obama veto 40 hour work week

White House Vows That Obama Will Veto Any Republican Attacks On Climate Change Rule

obama veto 40 hour work week

The White House is promising that any Republican attacks on the president’s new climate change rule will be met with a swift and firm Obama veto.

Politico reported:

“We will not back down. We will finalize a stronger rule,” White House chief of staff Denis McDonough told an event hosted by The New Republic and the liberal Center for American Progress. “We’ll veto ideological riders to stop this plan or undercut our bedrock environmental laws. And we’ll move forward on behalf of the American people with the vision set forward by the president.”

Republicans are determined to protect polluters. Mitch McConnell has gone so far as to warn foreign nations that Republicans in Congress are intent on undermining any climate change deal that President Obama makes with foreign countries, “Even if the job-killing and illegal Clean Power Plan were fully implemented, the United States could not meet the targets laid out in this proposed new plan. Our international partners should proceed with caution before entering into a binding, unattainable deal.”

The White House is willing to veto any piece of legislation the undermines the EPA’s new rule regarding coal power plants. House Republicans have tried to undermine the rule through various legislative efforts, but it is clear that any efforts to ransom away the new rule are going to be met with a firm presidential veto.

President Obama has stopped the Republican agenda at every turn. The myth that the president is not willing to stand up for liberal values has been shattered as Obama has not given Boehner and McConnell an inch on their agenda. This president is committed to combatting climate change. Boehner and McConnell can try every trick in the book, but they are going to be stopped cold by President Obama and his veto pen.

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