Ted Cruz Goes Ballistic On The Senate Floor and Calls Mitch McConnell A Liar

Ted Cruz went ballistic and called Mitch McConnell a liar during a meltdown on the Senate floor.


Cruz claimed that McConnell promised him that there was no deal on the Ex-Im Bank:

We had a Senate Republican lunch where I stood up and I asked the majority leader very directly, what was the deal that was just cut on [trade legislation, and was there a deal for the Export-Import Bank? It was a direct question. I asked the majority leader in front of all the Republican senators. The majority leader was visibly angry with me that I would ask such a question, and the majority leader looked at me and said, There is no deal, there is no deal, there is no deal. Like Saint Peter, he repeated it three times.

Sen. Cruz said that McConnell looked him in the eye and lied to him, “What we just saw today was an absolute demonstration that not only what he told every Republican senator, but he told the press over and over again was a simple lie.”

Cruz was irate because McConnell assured him that there was no deal to extend Ex-Im Bank, then used his power as Majority Leader to shut out all other amendments while proposing his own amendment that would extend the Ex-Im Bank as part of the transportation bill.

It is extremely rare to see a Senator call another Senator a liar on the Senate floor. You’ll notice that Cruz was very careful not to violate the rules of Senate decorum by directing his attack at the Majority Leader, but he called McConnell a liar.

The Republican Party is falling apart in every direction. The McConnell run Senate is quickly becoming a mirror image of John Boehner’s dysfunctional House. Donald Trump is riding high on a campaign of overt racism in the Republican presidential polls while Ted Cruz is taking a flamethrower to the Senate.

Cruz is also looking to establish himself as the heir to crown of outsider candidate after Donald Trump implodes, but dysfunctional chaos is running the Republican Party and this level of infighting does not bode well for the party’s chances of winning the White House in 2016.

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  1. Raphael sounds more and more like a communist plant to subvert the United States

    With this blow up he gives a whole new meaning to Texas Toast

  2. Oh goodness gracious me…

    Tez Crud getting all huffy about a Republican Lie. Never mind that Republicans- lie pathologically, apparently Republicans aren’t supposed to lie to other Republicans.

    Well done Mr. Crud- you’ve just demonstrated (again) why you’re unsuitable to be POTUS.

  3. Guess the liberal/democrat charge that republicans are all “lock step” automatons that don’t think for themselves is now trashed. Cruz shows in this argument that 1) he is a brilliant scholar that can promote the conservative POV and 2) he is against the status quo in the congress. Good for Ted!

  4. first, by pointing out McConnel’s duplicity in this process, how did Cruz lie? He fully explained every detail, including the “back room” politics that too often infect both parties in Congress. I applaud his frankness. Second, if lying is a big concern of yours, I trust you won’t be voting for Hil -LIE -ry, who has a severe allergic reaction to speaking factually.

  5. Republicans are a bunch of 2 year old toddlers throwing tantrums.

    Rep. Joe Wilson
    We suspect it’s rare that the president gets heckled during a speech to a joint session of Congress, but Rep. Joe Wilson didn’t hold back. “You lie!” shouted the South Carolina Republican.Sep 9, 2009

  6. There is no promise that Blue Bell ice cream is safe yet. Stay away from the test batch– it’s doing you no damned good.

  7. There is no deal, there is no deal, there is no deal. Like Saint Peter, he repeated it three times.

    What, no rooster crowing? Oh that’s right, Cruz-control crows for himself.

  8. “…Cruz was very careful not to violate the rules of Senate decorum…”
    Senate decorum? Really? Members of the Senate majority have long since given up governing for running around the Senate chamber in big floppy shoes, red noses, and bad wigs, honking bicycle horns and squirting water from boutonnieres while riding tiny tricycles.

    I hardly think they can lay any claim to decorum at this point.

  9. Telling the Truth as Hillary does, means not agreeing to whatever the Republicans want her to say.

    Thus the Benghazi “scandal’ will continue to go nowhere, along with your vapid declarations of victory concerning the worst POTUS candidate the Republicans have…

  10. The REPUB Kindergarten is out in full force! Like little 4-year olds, the REPUBS manage to display all their temper tantrums in public. Keep it up, REPUBS. SHOW US what you’re made of – “frogs and snails and little dogs tails.”

  11. I can just see “President Cruz” pulling this stunt during a delicate international negotiation. This man simply does not have the temperament to be President.

  12. This from the coward that refused to speak up about Donald trump saying something along the lines of he refuses to attack a fellow Republican which was itself a huge lie…

    He’s got balls calling anyone a liar!

  13. Ted Cruz is the type of guy you see at a train wreck wearing a trench coat bent over pulling the gold crowns and picking the pockets of the dead.

  14. Cruz is crying because Bitch lied to him? That old buzzard has been lying to the people of Ky for over 30 years, and the rubes here keep reelecting him! Not like the facts aren’t out there to explore. Apparently your party likes his methods, yall keep him in the leadership! Hopefully come “16”, he’ll be demoted to minority leader again!

  15. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is ready to try to take out House Republican hard-liners who have been getting in their way, Politico reports.

    The group’s apparent new willingness to engage in hand-to-hand political combat to take out sitting Republicans would represent a major shift for the business community, which has largely shied away from targeting sitting lawmakers. […]
    The theory is simple: The Chamber spent some $70 million in 2014, mostly to help Senate Republicans build their majority. But many of their legislative priorities—immigration reform, the renewal of the Export-Import Bank and a long-term highway bill—have been held up by a clutch of conservative lawmakers in the House.


    I know the canuck via Cuba is not up for re-election but I think he will be a one term Senator

  16. Apparently you are not smart enough to grasp that the thrust of the story is that McConnell lied, not Cruz. Whoever the Democratic nominee is, I will vote for that person, and he or she will crush whatever evil clown piece-of-you-know-What that the Republicans nominate. The Democratic nominee will mop the floor with the evil clown party nominee.

  17. You gotta give CheatingDumbBastard some slack, John Ward.

    His heart pumping lust for Crud is overriding his judgment.

  18. ummmm… no… I get that McConnell lied… it’s not anything new or surprising…

    the funny part of this is that sCruz is dumb enough to expect that he, personally, wouldn’t be lied to…

  19. I’d love to see it happen, but he speaks the Texas-Dumbass dialect fluently! There are pockets of sanity down there, but their not republican and those people love him.

  20. One huge liar calling out another. And like Cruz is acting all so crushed. Give me a break.

    Cruz is the repug senate turdbird that everyone despises. Even his own party. This creep is going nowhere except to go cry on his lunatic father’s shoulder.

  21. It won’t be anything so ‘manly’ as a fistfight. More like a slapfight…

    I’m laying in an extra stock of popcorn.

  22. Yup, Maxie. The republican/tea party clown show are eating each other up like the poem about the “Gingham Dog And The Calico Cat.” I’ll bring the s’mores, if you bring the popcorn! lol!

  23. Mitch McConnell setting himself up for another epic leadership fail. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has set up a rare Sunday vote ahead of a looming and critical deadline which will fall just before Congress goes on a long recess, hoping he can twist arms in the Senate and jam the House of Representatives into going along with the bill he wants instead of what they already passed. That’s despite that fact that House leadership has repeatedly and very publicly said it won’t work. Sound familiar? That’s because we’ve been here before, and pretty recently. It was just two months ago that McConnell was trying to ram an extension of the Patriot Act through Congress, after the House had already passed bipartisan legislation that included reforms and with bipartisan opposition in the Senate.
    This time around it’s a highway funding bill, which the Senate will vote on Sunday having passed a procedural motion to move it forward Friday, 51-26 (many senators had already left for the weekend). To try to overcome opposition on both sides of the aisle, he’s attached two amendments: repealing Obamacare and reopening the Export-Import Bank. He added those two presumably in hopes that they’d cancel each other out. Democrats will hate (for very good reason!) voting again on Obamcare, but Republicans love it. There’s very strong opposition within the GOP for the Ex-Im Bank, but Democrats wanted it. Not a very subtle ploy from McConnell to try to get a bill done quickly.

  24. Maybe Cruz will sue turtle!

    This is so embarrassing for our country.

    We have this great President with intelligence, perseverance, humility, and willing to fight to the middle class, he is witty, respectful, on and on..

    then imagine one of the GOP bunch being president next..that is really slumming it.

  25. I dunno, but it seems that the Republicans are coming apart. Starting with Trump, who has started a campaign to OUT his people, disparage them, shame them….and you know what? He is on the money. You know what else? None of them are fighting back. Why? Trump has put them in a no win position. Their Bull Shit defenses, old and tired ones—-can’t cut it anymore. Trump has exposed the achilles heal of the Republican Party: They talk the talk, but have NOTHING to back it up with. Empty, rhetoric that is old and tired and frankly speaking: Sick!

  26. Sadly, I fear that will be happening to the left. If Sanders doesn’t win, there will be a deep resentment in the party that may leave a deep fracture in the party. He’s giving people hope, and to go back to status quo can be heartbreaking for people who are really struggling.

  27. I LOVE that book!
    So did my kids. We have a battered copied without the cover from when I was small.

    And yes they are destroying themselves from within.
    I often wonder how history will judge us 100 years from now, the republicans for imploding and the Democrats for not hastening the process.

    And what does God think of his chosen party acting like this? Isn’t lying against the big 10?

  28. I live in a very gerrymandered district, and my only rep is a TeaParty devotee, Tom Rooney. I have contacted him many times, and all I ever get back is stock letters talking the TP rhetoric.

  29. DIANE, YOU MISS THE POINT. In the Domioninist belief lying for God, is acceptable. So you see, if these people lie, they always claim it’s for building Gods house. Just like tacking the wealth of others for them selves, is acceptable,(aka) the duggars and slimy himself.

  30. Does the phrase:”Don’t put all your eggs into one basket”, mean anything to you?

    If Bernie doesn’t win- we’ll survive just fine. And who knows, perhaps Hillary will be a diamond in the rough?

    Roll with the punches.

  31. ANYTHING “does not bode well for the party’s chances of winning the White House in 2016” is GOOD for America.

    These haters of all that is good for America and REAL Americans need to be totally defeated till they cease to exist or are unable to slither out from under their rocks.

    BTW-Why is the FACT that krooz is not a real American and cannot be president not being forcefully addressed?

  32. …did you ever read “Stone Soup”???
    …one rainy day I was sittin’ me nephew, and read that story…ind I said “Y’know, I think I got a Soupstone”….

  33. That is a valid point, I’m guessing that it’s a whole lotta different SHADE to consider.

    But it is rather strange that it’s being ignored so effectively- it’s beyond the PALE.

    Whether or not he’s qualified: it’s the difference between BLACK & WHITE.

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