Jeb Bush And Scott Walker Campaign To Impress the Koch Brothers, Not the People


There is a marked difference in how Republicans and Democrats campaign for political office, and more importantly, who each party’s candidate appeals to for support. In fact, few Americans would argue that Republicans make even a passing attempt to appeal to the people in general, and they would likely say that Republicans are either out of touch with the population, or are so driven to serve the Kochs that they openly oppose policies the people support. It would be difficult for even Fox News to argue against the idea that Republicans only campaign, and act, according to the will of the Koch brothers, and two candidates for the Republican presidential nomination are already vying to impress, and best serve the interests of, the Koch brothers, not the American people.


The Koch brothers have already anointed their college dropout hero and puppet, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, as their preferred surrogate to sit in the White House. Walker has closely followed the Kochs’ libertarian-model in Wisconsin, and this week he signaled that he was preparing to follow through on another favorite Koch target. Walker’s move likely prompted former Florida governor Jeb Bush to promise the Kochs that if he is their White House surrogate, he already has plans in the works to fulfill one of their 35-year dreams.

It is no secret that the Koch brothers have dreamed of abolishing the Federal Elections Commission, campaign finance laws, and at least thwarting any effort to monitor adherence to election laws. In Wisconsin, Scott Walker showed the Koch brothers that he knows how to deal with campaign and election laws that do not give Republicans free rein to cheat. Walker’s latest plan is dismantling Wisconsin’s independent state agency that oversees elections and enforces campaign finance laws. Walker wants to eliminate the independent agency staffed with non-partisan former judges and replace it  with, as he says, “something completely new.” Something new is a Koch-partisan panel that will never authorize investigations into Walker’s, or any other Republican’s, shady, if not illegal, campaign activities.


The Koch governor was emboldened, and sought retribution against the elections board, after the Wisconsin Supreme Court put a halt to the elections’ board-approved investigation into conservative groups that illegally coordinated with Walker’s 2012 recall campaign.  Since he cannot count on the state’s High Court to always put a stop to election board investigations, Walker will just dismantle the panel and appoint a group of Koch acolytes to serve as a sham accountability board. Walker also promised to follow through on a months-long threat to launch an investigation into the current, non-partisan board for having the temerity to do its job and order an investigation into Walker’s corrupt campaign activities. At any rate, Walker’s dismantling of the Accountability Board sends a strong message to his masters, the Koch brothers, that he will fulfill their every wish and more if they buy him a term in the White House.

Not to be outdone, and to earn the Koch brothers’ support, this week while speaking at an event sponsored by the Koch brother’s Americans for Prosperity, the allegedly moderate Republican,  Jeb Bush, told the Kochs and their rich cohort that it was time to “phase out” Medicare. While some pundits claim that Bush’s statement was a radical idea, to the Americans for Prosperity club it is just a small first step in the Koch crusade to phase out the federal government in its entirety.

Bush lied and put on a performance  for the Koch crowd, even criticizing ‘the left‘ for not joining the Kochs to get rid of Medicare. Bush criticized Democrats for being truthful and complained that the left was dishonest in striking fear among the elderly that when Republicans eliminate Medicare, they will lose their healthcare insurance; even if they paid for it throughout their working lives. Jeb complained to the Kochs that, “The left needs to join the conversation, but they haven’t. I mean, when Representative Paul Ryan came up with one of his  proposals (coupon scam) as it relates to Medicare, the first thing I saw was a TV ad of a guy that looked just like Paul Ryan and he pushing an elderly person off the cliff in a wheelchair. That’s their response. We need to be vigilant about this and persuade people that when your volunteers go door to door, and they talk to people, people understand this.”


It is, indeed, curious how the Americans for Prosperity and Koch “volunteers” will make people understand that eliminating their medical insurance they paid for is a good thing, or that Republicans are doing them some kind of huge favor. What the Koch volunteers will learn is that most people (89%) do understand that if not for Democrats and the left opposing the GOP’s Medicare elimination scam, the idea of a patient-funded healthcare program for the elderly would have disappeared three years ago.

What Bush is implying is that there is something inherently, and terribly, wrong with anyone who opposes the Koch’s demand that as part of the federal government, Medicare needs to be eliminated. It is just one, among many if not all, federal programs and agencies, like the FEC, that the Kochs have called for to be abolished for over thirty years.

Even though Bush was preaching to a friendly congregation about the need to abolish Medicare, he took care to pander to the Kochs specifically and proffer some of their typical Americans for Prosperity lies about the fifty-year-old Medicare program. It is a mystery why, in “preaching to the libertarian choir” Bush just did not admit that because the Kochs and the rich want Medicare abolished, the Republican thing to do is just get rid of it; but he lied instead.

Like a typical Republican, Bush lied when he claimed that Democrats ignored having a conversation about Medicare’s fiscal health. Democrats did more than talk about Medicare’s fiscal health, they took action even as Republicans were doing everything to eliminate the popular program, and with President Obama’s assistance Democrats successfully strengthened Medicare’s finances and extended its fiscal health until at least 2030. That fiscal health is just one reason Republicans want to immediately “phase out Medicare” because contrary to  Bush’s lie, a healthy Medicare program does not mean the people “will not have anything.” Since Republicans launched their crusade against the program and opposed any means to keep it solvent long into the future, it was left to President Obama and Democrats to put a serious dent in current and future Medicare shortfalls with passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Now that the general election season is a year-and-a-half slog, and frankly disgusting, Republicans are pandering to the only people they intend to serve if they win the White House, the Koch brothers. For both Walker and Bush to take positions contrary to the overwhelming majority of Americans, it should be obvious to the voters who they intend to govern for if they are victorious. It is noteworthy that 90 percent of the American people demand some serious campaign finance reform to gain back their vanishing democracy while Scott Walker is telegraphing his plan to “dismantle” election and campaign finance watchdogs for his Koch masters.

Bush is not going to be outdone and took the highly unpopular position of publicly calling for the end of Medicare when an incredible percentage of Americans want the wildly popular and successful program strengthened and protected for future generations. What is apparent in both Bush and Walker’s campaigns to impress the Kochs is that the lure of nearly a billion dollars in campaign donations to put a Republican in the White House drives them to openly oppose the will of the people. It is not that Republicans opposing the people, or working against them, is anything new, but to openly campaign on serving the billionaire cabal is nearly as brazen as campaigning to abolish Medicare and eliminate agencies tasked to keep the election process fair and democratic.

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  1. They just have no clue what real Americans care about, do they? The Congress refuses to pass an infrastructure bill, and I’m sure when the next big bridge collapses and people die, we’ll see Boehner on TV blaming the President for ‘not working with Republicans on a good bill.’ When will the media hold anyone on the right responsible for the
    “Pledge to Norquist” that resulted in nothing being done for seven years?When will they call out the traitors on the right who think it is patriotic to undermine the President of the United States with and to foreign leaders? When will they call this group of GOP candidates what they are: money and power w*****s who can no more govern than their cats can. It is sickening.
    And, another day, more people dead from guns. Seems the NRA wants Americans to kill each other off…hope they know the shooters are all their boys, and once dead, will not be sending in those dues, nor buying ever more weapons and clips. Nor will the dead three year olds.

  2. Of course republicans are kochsuckers and will put their agenda ahead of the people.
    Like flies drawn to shit that’s who they are

  3. How about phasing out the extremely generous pensions and health plans that politicians are lucky to have? Their pension is the same as a year’s salary, plus they get raises every year. THIS for a group of people who never work 5 days a week. People who line their pockets their entire term, and retire as millionaires. Is it any wonder they think they are royalty? How much would we save by letting THEM contribute to SS and then retire with the proceeds from that, like the rest of us have to? How mant businessess give out pensions these days? Why should taxpayers have to provide “small change” for multimillionaires? No wonder people such as McCain, McConnell and other over the hill “representatives” hang on to their jobs for dear life.

  4. Medicare, like Social Security, is paid for by both the employer and the employee, with the self-employed paying the full costs. While there is a cap on Social Security, there is no cap on Medicare. It is charged on every penny that one earns.

    It is for this reason the Koch brothers would like to get rid of both. You see they believe that employers (especially themselves) should not have to pay anything for their employees health or retirement. If the employees want those things they should pay for them themselves. It takes money out of the Koch brothers pockets to have to pay for these things.

    Thats the way libertarians roll; all for me and none for thee. Especially if you are rich, like Jebbie and the Koch brothers.

  5. ***NEWS UPDATE*** Research shows that Kochsuckers get swollen heads and then start saying incredibly insane things, work to take rights away from people who ain’t millionaires,screw up schools, and ruin the machinery of governance so they can say” I told you that government don’t work!!!”
    These Kochsuckers all recite from a central script concocted by thier masters, and try to convince the poor and elderly that eating shit is good for them.
    The research also reveals a new subclass we refer to as “Second-hand Kochsuckers”, who have been *brainwashed* into supporting Kochsuckers as rabidly as they can…
    *shoulda been termed “Alleged brain”*

  6. Let all voters remember Bush is going to phase out medicare, Walker is going to war with Iran on day 1, and also repeal Obaacare.

    Makes you wonder how much they are into the Koch’s, probably up to the neck.

  7. Right now you just have a dog and pony show for the republican candidate for President. Here are the facts. Scott Walker will be their nominee because that is what the Koch brothers want. They are the Republican party. Trump is just a tool to knock down the other candidates so Scott Walker does not have to offend party members. Marco Rubio will be his running mate because they believe that is their best way to secure as many Latino votes as possible. They know they cannot win the election without an increase in Latino support. The idea that Trump will run as an independent if he does not win the primary is just foolish. That will never happen. Now what might happen, and I hope it does, is that Ted Cruz might run as an independent. The republicans better be careful and not ostracize the monster they created in Cruz because he can sink their boat.

  8. Why isn’t the fact that krooz is an immigrant thus, not elegible to be president OPENLY STATED?

    The creep is a Canadian carpetbagger.
    Of course that fact is an insult to all the many decent Canadians.
    They’re probably glad to get rid of the scumbag.

  9. The bottom line is: ANY REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE endorsed or paid for by the Koch-suckers Should NEVER be elected President, or for that matter ANY position of trust. Period. So, as far as I am concerned, JEB BUSH and SCOTT WALKER are not electable. Dump them Republicans.

  10. The Koch’s are our shadow government. They control 2 branches of our government with their money. Winning the Presidency will be the final nail in the U.S. constitution. Once they achieve it democracy is dead in the U.S.

    All the things they accuse President Obama of are the things they want themselves once they take over.

  11. Where is the “of the people,by the people, and for the people”???????????????? Is this a Democracy or a kingdom????? Where are the HONEST politicians????We can’t not vote, we must rise like Phoenix from the ashes and take AMERICA BACK. wHY ARE THE YOUNG PEOPLE not interested in politics. Corruption by MONEY, ie the Kochs.

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