Editorial Cartoon: Entertainer


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9 Replies to “Editorial Cartoon: Entertainer”

  1. Are we ready for another one?
    Not if we Democrats can help it NOT happen.

    Lots of Republicans are going Ga-GA over Trump now. Who knows?
    The other wannabees don’t seem to “have it”, whatever IT is. You know what I mean?

    But bring him on vs. Hillary or Sanders. May the best man or woman WIN.

  2. The big question- if Trump does somehow manage to become Prez: Will he continue to brown-nose the NRA when his Hinckley comes along?

  3. Actually, no comparison. Trump has zero political experience/savvy, at least Raygun served as a state governor, however dubiously – nor was Ronald as wealthy as Donald. But I do love the entertainment factor that Trump brings to the GOP part of the show.

  4. mouth breathers are just as tired of politicians as the rest of us. ergo: the anti-politician wingnut. he says everything they say to each other – fearlessly out loud in front of a camera and microphone. limpballs could only hope to have this much attention.

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