Donald Trump Goes After Scott Walker in Iowa


Donald Trump visited the Mexican border and took a more casual stance toward undocumented immigrants. He may be willing to let some of them stay now, he says. And maybe his vaunted wall doesn’t have to cover the entire border. But he found a new target today in Iowa: Scott Walker.

“Today I read this horrible statement from a fundraiser about Trump, and I said, ‘Oh finally, I can attack, finally.”

And he made a point that is uncontestable, and one to which every Wisconsin resident could testify: the infrastructure. Roads, specifically.

Speaking at Oskaloosa High School in Oskaloosa, Iowa, Trump said, “Wisconsin is doing terribly. It’s in turmoil. The roads are a disaster because they don’t have money to rebuild them.” If you take the Beltline around Madison, you can see this clearly.

You would almost think The Donald had become a Democrat.

Elsewhere, Trump stuck less close to the facts, saying, “Schools are a disaster. Hospitals and education are a disaster. And he was totally in favor of Common Core, which I hate.”

In fact, there are some very good schools in Wisconsin, and my son goes to one of them. He is also treated at a very good hospital, full of talented and well-trained medical personnel. A state is not destroyed overnight. For Republicans, destruction is an on-going process.

Things may not remain a good as they are, of course, if the current regime were to remain in place, of course. Because Walker has plans.

The horrible statement referred to by Trump was that of a Walker fundraiser, which raised idiocy to a new level by calling Trump “DumbDumb” in a fundraising invitation, relatesThe Wall Street Journal. There is some irony in anyone related to the Walker campaign calling any other candidate “DumbDumb.”

Gregory Slayton of New Hampshire, who made the comment, says he stands by it, touching on irony again when he claimed, “Guys who are not that smart can get rich, it’s wonderful. But Donald Trump is not going to be president of the United States ever, period, end of story.”

Right. And neither is Scott Walker.

Of course, Trump also dissed the Des Moines Register, denying them press credentials after they called on him to drop out of the race. They won’t be covering Trump – at least not live.

“We have so many people standing outside … actually, the Des Moines Register is standing outside, too,” said Trump, earning laughter from his fans.

Donald Trump has eclipsed the other Republican candidates of late, though Walker is actually favored by Iowans 23-13 percent, according to a Monmouth University poll of Iowans Monday.

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  1. I’m getting the notion that that patch of fur superglued to his forehead might be from a Tasmanian Devil.

    Cause he’s acting like, and as smart as one.

  2. “Trump is favored by Iowans, 23-13 percent.” Good Lord, are they growing corn or smoking it? I realize that Iowa Republicans don’t have a lot of choice here, but Trump? Of course, they also picked Bachmann last time around, didn’t they? Donnie is doing Democrats a lot of good, because he can point out the obvious bias, lies, and absurdity of his chosen party, and make a few people think. No, Donnie will not be President. But he sure may help us get a Democrat elected before the ship of state is sunk by the GOP/Koch/ALEC/Netanyahu cartel.

  3. …methinks I ODed on me RDA of Irony today…Weasel Kochsucker calling Donald Trump Dumb-Dumb??? As for now, no personal attack from Trump…he didn’t need it…our roads here ARE not up to par…along with bridges AND cuts in education…bein’ a Teatard cuts no ice with Trump, apparently…

  4. It’s what I’ve been waiting for. Trump isn’t getting personal with putrid Scott Walker like he did the other GOP pols. Get personal with this dictator in waiting. Attack him, he is the one who deserves it most.

    God help me, but I like Trump better than Walker. Walker might actually win with help from his puppet masters the Kochs. That would turn America into Greece, austerity for everyone but the 1%. He’s also got that aw shucks dumbness that fools people into thinking he’s a good guy. He’s Satan.

  5. I think we should just sit back and leftField do his thing. He’s actually aiding Democrats. He’s saying what Democrats have been saying for seven years, but the media ignored it. Not anymore. Let’s applaud the blowhard for doing the left’s work.

  6. There goes his position as stalking horse, if that’s what it was. Göring with the bird’s nest on top was not about to let his vanity be affronted, even if it was part of his job description.

  7. Walker scares the sh*t out of me too. He’s got the legislature sewn up, the State Supreme Court, and the Chief Justice, he’s gutting the open records laws, he’s getting things signed into law after midnight on Friday nights and the entire Wisconsin media is in the bag for him.
    There will be no criticisms of Walker in this state.
    I wonder how much of that is the fact he showed us what a vindictive little sucker he is.
    I’m on the enemies list, BTW. Guess I won’t be on the UW Board of Regents anytime soon. Nor will I be able to attend any of his speaking events. (Google those two last with the words recall petition)

    Oh, since I’m speaking of his vindictiveness. The $25 tax on all bikes sold in WI, which was a direct threat to Mary Burke’s family owned Trek Bikes, was struck out at the last minute but he managed to still repeal the “Complete Streets Law” which requires that bicycles and pedestrians be considered whenever a road is built or reconstructed with state or fe…

  8. Surprised to see Donnie dis Shark Eyes. This makes me
    believe he doesn’t plan on exiting the campaign if he
    fails to get the repug nomination only to throw his
    support to the Koch hoe. This egotistical megalomaniac
    definitely intends to go indy. Jah be praised!

  9. I feel your pain. Wisconsinites had two bites at the Walker apple and there he is, still sitting governor. Terrible to be blue, trapped in a red state. I know, living in Arizona. Don’t worry the rest of the nation (majority) knows him to be an utter moron. No matter how much money backing him, you can’t polish a turd, so.. done and done. (he or Trump)

  10. I have to admit to feelings of complete total revulsion every time I look at a mugshot of Walker – that face is too creepy for words !
    Hoping Trumpy goes Independant, then we get whoever is the Dem candidate – request for Bernie submitted !

  11. One of my all-time favorite movies. The resemblance of Drump’s hand gestures to the monsters is uncanny. I dont trust overexaggerators, they usually have nothing of substance to say.

  12. Actually Iowa republicans picked santorum in their 2012 caucus, and the huckster in their 2008 caucus. It was in the 2011 Iowa Straw Poll that they picked bachmann.

    But they were losers all, and your point is well taken.

  13. Agreed! I love Bernie, but I’ll gladly vote for, and support Hillary over ANY of the republican clowns.

  14. “The Donald” nor Walker stands any kind of chance of winning anything except the biggest clown award…..we’ll put another Dem in office and take care of the losers in the House and Senate also… more Rethugs!!!!!

  15. …one test remains…we must see Trump singing “Puttin’ on the Ritz” this will show the world the MONSTER…
    …that said, Weasel Kochsucker {Walker} hasn’t yet had the balls to go full “Brownback” here…too many hunters who are also Vets…many are Dems…

  16. I read all the comments about the Dem’s taking control in 2016. BUT, I have this vague feeling deep inside, that the thugs have control over so many election machines, we may have a real fight on our Hands. We, must not, become so complacent!

  17. Shaduwwolf, there is still hope for Kansas. I recently spent the night in Topeka and asked the kid at the motel desk what he thought about Sam Brownback. His reply, I don’t know much about politics but I can’t stand the sucker.

    BTW, today is 26 July. What was the 26 of July movement? [WINK]

  18. Trump Tickles the Hatred Zone
    You now have new data from the CNN/ORC poll and the Economist/YouGov poll. They both indicate that Donald Trump weathered the storm from his John McCain comments and came out of the controversy in a stronger overall position. I kind of like how Molly Ball summarized the situation:

    Trump has the Republican Party by the throat. It cannot figure out how to get rid of him. The party elites, those snobs in D.C. who do not respect or understand the people out there in America, are tearing their hair out over the damage Trump is supposedly doing to the party…

    …Yet the party has no power over Trump. He has the money, he has the press, he has the voters…

    …Tomorrow, he will be on the front page again; he will lead all the newscasts. The summer of Trump will continue.

    You can’t stop it. Nobody can.
    Read More

  19. Manderlay, you’re my kind of hero Can you say in general what you did to piss the fucface off? If he was elected President, I believe someone would pummel that stupid look off his face permanently or worse. Pres. Walker is unacceptable. He’s the enemy of working class people

    The head of the AFL-CIO was right. Walker is a national disgrace. How can blue collar Wisconsin not know that? My goofy red state Gov. isn’t that hideous. Besides being a “God people” he stays in the background. It upsets me greatly that they keep voting for this abomination.

  20. Me too! The sight of his face is revolting & makes me feel intense hatred. He nauseates me. I didn’t hate my ex-husband as much as that sneaky, dense looking Koch boy servant.

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