Major GOP Fundraiser Tells Sen. Mark Kirk To Quit, And Illinois Voters Agree He Should Go

On Tuesday, one of Illinois’ top Republican fundraisers, Ron Gidwitz, called on Republican Senator Mark Kirk to step down rather than seek re-election in 2016. A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released on Wednesday suggests that the embattled GOP Senator should take Gidwitz’s advice.

The PPP poll finds that just 25 percent of Illinois voters approve of Mark Kirk’s job performance, compared to 42 percent who disapprove. Kirk’s right wing grandstanding on the Iran deal has cost him support with all but the most extremely conservative voters in the state.

Kirk is disliked by every ideological category of voter, except those who identify as “very conservative”. With very conservative voters, Kirk sports a modestly positive 35-26 approval rating. However, liberal, moderate, and somewhat conservative voters all have a negative opinion of the Republican Senator. In a blue state like Illinois, placating only the most extreme right wing voters is a recipe for political suicide.

Kirk, however, seems intent on committing political suicide. Not only does he trail Democrat Tammy Duckworth in a hypothetical 2016 Senate race, but he is also hemorrhaging support from party leaders and fundraisers who view him as a political liability.

When major GOP fundraiser Ron Gidwitz urged Kirk to call it quits on Tuesday, he did so in no uncertain terms, stating:

His misstatements put him and the Illinois Republican Party in too much of a defensive position. I do not believe he will be a U.S. senator in 2017 and, at [the] top of the ticket, he could cause collateral damage (to other Republican candidates). I call on him to step aside and allow other Republicans to seek his seat.

Although Gidwitz later retracted his call for Kirk to quit, the damage had already been done. Gidwitz’s message was clear. He views Mark Kirk as a sure fire loser in 2016, and a drag on the Republican ticket. Illinois voters seem to agree that Kirk is a loser, and if he runs for re-election, that will become crystal clear in November of 2016.


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13 Replies to “Major GOP Fundraiser Tells Sen. Mark Kirk To Quit, And Illinois Voters Agree He Should Go”

  1. More gop infighting? No way! No wonder they’re unable to actually govern, they cant even get along with each other in the same party.

  2. I just moved to Illinois this past month, and I can’t wait to vote for Tammy Duckworth. She is amazing! Mark Kirk on the other hand is just another puppet for the billionaire class.

  3. He might not make it to general election. There’s talk that the Nazi teabagger Joe Walsh is going to run against him in primary. The way it looks now he couldn’t beat that buffoon.That’s President Obama’s old senate seat. Tammy Duckworth would look good sitting in it.

  4. One of the things he has said being “cute” I disagree with. When he called Miss Lindsey a bro with no ho he was dead wrong. Missy does have one but so is he. They both work for the war monger faction in Israel.

  5. My theory is, MONEY and POWER often exposes ones TRUE nature, kirk is just typical of what republican males mindsets are! their arrogant, nasty, petty, hateful, bigoted! kirk comments about graham aren’t surprising to me at all, lets be HONEST, we all know the GOP’s upper management laughs their heads off about graham! kirk just said it out loud! the ‘bro without a ho” comment I guarantee was one of the tamer ones! The GOP attracts these types of people, I wonder WHY?

  6. I no longer reside in IL.
    I now reside in the state of the koch sucker walker.
    If I did still reside in IL, I would CERTAINLY vote for my fellow American veteran~Tammy Duckworth.

    This heroic woman may be physically disable however, this creep “kirk” doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

    We REAL Americans need to defeat every possible ANTI America gop carpetbagger that we can.

    Part of that effort is to assist other voters’ franchise and access to the polls.

  7. …me too mate…born and partly raised in Chicago, partly in Southern Illinois…migrated up here in ’03 while it was a truly a liberal state…gonna take a looong time to clean up Walkers mess once he’s gone…
    …and all in for a fellow Veteran: Tammy Duckworth!!!

  8. This sounds exactly like what McConnell did to his fellow Ky senator J Bunning. If percieved to be a liability, throw them under the bus. Bunning was a nasty old bastard and quite offensive, no loss there. Of course now we have Rand Paul, not exactly an improvement. Thank heavens Illinois is a blue state that the only temporarily lost it’s way. I’d be proud to vote for and have Tammy Duckworth represent me in the senate!

  9. My only hope is that we here in Pennsylvania can get rid of Pat Toomey as well. It might have been good for America in the long run to hand the Senate over to the Republicans in 2014 just to show how badly they govern. Now it’s time to take it back. The House will be much tougher due to Republican gerrymandering, but we need to take our government back from the Teahadists that are the Republican Party. They rant about the Taliban and ISIL, but want to turn our country into a pseudo Christian version of it.

  10. The path to winning back the House in 2016

    Yes we can retake the house IMO if dummycrats stop running away from the accomplishments of President Obama. Set the agenda our policies work. Don’t fight the teahadist on bullshit issues like the fake video of Planned Parenthood instead and especially in rural areas fight for womens health care.

    That being said do not follow the Steve Israel and Debbie Wasserman Shultz strategy of those republicans are my friends so we wont challenge them. Hello NANCY PELOSI!!!!!

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