Michigan Citizens Strike Back At Rick Snyder’s Corporate Wealth Transfer


It is hardly a secret that Republicans exist solely for the benefit of the rich, corporations, and the religious. It is particularly evident in Republican-controlled states where Republican governors  and legislatures are stealing everything from the people, and state governments,  and giving the booty to corporations and the rich. Now, it appears that finally one state’s population has had enough of Republicans’ ‘reverse Robin Hood‘ economic policies and are sidestepping the Republican governor and legislature by appealing directly to the people for redress, and much-needed funding for infrastructure repairs. Of course the mainstream media has not reported on events in Michigan because the last thing corporate media wants is to give Americans across the country the idea that they have power to put a stop to Republicans transferring wealth to corporations and the rich at the expense of the poor, elderly, students, middle class, and infrastructure.

Anyone keeping track of corporate-puppet Rick Snyder’s wealth transfer in Michigan understands that the state is being ravaged to increase wealth for corporations. A group of Michigan residents is not only aware that their state is in the grips of corporations, they have watched their roads, bridges, and highways crumble around them while the Governor complains there is no money for transportation repairs due to revenue shortfalls resulting from tax cuts for corporations. Since Governor Snyder or the Republican legislature refuse to take any actions to address the decrepit state of Michigan’s roads, a group of Michigan citizens is circumventing the governor and state legislature and going straight to the people. The “citizen-initiated ballot initiative” is a referendum to raise corporate taxes from 6-percent to 11-percent to raise close to $1 billion to repair the fourth worst roads in the entire nation. The citizens are acutely aware that even if the Republican legislature miraculously pass legislation rescinding even a part of the “massive tax giveaways” to Snyder’s corporate friends, the governor would  never sign the legislation; he may even appoint an ’emergency manager’ to disband the legislature if they even thought of taking away the gifts to corporations.

The crux of the problem, typical of Republican-led states across the nation, was best explained by Tom Lutz of “Citizens For Fair Taxes.” Lutz said, “They (Snyder and Republicans) promised us that giving away billions of dollars in tax cuts to corporations and CEOs would lead to more and better work for Michiganders, but the only thing they did was make life harder on Michigan’s middle class and working people. They raised taxes on seniors and retirees. They raised property taxes on working families and the middle class, and they even raised taxes on poor families with children. But none of that money went to capital or key funding for infrastructure. It was simply given to corporations who took it as profit. This ballot proposal will bring fairness back to families who have paid more than their fair share.”

According to Citizens for Fair Taxes, what is happening in Michigan is exactly what is happening in every other red state and would be the case nationally if Republicans controlled all three branches of government. Snyder and Republicans handed corporations over $2 billion in tax cuts being paid for with tax hikes worth $1.6 billion on poor and middle class families and senior citizens. Fair Tax Fix reports that the Snyder-Republican corporate tax giveaway is the “single biggest shift in money from poor, middle class, and senior individuals to corporations in Michigan history.” Of course, the trickle down pledge that handing over billions to corporations would create a job bonanza never came to fruition because it was never intended to do anything but transfer wealth.

In its 2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the state revealed that while corporations “barely contributed $400 million to state coffers,” poor and middle class families and seniors watched their taxes “skyrocket 25% that sent $8 billion” to the state treasury to fund corporate tax cuts. The result of the wealth transfer through “monstrous corporate tax cuts” has not created jobs or helped Michigan workers; but they were never meant to.  In fact, according to study and report by the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Michigan median income dropped an astounding 21.6% to only $48,273 last year compared to $61,551 before Snyder and Republicans began transferring income from regular households to wealthy corporations. It is noteworthy that there is a nearly identical correlation between the 25% tax hike on regular Michigan residents and the nearly 22% decline in their income.

As the ballot initiative’s organizers noted, this direct approach circumventing the Republican legislature and corporate governor “may well be the only way to fight back against failed and harmful Republican policies and laws.” The group intends on expanding ballot initiative scope to create an independent commission to “fairly redraw” gerrymandered Republican districts and reinstate a fair graduated income tax. It is a clever means of combatting an aggressive Republican legislature and governor that continues stealthily inserting nasty appropriations “into every law they pass to prevent citizens from taking action” or having a voice in democracy.

Remember, Snyder has already instituted an “emergency manager” law that abolishes city council, mayoral, and school district” authority and given one Snyder appointee dictatorial power, but the Republicans have not completely wiped out democratic representation through abolishing the referendum process; the last semblance of democracy and likely the people’s last, and only, opportunity to rein in Snyder’s fascist takeover of Michigan. This populist move is about so much more than improving Michigan’s pathetic roads, or the transfer of wealth from the people directly to corporations and it should be a model for other sad, poor, and beleaguered Americans living in Republican-controlled states suffering the gross wealth transfer to the rich and corporations.

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  1. …Michiganders need to get rid o’ these greedheaded bastards…just one hunting season should do it…

  2. This is not just MI but ALL of the USA needs to be purged of the Domestic Terrorist organization know as the RW, TEABAG, GOP. They have shown that they do not love America nor do they love the U.S. Constitution(which most of them carry but do not know it or understand it). They need a very huge dose of “America Love it or Leave it”, with added incentive for them to LEAVE!!! ASAP!!

  3. Michigan voters seem to forget that Snyder has NOT accounted for all the money he has received with our current gas taxes! I have asked for almost 2years and I get nothing. Before this putz takes any more of my money, I demand to know what he has done with all that money in the last five years!

  4. If the voters/taxpayers don’t like what Snyder has been doing, why was he re-elected? Strike back? What for? They re-elected him, so what’s the problem? What’s Snyder doing in his second term that he didn’t do in his first?

    Spare me about these imbeciles that re-elected Republicans, and then are unhappy with them during their second term.

    Snyder, Walker, Scott, Christie, Brownback…. are behaving the same way the second time around, as they had the first time. If you ask me, the voters in these states are sadistic aholes, who re-elected sadistic aholes.

    They deserve whatever happens to them. The people had a chance to throw the bums out in Nova, but kept them in office! Let them take their wows to somebody who cares, which isn’t me.

    You made your bed, now go to bed in it!

  5. The problem I’ve noticed in just about every red state- they get reelected.

    But every red state also seems to have a Diebold machine or equivalent.

    Perhaps it is over due for some U.N. vote monitors…

  6. Maxie, I’m a Michigander. I didn’t vote for this putz either time. In fact, I busted my hump working on his recall. But, I do agree that because of the ignorant voters, we all have to pay. I do ask you a favour, please be kind to those of us that did our research and would NEVER vote for an asshole like this. We are struggling with the greed, hate and Koch dick sucking of these ‘lawmakers’. Thanks love

  7. There is voter fraud in all of these states.The voting machines are owned by Republican hacks.Romney’s son controls many of them.Many Rethuglican officials refuse the ID of legitimate voters.They close voting sites without warning or place them in inacessable areas.These people were not legitimately elected they cheated.

  8. Didn’t the citizens of Michigan just re-elect Snyder?

    I have no sympathy for them. They had their chance to get rid of him and they didn’t. They deserve whatever they get. Maybe they’ll finally learn (I doubt it though).

  9. In 2016 someone has to monitor the voting machines, because I really think most voting machines were rigged to get these lying, cheating, corrupt politicans elected or reelected and the Government didn’t do a damn thing about it, and they knew we would blame it on voter turnout not voting machines.
    We must rid this country of scum like the Kochsuckers and their john birch society teabag puppets.

  10. You might be interested in these statistics. This is what gerrymandering does. In the 2014 election cycle: Republican Congressional candidates received 47.5 percent of all votes but won nine of 14 seats. Democrats got 49 percent of all votes and won five seats.”

  11. It’s called “gerrymandering”. We also voted down the “right-to-work” law and the “financial manager” law. But the governor and his henchmen found a way to over-ride our vote and passed the bills anyway.

  12. Two things need to happen – One the creation of a non-partisan committee to draw the voting districts in every State. Second, either we return to paper ballots that are verified by human beings or all computerized voting machines have three verification methods.
    a) Double blind voting cards – The voter has a voter card (has voter info on it) they insert into machine that records their vote & verified by voter that vote is correct before it is ejected.
    b) Polling place has voter card with voters registration number only that they inject into machine that collects votes. After voter verification this drops into a lock box.
    c) Voter vote cards are run through a vote counter and checked against the voting machine. All variations noted and voters contacted to verify their cards with vote box cards.

  13. And all of that will be denounced as “Liberal” by those who have absolutely no desire to give up their power.

  14. What an ingenious system they have managed to maneuver into place since Reagan gave our country away to them 30 years ago. It has become the MO for that party.
    It works too well to be anything other than gargantuan scale theft and embezzelment of public funds!

  15. We are so screwed here in Michigan. Voters were warned in 2010, but they were so desperate for jobs that they wouldn’t listen. Snyder never said what he was going to do. (Then the left leaners didn’t vote in 2014.) The RWNJs in Lansing have Snyder by the balls. He is a liar big time. He says one thing and then signs a bill that is the exact opposite. I just want to cry and how they have destroyed our state all in the name of money and greed.

  16. I’m with you Aanna. I didn’t vote for Snyder either election. I too worked hard so he wouldn’t get re-elected, but a lot of folks didn’t vote in 2014.

  17. Great idea Moongrim. But, would they be greeted with open arms or with guns? These people do not play fair, thugery is their way to control any and all actions.

  18. I agree with your sentiment but not your solution. There was a time when criminals were the crooks, when Labor was the criminals and when the politicians are the criminals. It really should stop and is entirely possible in the voting booth or if your lazy like me change your registration online to be always mailed. Populism, socialism, give up on the names and vote for somebody that might help. Have you thought about Sanders?

  19. and you have reliable sources for that information, correct? the current state administration was reelected because too many people decided not to vote.

  20. He’s given it away to the rich and corporations. He’s also built up his so called rainy day funds.

  21. There are 12 American Indian tribes that operate 22 casinos in MI. By (law) they contribute billions of dollars each year to the State Of Michigan. The state requires the tribes to share 8 percent of their revenues with the Michigan Economic Development Corp & 2 percent with their local units of government. The 2 percent comes from the profit casino’s make on the slot machines. For starter’s look up Michigan Gaming Control Board,”Indian Gaming Section Annual Report to the Citizens of MI for calendar year 2014.”

    From a post in the Battle Creek Inquirer, 2/13/2015 stated “Local governments and Schools will receive $5million this year in slot machine revenue from Firekeepers Casino Hotel”. It also lists the millions of dollars that all the other Indian Casinos contribute. But the sad thing is that Rick Snyder can get his hands on this money for his own use by paying for his trips to China, Italy, Germany, Japan and other countries. “continued”

  22. “continued” The New York Times, June 22, 2015 states A state by state look at governors’ trade trips abroad, Rick Snyders trip alone in 2013, with all his business partners, to china & japan cost $251,000 approximately Rick Snyder would not provide full details but he did report that $219,000 was covered by the MEDC that receives from the profits of American Indian Casinos. Of the 50 state governors that traveled, Alaska, Hawaii, Illinois governors did not participate. Now, Bill Schutte, your Attorney General did nothing to bring state charges against Scott Woosley of MSHDA. I wrote a letter to him & of course did not get an answer. Scott Woosleys expense vouchers for 2013 were 118 pages long for all of the extravagant spending of state monies. It’s all out there. Woosley was appointed by Rick Snyder to MSHDA. Of interest (1) trip to China cost $30,187.77-first class. Snyder is obsessed by the word “executive”. The auditor general did nothing!

  23. I wrote to Rick Snyder, but as an executive he is immune from answering to all/any of us. All those millions of dollars all of the exec’s are spending could have had every road/bridge in our beautiful MI replaced. They have been doing this since 2011. Now watch out for the new Snyder departmental creation EB-5 Regional Center. Joe Borgstrom, director. What they have done is apply for 50,000 green cards to be distributed to immigrants to come to this country to start businesses. But once the business is built & in operation the immigrant does not have to live in MI, they can go where ever they want to, and then after 5 years they can become citizens. (source:Joosting@mlive.com 4/9/2014.) Already Borgstrom has traveled to China & Middle East; also planning trips to Asia, China, Vietnam, South America, Brazil, Russia, India. This is why Snyder has signed a bill for setting the minimum wage for MI workers at $8.15 an hour, & signed a bill to prohibit all counties from raising wages!

  24. What I would like to know is with all the money that Rick Snyder and his business buddies have, why haven’t all of them invested in MI and built the companies that they are asking the immigrants to do.
    They are asking that of the immigrant company owners that they have to put at least 10 workers to work! In 1997 Rick Snyder invested $100million dollars in his investment company Avalon Investments Inc.

    But everything that Snyder owns is a 501(c) 3, he doesn’t pay taxes! And I am sure that he & Borgstrom are telling the immigrants they will not have to pay corporation taxes! Rick Snyder alone & his buddies could build MI to the way we the citizens would be happy with and put all of the State of MI people to work. The MI Democratic Party is the one that started this by the FOIA on Scott Woosley. “Bravo”

    The Indian Casinos bring in Billions of dollars every year. Reading the MGCB report would be a good thing. Start asking questions. State exec’s think we are their servants.

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