Rush Limbaugh’s Carefully Constructed World of Lies Comes Crashing Down

At the best of times, the Republican Party has seemed dissociated from our shared reality, unmoored from the currents of our day to day existence on this planet. They have fallen into the looking glass and lost their way, intent on a world that never is and shall never be.

Rush Limbaugh epitomizes the Republican loss of being as “the top media voice for political conservatives,” according to World Net Daily. I don’t know if he is the top media voice, but how do you grade degrees of appalling? I’m willing, for the sake of argument, to accept WND’s judgment on this. After all, if anybody ought to know appalling, it is WND.

What is weird is that Limbaugh said Monday there is something weird going on, that the GOP has somehow become liberal:

We are all inundated by each other, every day, with e-mails, phone calls, texts, what have you, of utter incredulity over what’s happened to the Republican Party. It’s just too weird, folks, there just isn’t any serious opposition to anything that the Democrat Party wants.


Nope. No opposition at all.

It is clear that Limbaugh is addressing some bizarre reality on a world none of the rest of us can see, a sort of inner, inner layer to the Fox News bubble.

“They’re not even going through the motions. They’re not even voicing phony opposition to Obama in order to placate the base. They’re actively targeting their own base. This is just too weird!”

It would be weird. If it were true. But Limbaugh insists the Planned Parenthood video, in its entirety a hoax, is true: “There’s nothing that was taken out of context here.”

He insists what Huckabee said about Obama leading Jews to the oven door is true, even though Jews say it is not and are horrified by the suggestion.

He said Trump never said what he clearly said about McCain, what you can hear Trump saying about McCain every single time you watch the video.

Limbaugh is not the first to try to cope with the paradoxes of the conservative multi-verse. We all remember Glenn Beck asking, “Why isn’t anyone talking about this?” when something popped into his head – usually something he invented.

Heck, Republicans even want to pass legislation on the lie they made up about Planned Parenthood.

After almost seven years of Republican-imposed gridlock, shut-down, and nullification, this is Limbaugh’s analysis of the state of the Republican Party:

But just the establishment in Washington, you can’t distinguish the difference between Republicans and Democrats there. They are all aligned. They are glued together. But the difference now is, the Republican Party doesn’t even go through the motions of trying to convince its voters that they’re opposed to the Obama agenda.

No, Rush is not living in our universe, and he is not alone.

The long night of the Republican Party is upon them, the consequences of going on two decades of binge drinking their own Kool Aid. The necessity that what they wish to be true, BE true.

The entire foundation of their constructed reality, its underpinnings, are fantasy. It follows that everything which proceeds from these fantasies must also be fantasies. But because all this must, according to their ideology, be true, they are left befuddled and dismayed.

One of these false assumptions is that the House could ever repeal the Affordable Care Act, as though it were just another bill up for a vote and not the law of the land. Twice upheld by the Supreme Court, no less. Another is immigration. Yet another, Iran. On all three, Republicans have found themselves stymied by a reality that refuses to cooperate with their preconceptions:

I mean, they’ve had all these phony votes. For example, repeal Obamacare votes,” he explained. “They’re not even going through the motions of that ’cause they know that people see through it and that they don’t mean it. They’re not even trying. I don’t care what the issue is. The big three: Amnesty, Obamacare, Iran. Nothing! Zilch! No opposition to anything. Now, can anybody say that immigration, as being policed or not policed by Obama is helping America? Can anybody? They don’t even try to make the case that’s happening. I mean, even the amnesty supporters do not do it on the basis that it’s good for America.

Never mind that studies show immigration makes the United States stronger. That there is no evidence that the flood of immigrants are like a wave of barbarians crashing against the frontiers of the new Roman Empire. His despair is evident:

They do it on the basis that it’s ‘fair; for the immigrants. They do it on the basis of social justice and fairness motivations and reasons. But they don’t do it it’s improving the country. The Iran deal. Does anybody think this is actually good for the United States? Yet there’s no opposition to it, no serious opposition.

Can anybody say that Obamacare is making health care better? Can anybody say that anything that Obama is doing is? Nobody even makes the case, other than Obama with some words now and then … that the country’s better off than it has been. They have to lie about employment numbers, they have to make things up. There’s not even any fake opposition to Obama.

Cognitive dissonance requires that Limbaugh find some other explanation for the unacceptable. In his mind, therefore, “It’s because the Republican Party wants to finally get rid of the conservatives, get rid of its base.”

Oh dear. The water has gotten deep, but that is only because Rush is laying first down in the very thin veneer of what passes for rational thinking in the GOP.

And Senate Majority Leader McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner? Why, “They have turned to mush.”

There is a void in Republican leadership then, and Trump has filled it. Limbaugh’s conclusion followed from his premise, and would seem sound were it not that the premise was a flight of fantasy:

Admit it, folks. What has you bamboozled, what has you frustrated is you don’t see any opposition to any of it at a level of power that could do something about stopping it. There’s plenty of opposition in your neighborhood, plenty of opposition in your town, plenty of opposition in your family, plenty of opposition in your friends, but there’s none where it counts.

He’s right at last. There has been a whole lotta bamboozling going on and conservatives have willingly submitted to it, and in fact, crave more. Joining our shared reality at this late date won’t fix their shattered fantasies at this point. Only more lies will serve.

And so Rush Limbaugh’s long nightmare will continue.

24 Replies to “Rush Limbaugh’s Carefully Constructed World of Lies Comes Crashing Down”

  1. Serial Monogamist Rush Limbaugh’s world continues to decay. What a surprise.
    He just got divorced for the fourth time, currently seeking Gold-Digger #5.

    And like every other Conservative Fool- the problems that face the country and are ignored by the Republicans are always someone else’s fault.

    Republican’s unilateral revulsion to ACA suddenly become akin to being like a Democrat when Republicans cannot succeed in undermining it.

    I’ve spoken with street crazies who made more sense.

  2. There is a great deal of talk about us Dems/Libs waking up the voters.

    I’m not so sure that that is possible.
    Yes the Right lies, but they lie well, and what they lie about is a comforting lie.

    What do we offer?

    We offer the truth- and it’s been said that the truth is painful. And every living thing avoids pain.

    As an ex-religionist, life was a whole lot less complicated as a True Believer. Everything that happened- was because of “God’s Plan”. Especially the bad things.

    But nowadays when bad things happen- there is no inherent reason for such.
    So we offer to humanity- the freedom to experience life as is, in pain.

    For me, I choose to live life in pain. For all too many, laziness is a way of life.

    I don’t think anyone wants to go into the night- thinking that all of our suffering during our existence was for nothing.

    But I’d rather do so, with the knowledge that I tried to make things better for the next round of contenders.

  3. For those of you who have sufferd through my often poorly written post, you know when I use my LILY WHITE republican rant, I’m mainly talking about limbaugh, o’reilly, klannity, dobbs, coulter, beck, savage, you get my point, listen I get it, the civil rights movement really hit it’s stride in the mid 1960’s but can WE please get on with it? these people represent a ERA gone by! this BULL$HIT they’re selling is just the last gasps of WHITE PRIVILEGE! RACISM and BIGOTRY, I truly believe the founding fathers as SCREWED UP as they were, envisioned a country where people were judge by their character, not their color! The republican party is a painful reminder of how ugly and unjust this country CAN be. limbaugh and crew are dinosaurs and the sooner this cancer finally dies out, the sooner the usa can become a TRULY great nation. BTW the world is watching us and WE look like a lot of things, but unfortunately WORLD LEADER isn’t one of them.

  4. @Moongrim, once again you serve up another jewel via your post, I have a theory or two, I truly believe these RIGHT WINGERS who say the filth they say are really mentally and physically suffering! WHY? because HATE is a cancer! and it may or may not destroy your target but it most certainly destroy you, just look at limbaugh, he physically looks DEAD! look at him, you know he’s grossly unhealthy! look at his love life, he’s currently hunting down wife number FIVE! JESUS CHRIST! C’mon that’s mentally unstable right there! Have you noticed that many of the GOPS top dogs have been married MULTIPLE times?? gingrich actually DUMPED his wife when she was in the hospital with CANCER! talk about FAMILY VALUES! huh?! I truly believe many GOPERS are either paid shills pushing EVIL or truly mentally ill people, I’m talking sociopaths! how else do you explain their HATRED of the poor?LAST POINT, look at ann coulter, she’s over 50 and looks 65 PLUS! HATE eats you up from the INSIDE, OUT!

  5. I, myself, love reading your posts knight4444 and what you have to say. I came across this website back in 2012, (just before election time), and since then have come back daily to read the postings from people like you, moongrim, AndyCA, dj, and all the other regular and semi-regular posters who know what they are talking about! I’m glad that I have you guys and this website. You guys help me get my sanity back after reading all the crap postings from idiots on Yahoo and Huffington Post that are way beyond help. Thank You!!!

  6. The rise of Fox News, Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh, right wing radio talk shows, along with the majority of the mainstream media – who no longer is interested in reporting the facts, exposing the truth or muckraking up corruption – and a majority of citizens who are willing to let the world swirl around them, is turning America into a very sad, scary place.

  7. “The long night of the Republican Party is upon them…”
    to which my reflexive thought was “The night of the long knives” is upon them.

    Stephen Hawking spoke of Aggression we see coming from GOP:

    “The British theoretical physicist fears that human aggression may be the tragic flaw that could lead to our demise.
    “The human failing I would most like to correct is aggression,”
    “The quality I would most like to magnify is EMPATHY.
    It brings us together in a peaceful, loving state,” he added.–destroy-us-all—calls-for-more-empathy-172950453.html

    Pray for a Leader who speaks of EMPATHY!

  9. What? Limbaugh thinks the Republicans are not doing enough to promote their policies? Trump has just promised to put Sarah Palin in his cabinet. What the hell more does Limbaugh want? Trump claims that she is very smart and can provide him much needed advice.

    Jees, why can’t all these other weak kneed Republicans find their own Sarah Palin? Maybe daughter Bristol could meet their “needs”.

    I do have to question one thing, are we sure Trump ISN’T a Dem plant?

  10. Rush is becoming a terrorist, attempting to convince the rabid right-wing base that none of their ‘leaders’ or Reps are doing anything at all for them…next he will be suggesting they do it for themselves.

  11. You know why Limbaugh thinks Republicans have turned into Democrats? It’s because they no longer suck up to him as the oracle of the Republican party. Why should they? His ratings are in the toilet, and the only reason he’s on the air in many markets is because Clear Channel/I Heart Radio props him up. His show loses money in most markets these days, and advertisers avoid him.

  12. There are many studies in the Economics literature that show show immigration does not make the United States economy stronger. There is a well documented concern that illegal immigration has a net suppressive effect on wages in the low skills category typically occupied by HS dropouts and/or graduates. The rest of America may well benefit slightly by paying lower prices for things like restaurant meals, agricultural produce, landscaping,and construction. There is a negative impact is on government expenditures. Illegal workers generally don’t pay income taxes but do use schools and other government services. That is a drain on government spending, especially at the local level.

    That there is no evidence that the flood of immigrants are like a wave of barbarians crashing against the frontiers of the new Roman Empire. His despair is evident:

  13. …used to be Rushbo was the biggest turd in the Golden Punch-bowl…but time dissolves all turds…soon he will be flushed completely…

  14. Link to these economic studies.
    The Impact of Immigrants on Employment and Earnings

    Although many are concerned that immigrants compete against Americans for jobs, the most recent economic evidence suggests that, on average, immigrant workers increase the opportunities and incomes of Americans. Based on a survey of the academic literature, economists do not tend to find that immigrants cause any sizeable decrease in wages and employment of U.S.-born citizens (Card 2005), and instead may raise wages and lower prices in the aggregate (Ottaviano and Peri 2008; Ottaviano and Peri 2010; Cortes 2008).
    Read the whole thing but since you are an dittohead I doubt you could comprehend it

  15. Links, please, to support your contention that illegal workers are destructive to our economic situation.

    There is far more evidence that the economic policies of the GOP/TP are worse than ANY group of “others”.

  16. Maybe Rush is also hoping for a Cabinet position in the tRump Presidency.

    Just remember Rush is brilliant – all his followers will tell you that he is so very bright & we need to listen to him. Why do they know he is brilliant – why Rush told them he was brilliant so it must be true.

  17. If the voters aren’t awake to these RWNJs then it is their own fault. Millions of women and enlightened men are awake and ready to proudly vote for Hillary Clinton. She is extremely smart and has the experience to do the job. We want a Dem to be the first woman president. Can’t wait.

  18. LimBORE on immigration, BAAHH!

    This April, 2009 SPLC article is still on the Internet:


    Now me: There are many “entrepreneur gringos” who want to pay slave labor wages so they keep hiring the illegal immigrant who will accept such wages for fear of being found out. So the illegals take it in the shorts; which pisses the uneducated locals off because they can’t find better paying jobs.

    Research the Hispanic Epidemiology Paradox, which indicates that Mexicans, aka beaners or greasers, because they have to eat beans because they can’t afford to eat anything else on the slave labor wages they are paid, will outlive their lily white Texas counterparts. So there is something else for the anti-immigration crowd to worry about. Texas WILL change from red to purple to blue. I hope I live to see Texas change to purple. [W…

  19. I’ll tell you what Democrats offer, and should shout it from the rooftops:


    Being the adults.

    That’s a winner, because the GOP today are such whiny, petulant, reckless, thoughtless buffoons. “Let the banks fail! Let Detroit fail! Bomb Iran! Shut down the Government! Abolish Medicare and Social Security! Privatize the roads! Spend a trillion dollars on a 2000 mile long wall! Sharia Law! God’s wrath! The End of Days! AAARRRGGHHHH!

    Pretty easy to seem like a grown-up compared to that.

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