Poll Of Three Crucial Swing States Shows Sanders May Be More Electable Than Clinton

A Qunnipiac University Swing State Poll released on June 22, 2015, turns conventional wisdom on its head, by showing that Bernie Sanders, not Hillary Clinton, might be the Democrat’s best hope for holding the White House in 2016. The survey, which polled over 1,200 voters in each of three swing states — Colorado, Iowa and Virginia — finds that voters have a much less favorable opinion of Hillary Clinton than they do of Bernie Sanders. The poll also found that Sanders was as competitive as Clinton in head to head match-ups against the top Republican candidates in both Colorado and Iowa. Clinton still had an edge over Sanders in Virginia.

For Democrats, the latest Quinnipiac Poll is one of the most frightening polls released in this election cycle. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders each trail Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker in all three of the swing states tested. Clinton is competitive in Virginia, trailing Bush 42-39, Rubio 43-41, and Walker 43-40. Sanders trails the same three candidates in Virginia by wider margins, ranging from 7 to 10 percentage points.

However, in both Colorado and Iowa, Bernie Sanders performs as well against the GOP candidates as Hillary Clinton does. In a few match-ups, Sanders is stronger than Clinton. For example, in Iowa, Clinton trails Jeb Bush 42-36, while Sanders runs closer, trailing Bush just 42-38 percent. In Colorado, both candidates fare poorly in a contest against Scott Walker, but Sanders’ 44-36 deficit is marginally better than Hillary Clinton’s 47-38 disadvantage, when pitted against Walker.

Although Sanders’ and Clinton’s numbers are nearly identical in head to head contests versus the top Republicans in Colorado and Iowa, Sanders may be the stronger candidate, because he has more room to grow. Clinton’s favorable to unfavorable ratings in Iowa (33 percent favorable to 56 percent unfavorable) and Colorado (35-56) are troublesome, especially since most voters have already formed an opinion of Clinton, and it isn’t a positive one.

By contrast Sanders is still not well known by 40 percent of voters in both Iowa and Colorado. Voters who have formed an opinion of the Vermont Senator are about evenly divided. With a 32-28 favorable rating in Iowa, and a 29-31 rating in Colorado, Sanders is better liked by voters familiar with him than either Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush are by voters familiar with them.

The Quinnipiac Poll is more pessimistic about the Democrats’ chances than other polls in the field right now, but it does suggest that the popular media narrative depicting Hillary Clinton as the most electable Democrat in the race needs to be reconsidered. The latest swing state poll provides evidence that Bernie Sanders, not Hillary Clinton, may represent the Democrats’ best hope for retaining the White House in 2016.

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  1. Of a list of around 36,000 that contributed to Obama 2012 that have contributed to Democratic candidates for president so far, just over 9,000 have contributed to HRC, while Bernie Sanders has the most with well over 24,000.

  2. Wow… Look at Bernie’s “Trust” and “cares” splits in that poll compared to Hillary’s and tell me again who is more electable… Feeling the Bern baby…

  3. for everybody that thinks the republican party is going down in flames you d better look at those poll #s. The conventional wisdom is always Clinton is the only dem electable…………she is so polarizing it didn’t seem true to me form the get go. Almost all the pundits as well as the press and including with maybe 2 hosts on MSNBC (that bastion of democratic values)as exceptions, have gone out of their way to bash Sanders at every turn.

  4. I really am a Bernie fan, always have been ,in fact he was the first politician I sent a contribution to, having said that I am very nervous if he becomes our nominee, Clinton has all the money and big backers so it will be a tough road to the presidency for him and I pray that we don’t get a republican, so I guess I am being
    cautious, and not going with my preference.
    Which would be Bernie!

  5. Please reconsider Joan. I know it can be a bit frightening to take the leap of faith, but the people don’t trust Clinton, and Bernie can win people over who are fed up with the status quo. Furthermore, we can’t take any more Wall Street Democrats either. We have a golden opportunity here! Think back to the most left wing president: FDR. He introduced a 90+ income tax rate, made the government huge via New Deal, and imposed tough regulations on business and banks. He won 4 times consecutively and the Dems haven’t had such large majorities in legislature since they won big in 1934 two years into his first term. We have the answers, and Bernie can do it for us. FDR had the rich united against him and he still won big. It can happen again!

  6. When I hear people don’t trust Clinton coming from dummycrats it just shows how gullible and stupid they are. They fall for the fox lies and back in the 90’s when she describe the vast right wing machine she was right on target.

  7. …am I gonna get beer cans thrown at me for stating that I like and respect both of ’em??? I think either would make a good-to-great President…so I am gonna convince Dem voters to vote without any partisan shit…
    Thank you…

  8. Money doesn’t buy what Bernie is preaching.
    I, for one, will vote for Bernie in the primary and vote for the democratic nominee in November.
    I can almost guarantee Bernie will wipe the floor with any republican in the debates.

    Look at his stance
    Bernie Sanders on the issues

    Sanders report card

    Look at his top doners
    Bernie donors
    The data for Sanders goes back to 1989.
    His top 10 are, in descending order,
    Machinists/Aerospace Workers union ($105,000),
    Teamsters union ($93,700),
    National Education Association ($84,350),
    United Auto Workers ($79,650),
    United Food & Commercial Workers union ($72,500),
    Communications Workers of America ($68,000),
    Laborers Union ($64,000),
    Carpenters & Joiners Union ($62,000),
    National Association of Letter Carriers ($61,000),
    and the American Association for Justice ($60,500).

  9. Both have excellent qualifications and stellar records.
    I do believe this country is ready for Bernie but if Hillary is the democratic nominee, she’ll get my vote.

    A tea bagger can visit the WH but will NEVER, EVER live there. (copyright :)

  10. Probably.

    But like so many others, whomever gets the Nomination will get my vote; as whatever the Republicans have to offer sends chills up my spine.

  11. It’s amazing to me that the people in these states think they will be better off with the republican clowns running over states people like Clinton, Sanders and O’malley who are not part of the flame throwing insane clown posse of republicans this cycle. But I am a bit suspious of the mythology they used in this poll and the sampling of representative voters.

    Idiocy has really become the norm in the the U.S. The movie Idiocracy seems to coming true. Lord help us sane people.

  12. Now we can all agree Barmy Frank is a true progressive. What he has to say about Sanders should be read

    Barney Frank: “To some extent, and with respect to my white liberal friends in the white liberal base, these are people for whom politics is a deeply-held ideological passion…The groups of people who have the most at stake – African Americans, Hispanics, LGBT – are much for serious for Hillary. They have got to be serious. White liberals get a psychic income for supporting Bernie Sanders, but they won’t suffer much if a Republican becomes president.”

  13. This is the truth that most Sanders-supporters just don’t get. If you don’t get the Black and Hispanic vote, you won’t win the election. Period.

    For me, I like Bernie’s rhetoric, but that’s all that is: words. I live in a world of political realities (unlike most Americans, it appears) and understand only CONGRESS not the president legislates and passes laws.

    If, by some miracle, Sanders wins the primaries and he wins the G.E. (highly unlikely), he’ll be a lame-duck and one-term president. But everything President Obama has done and put into motion would grind to a halt because Bernie isn’t going to get anything through Congress unless he sacrifices those wonderful ideas of his and – gasp – compromises…and then I’d like to see if those same fervent critics of President Obama will hold Bernie to the same account as they’ve done to PBO.

  14. Unless emo-progs get the unicorns they will always find fault and blame whomever. Sometimes I wonder do they understand our system of government any better than teabaggers

  15. This Democrat trusts Hillary Clinton, because I trust President Obama and she’s adopting his agenda. Plus, Hillary Clinton has friends in the Senate and House who can work with her. Bernie has NONE who will.

    I’m hoping for a Joe Biden run soon. I will happily vote for him in the primaries. But I will vote for whoever wins the nomination for the G.E.

  16. I love Sen. Sanders. I think he would take on the devil himself if he had too. But that does NOT preclude my voting for whomever wins the Democratic nomination as I have said numerous times.

    My hesitation on Hillary Clinton is not based on her honesty over those stupid damn emails nor her conduct during the Benghazi tragedy. I think she did the best ANYONE could have done under those circumstances, including the RW.

    Republicans have accused her of riding on Bill Clinton’s coattails, which IMO is bull pucky however, she was a close confidante during his presidency. And while I liked President Clinton he made some decisions I feel were totally wrong. Basically the destruction of the Glass-Steagall Act which was, IMO, one of the direct causes of the 2008 meltdown.

    While I KNOW she certainly wasn’t responsible for that, it is a bit difficult for me to disassociate her from that act.

    One question remains, will she, as president, be willing to work for its re-institution?

  17. I married into a big Hispanic family and they’re supporting Bernie Sanders, along with a lot of other Hispanics.
    I can’t speak for all Black people, but his policies are very helpful for Black people.

  18. “White liberals get a psychic income for supporting Bernie Sanders, but they won’t suffer much if a Republican becomes president.”

    Seriously? You honestly believe THAT?

    You seem to forget that there are a number of us out here that will suffer horribly when that Republican president implements the Koch brother’s plan for running this country. You do remember the name Scott Walker do you not? Enough said.

  19. I didn’t say it. Barney Frank said it. Now if you question his progressive credentials then who really has jumped the shark

  20. You do know Glass-Steagal wouldn’t have prevented credit derivative swaps or a whole host of other shady deals. All Glass-Steagall prevented was that banks that it limited commercial bank securities activities and affiliations within commercial banks and securities firms.

  21. It’s funny how we only try to discredit polls we disagree with. When the reality is that ‘all’ polls this early on are useless fodder. Only indicative of momentum and nothing else.

    Especially when these same polls show that Bernie Sanders is still relatively unknown to voters. And despite that, still does moderately well against other candidates.

  22. But there was a Poll yesterday showing that Bernie can’t get pass the “liberal”. If Bernie cna’t expand the most liberals how can Bernie attached mainstream voters. Ain’t going to happen. If Bernie is nominated you definitely can kiss the WH good-bye in 2016. I’m sorry I can’t jump on the Bernie band wagon. Remember he is not a true Democrat.

  23. You’re not going to convince anyone by being condescending and resorting to name-calling.

    Especially when there are legitimate reasons not to trust HRC.

    ( I can provide other links if this one isn’t good enough for you. Really, I feel that her speeches consisting of vague generalities are enough reason not to trust her. )

    A lot of us on the left feel like our intelligence is repeatedly insulted when someone defends Hillary on the issue of ‘trust.’

  24. You’re willfully ignoring that the first primary is still seven months away – and Bernie Sanders is still unknown by a large portion of the electorate. Polls this early are mostly useless, though they do show momentum.

    As the article states, Bernie has more room to grow than Hillary, and despite being relatively unknown, he still does well against all other contenders.

    And he is attracting Black and Latino voters. I’m one of them.

    Just as an another example of how wildly different one poll can be to the next:
    In this YouGov poll, Sanders and Clinton are neck and neck among the Hispanic vote, with Clinton just a few points ahead.


    A Hispanic activist introduced him in Arizona, and tons of people of color showed up to his Texas events. Check YouTube if you don’t believe me.

  25. Wow so she wont give a blanket edict against fossil fuel extraction on public lands. Methinks you need to pull your head out your ass and look at congressional democrats that holds the same position. but its all about the revolution

  26. Maybe you’ll need to let them know that when Bernie Sanders had the chance to vote for comprehensive immigration reform in 2007 when Democrats held majorities in both the House and Senate, he voted NAY. He was against the guest-worker provision in that bill.

    Then he got a second chance to vote for another immigration reform bill in 2013 when Dems lost the House…this time he voted YEA as Senator. Strange, but it contained the same guest-worker provisions he was against in 2007. Doesn’t that strike you odd?

  27. Bernie is an Independent claiming to be a Socialist Democrat running – now – as a Democrat for the presidential nomination.

    I’m sorry, but for all his rhetoric, his actions make me distrust him. He will NOT get our vote.

  28. Mmm…isn’t this the same poll that said Mitch was going to take a fall in Kentucky in 2014?

    Plus, there will be lots of women who might sit this election out if we’re told to Stand By Our (White) Man and Suck It Up For Our Brothers.


  29. Wow, a lot of Hillary Clinton supporters all over the place seem quite condescending and very impervious to facts and political records and policy consequences. And they sound even more patronizing and elitist than some of these TPP democrats like senator Claire McCaskill, all of which just validates and vindicates being an independent liberal and not belonging to one of our 2 political establishment monopolies. But I can see how people like McCaskill keep getting elected in this self-touted liberal party and why 63% of eligible Americans did not vote in the last election.

  30. If I remember correctly…there was an “I” as in INDEPENDENT BEFORE he decided to run for the presidency!!!!!!!….NOW all of a sudden he is a DEMOCRAT running for the presidency…!!!!!!!!!!…GIVE ME A BREAK.!!!!…Hillary has ALWAYS been a DEMOCRAT with a Long History to back up Her Credentials…!!!!…Sorry…if he gets the nomination this Black Democrat will be sitting out the election with NO GUILT WHATSOEVER…!!!!!!!!!!!!…..GO HILLARY….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I find it amusing that people are saying the TPP will be the end of civilization but I have not heard a word from people including Sen. Warren and Sen Sanders about The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) which is the same thing basically but its with Europe. I wonder why?

  32. I do not believe Bernie sanders is a serious candidate. There is no way he is going to get the nomination I believe he is trying to move Clinton to the left what in the world was he doing in Louisiana yesterday. He has zero chance in that state. Hillary Clinton will get the nomination easily and probably be the next president.also I believe she will move to the center once in office. Actually she is quite moderate.

  33. Yet another skewed Quinnipiac poll. The third time recently – and each time proven to be enormously inaccurate compared to all the other polls. She is 50 percent ahead. PERIOD. And her stats in Virginia leave all others in the dust according to all other polls.


    Another link to KOS above points out the same thing. One more example of media making a story to pretend there is a big battle.

    They eat crow when the next polls come out and then latch on to the next pretend story.

    Ind. switching to Dem registration is helpful. Nobody wants a coronation but nobody should try to damage our chances of a win in 16 either by spreading lies about the frontrunner as if they too were in the GOP.

    The campaign said all along numbers fluctuate and to watch the bigger picture. The big picture is clear as ever. And as the article says – don’t be a baby about it all!

  34. Billy, he is still technically an Independent as he has always been. He cannot switch to Democratic Party because quirky Vermont doesn’t have ANY party registration.

    Candidates are given the choice to affiliate with a party on a national level but Sanders has always shunned that option and declared himself as an I last time he won his seat.

    He cannot now change parties. He is running as an Independent but with affilition to the Democratic party over decades.

    He is not a Democrat and will not be able to become one unless he moves to another state and registers as one. He still can not change his Senate party. He had the option at the time but cannot change it now.

    And yes, Hillary has helped Dems for 50 years – unlike others cough, (warren the republican for 50 years) and that other guy – the ONLY member of congress to tell the party NOT ME.

    Yep, that is the guy some think can represent the party nationally for the next 8 years!

    I just tilt my head and shrug.

  35. Um….No. Hillary was a ‘Goldwater Girl’ back in ’64. Granted, that was a long time ago, and Hillary has moved on …somewhat.
    Her campaign manager and longtime friend John Podesta is well known as one of the biggest lobbyists for Wall St. banks, if not THE biggest.

    Bernie has not had to ‘evolve’. He’s been for the greater good, the middle class, and dare I say ‘underclass’ all of his life.

  36. What hits me in all of this is that the Presidential elections are more than a year away and this stuff has been going on for almost a year. (Actually, since our current President was re-elected.) We have congressional elections coming up and that’s where the emphasis needs to be. I’m really fed up with the year round election thing going on in this country.

  37. Doesn’t Matter…!!!!….Zilch..Nada…!!!!!…Whatever…!!!!…as Stated in Previous Post…This Black Democrat WILL NOT be voting for him even if he were to get the nomination…!!!!!…I Cannot Be Bothered by that man AT ALL..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…GO HILLARY….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Don’t go there please. If you want President Obamas accomplishments and his legacy to remain intact YOU better vote democrat no matter who the nominee is

  39. Yes, I find that curious as well, djchefron. All I hear is loud bellyaching about the Asian trade deal (TPP) but all those liberal icons and Unions don’t say a single critical word about the European trade deal (TTIP) which is happening concurrently with the Asian one. Hm. Like you, I wonder why that is.

    Full disclosure: I’m Asian-American and an Obama-supporter. I take this griping and distrust of our president and against the TPP from ex-Republican Warren and “Never a Democrat” Sanders personally, just like I take AFL-CIO’s and Brotherhood of Teamsters letters to Boehner pushing for the Keystone XL bill personally.

  40. Rin, U.S. corporate media’s job is to destroy Hillary Clinton any which way they can. If they fail, another Democrat will enter the White House for another eight years and they won’t get their wars.

    It’s the reason why they give President Obama excessive negative coverage while completely ignoring Republicans’ obstructionism; it’s the reason why they’re giving Trump so much play in all our media (in order to hurt other Republicans so their choice – Scott Walker – rises to the top when Trump bails on the campaign); it’s the reason why they’re showing one paid-for poll after the other making it appear as if Hillary is struggling against Sanders (which, if you follow the numbers compared against any Republican candidate, she wins hands-down).

    Koch money is fueling Trump whose inflammatory attacks exclude Scott Walker (Koch Bros’ chosen puppet). Once he’s done his hit-job on the other R-candidates, he’ll bow out and let Scott Walker rise to the top. You heard it here first…

  41. People who put their emails on that pledge will be getting lots of mail from the GOP candidates. Oldest trick in the book to find disgruntled supporters who are gullible.

  42. Nice try there, and perfect name for you.

    No. Brief flirtation with being an R in HIGH SCHOOL then ever since fighting with all her might for DEMOCRATIC PARTY and all downtickets.

    The other two? zippo till recently. Curiously.

    And both do squat nationally to help anyone!

    Did you see Mary Jo White’s reply to the “very angry and erroneous” Liz? It was stellar. As was Obama calling Liz a liar and a Politico dissecting the 14 errors in Liz’s angry and “none of her business” screed of 13 pages of non-sense.

    Keep pushing for Warren. 50 year republican who cannot even write an amendment to the TPP without it being highly flawed – and getting no votes on the floor – regarding FINANCE – her one subject.

    I find the fringe sad and damaging to the party. They see themselves as superior and smart. Not going to teach that pig to whistle anytime soon. Good luck with that, kranky.

    Damage the one party that can defeat GOP. Good going, tea party left.

  43. Counterpunch and others did attack pieces on Sanders saying his stances were pandering to the powers that be and calling him phoney. They did that for years. Dozens of progressive groups attacking things he did and voted for.

    Go figure, even his fellow congress people nationwide and even in Vt, plus Mayors and Governors, progressive leaders etc. are not in his camp and cannot figure his support out.

  44. And for those who think I am here today because Hillary is shaking in her boots… no.

    The author, typical for this site, has a header which caught me as insanely stupid.

    Sanders may be more electable than Clinton. That just screams out for a reality check.

  45. The opponents of the TPP were also against the TPA, or fast track authority, which would give the president authority to pass any trade bills until 2018 with a simple majority and no amendments, and that includes the TTIP. The TPP is simply more immediate and first in line to be passed. Second of all, both of these trade agreements, the TPP and the TTIP, have all been and are being written and amended by US and global multinationals and lobbyists, while elected political representatives do not get a say, cannot even take notes and are legally forbidden to discuss the details if they can memorize them until the up and down vote. Trade deals are not CIA and Pentagon intelligence documents and should not be this secretive, and the few chapters that we know and are worried about we only know about because of Wikileaks.

  46. Only 5 of the 29 chapters of the TPP are about trade, and there’s a similar setup with the TTIP, while the rest establish corporate-friendly rules and international laws and corporate courts that can supersede local and national environmental protections and labor and often even human rights laws in the US, but more importantly for US corporations, in some of those poorer Pacific countries where there are few protections to begin with. Corporations can sue states and countries in these courts that they themselves established over potential lost profits that they perceive any new labor laws and environmental protections would incur, and this has already been happening in Egypt and Uruguay and even here in the US under the WTO NAFTA rules.
    So just like many Social Democrats and liberal labor politicians in Europe, the are very much opposed to the TTIP.

  47. Also, it would be many European countries who would get the even shorter stick of that bad-for-everybody deal because they often have higher labor and union and environmental and food standards than we do here in the United States, GMO regulations being one example, and in some ways we are to them what Malaysia and Vietnam are to us in terms of bringing worker and environmental protections down, while some of our multinational corporations are the same to both Europe and Asia and can ride roughshod over all of them, rich and poor.

    Also to reply to another post on here as well, I can very much sympathize with the sentiment of some Hillary supporters who would not vote for Bernie in the general in the admittedly very unlikely scenario that he became the nominee. I voted for Obama twice, the first time gladly and the second time reluctantly, but would also not vote for a Wall street war hawk establishment democrat like Hillary and would sit out and go back to being an independent in Nov…

  48. So I take it you have seen the draft of the treaty? As far as corporate courts superseding countries laws, that is a fabrication, misrepresentation or flat out lying
    Oops! President Obama Vindicated on Trade by the Very Case Peddled by TPP Detractors

    Now I don’t know what is in the treaty but for the past 7 years President Obama has not sold out the American people. I will believe my President before I believe some white nationalist Julian Assange who motives I do question

  49. Neither of us have seen the full and official treaty which is part of the problem as it is the case with almost all people, including the author of your article, except for the lobbyists and corporate representatives who wrote it and a handful of congress people who glanced at it in a sealed room. I can also find you many well-researched articles by equally or more respected economists and analysts that contradict your article and your views. I guess we look at the same set of facts and figures and historical precedent and come to different and opposite conclusions. That’s life as the French would say, in French of course. But I sincerely hope that you are correct as all of these deals are now certain to pass after the TPA, just like NAFTA and CAFTA and permanent trade relations with China and trade deals with Colombia and South Korea, as they will substantially affect many Americans and billions of poor and working and middle class people around the world, for better or for worse.

  50. All the author did was use the case people are using about corporate take over of the courts as a false narrative. Now while true anyone can sue especially since corporations are people that doesn’t mean they will win.

    I think people are are confused that if we don’t sign trade agreements the jobs will return and everything will go back to when America was the dominant manufacturing nation. What they don’t realize is those nations were in ruin after WW2 and we was not. Now if you want a fortress America with tariffs so high that we cant trade then say that.

  51. As for president Obama, I also supported him and I agree and disagree with him on a lot of things just like I do with Bernie. I disagree with his Wall street packed cabinet choices, the bank bailouts, Holder’s “too big too fail and too big too jail” policies, the abandonment of the public option right at the start, the war in Libya and almost war and “moderate rebel” support in Syria, his drone policy, new drilling permits in the Gulf, Arctic, and south Atlantic, raiding of medical marijuana dispensaries in places like Cali and all over the US, the TPP and TTIP. I also disagree with Bernie on his backing out and compromise of a bill auditing the FED, and would like to see him come out for weed legalization and regulation, and would also like to see more critique of Israeli settlements, but he is still more liberal than Hillary on all those issues, be it decriminalization, police militarization and brutality, auditing the pentagon, the Patriot Act, Wall Street, war, trade, environment

  52. That’s a lot there SO I will try to be brief. The bank bailouts happened under Bush. George W. Bush Bailed Out the Banks!!!!! http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/02/10/1063436/-George-W-Bush-Bailed-Out-the-Banks
    Name one law that the bankers broke in the meltdown? You cant because it was all legal

    The public option bullshit. First Congress wrote health reform law and if you think for one moment Lieberman, Bacus, Coon Schumer,both Nelsons along with republicans was going t fight for the public option then I suggest you check yourself into rehab. If Obama would have put his footdown on that then we wouldn’t have the ACA and all its benefits. And BTW the next time you talk too Bernie ask him why the public option failed in his own state.

    With Libya that was a Nato response and we did provide air support. About Syria? The last time I checked we rid that nation without a single American life lost and I was against him arming anyone in that civil war. So instead of using drones you want to send in American troops everytime there is a threat. You should be the one to explain to the mothers when their sons and daughters don’t come home when you could have used a drone.

    I used to smoke weed in fact I think all drugs should be legal. For one it would cut down on feeding prison industrial complex and 2 people will get high no matter what but it is against federal law and till the law is change it is the law.

  53. OK then I guess we see a lot of things differently and trust different sources of information, and neither one of us has managed to convince the other of our perspectives, but we can, hopefully respectfully, agree to disagree.
    God Bless and I hope you are having an awesome summer.

  54. I never have nor will I ever vote for HRC. If she gets the nomination I will write in for Senator Sanders.
    I do not trust HRC, every time I hear her speak I get the feeling she is hiding something. Go with your gut is a good rule for everyone.

  55. You are being a bit narrow minded in your response to will Lindsay. He doesn’t like Hillary Clinton. So what, that is his right. So you think he his an idiot. if the election comes down to Clinton bush I will vote for another candidate. I can’t stand either one of them. So does that make me an idiot.

  56. I sent Bernie a check the day after his announcement.He’s not getting corporate $$$ or Koch’s puppet money. Weshould send him donations…He s a truth teller, for the 99% of us. Do you want a puppet of the Koch’s in theWH to destroyMORE of he American dream?

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