Bush, Cruz, Rubio and Walker To Attend Koch Brothers’ Summit To Grovel For Their Support

Five of the Republican candidates for president will be heading to a luxury hotel in Southern California from August 1st to August 3rd, to present their case for support, to the Koch brothers and other billionaire GOP donors. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Texas Senator Ted Cruz will all be attending the event. Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, will also be there, although she is currently not polling in the top ten among GOP presidential hopefuls.

The GOP hopefuls will be attending the Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce (a Koch umbrella group) event, in the hopes of courting mega-donors like David and Charles Koch, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, and hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer.

The Freedom Partners held a previous event in January of 2015, where the donors were impressed by Marco Rubio’s performance, but turned off by Rand Paul’s speech as well as his attire. Paul wore a blazer, blue jeans and cowboy boots, which apparently was too casual for the stuffy billionaires’ club.

The Kentucky Senator has not committed to attending the August gathering, leaving the groveling opportunities for fellow Republican Senators Cruz and Rubio, as well as Governor Walker and ex-Governor Bush. The Koch brothers have pledged to spend an obscene 889 million dollars during the 2016 election cycle, so GOP candidates are falling all over themselves trying to demonstrate their fealty to the Kochs and other wealthy mega-donors.

Notably, the Kochs did not extend invitations to populist demagogue Donald Trump, or to religious fundamentalists Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. The billionaire puppet masters probably fear that Trump is too hard to control. Huckabee and Santorum are perceived as being too invested in divisive social issues to focus the proper attention on aggressively promoting the Kochs’ economic agenda.

How each candidate plans to appeal to the billionaires in attendance remains to be seen. However, for the millions of Americans who aren’t super wealthy, the very fact that many of the leading Republicans candidates are spending so much effort courting billionaires, should be reason enough for concern.

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  1. …if these bastards are the best Presidents money can buy…DAMN but quality control failed big-time!!!

  2. where are all the mind controlled deranged MKUltra kids when you need them? Send them in after the wankers and see what happens. [WINK]

  3. And these are the self-same characters who continually denounced Obama as cowardly- yet they debase themselves for the Koch-Blood money.

  4. That’s it, the three A$$ Ki$$ing Presidential candidates going to meet their benefactors. The men who they will be beholden to IF they occupy the White House. Just remember folks these guys will be branded by the Koch brand like cattle. Meaning he OWNS them ! So who wants to have a President of the United States answering to these Koch Brothers? Wake up America….The Republicans are willing to sell their soul to the high bidders. We won’t stand a chance with them in a White House controlled by the Kochs and other masters of the universe, monetarily speaking. These guys (Presidential wannabes) are not after the $400,000.00 yearly President’s salary, they after the side dividends promised to them by the puppet masters. Say it ain’t so. Quid-pro-Quo? You bet.

  5. Yeah boys, sell your souls to the devils. Then throw in some of that xtian crap. We will end up with a jackass who won’t know which end is up. Or right from wrong.

    Dems vote in 2016.

  6. Republicans don’t have to pretend to care about what’s best for the whole of humanity. They don’t have to court the Latino, Black or women’s vote. They don’t give a damn if their hoods are showing and they certainly don’t have to appear intellectual, pragmatic, reasonable, caring or sane.

    They’re stealing votes from Democrats with Republican owned, friends of the Bush family voting machines.

    We’d better fix this or it wouldn’t matter if Jesus was running for office. Since Republicans don’t believe in His message of caring for the least of us, they would fix voting machines and Jesus would lose against a Republican too.

  7. “The Koch Brothers And Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia And …Clarence Thomas . SCOTUS . at a Koch Bros dinner? .both were recently at diner hosted by the lawyer that representing the opposing side of the new health care laws,,,,,,BOTH HAVE A CLEAR CONFLICT OF INTEREST”

  8. “..For we all know that organized money is just as dangerous as an organized mob…”

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    A man no doubt hated by Daddy Koch

  9. KOCHSUCKERS one and all

    2016 Republican Voting Check List:
    We LOVE big business – jobs being shipped offshore – religion ruling – being told what to do – being scared all the time – enemies everywhere

    We hate Muslims – Jews – Blacks – Hispanics – LBGT’s – the poor – the Government – healthcare – Science – Education – Women are a “Lesser Cut Of Meat” – the environment – social security – Medicare – veterans – Americans – We have NO new ideas – We offer the same shit that has never worked but it’s different year.

    Yep, we’re ready.

  10. Yvonne, spot on. Look how many years the GOP has had to perfect their cheating ways..2016 is going to make or break the whole country.

  11. The Koch Brothers are About to Destroy Veterans’ Health Care and No One Knows About It
    Senator Marco Rubio who saw an opportunity in the waitlist scandal; not an opportunity to improve access to care for veterans, but an opportunity to chip away at the basic rights to due process that protect all VA employees from discrimination and wrongful firing.

    Rubio’s proposals – H.R. 1994 and S. 1082 – would do away with those vital rights with the stroke of a pen. They do nothing to address the current $2.5 billion funding shortfall facing the VA; they do nothing to add new hospital beds or fill vacant positions. Their proposal instead would make every VA employee – doctors, nurses, benefit claims processors – at-will employees who can be fired at any time with little to no recourse.

    Rubio are not alone in pushing this dangerous agenda; they are doing so with the full backing of a “veterans organization” called Concerned Veterans of America, which was recently exposed as a Koch Brothers-funded front group.

  12. Must Read:
    *The Koch Brothers and the Danger of American Plutocracy*

    “The Kochs exemplify a new reality that strikes at the heart of America. The vast wealth that has accumulated at the top of the American economy is not itself the problem. The problem is that political power tends to rise to where the money is. And this combination of great wealth with political power leads to greater and greater accumulations and concentrations of both — tilting the playing field in favor of the Kochs and their ilk, and against the rest of us.

    America is not yet an oligarchy, but that’s where the Kochs and a few other billionaires are taking us”.

    I post this everywhere I go…
    We must wake up America!

  13. Cruz is a big mouthed despicable fake and I wish he would go back to Canada or Cuba, or where he used to call home.
    In the meantime, our European allies are apparently getting the red carpet treatment
    from Iran and working out business deals and trade with them, as this treaty is giving opportunities for co-operation. The US will be a day late and a dollar short with the republican fumbling and grumbling,
    no-one will join us as the Walkers & Rubio’s think they will to redo sanctions or go to war.

  14. Koch bros motto, if you can’t beat them, we’ll give you obscene ammounts of money to try. They own these fools, each and everyone.

  15. Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot! Did Not crazzie Teddie just say he was opposed to big money in gubmint? He lied? He wants to stick his nose up Chuckie’s and Davie’s rectum? I guess Koch stands for kiss our crap filled heinies. Anyone surprised? These people have no ethics, have no conscience, and are the true traitors, unpatriotic and the people out to destroy this country. A POX on all their houses!

  16. This judicial pandering has to stop–it has to become illegal.

    And the Koch-suckers attending this billionaire conference is just one step down. These people are shameless and have sold their souls for financial gain.

  17. I wonder if the bought and paid for Supreme Court BFF’s will be there, Thomas and Scalia? They are real fans of the Koch brothers, and their $$$.

  18. The Koch brothers are hoping for another Dubya. Well, seems there are several of them to choose from, eh? Pandering to the big money guys, just what we need in a president. So, what would they do for us, the peasants? Maybe Dickless Cheney would run as VP again, Halliburton could use the contracts for the next war.

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