Republicans Still Want Trump, But He Would Get Crushed By Clinton Or Sanders


A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released on July 22, 2015, finds that Donald Trump is still the frontrunner for the Republican nomination. Trump continues to leads the national GOP field with 19 percent support, followed by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at 17 percent, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush at 12 percent. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson and Florida Senator Marco Rubio round out the top five, with each of them polling at 10 percent support.

Trump continues to hold the lead in the Republican field, even after making his controversial comments mocking John McCain for being captured as a POW during the Vietnam War. While 50 percent of Republican voters disagreed with Trump’s comments, compared to only 22 percent who agreed, the fallout has not cost Trump his lead in the Republican race.

Republican voters want Trump as their nominee, but choosing him to represent their party would be akin to political suicide. Trump trails Hillary Clinton 50-37 percent in a head to head match-up. He also trails Bernie Sanders 47-37 percent, making him by far the weakest Republican candidate surveyed, when pitted against a Democratic opponent.


The PPP poll also found that if Republicans choose not to nominate Trump, he could still inflict fatal damage on the party if he decides to follow through on his threat to run as an Independent candidate for president. For example, in a three-way race between Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump, the Democrats would win in a landslide. In that hypothetical match-up, Hillary Clinton polls 43 percent, followed by Jeb Bush at 25 percent, and Donald Trump at 23 percent.

Republican voters find Trump’s demagoguery appealing. By a 49-36 percent margin they hold favorable views of the bombastic billionaire. However, American voters in general view Trump negatively, with just 29 percent seeing him favorably compared to 61 percent who dislike him.

Republican voters can choose to nominate Donald Trump to represent their party in 2016, or they can select another candidate and hope that Trump doesn’t run as an Independent. Either way, the bottom line is that if Donald Trump’s name appears anywhere on the ballot in November 2016, the Democrats will win their biggest landslide victory since LBJ crushed Barry Goldwater in 1964.

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  1. Red, White, Black And Blue

    Posted by Zandar

    Greg Sargent notes that a new Washington Post poll is not exactly good news for the idea that Hillary Clinton (or any other Democrat) will magically do better with working class white voters than President Obama.

    No matter what Democrats do to improve the economic lives of poor whites they will always think republicans are better for them.

    This is a warning to all democratic nominees piss of the people who can get you elected then you will lose.

    Clinton knows the math. Sanders is still talking economic equality when poor whites only want to screw people who have less of a pot that they have to piss in.

  2. yep.. ya know…

    given his disdain for John McCain would Donnie Dipstick abandon all POWs left behind, when the well known chickenhawk does the Bush cowboy foreign policy, would his policy be to abandon the grunts left in the field?

    inquiring minds want to know…

  3. I don’t want to know. I have nightmares if any of the clown car of republicans get the keys to the “football”

  4. The gopers are in a lose-lose scenario. It isn’t even 2016 yet. How much more self-destruction can they wallow in? The pendulum is swinging left, and the gopers are helping push it as hard as they can.

    They’re still looking in the rearview mirror and seem oblivious to the oncoming head-on collision.

  5. Yeahhh …keep going that 3rd Way, and being pushed to the side and ignored.

    OR, get with the program and join an FDR, New Deal, Progressive movement that will obliterate the Republicans retrograde agenda.

  6. yeah.. ya know.. when he decides to release the nuclear codes ‘for fun’ like he released Auntie Lindsey’s phone number….

    but really… enough of this crap poll bullshit… I want a REAL poll that gives some indication of an actual Republican candidate that might actually challenge the Dems…

    16 and counting, clueless fuquks in a clown car, are really not worthy of any coverage…

  7. I smell a deal in the works if it comes down to the Trumpster getting enough delegates to make it even remotely possible for him to get the nomination. The Donald will make a deal for something… money, prestige, SOMETHING, and will release any of his delegates to the next closest opponent. He is a deal maker – that’s what he does. It will cost the Repukes dearly in some way, shape or form. I hope they have to choke on it!

  8. Please, let the flying spaghetti monster deliver me from historical ignorance. Yes, FDR did some great things but lets remember, Social Security he had to compromise in getting it passed because it excluded blacks. Third way? I am sorry I am not a pie in the sky emo prog who wants thing that in our current political structure simply cant be delivered call me a pragmatist that’s how I rolled because everything your savoir promise President Obama has delivered and then some despite the opposition.

    The name of the game is too compromise and after that fiasco at nut root nation your savoir doesn’t know how to play the game and that’s why he isn’t going anywhere

  9. OK…comprende. You’ll go for half a loaf and accept crumbs, or floor sweepings.


    The time for change, BIG CHANGE, is NOW!

  10. Welcome back to the “Thing” DJ. Missed ya’ much. Keys to the football?…You know some of the scholars are going be looking for those keys to that football..Good one. LMBAOFF!!

  11. This is why Bernie Sanders is talking about a political revolution. The majority of people no longer consider themselves Democrats or Republicans. 42% are unaffiliated or independent. We are tired of the duopoly in politics. Both parties are owned and operated by wealth and greed. The DNC is no more in touch with the average American than the RNC. Money and big donations is what drives these people. I wish Bernie Sanders could run as an Independent but, the Republicans and Democrats have rigged the system so only members of their parties can be in the nationally televised debates. I am eagerly awaiting the debates when all of American can see (not hear about) Bernie Sanders. I am certain, the revolution will begin.

  12. Social Security did not explicitly exclude blacks. The 1935 Social Security Act did exclude two specific categories of employment: agricultural workers and domestic workers. While the majority of those workers were black (particularly in the southern U.S.), white workers in those categories were also excluded. In 1950, household domestic employees were added to Social Security coverage, and in 1954 farmworkers were added. Employees in both categories were added without regard to race.

  13. Trump would be crushed by Clinton,but win easily over Bernie sanders.a Bernie sanders nomination would be a celebration by republicans. Bernie sanders isn’t even a democrat. He is a socialist. Zero chance of being president.

  14. Your negativity and cynicism is just an excuse to do nothing to bring about the changes we need as a nation. Bernie Sanders is the best candidate running for our leader. I know he will win the nomination and the White House. Please either wake up or stay quiet. You do more harm than you know. Shame on you!

  15. …d’ya think we could slip ’em an NFL standard football??? Then they couldn’t actually hurt anybody…well aside from every other way…

  16. I know the beltway media and machine Republicans are waiting for Donald Trump to take a fall and after his John McCain statements, it appeared he might be getting off the Clown Car, but in a new Economist/YouGov poll, Trump is still miles ahead of the pack, even if his favorability has dropped.

  17. they are all a bunch of morons and clowns neither party has a real candidate out there> Bernie Sanders has had ample time to effect real change and has been the ranking member of the Senate finance committee. Hillary Clinton has told so many Lies and Destroyed so much evidence further running in her life error that electing either of these Bozo’s would be more demoralization to the country then anyone in the clown car out of all the candidates that are there the only one that isn’t Politically corrupt isn’t fit to tie his own shoes Really start getting facts before you jump on any political parties side. and that in a nutshell is why America is doomed. Political Corruption Every one of them should be behind Bars not Running for President

  18. I’m beseeching you all…leave the partisan bickering to the GOP…they’re pros at it…
    …look, I understand some are locked in on ONE particular candidate, and all others are the ENEMA!!! {Irritates the shit outta you}
    “I do not belong to an organized political party; I am a Democrat.”{Will Rogers}
    THIS is our strength: we all move towards the finish line in our own way…let’s at least respect one another and fluck the trolls…

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