Another Mass Shooting, but GOP Makes it Clear Some Lives Don’t Matter

More Americans dead from gun violence, and Republicans have made it clear that some lives don’t matter. The trick, you see, is to be a white male, as has been noticed in the wake of a shooting in Lafayette, Louisiana:

Another mass shooting. But don’t hold your breath. After all, the killer was neither Muslim nor black, nor Hispanic. He was a white guy. He had Second Amendment rights. And anyway, neither he nor his gun killed anybody, we will be told. Liberal politics did.

Conservatives rightly decry the murder of Kathryn Steinle by an undocumented Mexican immigrant, but they don’t care that Sandra Bland died under mysterious circumstances while in police custody, or that Eric Garner was killed by New York police using a chokehold, or that Michael Brown was gunned down by a policeman in the middle of the street, in Ferguson, Missouri.

In Brown’s case, far from condemning police, Fox News’ Keith Ablow wanted Brown’s father charged in his death, not the policeman who gunned him down, and Bryan Fischer claimed Brown was demonically possessed (apparently we gun such people down in the street now without trial).

And of course, former NYPD detective Harry Houck, who works as a CNN contributor, told a panel there that Sandra Bland died because she was “arrogant from the very beginning.” So if you are deemed demonically possessed (read big black male), police will gun you down. And if you are arrogant, and die in custody, you only got what you deserved.

Even in the 16th century, when they were burning witches, you got a trial first, not summary execution.

It is a fact that on June 16, The Washington Post reported, “There have only been 9 days this year when the police have not killed somebody.”

Some news outlets put the number as high as 500 dead in the past six months, according to both The Guardian and Killed by the Police.Net. The Washington Post‘s own investigation showed nearly 400 dead as of the end of May.

The tally of killings – judicial murder, really – are, a month later, clearly worse.

Yet while Bill O’Reilly responds to Steinle’s death with a call for the creation of what he calls “Kate’s Law,” which demands “a mandatory five year sentence in a federal penitentiary upon conviction” simply for being deported and then returning to the United States, the murder of citizens by police gets only crickets.

Nor, you can be sure, will Bill O’Reilly call for a law to protect movie-goers from white men carrying handguns in theaters. Because Second Amendment rights. O’Reilly blamed anything but guns for people being shot – by guns – regardless of the fact you can’t shoot people with your finger. Or a spoon.

We are doubtless all aware by now that armed white militiamen have begun showing up at military recruiting centers to “protect” the military personnel inside. The military has told them to go home.

Can you imagine if it had been black men with guns, standing outside? They wouldn’t have lasted five minutes. After all, a black man with a pizza gets beaten without warning by police. Miranda rights? Nah, we have fists and batons. We’ll just beat you and then charge you.

But black men with guns? It’s best America begin to think about that.

It is amazing that 500 American citizens could be killed already this year by police without a hue and cry, that young black girls can be body slammed to the sidewalk at pool parties and children beaten, black female motorists pulled over and punched in the head multiple times; yet Red State’s Eric Erickson can call on companies to stop donating to Planned Parenthood because that organization does abortions.

Shouldn’t the people we stop funding perhaps be police departments? After all, if they are not protecting us, they are not serving us. They’re supposed to stop murderers, not be murderers. All Planned Parenthood is doing is providing reproductive health services to people who want it. They’re not pulling the unwilling off the street and forcibly aborting their fetuses.

It is okay to kill young black people, but you can’t abort a fetus – even if it means the mother will die. Kill black people. Kill women. That’s a strange species of “pro-life” conservatives hold to.

Equally offensive is Erickson’s portrayal of pregnant women seeking reproductive health services as “pregnant female animals,” which paradoxically renders an unborn fetus a person, but the woman an animal.

For conservative America, only some among “We the People” are actually people. Others of us are animals. We scarce need to detail who fits into that category. Republicans have made it perfectly clear.

A government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” must include all the people or it is nothing of the sort.
Republicans decry abortion as human sacrifice to Baal or Moloch, but I put it to you: what else is the murder of innocent blacks but human sacrifice to the God of Bigotry: White Republican Jesus and his Holy AR-15?

Photo: CNN screen capture

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  1. Don’t worry Bobby Jindal is praying instead of doing something as simple as background checks. Now they may have not stop this terrorist from murdering those innocent people but what if he had a history of mental illness?

  2. I can’t add much to this except “great article” and, ignorant, racist republibaggers don’t care about anything you just wrote because facts don’t matter to them.The only way to beat them?…democrats need to start voting en mass, not like the midterms where less than a third even bothered to show up to vote.

  3. Bobby J was just on the Today show trying…unsuccessfully to sound like he really really cared…trying to sound like the incredible Gov of So far as the abortion insanity…always found it interesting that the very people who fervently care about life before birth…seem to care so little for providing any support afterwards…

  4. If Piyush were to try anything like meaningful reform, it might cost him those two RepubliBaggers who might actually vote for him.
    He figures it’s easier to pander for more Evangelical votes.

  5. Another mentally disturbed young man who goes on a shooting rampage…

    But don’t touch our guns for chrissakes!

    A Well Regulated Milita, does not allow crazies access to guns.
    But like anything else in the U.S., Ammosexuals will bend over backwards trying to avoid anything resembling responsibility for their own contributions towards this.

    Side note- the Sandra Bland affair; the excuses and proclamations from the Police involved have already passed the point of ludicrousness. Broken shoulder? Yet managed to hang herself? Massive amount of marijuana? Easily accessible in jail?

    And the annoying thing? They’ll be absolved of responsibility. It’s the Republican Way!

  6. These were NOT murders! The gunman was ONLY exercising his 2nd Amendment rights and anyone who got in the way was..well deserving of it according to the NRA. These people were NOT innocent Americans who simply wanted to watch a movie and because they were not armed to the proverbial teeth it is THEIR FAULT they are dead! Not the gunman’s…According to the NRA. And you know that just as many people could get killed if someone had driven their car into the theater through all of the doors not wide enough for a vehicle, according to the NRA!. AND here’s the clincher!! A handgun was not used! the gunman THREW the bullets at those non-innocent people because according to the NRA guns do not kill people! Guns are not the issue when a gun is used to commit a crime, according to the NRA! The ONLY solution is to ABOLISH the NRA!!

  7. You’re right time to abolish the NRA they are nothing more than the marketing arm of the gun manufactures

    Gun production has more than doubled over the course of the Obama administration, according to a new report from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

    The manufacturing boom has come in the face of the president’s push to expand background checks and place new restrictions on guns in the wake of high-profile shootings like the recent mass-killing in Charleston, S.C., and the 2012 massacre at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school.

    The numbers paint a picture of gun owners who are concerned about new restrictions on their Second Amendment rights, activists say.

    “The ATF report confirms what we already know, that Barack Obama deserves the ‘Gun Salesman of the Decade’ award,” said Erich Pratt, spokesman for the Gun Owners of America. “People have been rushing to buy firearms because they’re afraid that Obama will take away their Second Amendment rights.”

    The ATF’s annual firearms commerce report tracks the number of guns manufactured in the United States, which provides an indication of gun sales around the country.

    The number of guns manufactured increased by 18 percent during the George W. Bush administration, while the Clinton administration actually saw a 9 percent reduction.

    But under President Obama, gun production has spiked 140 percent to 10.8 million firearms in 2013, the most recent year for which data is available.

  8. It’s too soon to talk about gun control…we have to think about the victims and mourn them…we can talk about gun control in a few days…oh wait, another mass shooting…we can’t talk about gun control…we have to mourn the victims now, we have to think of them, we can’t politicize this tragedy…we can talk about all that in a few…oh wait, another mass shooting…well it would be inconsiderate to discuss real gun control measures at a time like this, think of the victims…we’ll have plenty of time to discuss that later…oh wait, another mass shooting…and on and on it goes.

  9. …just a theory…if an armed assault on NRA HQ successfully killed all the current corrupted assholes, would thier successors have more sense; of simply turn NRA HQ into a heavily armed fortress???

  10. Those damned fool people!

    They deliberately got into the way of the bullets that came from that Blessed Man’s guns.

  11. The Lafayette LA guman has been identified as 58 year-old John Russell Houser.

    A google search shows a John Russell Houser registering on the site Tea Party Nation in June 2013:

    Not much there though. Gives location as Phenix AL.

    There’s a linkedin page for a John Russell Houser in Phenix, AL:

    john russell houser ‏@jrustyhouser 5 Jun 2013
    If you don’t think the internet is censored, try reading a newspaper from a country that hates liberals the way I do.
    11 retweets 0 favorites

    john russell houser ‏@jrustyhouser 5 Jun 2013

    The Westboro Baptist Church may be the last real church in America[members not brainwashed].

  12. As far as I’m concerned this is another case of republican sponsored domestic terrorism since they refuse at the behest of the NRA to pass any form of common sense gun control laws. In fact all republicans have done is make it easier to acquire guns, with no standards at all of who can acquire guns, or what kind of guns can be on the market. Dont get me started on these stupid, idiotic open and concealed carry laws with no standards or restrictions attached. The NRA and republican party is alltogether evil.

  13. Authorities have learned more about Lafayette, Louisiana, movie theater shooter John Russell Houser, including his blog posts and a 2008 restraining order against him in which his then-wife “was fearful of him (and) his daughter was fearful of him,” Louisiana State Police Col. Michael Edmonson said Friday.

    With the help of ALEC even if you have restraining orders you too can have a gun.

    In 2013 Alabama became a “shall issue” state
    Where concealed carry permits aren’t subject to review, but MUST be issued if the applicant isn’t blocked by law.

  14. This is Houser Manifesto
    How do I cope with the US gov’t,it’s immorality,and stupidity?

    1 Recognize a lost cause.It is too late.The US is oozing the puss of foolishness and perversion.
    2 Find a positive way to exert your energies.I recommend laughing as often as possible.Here is something that is truly funny: since I accepted this it came to me that the president is doing exactly what Tim McVeigh did,only the president is much more effective.The way I see it,the faster he wrecks this nation, which in no way resembles what it’s founders envisioned,the faster working people with morals may re-assume I was for his re-election. I like his spending habits.etc……Truth and death always go hand in hand, and in our brave moments we can laugh. Whatever truth requires, I will accept.
    3 Encourage whatever takes us forward. Right now, down is forward.

    4 For the few who will understand this, it is my hope that you will see to one preparation for the coming downfall, which will be worse than a Mad Max scenario. That preparation is not storing up canned goods, munitions,etc, but to gather what will be necessary to put in your families food to insure a painless and certain death should the need arise.,if there are no cell phones,no TV,no power,gas,no stores,no police,etc.

    5 If you are male, fight until the end, and enjoy it.People are good at what they enjoy, and your Maker would want it that way.

  15. They’d turn it into a heavily armed fortress, require their employees to come to work armed, and they would use as justification for every workplace in America to arm its workers, too.

  16. Here is a utube of Senator Feinstein who had a proposed a bill in 1995 to ban ASSULT WEAPONS, which DIED in congress because of the NRA.
    President Obama is also featured.

    Senator Feinstein witnessed the assassination of San Francisco city councelman Harvey Milk and Mayor Mascone in 1978 and she was determined to at least ban ASSULT WEAPONS.
    November 27 is Harvey Milk/Mayor Mascone day and the Rainbow flag is flown over SF city hall.

    How Europeans, the Brits and the other countries which ban guns sleep at night?
    THEY SLEEP JUST FINE, they’re not living in terror and scared shitless of everyone.

  17. Connecting the Dots: For the past few nights, extreme RW anti-Obama/anti-liberal guests (such as Steve Quayle and last night, Alex Jones) have been on Coast-to-Coast AM. The host says that he doesn’t like to get into politics but that is exactly what they did– Obama this and Obama that and liberals are the problem.

    This national radio program has a huge audience and is on over 600 stations from coast to coast.

    I thought last night– oh boy, another mass shooting will happen somewhere soon by an angry RW Tea Party Patriot that was pushed over the edge. I believe that John Russell Houser was listening to Coast-To-Coast AM this week in his car.

    The last time something like this happened was on the week of January 9, 2011 when Jared Lee Loughner (a fan of Alex Jones conspiracy DVDs) shot Democratic Congresswoman Gabby Giffords in an Arizona supermarket parking lot. I believe that Coast-To-Coast AM had the same RW guests on that same week.

    Do you see the pattern here?

  18. “But black men with guns? It’s best America begin to think about that.”

    It might be helpful to remember that the ONLY time that the NRA wanted to promote gun regulations was when the Black Panthers were arming themselves.

  19. Trend Analysis-

    Liberal Analysis Conclusion:
    We need to monitor white folks more often.

    Conservative Analysis Conclusion:

  20. Yes.

    I do.

    And now we’ll be hearing ‘theories’ about how it’s all being orchestrated by Obama for an effort to grab guns…


  21. Moongrim, that happened right here in my hometown of Lancaster, Ohio. I had a vision of this happening just before I woke up yesterday, Nostradamus has NOTHING on me! I was debating on facetube with a friend of mine about the NRA sanctioned murders and he lost of course because he tried to fight LOGIC and FACTS with boilerplate NRA piffle.

  22. Re-Post: Of Course It’s the Guns. It’s Always the Guns.

    (This is a repost from a month ago because there’s very little left to say. One word has been added: Lafayette, which is the Rude Pundit’s hometown.)

    We know, right? We know that, at the end of the discussion, after we’ve talked about racism and hatred and mental illness, what remains are the guns. No, you won’t get rid of racism and hatred and mental illness by taking the guns away, but nothing will ever get rid of that. Those aren’t tangible things. Ideas can’t be taken out of someone’s hands, alive and warm or cold and dead, melted down, and eliminated.
    – See more at:

  23. You guys just don’t get it. Mass killing, accident deaths & family murders are just collateral damage for Freedom!
    It’s the same as if you want to bake a cake from scratch, you gonna get some flour on you or the table. Signed Ms Snarky
    Btw, the continuing mass killing makes my heart hurt. I was thinking about making a list of places not to go. Just sad!

  24. O’Reilly etal wouldn’t want to stand in the way of continued profits for the gun industry. Is anything more important than that?

  25. There is a gun sickness in control of this country. We do not need this militarization, Wild West mentality, Carry laws. This is not the country our vets have fought for. These politicians do not represent the 81% who demand controls.


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