Editorial Cartoon: Entertainer


9 Replies to “Editorial Cartoon: Entertainer”

  1. Are we ready for another one?
    Not if we Democrats can help it NOT happen.

    Lots of Republicans are going Ga-GA over Trump now. Who knows?
    The other wannabees don’t seem to “have it”, whatever IT is. You know what I mean?

    But bring him on vs. Hillary or Sanders. May the best man or woman WIN.

  2. Both are true entertainers as well as
    aristocrats just like Gilbert Gottfried’s

  3. The big question- if Trump does somehow manage to become Prez: Will he continue to brown-nose the NRA when his Hinckley comes along?

  4. Actually, no comparison. Trump has zero political experience/savvy, at least Raygun served as a state governor, however dubiously – nor was Ronald as wealthy as Donald. But I do love the entertainment factor that Trump brings to the GOP part of the show.

  5. mouth breathers are just as tired of politicians as the rest of us. ergo: the anti-politician wingnut. he says everything they say to each other – fearlessly out loud in front of a camera and microphone. limpballs could only hope to have this much attention.

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