house![WINK]

  24. how crazy is that? the number 47 keeps popping up with the GOP. Romney’s 47% comments- the infamous GOP 47 traitors- now the GOP needs 47% of latino voters to win. hmmmm.

  25. HE is exactly what the republicans want. The only question is “is that what YOU want” if you dont vote against him you will be stuck with him

  26. While Trump is doing a service by showing the really, really ugly side of the reich-wing on the off chance that someone had slept through the last six years and missed it–he is a very dangerous man. He is the ultimate marcissistic personality, and he sees no boundaries to his reckless behavior. He is the spoiled little rich kid bully that has never had any consequences for his naughty behavior. He does just what he wants and tells the world to go to hell. He sees himself as special and entitled. He is a little dictator who rules with an iron fist. He seeks revenge for anyone who crosses him, i.e., his personal attacks on McShame and Miss Lindsey. He will savage all the others in the race until he is the last one left standing. Yes, the gopee base loves him like they loved $arah. They are both classic grifters. Neither one of them made any sense when they talk, to the ignorant among us they believe that make these types look intelligent.

  27. The scary thing is if the Democrats underestimate him. When he is finished with the gopee, he will then turn his shark-like attacks on whoever we nominate. Then it will really get ugly, like we may have never seen it before. I see two possible outcomes: he will run out of money because I don’t believe he is nearly as rich as he claims. Or, the Kochs will get fed up with his brand of b.s. and take him out for good so their pet puppet can step it. Trump is a loose cannon, and the Kochs will never allow someone to win that they can’t control. What we must NOT do is start fighting among ourselves. We have TWO of the best candidates available. We win either way! But, like Democrats in the past it is way too easy for us to shoot outselves in the foot. At times, it appears that the Democrats just can’t handle winning. The perfect example of that is 2010 & 2014. WE handed congress to the reich and look what misery we have suffered as a result.

  28. Yeah right Bland Dick!..Quake in our boots indeed! We on the left Liberal or Democrat are not scared of your type or that bloviating chunk of hairy feces one iota! We LAUGH at you not quake to the thought of. And furthermore Dick…Go pollinate yourself you moron.

  29. The reason that a candidate like Trump can gain a foothold is because people are sick of wishy washy, ,politically correct, academic elitists, including most of the media, who are basically letting Americans down.

    Yeah,yeah,I know. Blah, blah ,blah Fox News blah,blah…..
    Well, save your standard retort for someone else, because I don’t watch TV.

  30. Oh CRAP!!! I was born on 4/7/58! know what this means don’t you!?…Dah! Dah DUUUHH!!!…I’m the Anti-Trump!

  31. Moongrim, understand what you mean by personal information however I have very good malware and have made my info almost impenetrable to get to. Besides they will get nothing but what I have put down and THAT is a smokescreen.

  32. I agree withyour assessment of Trump. Just a few days ago it dawned on me that he seems like a modern day Hitler.He does not
    care what he says or who it offends.After what he said about John McCain’s war record, any American with any sense of patriotism should have written him off. I dont care how bad someone’s character may or may not be,after what McCain went through for our country to help preserve our right to be free,even being physical maimed, no one has the right to say he was
    ‘no hero,etc….’ Re-read those comments and how can he not offer an apology. I dont
    care if McCain beat his wife,became a drunk,etc…(which he did not)…HE IS STILL A VETERAN and survived what probaably
    Mr.Trump could not even dream of surviving.
    Mr. Trump probably would’ve cracked the first day in captivity,having spent his whole life in luxury.He’d have probably sold out the army for and air conditioned cell. We need bumper stickers comparing Trump to Hitler,because he’s quietly gaining st…

  33. America better wake up and see that Trump is not trying to “entertain” us.He is dangerously serious about capturing the fervor of this nation and getting everyone to rally around his cause.Sound familiar.?…like Hitler?…. well IT SHOULD.Anyone who can say what he said about McCain(after what that man endured while in service to our FREE country)and still be leading the polls…THERE IS SERIOUSLY SOMETHING WRONG HERE,PEOPLE.
    What if Clinton had said it,or Bush, or any of the other contenders? I guarantee, their political future would be over PERIOD!! But, this shiny object Trump apparently has alot of us fooled into thinking he’s just “tongue in cheek” or
    just a “rather brash fellow which is just
    what this country needs?”.He’s a business man who crushed others to get where he is.
    That is his MO. Some of you may think its
    all funny now, until you realize his momentum becomes cult-like and cant be stopped. If we dont learn from our MISTAKES
    we are doomed to repeat them…Rec…

  34. Trump speaks as if it is pure stream-of-consciousness…unfortunately his consciousness is that of an idiot.

    The guy nearly squandered his inheritance…seems to have some deep-rooted issues concerning his father, like they ALL do, & I’m convinced he is inherently self destructive.

  35. Since when has Obama said ANYTHING that didn’t turn out to be an outright lie?!? He hates Trump because he is not afraid to stand up to anybody and tell it exactly like it is. Obama can’t stand it!

  36. I would bet on it. I thought I saw her when I passed the Troll bridge getting online this morning. She is usually in the audience at fox entertainment shows. [WINK]

  37. I agree with you mostly. I have never watched one of his speeches. Not completely, I have watched little pieces on Jon Stewart, other places. What I have seen of his business practices and morals I am not fooled by anything he might ever say. Show me you are dishonest once I may try to make allowances but more than that I will never believe you again. Have nothing but contempt for you. A “thing” about old, mostly Irish country people.
    The Irish among us will understand the word quare and use it in the right context. We are quare, stubborn, hard headed and opinionated. The old don’t really lose their inner core. They just lose the ability to hide it. When I had other folks to consider I was quieter with my opinions but now I am my own Grandmother, I don’t have much left to protect. I was proud of her and loved her fiercely. She had to jump she was so tiny. The last time she slapped my mouth for sassing I was in my 30’s. I shut up and listened. The only cure for republicans.

  38. Thanks, I will look that over more carefully later but a quick glance I saw I do most of those. Mostly because I am a quare, stubborn old country hick that after 12 years online I am paranoid.
    When Huffington Post tried to force people to use Face Book to post. And my habit of checking who owns what. I left and never looked back. I am sure they do not miss my opinions, I am not exactly main stream.
    Every time it crosses my mind I might be just a stubborn old woman when friends and family reminds me. Something comes out about the real dangers of Face Book.
    Interestly I did see ads for three places I have visited in the last month on that site. Just one I actually subscribe to their newsletters. No way are we ever “safe”. NSA ring a bell? And who actually got very much richer from the bought and paid for congress before that information disappeared. Remember that whole thing was put into play in GWB/Cheney’s administration as part of the lies to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

  39. It’s not the media nor the republicans that have created these big, maybe temporary. stats in favor of Trump it’s the large number of unhappy voters.

    The bottom line is I’m not even sure Trump is a republican. He’s Trump, a successful business man, & he is risking his brand big time while some of the media disparage his remarks but they’re out of touch with the extreme unhappiness of the man on the street – the average voter.
    He may wind up ultimately helping Clinton.

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