Ted Cruz Sells His Soul to Frackers for $15 Million

While Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are bringing in a sizeable number of donations of under $100, Republicans have been going for the big money, like the huge score Ted Cruz just made from a pair of Texas frackers.

Even so, on July 16, Newsmax made a big deal of Hillary receiving donations from wealthy individuals, with the headline, “Hillary Clinton’s Donations From Hedge Fund Titans Exceed Republicans.”

Those Democrats are such elitists! You don’t want to be drinking milk when you read these things, at least not without a bib.

And here the Texas Messiah, Ted Cruz, just hauled in $15 million in a single donation from a pair of – yes – Texas brothers. CNN reports that it “amounts to the largest known donation so far in the 2016 presidential campaign.”

Well. Bernie gets the people. Cruz gets the dollars.

Contrast that with Sanders. As of the beginning of July, Sanders had 400,000 donations from about 250,000 donors, with an average donation of $33.51. Only 1 percent of those donations – an almost exact reversal of the elite group the GOP supports – were of more than $250.

The donation to Cruz’s Keep the Promise super PAC comes from a pair of fracking profiteers, Farris and Dan Wilks, so it’s not money any Democrat would want in any case. After all, you can’t drink $15 billion. You need clean water for that, and you won’t get that anywhere near a fracking site.

The Wilks brothers have, like Ted Cruz, failed to read the United States Constitution. According to CNN, Farris Wilks revealed that,

Our country was founded on the idea that our rights come from the Creator, not the government. I’m afraid we’re losing that. Unless we elect a principled conservative leader ready to stand up for our values, we’ll look back on what once was the land of opportunity and pass on a less prosperous nation to our children and grandchildren. That’s why we need Ted Cruz.

Actually, the country was founded on the principle that political power derives not from God, or God’s anointed (like Old World kings) but from the people. The Creator many of the Founding Fathers spoke of was not the Christian God of the Bible.

It goes without saying that Farris Wilks is a pastor. If you could find a Republican pastor who has read the Constitution, it would be a genuine biblical miracle.

On the other hand, that’s just the kind of support you would expect to see a would-be messiah like Ted Cruz receiving. They stack it high in Texas.

34 Replies to “Ted Cruz Sells His Soul to Frackers for $15 Million”

  1. We should be Shouting From The Roof-Tops: Look who’s Funding Republicans,
    Don’t Vote Against Americans Best-Interest!

  2. So if Cruz is elected, we can kiss clean water goodbye. In the meantime the big water corporations will corner the market on unfracked water and charge us like the big oil companies do. Hell, if any Republican gets into the White House, we will be totally ratfcked.

  3. Let the polluters throw away their money. Cruz is almost universally hated. Even by Republicans.

  4. Wowzers!

    That takes some extraordinary salesmanship!

    Fifteen million dollars for something everyone knows doesn’t exist.

    The land of opportunity! Ample opportunity to drink water that is poisonous.

  5. So, at next years Thanksgiving dinner, after their $15 billion dollar baby fails to win a single primary, and their party loses the election, I picture them sitting across the table from each other…”Okay, who’s stupid idea was that, anyway?” We can only hope.

  6. Why two to’s?

    Hey, This is America and Cruz is entitled to wear whatever types of garments he chooses, even tutus or Freudian slips!


  7. According to Pope Frank, Republicans are the ‘dung of the devil’ …or maybe just the vermin that live off the stuff.

    No, Frank is correct: Republicans are raw sewage.

    Remember this: Republicans are the enemy.
    They’ll kill you, they’ll kill your family, they’ll kill America …if they can make a buck off it.
    Republicans are a toxic poison that is slowly murdering democracy, decency, and civilization.

  8. million. not billion. Bush will have a B not an M. Cruz is small potatoes 15 million.

    John Ellis Bush hauled only $114 million so far but it will be like that every quarter till he hits Billions – dwarfing every other candidate combined – if you add all the Rs and will also dwarf – likely double Hillary’s haul.

    That is because we Dems meet in church basements, libraries, classrooms and diners.

    The Rs all over the country hold their monthly meetings at the yacht club, the golf and country club, the white linen waterview swanky restaurants and eat lobster.

  9. And of course, Trump can spend a good chunk of his purported $10 Billion on himself if he chose to do so as billionaire Rs have done in the past.

    Trump spends 15 million on his hair products!


  10. and yet texass rethugs love him and his kind. He is literally killing and ripping them off with his anti-environment policies and corruption. How long before texass is uninhabitable?

  11. …o’ course if Crud WAS a Christian; he woulda given his soul to God…instead he sold it to Mammon and then sold a copy o’ the mortgage on it to the Frackers…

    I like your Christ but I don’t like your Christians, your Christians are nothing like your Christ. {Gandhi}

  12. This IS the GOP!! they don’t give a sweet FU@K about america!! republicans are about the MONEY!! they know fracking is destroying the food chain! THEY don’t give a FU@K! THEY know global warming is REAL! THEY don’t give a FU@K! THEY know america is becoming a PLUTOCRACY!! THEY don’t give a sweet FU@K! because THEY’RE the ones setting this nightmare up! The GOP since 1972 has been a terrorist organization! when nixon turned into a petty CAT burglar and REAGAN started sell DRUGS!! the GOP STOPPED being a political party! it’s ALL about the MONEY! ted cruz is just another cheap, FAKE GAG! the GOP is always trying to pull this $HIT! get some goofy A$S MINORITY and dress them up as if the GOP is suddenly respecting NON WHITES! BULL$HIT! ted is just another TOKEN! but this GOP TOKEN, is FOR REAL! he wants it ALL!! his psycho DADDY drummed into his head, he’s some CUBAN jesus christ and he’s going to usher in god’s judgement on EARTH! these people are dangerous!

  13. Speaking of Cruz and mothers. I can’t stand to even look at him, let alone listen to his squealy high pitched voice. But I am curious. I have never seen any mention of his mother except the PR stuff trying to convince us he is eligible to run for President. Of course I miss a lot. I am too picky about how I use the time I have left.
    Has anyone with more patience ever seen her picture? Is she alive? Has anyone ever even heard him mention he has a mother? I read both his parents were married to other people. I have thought for months..because of the disrespect shown toward his mother by him and the MSM that must have been the case when he was born.
    Nothing was sacred or a secret with President Obama and his family.
    I find all the “news” about his Cuban hypocrite ego driven crook of a father and not even acknowledging his mother is alive very suspicious.

  14. Thank you for the Ghandi quote. That is exactly how I feel too. Just have never been smart enough to put it in those words.

  15. I’ve never seen a pic of his mother and don’t know if she’s still alive.
    what I know is that his father bribed his way into the US –champion of legal immigration?-
    Cruz has said that both of his parents had serious problems with alcohol.

    I’ve read he had two half-sisters (one of them is dead). Miriam Cruz who was incarcerated for a short time for theft in 2004-county records-and was awaiting trial on arrests in 2010 for retail theft, public drunkenness and receiving stolen property when she died. The other half-sister, Roxana Cruz, is a medical doctor, who practices in Texas.

  16. And this is a major reason why the Repubs in
    Congress are so against the deal between the P5+1 and Iran. They know the Iranians will be selling their oil on the world market and prices will be coming down, which means less need for fracking. Fracking is already losing money because oil prices have been low. We know Boehner has stock in 7 different tar sands companies, and we know at least several other congresscritters get money from big oil. Of course they don’t want to lose their gravy trains.

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