Bernie Sanders Calls Out Hillary Clinton For Refusing To Take A Stand Against Keystone XL

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Sen. Bernie Sanders is calling out Hillary Clinton for being concerned about climate change, but refusing to take a stand against Keystone XL.

In a statement, Sen. Sanders said:

We have to address the planetary crisis of climate change and there is no question that we must move aggressively toward energy efficiency and the development of sustainable energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal and biomass. That is why I have introduced legislation that would create 10 million solar rooftops on homes and businesses in the United States. So I agree with Secretary Clinton about the need for substantial investment in sustainable energy.

But that is not enough. We must make significant reductions in carbon emissions and break our dependency on fossil fuels. That is why I have helped lead the fight in the Senate against the Keystone pipeline which would transport some of the dirtiest fossil fuel in the world.

It is hard for me to understand how one can be concerned about climate change but not vigorously oppose the Keystone pipeline.

The reason the candidacy of Bernie Sanders is so good for the Democratic Party is that he is pushing former Sec. Clinton to clarify her positions. If Clinton were running unopposed for the Democratic nomination, she would be able to answer questions in any manner that she pleased.

Bernie Sanders is forcing the Democratic Party to debate the issues. Hillary Clinton is running an effective primary campaign, but she does have one eye on the potential general election matchup with the Republican nominee.

Clinton’s answer that she isn’t going to second-guess the president before he makes his decision is reasonable, but President Obama has given plenty of hints about his opposition to the pipeline. Obama has already vetoed one Keystone XL bill, so the door is wide open for Clinton to voice her opposition to the pipeline.

Clinton gave a great speech outlining a major policy step forward on climate change, so loudly voicing opposition to Keystone XL seems like a logical next step.

Bernie Sanders is challenging Hillary Clinton on the issues, and setting up the kind of spirited debate that will only help the Democratic Party in 2016.

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35 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Calls Out Hillary Clinton For Refusing To Take A Stand Against Keystone XL”

  1. The Hillary Clinton of the 2016 campaign is not the Hillary Clinton I used to support. She doesn’t give opinions on issues until her lifeguards have given the all clear for her to go into the water. First, the TPP, now Keystone. Meanwhile Bernie Sanders and John Conyers had a bill to invest 50 billion dollars in poor neighborhoods to help solve the problem of youth unemployment. Clinton did not offer one word of support and yet claims to be the champion of minorities. Hillary Clinton is a smart woman but, I think she is receiving very poor advice and that advice will lose her the Presidency and may lose her the nomination.

  2. When I have the Oregon Ballot for Democratic Nomination on my desk, this, along with everything else before- will be factored in before I cast mine vote.

  3. REPEAT: For all the “Keystone” whiners who didn’t hear her the other times she said it:

    “No other presidential candidate was secretary of state when this process started, and I put together a very thorough deliberative evidence-based process to evaluate the environmental impact and other considerations of Keystone,” Clinton said.

    “As such, I know there is a very careful evaluation continuing and that the final decision is pending to be made by Secretary Kerry and President Obama. Very simply, the evaluation determines whether this pipeline is in our nation’s interest and I’m confident that the pipeline impacts on global greenhouse gas emissions will be a major factor in that decisions, as the president has said. So I will refrain from commenting because I had a leading role in getting that process started and I think we have to let it run its course,” she said.

    She played the major role in initial fact finding and policy on TPP, Keystone, Cuba, Iran, Gitmo, e…

  4. I totally disagree with the notion of any of the attacks helping the Democratic Party.

    The Independents do nothing to help the party. They shun it and they do not even come out to vote very often and cannot vote for primary in 18 states.

    So if you do nothing for downticket dems, do not ever campaign for actual democrats and bash the front runner and turn the left wing against her and allow aid and abet the GOP to launch rockets against the front runner – you are helping the party?

    Barney Frank said it last week. I said months ago, he is a distraction. Then he is an annoyance. Then he is doing damage. How much more? For his 20% of the voter base who do not support ANY actual dems?!

  5. 50 billion? I think you might be missing a decimal point there.

    Do you understand introducing Bills and passing them are not the same thing? There are bills introduced daily.

    Sanders did manage in 24 years to rename two whole post offices among very little else.

    She should comment on every bill introduced?


    Would you like her to come there and personally tell you why she didn’t comment – if indeed she didn’t – she might have mentioned it in passing. She is not in the Senate. If she was she might have co-sponsored it. Perhaps.

    Math 50 Billion – amazing you could type that.

  6. Yep, I’m with you Moongrim. (Oregon too) And all the hectoring in the world from her supporters isn’t going to help. It just leaves a bad taste.

  7. $50 billion is a lot. Sounds like a typo. It was actually closer to 10 billion, if you read the bill. Did you?

    You’re really winning friends and influencing people with your mockery and derision. And it’s the Bernie supporters who are the crazy ones.

    Great job, New Democrat Coalition. You did it. You made them think that center is the only acceptable position. You’ve convinced them to abandon hope and democracy, so you could raise a few more monies. Well done.

  8. He is referring to Hillary. Never mentions her name though. From what I’ve read and heard, Bernie has never run a negative campaign against his opponents. I doubt this one will be any different.

  9. Rin….Ex-Senator Barney Frank “Hit The Nail In The Hole” problem with the progressives….far left wingers of the Democratic Party and of course now the Loud Bernie Sanders Wing of the party(He of Walking on Water fame)for that mindset who Cannot/Will Not See Those Thick Crowded Forest of Trees because of their passion for this person.That is perfectly fine,BUT,not when it reaches a point of Self-Delusion to What is Fact…!!!!…I offer NO apologies for Hillary Clinton because she does NOT NEED THEM…!!!…Her Stature and Qualifications Alone are Beyond reproach…but sometimes one has to permit one to make their own decisions…GOOD or BAD..!!!!..I really do not care anymore what they recite incessantly about Hillary anymore…Let them dig their own graves.I just know that This Black Pragmatic/Centered Democrat will be working Tirelessly for Her to Become Madame President Hillary Clinton in 2016….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Chris, the “center” is where most Americans are, politically. They want equilibrium with the scales balancing out.

    If a candidate is too far left, they will not be elected. If a candidate is too far right, they will not be elected. Of course, I’m referring to a presidential candidate.

    If these same candidates run for Senate or House Rep, then there’s a possibility that they can get elected when they wade too far either way. But for president, the American people want someone who can find the middle-ground, or as you people like to call them, Centrists. That’s a painful reality for the Fringies, but it’s the truth nevertheless, based on past elections and candidates.

  11. far left wingers of the Democratic Party and of course now the Loud Bernie Sanders Wing of the party

    I call them “Berniebers” (taken from the name given to rabid fans of Justin Bieber, a.k.a. “Bieliebers”). It doesn’t matter to them that Bernie Sanders has not been successful in any major way in his 24 years in Congress. He shouts while slamming his fist on the lectern, and that’s all they appear to want and need for him to have the credentials necessary to be president.

    To these Berniebers, ideology trumps political reality and actually getting things done.

  12. Even those who’ve voted your post down know you’re correct. They just don’t like you pricking their happy bubble.

    Every single presidential candidate has had to tack to the center (either left of center or right of center) in order to win the nomination for their respective Parties. Extremes won’t win the G.E. Ask Huckabee or Kucinich how well they fared. Those two are living proof that straying too far from the center will not win you the prize in this country.

  13. The Keystone XL Pipeline is not a bad thing to build, per se. However, the bill that had passed Congress and what was (thankfully!) vetoed by President Obama, was a very bad bill for our workers and our environment – not to mention, for taxpayers since we’d be the ones left to pay for any damages and leakages of that humongous pipeline.

    Democrats have attempted to add amendments that the owners of said pipeline would have to ensure that its all but indestructible and that any hazard resulting from leaks will be cleaned up quickly by them and paid for by them, not the American taxpayers. Republicans stripped the bill of those amendments, making the Keystone Pipeline bill – that major unions supported, by the way – toxic, and as a result, President Obama vetoed and killed it.

    Fix those problems, and the Keystone Pipeline is good for America. That’s why Hillary hasn’t come out against it. Shortsighted Bernie can’t see that.

  14. I have decided to cast my vote for the candidate who’ll be able to work with a difficult Congress (even a Democratic Senate, which under President Obama has proven to be just as independent and difficult even with a president of their own Party)and who can actually get things done.

    Unfortunately, Bernie Sanders falls terribly short there.

  15. Hillary was evasive and that’s not something I want in my POTUS. I haven’t forgotten how chummy she was with leaders of corporations and this concerns stays with me.

    We don’t need a wolf in sheep’s clothing in the White House.

  16. 295 endorsement points to zero. Ok then. Maybe you should start wondering why Hillary is getting all the voter support, elected official support, donor support, etc. The woman is simply the best and has been outstanding her whole life. When you knock her – you are the one who looks bad not her – since all your attacks are either lies or spin. You got nothing on her. Nothing.

  17. No, the bill was 5 billion and change, not 50, which is why I said decimal point. Show me anything that says 10!? She made up 50 and you made up 10 and you were arrogant about whether I had actually read the bill. No, I will not. Bills are not very important until they have backing! If it does gain status I surely will.

    And 19 people just loved her comment even though it was a bunch of utter garbage. lol

    So, her campaign should follow this poster or they will lose? Well, Charlotte, you get right on the phone and tell Podesta, Mook and Palmieri about Bernie’s 50 Billion to poor kids. And free college and $15 an hour – free money everywhere for everyone. FREE! Butterflies and unicorns for all.

    So people who handle a mop will make the same as legal assistants? YAY! Who needs college?!

    Oh wait, then all saleries must also double! Legal assistants will need a raise to mid-level management pay ($30) an hour… and so on. Reality. Actual economics not rhetoric.

  18. Oh and Chris, I said from the first time I came here and marvelled at the rampant errors all over the place that I was an outsider here. This is not very friendly Democratic Front-runner friendly turf. They prop up the other guy everytime he sneezes and ignore my candidate except for the occasional insignificant bone they toss her.

    It is clear we have no common ground. I support the proven candidate with all the backing of her party. They support that other guy who only damages the party I have supported my whole life.

    There you go. I don’t want Sanders supporters as friends. I don’t want Jeb supporters either. I have millions of Clinton supporters behind me, that is fine with me! Boo freaking hoo.

    I rarely come here, I read real news.

  19. Ladies, Gentlemen, and myself:

    I’ve noticed all too often a “My Way or the Highway!” mentality when it comes to which Democratic Primary person should get the nod.

    Namely- if I don’t get my favorite, then I’m not gonna vote!

    I’d like to remind such fools of one simple fact: Despite the overloaded Republican Clown Car, the Republicans will still vote for whomever gets the primary nod.

    I’d like you to appreciate this fact when it comes to your decision to not vote because you will be getting a sad after the Democratic Primary.

    Not voting carries a far more dire consequence for what is left of our liberties and environment.
    Set aside your grumpiness and throw in your support for whomever gets the nod.

  20. The Electoral Stacked Deck

    I’d like to deal with two incidents in the last week that show just how difficult it is going to be for Democrats to have a fair shot of winning the 2016 election. Those of us who actually pay attention to what goes on in this country spend their time in a constant semi-daze at the thought that, after its performance the last few decades, the Republican party is afforded any credibility whatsoever by the electorate. By now, the Republicans should be as lost to history as the Whigs or the Know Nothings, but there they are, seemingly taken seriously around the country. A buffoon like Donald Trump is treated like the Conservative equivalent of Bernie Sanders, while a malignant, corrupt liar who has devastated everything he ever touched, like Scott Walker or Chris Christie, is treated as a suitable opponent to Hillary Clinton. How does this happen? How does this madness continue? Well, here are a couple of examples of how this magic trick is pulled off.
    Read More

  21. I wouldn’t believe a republican if they said water is wet. You’re absolutely right, DJ.

    As usual.

    The madness continues because we are living in a plutocracy. The same type of plutocracy that led to the creation of America.

    John Boehner and the House just left for a 5 week vacation! Congress is not working on behalf of the American people anymore, and at this point, we’re just paying them to take vacations.

    Corruption has existed since the beginning of time. Usually, it takes a majority of informed, rational, caring and fully engaged citizenry demanding change to bring about a change.

    Unfortunately, my Darling, we don’t have that yet.

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