American Dentist Who Killed The Beloved Cecil The Lion Was A Mitt Romney Donor


Walter Palmer, the dentist who killed the beloved Zimbabwe lion named Cecil donated to the presidential campaign of Mitt Romney.

According to The Hill:

The Minnesota dentist who authorities say killed a beloved Zimbabwe lion named Cecil donated to Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign.

Federal Elections Commission (FEC) forms show Walter James Palmer, a dentist in Eden Prairie, Minn., donated $5,000 to the Romney campaign in 2012.

Palmer also donated $250 to former Rep. Jim Ramstad (R-Minn.) in 1990 and $250 to Ramstad in 1992.
Local news reports have identified Palmer as a dentist in the Minneapolis outer suburb of Bloomington who resides in Eden Prairie, another Twin Cities suburb.

Palmer is at the center of an international storm after the death of Cecil the lion, who was well-known at Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.

The US hunter claimed that he had no idea who the lion was, “I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favorite, was collared and part of a study until the end of the hunt. I relied on the expertise of my local professional guides to ensure a legal hunt. I deeply regret that my pursuit of an activity I love and practice responsibly and legally resulted in the taking of this lion.”

It is not surprising that Palmer is a Republican, and in typical Republican fashion is throwing others under the bus to save himself. Walter Palmer should face prosecution for his actions. Luring an animal out of a national park so that he can feel like a big man speaks volumes about Palmer.

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  1. Typical republican. The only acceptable solution is for Palmer to be extradited to Zimbabwe to face poaching charges.

  2. It follows that the type of authoritarian known as a social dominator, and especially the Double High, would get a huge thrill out of killing an animal beloved by people he considers inferior.

    You can download a free PDF of “The Authoritarians”, by Dr. Robert Altemeyer, at the address below:

  3. …yet another rich asshole who thinks if ya got the $$$$ you can ignore the law…as to his ignorance, LOLOL…among trophy hunters taking a KNOWN animal increases the admiration of other jagoffs…he had his guide use a bait trail to lure Cecil out of the park so that the mighty could shoot first with a crossbow, then chased him down to finish him with a gun…
    Here’s to this bastard spending a LOOONG time in an African prison…

  4. Hunting, the only sport where the other team doesn’t know it’s playing.

    How so very much like Republicans and the way they treat everyone else.

  5. no matter what he says a responsible hunter is supposed to know where s/he is, what the boundaries are for protected areas, know whether or not what you’re hunting is legal or not AND you’re the one taking the shot…

    it’s absolutely you’re responsibility because it’s YOUR finger on the trigger..

    and who in their right mind would hunt big game with a crossbow?

  6. yeah… but the info on Walt’s ‘trophy’ was that they had to chase it down and make the coup de grace with a gun… it wasn’t a clean one shot with a crossbow kill..

  7. This thing is no hunter, it is a coward. Using a cross bow is tantamount to torture. This bowl of f×#$ let the lion suffer for 40 hours before it KILLED him. It didn’t “take”, it KILLED.
    May this thing lose everything for the rest of its life.

  8. This is so much horse pucky I could gag.

    He absolutely knew he was poaching when they laid out bait to lure the lion out of the reserve. And he used a crossbow so as NOT to alert the wardens they were hunting AT NIGHT. Did not kill the animal immediately, instead let it wander off until it weakened from blood loss, THEN this intrepid, masterful, hunter finally put it out of its misery.

    Dogdamn Republicans. And then they have the unmitigated gall to claim that the poor feel like they’re entitled.

  9. Not like the dentist portrayed by Steve Martin in Little shop of Horrors. It figures that he would be a RobMe donor. I think Walter should be lured from his sanctuary and shot with a crossbow and tracked for fourty hrs like that poor lion Cecil. What a sick individual.

  10. I also was offended at his use of taken and take. I hope Minnesotans put him out of busines and his family all know shame.

  11. AND, I wish to add, another Republican adding to the “ugly American” reputation to the world.

  12. Can’t read about the Lion I’m too sad.
    My biggest fear is another Stolen Election!

    And then there will be war with Iran…
    Mark my words!
    The GOP will tell companions on the Supreme Court…
    “If the RIGHT Doesn’t take the White House Iran will bomb Israel and US”

    “The Pro-Israel Lobby Battles ‘Voice of God’ Morgan Freeman Over Iran”
    The fight over the Iran deal was already overheated—and August hasn’t even begun.

    Get ready for an Obamacare-level National Ad Campaign and Activist Onslaught in the days to come”.

    “You can’t convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence…
    It’s based on Need To Believe”

    -Carl Sagan

  13. Do they get to behead him and skin him in the end? By the way did he bring his trophy back to the US? I would think that should have been illegal.

  14. Palmer is an experienced hunter, yet claims to not know that driving into Hwange National Park under cover of darkness, tying meat to the back of his vehicle, dragging the meat through the brush out of the Park, thus luring Cecil out of the Park, then shooting the lion once he was outside of the Park, is illegal.

    Yeah, right.

    I hope the Zimbabwe government successfully extradites his sorry ass back to their country, put him on trial, convict him, and throw him in prison for the maximum time allowed (which I believe is 15 years).

  15. Now the a-hole wants to say he was sorry. Doesn’t he know sorry is a sorry word. The worst part about it, is he may get a heavy fine and things will go back to normal. he needs to lose everything, better yet take him out and place him in a field of lions without his trusty crossbow or gun.

  16. I’m with you on this creeps ending. HOPE he ends up in a jail, serves a long long time. Better yet, I’d like to see LION have him for lunch.

  17. Not happy to say this:
    Not only has this dentist killed Cecil, he effectively has killed all of Cecil’s male offspring that remain in the pride.


    Whichever lion takes over the pride will eliminate them, to avoid a fight over control of the pride.

    I am happy to say this:
    This joker has killed his business all by himself. Guess you can add that to the “murdered” list…


    Have ZERO sympathy for him, and his lies about relying on local expertise are nothing more than a deflection. Doesn’t matter who is your guide, you should know the legalese of where you are hunting – even if it is in your own backyard.

  18. …maybe these assholes could be the HUNTED…at least a week per year…the fees would go to one o’ the legit wildlife conservation funds…

  19. Ya know somethin’? there are times when I’m disgusted to even be associated with the human race! what a POS!! no FU#KING surprise he’s a REPUBLICAN!! no god damn surprise it ALL!!!!!!

  20. There is some talk they may be able to charge him with a crime here (he is unlikely to be extradited). Hopefully it is a felony so that when convicted he won’t be able to have guns anymore.
    Take THAT bitch.
    No guns for you.

  21. As a lifelong liberal Democrat and current Bernie supporter, I have to ask just how is it relevent is this? Why not expose some big banker as a Hillary supporter? This headline and story belong on Breitbard, not Politicus.

  22. Don’t like it here? Then why don’t you GO to Politico? I’m sure they would appreciate your comments there.

  23. What they all have in common is their disdain for everyone that is not just like them. And why Trump is a break out among The 17. Honesty is for Chumps. He would be hanging human heads on his wall if he could. After he hunted them down and murdered them while he was surrounded with body guards and they were unarmed. I was ten when I heard the Nazi’s made lamp shades out of human skin. That was just one of the things that horrified a ten year old. This is no different to me. And one of the republicans favorite taunts is calling everyone else a nazi or comparing them to Hitler. Another example of them accusing others of doing the despicable things they do.

  24. The minute I read about that I knew in my bones it was an American. Knew it was a republican. Then I was really sure when the next thing I read was hinting it might have been a Spainard.
    The only surprise was the MSM having to admit exactly who it was, but no surprise when it was still spinning he “didn’t know”. Thank goodness here’s another example of those people losing control over other countries and the world’s contempt of America because of them.
    American privilege cannot censor the whole world now. Their world is getting smaller and smaller every day.
    I want to see this piece of garbage sent back to stand trial for killing another helpless animal AND his Cubs.

  25. Last March an American couple thought it was okay to
    deface the colosseum in Rome. Now this self-absorbed
    PoS pulls another senseless stunt making us all look like
    low lifes. Cecil’s cubs plight makes the deed even more
    tragic. And Polly, those Nazis that you mentioned were
    named Otto and Heidi Koch. Ring a bell?

  26. Sickening but enlightening article. Where are all those good guys with guns we keep reading about? I am not an idiot. I know there’s times it is humane to kill something. I have been put into a position of having to finish off a pitiful sick or injured animal more than once myself but I have NEVER enjoyed it.
    Taken pets to be euthanized when they were dying and suffering. I always hold them and do my best to comfort them until their last breath. I owed them that.
    I believe we should be able to choose our own deaths too.
    I live very close to nature and have most of my life. I carry spiders outside rather than kill them. But I don’t have even a little problem wishing these people and the people responsible for so many wars and innocent deaths would get what they really deserve. It certainly isn’t a victims head on a wall

  27. Was a child my self when this took place but, remember it well. Also very interesting the names Otto and Heidi Koch??? Names to to remember? KOCH! Ring a bell anyone? Like what they want to the U.S. to become and have the money to succeed if, we are not careful with our country.
    VOTE– with thoughtful consideration of where you want your country to go. Your own welfare depends on it.

  28. There are two things that are sacred to me: Animals and Environment. I have no words to describe how I feel about this POS, and I would not want to be left alone with this POS for fear of what I would do to him.

    Time for both the U.S. and Zimbabwe to step up and do what needs to be done.

  29. of course this freak is a conservative. If there is a nasty thing to be done that is not actually illegal but only immoral, mean, cowardly or inhuman then you will find conservative assholes practicing that inhuman, nasty, cowardly behavior. they won’t break laws but play around the edges just doing things no normal person would be caught dead doing. killing things IS the main Rethuglicant pastime. Haven’t you guys noticed. Inhuman assholes is what they are. Period.

  30. I hunted and I fish.

    Moderate THIS, pol-usa~~

    REAL men and REAL women NEVER EVER kill anything they do not eat.

    In all the years I’ve hunted and or fished, I have ONLY hunted/fished for food.

    “trophy hunting” is ONLY done by those who have no more than a faint echo in their scrotum.

  31. Thanks for your recommendation. A friend recommended this book, which I subsequently added to my “Books to read” list.

    I also recommend:

    “Conservatives Without Conscience” by John W. Dean

    Presently, I am still reading:
    “The Summer of 1787: The Men Who Invented the Constitution” by David O. Stewart.

  32. He’ll figure out a way to buy his way out. Zimbabwe is a poor country and would welcome a handsome bribe, I am sure.

  33. Shows dentists are probably making more than what’s good for them, if I may paraphrase the Lord of the Rings.

  34. Excuse me? I do like it here but I rarely post comments. I really don’t appreciate the attitude of “do not post a contrary comment”.

    All I did was point out that there is absolutely no correlation between this creep who killed Cecil and donating to Rmoney.

    I dislike him and his big game hobby as much as anyone here and I’ll agree that such behavior could be more typical of a Republican than a Democrat, but to call him out for donating money to a political cadidate? That’s just click bait.

  35. I disagree.

    Both Romney and this Dentist demonstrated a sociopathic disregard for the needs of an animal.

    Romney and his family dog.

    The Dentist and Cecil.

    They are birds of a feather.

  36. AFTER he is circumcised without anesthesia. Easier to keep clean after he brutalizes some other animal.

  37. I understand they used a spotlight ,so the poor lion was blinded as well . That is a really great hunter as Cecil didn’t have a chance at all .

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