Donald Trump Promises To Put Sarah Palin In His Cabinet If He Is Elected President

Donald Trump is threatening America with a promise to put Sarah Palin in his cabinet if he is elected president.

Audio of Trump:

According to Politico, Trump said that he would put Palin his cabinet or seek her advice:

“She’s really somebody who knows what’s happening. She’s a special person. She’s really a special person. And I think people know that and she’s got a following that’s unbelievable,” he
continued. (Palin has more than 4 million Facebook followers.)

“I’m looking at some of these candidates, they’re weak, they’re ineffective and to a degree that’s almost hard to believe. And, you know, they like the Sarah Palin kind of strength. You just don’t see very much of it anymore,” Trump mused.

He noted that Palin has come up in his interactions on the campaign trail. “I’ve still got people saying, ‘Oh, get Sarah’s support, get Sarah’s support.’ No matter where I go, everybody loves her.”

There are only two things that Sarah Palin has ever been good at, and they are failing and quitting. If America did not have enough of a reason to vote against Donald Trump, the idea of Palin serving in a presidential cabinet should be enough to scare voters away in droves.

The Trump circus is an out of control joke that has now added Sarah Palin as a featured clown. It is impossible to imagine Donald Trump’s cabinet because this man is never going to be elected president. It is natural that two phonies who have been playing Republicans for years with empty bluster and cartoonish behavior would team up to suck all of the oxygen out of the 2016 campaign.

Just when voters thought that the Republican primary could get less intelligent, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump have teamed up form the ultimate dumb Republican dream team.

74 Replies to “Donald Trump Promises To Put Sarah Palin In His Cabinet If He Is Elected President”

  1. Hope his poll numbers take a nosedive.

    We have suffered enough listening to Sarah Moron Palin. This just fluffs her feathers up thinking she is material for any official position.

    Hope she helps the Donald like she did McCain.

    The GOP has a made a mockery of the presidency.

  2. Yep, to the GOP..all of them..this is just a big JOKE. Bastards, the 1% is using our elections as a joke on the working class, poor, elderly, and vets.

    Our future is in their that scary enough for everyone?

  3. OMFG.

    I have to give him credit. By this action he gets all of the MILF lusters on his side.

    And all of the sane folks against him.

  4. Earlier in another column I disparaged a Rita Marie for her disparagment of Shadowolf.

    I used a vulgarity to counter hers.

    I wonder now if Rita Marie was in fact- Failin’ Palin…

  5. In my younger days Sarah and I would have an encounter… Yep… Fucking would have happened and ANY kid would be a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT!!!!

  6. I don’t know. Mr Fearless might be scaring himself. He might have thought if he said outrageous crap, people would find him too out there to be selected to be the GOP’s nominee. He just keeps getting more popular. Although cringe worthy to people with common sense, this too could backfire. This will either sink him or put him way up there. But he’s been playing to her crowd all along. I think ego is feeding him now, and he’s going all in. Whats he got to loose?

  7. It’s not so much her physical self that is so ugly, she’s ugly on the inside and it shows through, especially when she speaks.

  8. A very clever and brilliant move by The Donald.

    We could then have Bailin’ Palin keep an eye on Vlad the Bad from her front porch in Wasilla when she’s not hosting backyard brawls with the kids — like, do you not know who I am?

  9. Nowhere in that transcript does he promise to put Palin in his cabinet. And he was appearing on a Palin fan show, so of course he flattered her. This kind of wingnut circle jerk is not worthy of covering. None of them will ever be in the White House, and we just flatter them by playing along and pretending they matter.

  10. If you say so but it seems a lot of brain dead republicans think and I use that word lightly, trump is all peaches and cream

  11. You know, that is very nice of the Donald to create a special cabinet post for Sarah. Her official title once she joins: Head of Special Education.

    BTW, who in their right mind would want to get near her in any sort of sexual manner? You’re asking to get whatever STD the family might carry around.

  12. There’s an old tale of an outsider who came to AK
    and decided he wanted to become an Alaskan. He
    asked what was required and was told by off-gridders
    to: Drink a keg of Alaskan whiskey, make love to an
    Eskimo woman, and kiss a polar bear. So he got done
    with the keg and staggered off into the tundra. When
    they found him the next morning, he was severely
    mangled and asked “Where’s that Eskimo gal ya wanted
    me to kiss?”

  13. Appealing to the tea ****ers is what the moron’s been doing all along. Not surprised he’s pandering to the Palinites for additional support, but he’s going nowhere long term. This idiocy cannot be sustained through a general election. I love that the old windbag is running what’s left of the republican party into the ground. They are all a laughing stock.

  14. Go Donny, get Sarah “Falin” involved in your campaign ..please!! She will help you just like she helped John McCain. You will have her full support as long as she doesn’t actually have to serve in office, as long as she can smell your money and as long as she doesn’t have to talk with Katie Couric about, you know, “smart stuff”.

  15. “The old grey mare she ain’t what she used to be….”

    Come on, Trump, surely he jests. He is REALLY buttering up the old tea bagger crowd when he says this absurd crapola. What a joke.

  16. I can see old Say-rah right about now. She is pleased as punch that Trump is even acknowledging her. Say-rah thinks she just may be revelant again. (Oops. She never was.)

    Trump is really off his rocker. What he won’t do to satisfy his tea bagging buddies.

  17. End of the day what it comes down to regardless of who is running for POTUS. The United States needs a buisness man in office with a board of advisors that have military backing, and unforuanately the current POTUS is nothing more then a thug who has no respect for the laws of the this nation. Trump may be hated but in no way can it be argued that he is not successful. and palin yea she may not be the best choice but id prefer Trump in office over what we currently have and my opinion may not matter but 24% of the current polls agree with me and if that doesnt make yall understand whats going understand the fact that he has a general lead over every other candidate period.

  18. She has been making flattering remarks about Trump for awhile, she knows he will hear of them, it serves her purpose, Trump is rich and money is the love of Sarah’s life and she does so want to be relevant, I don’t think it will last.

  19. Donations to her Pac are down. Her TV channel is ending shortly. Her oldest daughter is about to give birth to yet another illigitimate baby, father unknown. So, in other words she is at “loose ends” nothing to do, so why not run for office again? Also, too, nobody in her family works at a real job, so she has to support them, to keep family secrets. So glad she ran as a repub.

  20. Only other thing I predict is Ted Nugent next. To have the joke Trump mention the larger joke Palin as an authority on anything proves that this is just a publicity stunt. Shame on all Americans who give Trump the time of day. He’s wasting precious resources on his sideshow.

    Now he’s got the clown.

    Oh, and by the way, what does Palin, the bible-totin’ Christian, think of Trump’s admission that he doesn’t attend church, ask forgiveness, or bring her lord and savior into the equation? *crickets*

  21. A lot of old republicans just had a flashback to their teen years, underpants will need a wash tomorrow.

  22. I don’t think Trump went so far as to offer Sarah Palin a spot in his “dream Cabinet.” He kept talking about her being “special” without specifying how she was “special.” Trump doesn’t have a very large vocabulary and he really has a limited imagination so I think he was just conjuring up what possible positive attribute he could use about Sarah Palin. The rest of us know that there is absolutely nothing to admire about either of them.

  23. Knew when she quit her own show, she heading for something else. Can you imagine this being in the White House Cabinet?
    If anyone of the (16-17and counting) candidates running for the office of Pres. Make it, The U.S. will be the laughing stock of the world. If we are not already, with the clown car making all the head lines.

  24. Yes, we need a President who is very good at borrow & spend (it is not like we never had one of those before – think GW Bush). “The Donald,” has avoided personal bankruptcy by borrowing heavily from his very rich father and his siblings when there was no other option, and by playing brinkmanship very well.

    Trump has declared bankruptcy so many times leading the country in how to declare bankruptcy will be a walk in the park for him. In the meantime the rest of us will be paying the price for his failures.

  25. The Trump Cabinet of broken toys – that would be entertaining to watch if it wasn’t so detrimental to the Country.

    Sara Palin – State
    Ted Nugent – War
    Mel Gibson – Homeland Security
    Paula Deen – agriculture
    Lou Ferrigno – Labor
    Huckabee – Energy
    Carson – Interior
    Christie – Transportation
    One of the Koch Bros – Commerce
    Cruz – HUD
    Fiorina – VA

    That would be an interesting Cabinet.

  26. The PayMe family do not attend church, either. Nobody in Alaska has seen them attending. All the religious pap she spouts comes from Nancy French, the Christian writer who is the person behind Bristol Palin’s blog. She is probably ghost writing $carah’s tome of daily inspirational quotes. The PayMe family motto is “What’s in it for us?”

  27. “I’d love to have a golf club in my cabinet.” Ah, the kiss of death the GOP has been waiting for. Can’t wait to see the political cartoons. Bye bye, Don Don.

  28. Lit that crack pipe up a little early this morning, didn’t ya. By saying he has a lead over every other candidate, I assume your refering to rethug candidates, which isn’t saying much. Your comparisons are laughable!! Just what has the supreme court struck down as unlawful? Just in case your unaware, try traveling anywhere outside of the US, rethugs and their politics are a joke! Now go and rebury your head up Trumps ass!

  29. And $arah has been trying to shake off Toad the Wuss lately too. The stupid ‘ho would become Trump’s Tramp, blow him live on Faux Spews, if she thought people would pay more attention (and money) to her.

  30. What a load of Bullshit.

    This current POTUS is beholden to the law in so many ways that his predecessor thumbed his nose at and got away with for so long.

    You and yours just whine about the fact that you’ve not managed to turn America into a Fascistic State. Obama has turned the American Economy around and made it better- unlike the Republican Retard W. who destroyed it.

    And sTRUMPet is another W.

    76% of the polls disagree with you. and 3 to 1 odds indicate that you’re still a fool.

  31. …it’s official…Trump is no longer a “Manchurian Candidate”…he’s now a Kamikaze Candidate…
    …loved the “Team of Rivals” reference…lol

  32. As I recall, the Whining Wannabe from Wasilla once expressed an interest in being the Secretary of the “Department of Law”.

  33. …when she first hit the scene waaaay back then; yeah she was a beauty…as time wore on her stupidity and evil seemed to permeate her being and erased her beauty as though it had never been…I wouldn’t touch her with Flucked-up-bee’s dick…

  34. May be she can head the “Morals Panel” considering she is such a upstanding mother. I mean her daughter having two babies without of wedlock. Or better yet she can be Secretary of State. I mean since she can see Russia from her porch qaulifies her.

  35. As if the donald would pay for an anorexic granny who shops at Plato’s closet to be his newest arm candy. Lol, Even Ivana has held up better than the alaskan skank.

  36. I figure her demise will be much like Aimee Semple McPherson’s once the country figures out sarah’s a huckster on the same order as Aimee.

  37. She’ll turn on him just like she does everyone else. She’s such an envious, bitter old hag she can’t control it.

  38. Two? I believe this will be #4 or #5. Usually they are handed off to relatives to raise, but now the $$$ is running low, she will have to raise this one herself.

  39. Well such is to be expected. Instigation has done nothing more than a drive by commentary and has done nothing to answer.

  40. Sites that want to claim credibility need to learn the nuances of the language. This headline is terribly misleading. Actually, he promised nothing. He said she’s great and he’d (hypothetically) love to have her. Big difference from a promise. Politicususa shoud read its own story.

  41. What is your point? Anyone who mentions putting that grifter know nothing dumbass anywhere other than operating an ice cream truck and her idiotic ass would get that wrong needs to be ridiculed

  42. This is a very clever move by The Donald.

    As Secretary of Wasilla, she can keep an eye — wink, wink — on the evil Vlad the Bad from her front porch while not hosting family brawls in her back yard.

  43. Yeah. Cabinet. She’ll be in the clown hat dressed as a stripper riding the pole.
    Thanks a lot, John McCain !!!Dumbass !!!

  44. Perhaps Trump will eliminate the appointed post of “Press Secretary” and replace it with “Secretary of the Department of Refudiation” with Palin — perfect job for the ‘Whining Wannabe from Wasilla’.

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