Marco Rubio Makes Himself Unelectable By Launching A Classless Attack On President Obama

Marco Rubio went on Fox News and embarrassed himself while trying to attack President Obama.


Sen. Rubio was talking about Donald Trump on Fox and Friends, but he couldn’t resist attacking President Obama.

Rubio said:

Here’s what’s so important to me. The presidency of the United States is not just the top governmental official. It is the leader of our people and our nation as well. It is important that to conduct the presidency has to be done in a dignified way, not with a level of class. I don’t think the way he’s behaved over the last few weeks is either dignified or worthy of the office he seeks.

We already have a president now that has no class. I mean we have a president now that does selfie stick videos, that invites YouTube stars there, people that you know, eat cereal out of a bathtub that accuses his. You just saw the interview he did right now where he goes on comedy shows to talk about something as serious as Iran. The list goes on and on.

Rubio has rendered himself unelectable to the same voters that the Republican Party was hoping to sell his candidacy to. By ranting against selfie sticks, The Daily Show, and YouTube stars, Rubio sounded like the senior citizens who make up the majority of the Republican Party.

Rubio’s attack on Obama was embarrassing because it demonstrated how out of touch with the majority of America the Senator from Florida is. President Obama is continuing to pile up victories as his presidency is on its way to ending on a very high note. Obama’s personal approval rating has never fallen to the depths that George W. Bush experienced.

Marco Rubio’s attack simply was not based in reality.

By doing things like talking about important issues on shows like The Daily Show where the audience isn’t all political junkies, Obama has broadened his appeal and reached people who don’t watch cable news. Marco Rubio doesn’t understand that this is a good thing. One would be hard-pressed to find a single classless thing that President Obama has done while in office.

Rubio reminds of another Republican, who ran for the White House on a promise of restoring honor and dignity to the White House. George W. Bush won his election and then invaded Iraq on a lie, tortured innocent people in the name of the American people, bungled a federal response to a natural disaster and crashed the economy.

If the alternatives are Republican “dignity and class” as typified by George W. Bush, or a recovered economy a nation no longer engaged in perpetual war, the American people are better off with Obama and his selfie stick.

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  1. It strikes me as the entire “Class” of the Republican Party, has never gotten past the age of Pre-Kindergarten- maturity wise.

  2. Marco who? This lying sack of shit cant even get above 6% of that clown car. So come Nov 2016 his fake Cuban story telling ass will be out of a job and hopefully out of sight.

    But maybe he can pitch Koch flavored fracking water to the dumbasses on fox. Umm Umm good

  3. Rubio has been on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show several times. Where is his dignity as a US Senator? If president Obama has no dignity or class for being on a comedy show, maybe you should examine your own principles. Last time I recall those You Tube stars and comedians are US citizens who are represented by the President.

  4. …in his own words…

    Never has the political class or the mainstream media that covers them been more out of touch with the American people than they are today.
    Marco Rubio

    He needs to remember what he said before…

  5. Obama classless? He is the first President we have had in a long who is the epitome of grace, intelligence and class. Ask yourself why so many politicians are afraid to go on John Stewart, SNL, Stephen Colbert, or Bill Maher; they cannot stand up to the ridicule. John Stewart himself said that Obama doesn’t supply him with any material. Unlike, Orangutan haired Trump or stupid Rick Perry, Ted Cruz is just plain pathetic, and now Lindsey Graham wants to run? BTW Marco, why can you go on John Stewart, but not Barack? I hope Bernie Sanders gets the nomination, but whoever the Dems run, they will trounce anyone in the Republican field right now.

  6. Well,I did hear that, but in my humble opinion, if the President really wants to be King, he needs to invade a bit more than Texas. I am thinking maybe all the gulf states would get him the crown.

  7. Too bad the current POTUS cannot give an executive order keeping himself in office.

    I don’t know that Rubio has made himself unelectable by these comments, he was unelectable even before that. Hasn’t he been in the running for several months and still can’t get above 6%? He, apparently, has not learned that his message is not getting across to the people that REALLY count.

    His mud slinging does show a certain sort class … low life. Can’t win on his own merits so he tries to draw attention away from his lack of ability. Too bad so sad … NOT.

  8. You have to love when assclowns like Rubio make fools of themselves. Worst part is they really think they can be the leader of the free world.

  9. Too bad the current POTUS cannot give an executive order keeping himself in office.

    If we had such Bu$h/Cheney would still be in office, 22nd Amendment be damned- even if the Republicans were the ones who pushed it through.

    Assuming that the U.S. and the World hadn’t been nuked by now…

  10. President Obama and his first lady Michelle have more class than any republican president and first lady, EVER.

    They are very much like president Kennedy and first lady Jackie were, full of class and style.

    One of my FB Texas family posted a pic of JFK/Jackie deplaining somewhere, all prim and proper and First Lady Michelle deplaining somewhere in shorts and a T-shirt. One of her friends said “SHE IS GROSS, UNACCEPTABLE AND STYLE HAS LEFT THE WHITE HOUSE”
    My comment back was “This is the first time I’ve seen her look as if she hasn’t fallen off of a Vogue or Essence magazine cover” and “She’s promoting fitness and wearing a dress and high heals doesn’t do that”
    ALso “JFK was probably meeting with some dignitary on the tarmac and Michelle was was going to exercise with some children”

    Who wouldn’t be proud of our beautiful First Lady Michelle

    If you look at this article, look at the RACIST c…

  11. OH Yeah! I almost forgot about Michelle! What an oversight, thanks for the reminder. I could wax downright poetic about our First Lady. She is so beautiful and smart and an incredible role model. You are right, not since JFK and Jackie (I was there) have we had such fine representatives to the world, They truly do represent the best of US. It is so sad that they will be gone too soon. I expect great things from the both of them.

  12. No, DJ, much worse than that – he has always disliked the Senate, has his eye on the Governor’s office here in Florida, think he plans a job swap with Skeletor, who would be a perfect Republican dupe in the Senate.

  13. Please join me in calling one of Rubio’s offices tomorrow…. DC or in Florida. He needs to be called out on his “no class” comment.

  14. Immature school boy who wants to be president when he grows up someday.

    This guy couldn’t, in anyone’s wildest dreams, hold a candle to our great President Obama.

  15. Every time I look at Rubio I see this little boy curled up in a corner with his banky and sucking his thumb as he falls asleep while the adults are talking.

    Just saw him on the news and his left thumb end is huge! bwahahahaha. Bet he sucked his thumb thru high school! Check out those front teeth.

  16. Rubio and class do not fit in the same sentence, this Cuban anchor baby who lied in his book about his parents and could not manage his money and pay his mortgage, he also spent political funds on his expensive haircuts and luxuries.I’m not up todate but that was public awhile back.

  17. Radio needs some brain putty. Prez Obama is in no way short of being the classiest guy in politics. Radio is just mad he ain’t rich like uncle Donald.[wink]

  18. Sorry Rubio,
    Making “Trump-esque” lame, petty critiques about Obama’s use of social media and easy-going demeanor may garner you the media spotlight for a moment, but it won’t get you the nomination let alone the White House.

  19. it must really suck for the GOP and conservatives that their attacks on Obama have really had no impact at all as his approval numbers are now among the highest in his 7 years as president and he is set to end his two terms as one of this nation’s most successful and transformative presidents EVER. we are talking mount rushmore here folks.

  20. Have you noticed that these GOP idiots think they can get elected by cutting down the President. When in reality they make themselves look simple and stupid. They should know by now the American people have had enough of their rhetoric hogwash. Not one of the “senseless sixteen” are not smart enough to become the leader of this free nation.

  21. folks- I just hope you all feel this way late next year. we must show up and vote. if we do- we can purge the GOP and conservative cancer that has infected this nation for the last 6 or 7 years. time to take out the rightwing trash.

  22. Rubio is a FIRST CLASS SCHMUCK!

    The wet behind the ears juvenile, attempting to appear statesmanlike and serious….just made a fool of himself and deserves the title: CLOWN OF THE WEEK.

    A note to our Latino voters….Don’t EVEN THINK about voting for or supporting that snob.

  23. that’s why we have to get message to the democrats to get out and vote. So we don’t get stupid idiots like that in office.

  24. Cruz and Rubio have gone against their heritage because they’re against immigration and the Cuban diplomacy.

    Rubio is not ready to sit at the adults table.

  25. All he did was reveal he absolutely has no class or decorum himself. But he ranks high on the smarmy meter.
    As far as reaching younger people through social media, Rubio then exposes himself as out of touch with the younger generation and how they get info. So he is also is stupid.

  26. Marco your not fit to wipe president Obama’s @$$ after a dump, as a matter of fact that is all your good for you little prick!

  27. Rubio saying President Obama has no class? Mr. Obama has more class than all the Republicans put together. The next president will have a high bar to reach to come close to all this president has been to the American people. I promise you Mr. Rubio will not be that president.

  28. He’s such a sore loser anyway. Still upset about not being able to normalize relations with Cuba. So he had to strike it off his bucket list. The only way he gets to see the White House is on a postcard, or he gets invited, which will never ever happen anytime soon.

  29. Although I liked the Kennedy’s, their class was for the outside world. Their inside world was somewhat of a disaster, and his womanizing was totally classless.

    Our current POTUS and FLOTUS are the best!

  30. Looks like Rubio has been drinking the haterade, and since he believes “We already have a president now that has no class.” Why is he running?

  31. Luis A:

    De verdad. I saw that in him from the git-go. And it is my belief that he has NO gravitas with the Latinos outside of Florida. Only the Batistas in Florida seem to be his only fans.

  32. Poor little marco is desperate for attention. Since trump entered the race, rubio’s poll numbers have been steadily declining, and he can’t get a breath in the oxygen-starved republican clown car. So marco resorts to lame attempts to trash the mature, classy, and confident President Obama.

    How sad for both marco and the republicans.

  33. HILLARY RODMAN CLINTON! HILLARY a take your bow.The POLLS are the biggest joke in the world. MITT ROMNEY was ahead .Mitt Romney had won according to the media polls.ANN ROMNEY Was so upset they couldn’t stop her from crying The poll is there only to give the media something to talk about. BERNIE SANDERS large crowds are all REPUBLICIANS try to FOOl people.10,000 people and not one blacK or Hispanic. BBernie is to old and these people aren’t DEMOCRATS but REPUBLICIANS and TEA PARTYIERS IN WOLFS CLOTHING!

  34. This little twerp is like all the rest in the lunatic limo. They have no positive agenda, repeat failed GOP tropes, so they go ad hominem.
    They’re pathetic losers, and Trump tells the truth about them in this regard.

  35. Correct. He had this little fantasy that he would be the “Cuban Savior”. I am sure he had Invasion of Cuba high on his presidential bucket list.

  36. Just google Rubio fiancial problems, the little turd was up to his ears in it when his rich ‘backer’ asked him to write a book
    which was full of falsehoods, instead of using his ill gotten gains from the book to pay off debts he bought himself a new boat, he is so desperate to BE somebody!
    Pity he cannot even make a speech after the president without gulping bottled water.

  37. President Obama has more class and dignity in his little finger than the entire busload of republican politicians. To hell with Rubio and the GOP’s mouth breathing, Fox-devouring base.

  38. They are not against immigration. They are against “illegal” immigration.

    Regarding Cuban diplomacy, Obama does not have the diplomatic skills to develop a relationship with Cuba the way Reagan developed a relationship with Gorbachev and Russia which took years.

    Cuba is not the super-power that Russia is now, or was in the 80s. Nor the threat that Russia was before the Reagan/Gorbachev talks. And Russia is now more of a threat to the US than it was 10 years ago. Diplomacy is more important with Russia than with Cuba IMO.

  39. Well, here we are with the opportunity for Cubans to migrate “legally’ both to and from Cuba.

    And we’ve got Cruz and Rubio nay-saying every step of the way.

    Very well then Analog Kid, what would it take for Obama to have the necessary skills to be able to develop a dialog with Cuba (other than what he’s done thus far)?

    After all- you must be the expert.

  40. Seeing that we now have an embassy in Havana after over 50 years of failure just proved that you are an total idiot. For the rest of that nonsense their were a lot of factors that had nothing to with that Alzheimer laden b actor

  41. Mr. Rubio needs to quit nursing off the republican/tea party. He is however, firmly attached to that gop titty.

  42. I don’t understand your comment. Gibberish. Mixed up, confused and factless. Opinions not real or factual.
    As a matter of fact you sound like Sara Palin. Your jumbled sentences and words are exactly how she expresses her thoughts (If any).

    Me no understand you….Kapisch?

  43. Marco Rubio is attacking Obama the same way he attacked Jeb Bush when he made his presidential announcement! He’s the youngest candidate, so he feels that he wants to lash at more established people. Even the bombastic Donald Trump. He’s gotten very cocky lately in recent TV interviews, probably frustrated that he’s stalled at 4 percent or so in polls. It’s more of a youth thing to me, not a senior thing. His comments about President Obama’s spontaneous appearances were very disrespectful. Maybe Marco is the one that has no class!!

  44. What a stupid little shit. Poor fella is at the bottom of the polls of clowns and is getting as he becomes irrelevant. You can see it on his putzy little face. Just like how he grabbed at the water bottle on tv,now he’s attacking the darling of American politics. What a stupid little shit.

  45. I challenge anybody to IMAGINE this Dip-Shit IN the White House? Aaaaargh!!!!!
    Noooooo! !!!!!

    I, frankly speaking, can’t see it. I would rather see Trump in there than this smarmy fella. Ok….not really, but If it were my choice between Trump and Rubio= Trump gets my nod. But fortunately I will NOT have to make that choice anytime in the future. Ok?

  46. If Rubio isn’t “electable” because of his comment, How The Heck Did The Classless obama Get Elected ????

  47. You have to tell the rabid right that the 22nd amendment was abolished with the passage of the ACA. It’s in there somewhere. President Obama will run for a third term and likely win.
    They fall for it every time. Yes, they are that stupid.

  48. Frankly, I took a dump last week that I have more regard for, than Rubio the Punk, or Donald the Chump.

    Obama has more class than Rubio can even imagine.

  49. Hey Rubio take a look at the comedy show you are on making these comments . The only difference is this one is unintentionally funny . You have no class . I can’t wait until your office is vacated and you are sitting on the sidelines Waterboy .

  50. I remember Marco from Law School at U.Miami, He’s a cheap little Cubiche from Little Havana who was a loud mouth jock in High School. He used to wear lots of gold chains, white shoes and silk shirts he got from his grandpa Lazaro. He liked to argue with the law professors calling them “Communists” in order to impress the Cuban female law students, who he used to call “Mami” and “Baby” across the courtyard whistling and yelling “ven aca!” After class he would get into his Z28 and burn rubber in front of the law school to show off, I think he was involved in a hit and run with a parked car once. Real class.

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