Bernie Sanders Is The Only Candidate With A Positive Approval Rating In Iowa And New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders crowd cheering

Two new NBC News-Marist polls of Iowa and New Hampshire found that Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate in either party who has a positive approval rating in each state.

Here are the net approval ratings for the top candidates in Iowa:

Sanders +3 (30 percent/27 percent)

Rubio -1 (31 percent/32 percent)

Walker -1 (30 percent/31 percent)

Bush -12 (34 percent/46 percent)

Clinton -19 (37/56 percent)

Trump -28 (32 percent/60 percent)

Here are the net approval ratings for the top candidates in New Hampshire:

Sanders +12 (41 percent/29 percent)

Bush -5 (40 percent/45 percent)

Walker -6 (28 percent/34 percent)

Rubio -6 (28 percent/34 percent)

Clinton -20 (37 percent/57 percent)

Trump -40 (27 percent/67 percent)

Bernie Sanders is easily the most personally popular candidate in either party. Sanders is benefitting from the fact that no one is attacking him. Clinton is facing daily attacks in the media from Republicans while the issue based Sanders campaign has been resonating with Democratic voters across the country.

Beyond election results, what this poll demonstrates is that Bernie Sanders has a well of personal popularity that resonates beyond the 2016 election. Sanders is building a movement that will last beyond any presidential campaign.

The fact that none of the top candidates beyond Sanders has a positive personal approval rating speaks volumes about the current negative political environment among the electorate. None of the Republicans is the kind of popularity magnet that can carry them to the White House.

Bernie Sanders is the one positive messenger of the 2016 campaign. Approval ratings will change as the campaign moves forward, but Sen. Sanders has built a level of popularity that no other current 2016 candidate can match.

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  1. While this is good news for Sanders, I get the feeling that even with all the positives here, there is a gut feeling that someone on the right will find some sort of skeleton in his closet and use that as a weapon against him.

    That’s how politics work anymore.

  2. Sen. Sanders has a positive rating because he tells the truth about what is happening in America and what needs to be done to fully help the needy and build a middle class again, something the Republicans have no intention of doing.

  3. dj. Did you pay attention in 2008? The same thing is happening right now. Except this time it’s happening faster. Hillary doesn’t know how to win a campaign. She’s utterly disconnected with voters, and no amount of money will fix that. Game over.

  4. DJ. good link. I agree. I fear that the 2nd problem is going to happen.

    The extreme left is going to end up turning people off entirely if they don’t temper themselves.

    Still early, wait and see.

  5. Of course I paid attention. She had a real shitty campaign manager Mark Penn this time she has the Mook and he knows the rules on how to get delegates on top of all that she has already locked up the majority of super delegates. I will leave at that

  6. Its six months out but numbers never lie and if Sanders don’t win the two states most favorable to him ….
    In Iowa, Clinton leads Sanders by 29 points, 55% to 26%, with Martin O’Malley at 4% and Jim Webb at 2%. In a February NBC-Marist poll of the Hawkeye State, Sanders was just 7% in a field that also included Vice President Joe Biden, who isn’t expected to run for president.

    These results statistically mirrors the RCP average of 55.2/21 according to the RealClear averages.

    In New Hampshire, Clinton is ahead of Sanders (who represents neighboring Vermont in the U.S. Senate) by 13 points, 47% to 34%. They’re followed by O’Malley at 5% and Lincoln Chafee at 2%

  7. 6 months out. Yes, the Iowa caucuses are 6 months out, and Sanders is on the rise and Hillary is on the decline.

    In 2008 Hillary was the preordained Democratic nominee and she lost. History weill repeat itself.

  8. Hillary is the only one that could possibly beat Bernie, period! The only thing keeping dems from knowing who is going to be the next prez, is the primaries. Once those are over, it an easy bet who will be our next prez.

  9. Dude, it’s 2015!! Not 2016! We have under six months until the Iowa caucus. Calm down… Don’t get too excited.

  10. In Iowa, nearly 1/2 the voters do know how to rate him. That’s not good. Add his approval and disapproval numbers together. The rest are clueless about him – and that’s the place he has spent the most time.

  11. I love it when Bernie fans say “look at 2008,” implying that Bernie is the next Obama. The conveniently overlook 2 (well, 3) things.

    1. Obama won on the backs of black voters. Black voters are about 1/3 of the Democratic primary voters. Latinos are another huge chunk. It remains unclear how he will get any of those votes. Look at Bernie’s NO votes (yes, plural) on liberalizing immigration policy. This is going to sink him.

    2. Clinton actually won a majority of Democratic votes; Obama won the whole thing due to the role of the caucuses in awarding delegates. Bernie could become as wildly popular as Obama was and still lose.

    3. The media pumped the hell out of Obama. Journalists have tingling thighs. At the same time they beat Hillary to death – well some of them WANTED TO (“take her out behind the barn”). I am not sure this will happen again.

  12. It’s early. Sanders will keep going even he he loses both states’ primaries. One of his main goals is educating the electorate. He’s succeeding.

  13. No one is doubting that but, I don’t know, but one who follows politics no one has yet to explain how will he get his agenda, which we as progressives love through Congress even if we retake the Senate?

  14. imo the center is rotten. The corruption and cronyism that is on full display for the world to see is offensive to me. I think more people are coming to that realization, and hopefully we’ll start throwing out the bought and paid for politicians.

  15. As a progressive you have to go to the center. Not everyone is far right or far left. What we fail to realize is the far right votes . The far left, I didn’t get my golden unicorn so screw the system. And when that happens you get Scalia, Roberts, Thomas and Alito determining the shape of the country.

  16. We have 6 months until the primaries begin.

    Bernie’s voice will continue to stike a cord with democrats as more voters learn more about him.

    Hillay’s voice is well known and I only hope this email issue gets resolved.

    The GOP convention is July 18-21

    The Democratic convention is July 25-28
    We’ll have a 4 day advantage to know who their clown will be and we can hope it’s NOT Trump [WINK]

    I will vote for the democratic nominee in November.

  17. Dj, in a perfect world staying in the center, would be ideal. Unfortunately in today’s polarized environment only gets you run over. The spinelessness of the Democrats in the House and Senate is a prime example.

  18. Djchefron has pointed out an article that accuses Sen. Sanders supporters of trash talking SoS Clinton. And, yes, they have, BUT that works both ways. There have been a number a posters on this site that have tried to do a number on Sen. Sanders; accusing him of having dual citizenship, implying thru the use of an article in a Texas newspaper that he could be a communist.

    I, personally, do NOT wish to argue on personalities, or what happened in 2008 or whether someone is trash talking the other person’s candidate. I DON”T CARE. My concerns with SoS Clinton are where her loyalties lie.

    And I do believe these are legitimate concerns that need to be discussed. We have a long way to go. Only time will tell how these things will work out.

  19. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Hillary stands for
    tighter gun control whereas Bernie’s a bit beholding to
    the NRA crowd who made him a senator. He IS doing a
    splendid job of progressive plowing in such a backward
    thinking place as Iowa, though. Nuff respect.

  20. Are the Dems spineless? I guess one can say that but when you have only one party that tries to govern sometimes you just have to eat the shit sandwich and say its good or nothing will get done.

    But at the same time lets put the blame for this clusterfuk where it belongs. In a census year, 2010 you had a lot of so-call liberals telling people not to vote because they didn’t get their shiny unicorns. You had Jane Hamshear teaming up with Grover fuking Norquist in trying to kill the ACA and to be honest while blacks voted at almost the same rate when Obama was on the ballot our white liberal allies stayed home, Latinos stayed home or voted republican because their leaders told them since by dictate Obama didn’t pass immigration reform it was his fault.

    So going to center is the pragmatic thing to do because there will be no revolution and if it came most people wont no it because it wont be televised

  21. “Bernie Sanders is easily the most personally popular candidate in either party.”

    Well, you obviously don’t have any idea how numbers work.

  22. Cherry pick much? Among REPUBLICANS he got high marks, now why is that?

    Among actual Democratic voters, from your own link… she creams him.

    “Clinton’s fav/unfav is 74 percent/20 percent in Iowa (+54), and it’s 71 percent/23 percent in New Hampshire (+48).

    Sanders’ is 54 percent/15 percent in the Hawkeye State (+39), and 65 percent/14 percent in the Granite State (+51)”.

    Hillary 74/20 (Fav +54)total 94%.
    Sanders 54/15 (Fav +39)total 69%.
    IOWA: he has 51 % of 79%. She has 71% of 94%

    Hillary 71/23 (fav +48) total 94%
    NH Sanders 65/14 (Fav +51) total 79%
    she has 74% of 94%. he has 54% of 69%

    Totals: 40.29 him vs 66.74 her and 37.29 him vs 69.56 her.

    Every single time. WRONG and SKEWED here.

    Also, Biden is in those likely voter polls and past polls concluded she will get nearly all of his voters should he not join the contest.

    My girl is kicking ass, get real.

  23. Basically what the post is saying whoever wins the Democratic Nomination needs the base that is consistently loyal, POC. I grant you that Clinton has a leg up and with the recent flare up at Netroots nation didn’t help Sen. Sanders but he got the message
    Bernie’s strong words today at Southern Christian Leadership Conference

    Now if only his supporters would realize that and SOS Clinton don’t take it for granted
    Sanders, Clinton, and the Democratic Party should thank #BlackLivesMatter

  24. Patricia, you Have made it personal more than once. You even threatened to “excoriate” another poster if he/she posted anything else about Bernie that you didn’t like.
    I was the person that posted a link to the Communist Party of Houston. I pointed out that they were sending out pleas to their members to show up at all events for Bernie, which may have been the reason he had unexpected turnouts, and you attacked me for it. If you don’t like that, maybe you should contact them and tell them not to be so vociferous in their online support of Bernie.
    My point here is that you Do get personal, and you Do try to shut other people up.

  25. America already have a social agenda. Now what Sen. Sanders is saying who will we have socialism for whom

  26. Interesting.

    However, I will not pick up my toys and go home.

    I have legitimate concerns about SoS Clinton and feel they need to be discussed. If you feel they are personal thats your problem, not mine. I do not have those same concerns about Sen. Sanders.

    And I think that you have just made my point for me.

  27. Ideally we need to retake the Senate with Bernie as the majority leader; he would be so so strong in directing legislation and pressuring the president to bring on realistic legislation renewing the middle class; we need a veto proof senate; dems need to get some really good candidates.

  28. I think we’ve had enough Socialism for the Rich.

    Whomever can give the rest of us a chance for those kind of benefits- stands the better opportunity.

  29. Hillary Clinton said it: Black Lives Matter. No Hedge. July 20, 2015

    Hillary addresses nation’s racial inequality in meeting with SC Dems NY DAILY NEWS Thursday, July 23, 2015

    Hillary Clinton declared that “black lives matter,” as she repeatedly stressed that endemic racism must be tackled by government. “This is not just a slogan, this should be a guiding principle.”

    “We have to also acknowledge we have some serious problems with race and justice and systemic racism which unfortunately is all too often present.”

    “Anyone who says we don’t have to make any more progress is blind to what we need to do to deal with race and justice questions. I also believe that economic inequality is a symptom of racism, it is not the only reason for racism. Racism is much deeper.”

  30. Well that’s all well and good but what are her policies? Speaking for myself and I was wrong I gave President Obama a pass because of the political optics. That is a bullshit reason but I know my country. It is up to the candidates to say what they would do and SOS Clinton taken contributions from the private prison industrial complex has some explaining to do

  31. Bernie would have to become a democrat for that to happen. Not just caucus with them. Besides that will never happen. Bernie stands a far better chance of being elected POTUS and he is well on the way to making that happen.

  32. Where is Billy Moore? As a member of GreenPeace who puts the environment at the top of my list for decades, let me just say (chanelling Billy Moore)



    I have a lot to say – it is my number one subject in fact my whole life. But I will not even link to it here. If it is covered it will be with the usual wet dishrag attitude.

  33. She keeps saying she is taking nothing for granted.

    A balanced criminal justice system

    The recent tragedies in Ferguson, Baltimore, and North Charleston demonstrate the need to reform our criminal justice system and restore balance to our communities. The inequities that persist undermine our shared vision for what America can be and should be.

    One out of every 28 children now has a parent in prison. We will work to end mass incarceration while keeping our communities safe.

    The bonds of trust and respect between police officers and the citizens they protect are eroding. We will listen to law enforcement leaders and work with communities to prevent crime, rather than measuring success just by the number of arrests or convictions.

    Our communities need change that can be felt in our streets. We will ensure that federal funds for state and local law enforcement are used to bolster best practic…

  34. Her policies are rolling out. There are a dozen already out.

    It isn’t as if there aren’t several books on her policies. Her 08 platform. Her BIO that is the most extensive and accomplished of anyone who ever ran for office… etc.

    Please, she was a Senator from New York. NEW YORK and spent 8 years in the WHITE HOUSE.

    And was Secretary of State FCS. If people do not know her record then they weren’t paying attention.

    Correct the Record has TONS of info on her stances on the issues. It is a superpac for educating people about her and is allowed to coordinate since it is within the law for information pacs. The issues, the points and the record… all extensive because her experience is vast.


    But her own site has her new enviro plan and a video that made me sob because I have full faith in her plan and know she says what she means and means what she says. Look up her four fights on her site. Then read all the information sheets for each subject and it is part one of many in regard to the economic and environmental. She isn’t done.

    These are teams of experts in the fields working with her to plan our future.

    and she gets chit done. My wonk.

  36. Exactly. You need a wide base. WaPo has the charts showing why he does better when it is his demographic window. Her base is the democratic party and she had those same ratings in 2007, against an enormously hard opponent who was neck and neck tied all the way and who shared, at first, the same base. She won over some, he won over some and they fought it out till the end every step of the way. Then united despite lots of spilled blood and mud.

    There was no frontrunner for most of it and Obama had delegates, huge party power people in this corner, the DNC even – behind him all the way, some reports say they chose him for 08 way back in 2004 when he was given the keynote at the convention.

    That isn’t the case this time. There is a frontrunner and she has the backing of the party, the donor base, the rainbow of the dem voter base. In 2007 she had similar numbers and soon after got more votes than anyone else ever in the primary. High 70s among dems is a problem? NO.

  37. CNN ORC yesterday. Hillary +40 (same range)

    Biden gets 15% and statistically proven most of that would go to her if he decides not to run.

    Bernie still has not broken 20% support among democratic voters but his average has risen from 15% to 17.5.

    She is still +40 including Biden but without him in the question, as invariably happens the equation goes to +50 for her. Everytime.

    So if Biden isn’t in – she is up 50 which means she would have almost 70% of the democratic vote behind her and now ONLY has 60% of the party behind her – three times any opponent.

    If Biden does enter both Hillary and the others would lose some supporters. The Bernie supporters are largely, according to poll experts, among the 30% that always goes to “anybody but the frontrunner” people who always support the flavor of the day underdog.

    He isn’t even getting “generic other” numbers. As Edwards did and many others in history. MATH and HISTORY and reported widely in real news sources.

  38. There you are again. Showing that respect for other points of view that differ from the rigid world view of a Clintonian democratic voter.

    Stop with trying to tear Senator Sanders down. Let people come to their own conclusions. It’s really tiresome.

    I challenge you to go 24 hours without attempting to undermine support for Bernie Sanders. Can you do it?

  39. Did you even read the article? It was not tearing Sen.Sanders down what it did say was you far left ball washers with your drivel will turn off a lot of voters with your nonsense like this post of yours

  40. Agree on most of your post. I haven’t seen the nasty ones, only the truthful critiques. Truth sets us free. Hillary supporters need an education and fast. The planet doesn’t have time for another bend overly compromising official. Sadly the elections I saw all proved that in fact tearing down a candidate ‘does’ work. I don’t support it, but the truth does. That same truth is why people are following Sanders. The choice to mass same reason the Democrats lost horribly. They were torn down by every media, and a rush of money that dominated the airwaves. Not to mention mobs and crowds and not dealing with the issues and differences their opposing candidates made. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign – especially her debates – contrasted her sources and record against Scott Brown.

    Sadly Hillary is also in bed with ALEC, austerity, polluters, GMOs, Keystone Pipeline, the TPP?. Bernie & O’Mally – no such baggage, with the record to prove it. That’s why he’s the choice. Only Truth can save…

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