Mike Huckabee Compares President Obama To Nazis Exterminating Jews

Perhaps it is because Republicans are embroiled in a race to see who can be the most extreme, or because of their intense desire to allow Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fear monger Americans into fighting another war against Muslims for Israel, but whatever their motivation, religious freak Mike Huckabee made a statement that rivals Donald Trump over the weekend. While he was at it, Huckabee took the time to compare President Barack Obama’s support of the United Nations’ P5+1 nuclear agreement with Iran to Adolf Hitler’s crusade to exterminate the Jewish people off the face of the Earth during the Holocaust.

In an interview on Saturday, Huckabee said the P5+1 Iranian nuclear President Obama supports will have the same impact as the Holocaust. Regardless that President Obama has said, ad nauseum, that he or the P5+1 coalition in no way trusts the Iranians, Huckabee saidIt is so naive that he would trust the Iranians. He will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven. This is the most idiotic thing, this Iran deal. It should be rejected by the American people. I read the whole deal. We gave away the whole store. It’s got to be stopped.” On his campaign website, Christian Huckabee has an entire page dedicated to serving the interests of his favorite nation that declares “the enemies of Israel are the enemies of America.” He also pledged that when he is president, “America will stand with the Jewish people in our shared fight against radical Islam and confront and stop Iran.”

Although all Republicans hew closely to Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu’s belief that unless Americans fight and die in another Middle East war at Israel’s urging, that was not Huckabee’s mindset prior to Barack Obama becoming President. Republicans, like most Americans, have always supported Israel regardless it has a substantial nuclear arsenal or its record of inhumanity toward innocent Palestinian civilians, it took Americans electing an African American President to transform Republicans into pseudo-Israelis; even after Netanyahu crusaded for America to wage a war against Iraq on behalf of Israel.

During a 2007 speech to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Huckabee had a different take on dealing with Iran that he did not equate with “marching Israelis into the ovens,” or call for what Republicans and  Netanyahu want now, war with Iran. The preacher Huckabee said,  “We haven’t had diplomatic relations with Iran in almost 30 years, my whole adult life. A lot of good it’s done us. Putting this in human terms, all of us know that when we stop talking to a parent or a sibling or a friend, it’s impossible to accomplish anything, impossible to resolve differences and move the relationship forward. The same is true for countries.”

So in 2007, two years before Americans would have an African American President that Huckabee and Republicans claim is Israel’s mortal enemy working tirelessly to march Jews into the furnaces, preacher Mike believed diplomacy was necessary to “move the relationship forward.” He also said in an essay in Foreign Affairs in 2008 that “the only way to contain Iran is through “aggressive diplomacy; especially working with China, Russia, and Europe using sanctions.”

It is  exactly what President Obama and the United Nations’ P5+1 coalition have done that has Republicans, Netanyahu, and Huckabee crying ‘holocaust.’  A less extreme Huckabee wrote that  “many Iranians are well disposed toward us,” and he noted that “Iran helped the U.S. during the Afghanistan war;” like they are helping the U.S. combat the dreaded Muslim extremists in ISIS. In fact, preacher Mike starkly contrasted Iran with Muslim extremists in 2008 and said, “Whereas there can be no rational dealings with al Qaeda, Iran is a nation-state playing the game of politics we understand and can skillfully pursue. We cannot live with al Qaeda, but we can live with a contained Iran.”

Huckabee also said in 2008 that if he is president, “Iran will not acquire nuclear weapons. But before I look parents in the eye to explain why I put their son’s or daughter’s life at risk, I want to do everything possible to avoid conflict. We have substantive issues to discuss with Tehran. Recent direct negotiations about Iraq have not been productive because they have not explored the full range of issues. We have valuable incentives to offer Iran: trade and economic assistance, full diplomatic relations, and security guarantees.”

So what happened to semi-rational Huckabee between 2008 and now that drives him to ardently condemn the President’s “aggressive diplomacy” to “do everything possible to avoid conflict?” Something horrible must have happened to send pastor Mike so off the rails that he accused the President of marching Israelis “to the doors of the ovens” for conducting “direct negotiations” and “exploring the full range of issues” to contain Iran’s nuclear ambitions.  Only Huckabee knows what gave him a change of heart, but unless his god whispered in his ear to do an about-face and join Netanyahu in seeking another Middle East war on behalf of Israel and the defense industry, it must be because President Obama is not a white guy. Or he has seen the dividends of extremism that keep Donald Trump in the news and very popular among Republican voters.

Although Netanyahu is in the midst of exerting his considerable influence as a Republican leader to stop the United Nation’s deal with Iran, former Israeli security leaders expressed support for the deal. Those Israelis had better curtail their support of the deal before Huckabee, Republicans, and Netanyahu accuse them of “marching Israelis to the doors of the ovens.” A former Israeli deputy national security adviser, Chuck Freilich, read the terms of the same Iran agreement that Huckabee did, but he did not fear-monger about President Obama leading Israelis to the doors of the ovens. He said, “the inspections provisions provide a high degree of confidence that Iran will not be able to renew the nuclear program without its being detected.” The former head of Israeli Army’s Operations Directorate, retired Major-General Israel Ziv, said of the deal that “it’s the best among all other alternatives.” And as a retired Major-General that “a military strike on Iran would not have delayed even 20% of what this agreement will delay.” As an aside, the P5+1 deal Netanyahu, Republicans, and Mike Huckabee hate cuts the amount of Iran’s low-enriched uranium by a whopping 96 percent to a figure well below the level of concern Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed before the U.N. in 2012.

At this juncture, it is likely that most Americans and most of the world’s residents understand that Republicans, the corporate military industrial complex, the Republican leader from Israel, and preacher Mike Huckabee desperately want Americans to fight and die in another Middle East war against Muslims; all on Israel’s behalf. However, Huckabee went far beyond accusing President Barack Obama of throwing Israel under the proverbial bus, and claimed his support for the United Nations P5+1 nuclear agreement with Iran is tantamount to Adolf Hitler taking Jews and marching them to the doors of the ovens.

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  1. I wonder if policy making religious nuts like Huckabee makes a strong case for Christians to renounce their religion? Not their faith. Just the institutional bigotry and fiendish shill of peddling religious hate to manipulate American politics.

  2. Well, way to go Mike. Whatever little hope you had of winning the nomination is now deep fried and served with powered sugar on top because you had to invoke your version of Godwin’s Law.

  3. Leave it to a Republican to resort to bald faced lies in an effort to denigrate a man who is much more worthy than he.

    No Chuckles, we are NOT ‘trusting’ the Iranians, which is why we’re having inspectors going in.

    What a freaking Drama Queen! In his mind (?) Obama is marching Jews to the ovens because we don’t feel the need to finish the fights that Israel wants to start.

    Emigrate- Huckabee- if that’s how you feel about it.

    Pathetic- thy name is Republican.

  4. I think some one should lead Mike Hucksterbee to the door of a mental facility and shove him inside NEVER to come out. The rank utter stupidity of that man knows no bounds.

  5. I wish this Dominionist would just go ahead an ‘rapture’.
    I guess this proves that his ‘god’ isn’t listening very well, or just doesn’t give a crap.

  6. It would be so embarrassing to be a Reichwing, Party of No supporter.

    With all of the Reichwing gun nuts shootin’ up the country and all…

  7. Huckabee is another one of the IRRATIONAL Republican wannabe Presidents who continuously spew asinine comments out into the public domain and expect us (Democrats and Independents and Non-affiliated Americans) to applaud their stooopid jabs at Obama and his Administration. Huckabee is a huckster pandering for the Israeli approval, the Jewish-American vote and the anti-Obama vote with his down in the gutter name calling, plus using the Holocaust as a prop and fear mongering malaprop.
    To me he is a disgusting bottom feeder. Has no place in the primary, look at his polls….near or at the bottom, bottom. No wonder.

  8. I’m sick to death, of these warmongers, telling us to send our children into another war. You know that their kids will be safe at home. What about Israel? If they want war so bad why don’t they send their kids? War seems to be the Republican Jobs Plan.

  9. Time for nitwit huckleberry to go home to his dog killer son, David. If his thinks this odious remark is ok, then he is as stupid as he looks. He is just another faux xtian who only believes in grifting dumbasses. Sold any fake diabetic cures lately, guv?

  10. OMG! the huckster is just one of the many reasons organized religion is dying in america! this uneducated backwoods trout faced mouth breather CON MAN is just pathetic! so Obama is HITLER! AGAIN! because HE wants the middle east to have more than 5 minutes of PEACE?! listen, heres huckabee’s REAL CON GAME! see many supposedly CHRISTIANS are brainwashed into supporting ISRAEL, NO MATTER WHAT! I’m telling you, this is the scam! because the JEWS were God’s CHOSEN PEOPLE, according to the bible, once again! the scriptures perverted by GRIFTERS! I support Israel’s right to exist but guess what? I support IRAN right to exist too! But MANY american christians are so hopelessly ignorant and disgustingly naive!, natanyahu is john boehner, without the BOOZE!, natanyahu is a SELLOUT to the JEWISH people! ALL he wants is the usa to do HIS dirty work! he wants us to BOMB IRAN! BTW can WE stop with this “POOR LITTLE ISRAEL STUFF” they’ve got enough nuclear fire power to destroy the planet!

  11. What these guys are deliberately ignoring is that voting down the deal, won’t stop the deal, it just takes America out of it.. The deal will go through..And WE will have no say in it… and we will then have the entire world against us..

  12. Republicans have ‘gone it alone’ meaning We the Military folks have died for them, in Iraq.

    And that worked out so well.

  13. The Huckster to his fellow GOP POTUS wannabes:
    “I’ll see your hyperbole and raise you ten eye rolls.”

  14. I would like to hear a debate on Hitler –
    warning – I am very old and remember as a child being bombed by his planes, If Huckabee wants to know something about Hitler he should ask the Bush family, old Prestcott among others were big Hitler supporters, which is probably one reason why
    everyone else was at war with Germany except the US, we were in it from 1939, the
    US finaly came around in 1941.In the meantime the Carlisle Group & Henry Ford had supplied arms to Hitler, the UK also had it’s traitors, like the then Duke of Windsor, which caused him to be sent away from the UK.

  15. One more thing, Obama’s grandfather and uncles helped liberate the jews from Buchenwald concentration camp.
    Wonder what Huckabees family did.

  16. …lemme up the ante 10 TEENAGER eye rolls…
    …havin’ been through a previous “Give Israel our Military force for thier CF” {Lebanese Civil War, was there as part o’ Multinational Peacekeeping Force 1983-84} I can tell ya: The Israeli people{street level} love us…the Upper Crust takes us for granted…

  17. According to his bio he was the first in his family to graduate high school and his father was an firemen and mechanic who was draft eligible during WW2 but no mention of any military service

  18. There is no “voting down the deal” – Congress can give their thumbs up or down, but it’s basically an empty gesture, as it is not a “treaty”, but an “Executive Agreement”. The President and Congress did come to an understanding back in April that Congress could review the deal and by supermajority in both Houses vote to retain American sanctions on Iran, but could not nix the entire agreement, which seems fitting, as it isn’t strictly between Iran and the US, but rather between Iran and the P5+1 nations (China, France, Russia, UK, US, and Germany).

  19. …actually the only here-and-now connection between Jews and Oven doors is this one Kosher baker I’ve met…makes the best damned rye dinner rolls {With Caraway seeds} I’ve ever tasted…his other products are of like quality…Flucked-up-bees false equivalency Holocaust comments are beyond the pale, and he should be forced from public life…

  20. Every repube that votes for war needs to be investigated as to their defense contracting stock benefits,resulting in a “conflict of interest” against Americans. They vote for their bank accounts.

  21. I second that Kranky!! Please Get it over with We’re tired of waiting!! Heres something you should try when you see one of those rapture stickers on a car especially if it’s a nice vehicle. I went up to these people with a beautiful Cadillac sports coupe with a rapture sticker. we talked about Cadd’s and then I asked them very politely if they had any plans for the car afterwards..they looked at each other puzzled and then I said, I would take very good care of it after they “Raptured” away. The reaction was one I laugh at to this day when I think of it. Just ask them if you can have their stuff when they “Rapture”

  22. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/05/05/1382631/-Blessed-By-Christian-Terrorism-Advocate-Huckabee-Joked-About-Indoctrinating-Americans-At-Gunpoint

    “….Mike Huckabee is not regarded as having much of a shot at the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. For one thing, Huckabee carries a lot of baggage, especially ties to the quasi-theocratic New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement :

    For example, former governor Huckabee’s remark – back in March 2011, that all Americans should be required, forced “at gunpoint” if necessary (link to video), to listen to David Barton’s twisted falsifications of American history. For all practical purposes, Barton can be regarded as an NAR apostle….”

  23. P Hogan: You got that right.
    The deal is GOOD, all the phony patriots and Bibi ass kissers want is to make Obama look BAD! How many of them have really read and digested the salient points of the deal? not many, but the choir is screaming: BAD DEAL, BAD DEAL….NETANYAHU says it’s bad deal. Ok, they got 60 days to read it. How many of them got the smarts to understand it. Not many. And those that didn’t or can’t understand it should keep their opinions zipped up. Just saying.

  24. Iran hawks finally presented a “better” Iran deal. It’s complete gibberish.

    In the weeks and months before world leaders completed the Iran nuclear deal, I did not make a secret of seeing the case for a deal as stronger than the case against, but I also tried to highlight the case against. There is no such thing as a perfect solution to the Iran nuclear problem, and a number of critics were making salient and important points about the downsides.

    Since the deal was announced, though, many of those criticisms have declined from salient to overheated, or downright odd. And, bizarrely, critics of the deal who so often insist there is a better plan for peacefully limiting Iran’s nuclear program never seem to put forward such a plan. This is too bad; having critical voices can be helpful in spotting problems and improving policy.
    Read More

  25. Not better as in what; better for whom?

    Better for the War Profiteers. Better for the Oil companies who won’t have to deal with an Iranian Oil Glut.
    Better for the Bankers who have been ‘managing’ the Iranian Frozen Assets…

  26. Wow. This is what it takes to break into a media cycle!

    Sadly, this is becoming the least common denominator on the GOPER side.

  27. …is this Bibi Nutty-yoyos way of expanding his Neo-Fascist Pogram of Genocide to include Iran as well as Palestine???
    If the fascist wing of the Republican Potty think they are gonna condemn thousands of US troops and sailors to death in ANOTHER Israeli demanded War of Choice with no consequences…they should think again…

  28. I don’t know about others Moongirm but, if there is such a thing as rapture and I am in it.. My cats and dog go with me. After all, God gave them to me for my pleasure and comfort. Sooo BEAMER, MICKEY AND LACY GO WITH ME….

  29. djchefron:

    That article is sobering. It spells out ALL of the reasons why, IF the bull-headed, Iran haters, Obama haters, Netanyahu worshippers (ring kissers), illogical, pseudo foreign affairs know-it alls—-makes the MISTAKE of rejecting the deal on solely partisan showmanship and not any inkling of statesmanship, it will put the United States in a very embarrassing position diplomatically in the world’s view. IF the other countries have no problem with this deal, what is it that compels our Republicans to be against it? Many reasons. But the one reason I see as the #1 reason is: Israel (BIBI) counsels them, although there are many sober, knowledgeable Israelis who DON’T have a problem with it, in fact they defend it. So, let’s see what happens. In my estimation: Republicans will have pie in their faces AGAIN. Chuck Schumer will get ALL the Yea votes of approval that will be needed.

  30. Hey Marco Rubio! You think your wingnut pal Huckabee sounds Presidential? Whada you got to say?
    Oh, I guess you will keep your mouth shut on this one too; you only feel “perturbed” When Obama does a selfie and goes on the Nightly shows, i.e. Daly Show, Letterman, Fallon (doing the POTUS slow jam), Between the Ferns and have a little fun, and you call it “demeaning”. Oh, STFU Marco.

  31. Why should Christians give up Christianity because of Huckabee? He’s not a Christian, he’s some sort of mammonist or primitive pagan.

  32. The police didn’t even arrest the scumbags. White privilege.

    Poor kid will have this memory now for the rest of his life.

    Just when you think white people can’t sink any lower…you find out there is no depth to which they will stoop.

  33. Agree with all you state. It is true, Pres Obama is not in this deal alone. Readers and the public need to be reminded of this repeatedly!!! The thugs are trying their best to make it an Obama deal with Iran. Lying as usual! When you see a rethugs lips moving, think lies!!

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