John Boehner Says He is Proud of His Accomplishments


The House of Representatives has a theme, “the people’s priorities.” Which, as with “religious freedom,” means the opposite of what it says. So when Speaker of the House John Boehner says, as he did yesterday, “I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished in Congress so far,” you know what follows is bad for the middle class, for workers, and for the poor.

Boehner touts “GOP progress on the people’s priorities.” He says this means spending cuts and protecting us from permanent tax increases, but what this really means is that he is proud to have supported so much legislation that helps rich people and corporations:

Like the House vote this past April to eliminate the federal estate tax. You know, because it helps all of us if rich people have a greater percentage of the nation’s wealth. We love that!

Like the Deny Americans the Right to Know Act (H.R. 1599) passed just this past week, which, as explains, “overturns state-level laws that require foods containing genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, to be labeled.”

Yay for the People’s Priorities! We love being victimized to benefit huge corporations who want to poison us for their own enrichment, yes we do!

Enough facts. Let’s watch Boehner spin his web of lies yesterday, courtesy of

Let me start by saying that I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished in Congress so far this year. We’ve achieved the first real entitlement reform in nearly two decades, which will save taxpayers some $2.9 trillion over the long term. We passed the first 10-year House-Senate balanced budget plan since 2001. And, we’ve enacted new tools to fight human trafficking, new resources to improve veterans’ care, and a plan to advance free trade and promote more American jobs.

I’m also proud of what we’ve accomplished as a Republican majority. We’ve cut spending by more than $2.1 trillion – the most significant spending reductions in modern history, and more than what we saw under the Reagan & O’Neill arrangement back in the 80s. We protected 99 percent of Americans from a permanent increase in their taxes. We’ve enacted three pro-growth free trade agreements. We’ve enacted job training reform, student loan reform, VA reform, Medicare reform. All over just the last four and a half years. We’ve stopped the transfer of terrorist detainees into the U.S. We’ve banned earmarks and have the most open legislative process that we’ve seen in modern time. We passed the most pro-life legislation in history. And we’ve done all this with a Democrat in the White House.

As an example of mendacity, Boehner’s words are almost without parallel, despite his tacit admission that the House has failed to create a single job – again. Add to that about a million votes to repeal Obamacare, at least as many Benghazi and Hillary email investigations, the House’s complete inability to defeat Obama’s Iran nuclear deal, or to even begin to address immigration reform. Well, you can see why they would be proud.

Boehner claims “VA reform” as an accomplishment, but President Obama was forced to veto a House bill in March – H.R. 2029 – that would have cut benefits to 70,000 veterans. This isn’t reform by any stretch of the imagination.

Worse, as reported here at the time, this measure was just the latest in a long line of anti-veteran legislation from Republicans:

“In 2012, House Republicans tried to cut benefits while privatizing healthcare. In 2013, House Republicans tried to cut food assistance for 170,000 vets and their families. In 2014, Senate Republicans blocked a veterans’ benefits bill.”

The sole Republican accomplishment where veterans are concerned is successfully politicizing problems at the Veterans Administration. Hold your heads up high, Republicans.

And Medicare reform? Just this past May, “Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) busted Republicans for trying to elimate competition in a Medicare program to raise prices on consumers to benefit corporations.” In layman’s terms, as Sarah Jones put it, “to screw with Medicare to benefit corporations.” Republican Medicare reform revolves around killing or privatizing Medicare, pure and simple. Actual reform is the last thing on their minds. Like the “freedom” part of religious freedom.

I’m not sure how the GOP’s alleged “pro-life” stance can be termed an accomplishment, since it comes at the expense of women’s reproductive rights – the right of women to keep their healthcare between themselves, their families, and their doctors.

This alleged pro-life stance is anything but, as it allows women to die to keep fetuses alive Republicans are willing to let die after they are born. All because they claim the Bible says a bunch of stuff it doesn’t say, while a bunch of stuff it does actually say – about the poor and the rich – is ignored because it violates Republican ideology and pisses off their corporate owners.

You have to give the House credit where it is due – the House version of the human trafficking bill, unlike the Senate’s – did not contain divisive anti-abortion language to expand the Hyde Amendment. And unlike the Senate version, it passed easily.

The best laugh is the last laugh. It is funny to hear Boehner claim they’ve “done all this” with a Democrat in the White House, given that not only this House, but the previous House, has done its level best to oppose, reject, and nullify President Obama’s every word and deed.

If there is any legislative body in this land unable to brag about its accomplishments, it is John Boehner’s House of Representatives, which has become a byword for incompetence in a Congress that began 2014 with a 13 percent approval rating.

As Gallup reported in January 2014, “Congressional approval has rarely been 20% or higher in the last three years.” Boehner is part of the reason for those low ratings, as the polling demonstrates: “Nearly twice as many Americans disapprove (53%) as approve (28%) of the job Boehner is doing,” reported Gallup.

In other words, Boehner and the House have accomplished nothing on behalf of the people, and in fact, have left us worse off than before, and America knows it.

39 Replies to “John Boehner Says He is Proud of His Accomplishments”

  1. it’s pretty sad when you think that passing something thru the House, that never gets passed in the Senate or is vetoed, is an accomplishment…

    have another glass of red and a smoke and rest on your accomplishments Mr Speaker…


  2. Oh Johnny, stop living in the fantasy world you’ve created for yourself. Grow a pair and stand up to the tbag idiots who suck the life out of the R party. The populace has lost all respect for you, and your constant lying just shows that you don’t even have any self respect. You and I are the same age. Don’t you remember the old Janis Joplin line … “Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got”.

  3. Accomplishments – none, except he did manage to create the most dysfunctional body in government getting nothing done. He has also managed to turn the keys of Congress over to the Kochs, wonder how much hes been paid for that(should be a nice retirement fund). John is a drunk. Unfit for office.

  4. Can ya believe this arrogant PoS is actually patting
    himself on the back? Look OrangeMan, we see that
    you don’t sport a Taliban beard, but that means ya
    face a mirror once in a while to shave. How can you
    look into those bloodshot peepers and take “pride”
    in the sad image before ya? Gimme a break!!!

  5. Accomplishes? what accomplishes? the entire GOP has done only two things within the last 7 yrs, bash Obama every waking hour and give out WELFARE to the wealthy! Oh my bad, they’d renamed a few post offices! The GOP has become a caricature of itself, john boehner proud? of what? ONLY in america, could a alcoholic not only work for government but be speaker of the house! what private sector company would allow it’s ceo to be a DRUNK? but I forgot! we’re talking about american politics! republicans don’t care about ANYTHING other than having a “R” before your name and act as FAR RIGHT WING as possible! The tea party “THE LILIEST OF THE LILY WHITE” wants johnny boy GONE! beause he’s not CRAZY enough for their liking! the GOP has completely lost it’s mind! it’s NOTHING but FACTIONS! the OLIGARCHS! the religious NUTS! the RACIST and the conspiracy NUTS! the GOP is DYING because of it’s OWN BULL$HIT! because if you’re waiting on the DEMOCRATIC party to bury them, YOU’ll be…

  6. Sso bad. I used to be amazed hearing republican justification for the state of this poor country. our infrastructure is a crime. these people do NOT want to create jobs. A man who wants to take decent health insurance away from his constituents is murderously evil. people without health insurance die when they get sick and that is precisely what republicans want. they do not care if you live or die. They must slavishly serve their masters. this is one reason they hate education. An educated populace votes liberal. I guess sociopaths would love republicans. It is so freakin obvious that people are last on any conservative list. Personally I wish they would all become human just a little. never happen people.

  7. I do think that it is in dems best interest that he stays. Do we really want him replaced with a teabag asshole as Speaker of the House? It would be much worse. Head teabag Ted Cruz, who loves to plot and meddle with the House craziest, could be emperor in absentia.

  8. Saying you are proud of the half assed job you’ve done as Speaker is basically the same as saying you are proud to have to have a horse kick you in the balls.

    I would say that you should do something, but that would mean that he would actually do something for the people… as a Republican, he’s incapable of caring for the people (unless they have at least 7 zeroes in their bank account).

  9. Good point @Brodie224 but the tea party overall, has been the worst thing that’s happened to the GOP since Watergate, see republicans are truly THEIR worst enemies! they always overreach! I guess that WHITE PRIVILEGE thingy just keeps biting them in the butt. The GOP’s future? lol like the Merovingian said in the Matrix, Your time is just about up!

  10. Somewhere, there is a survey that says the popularity of Congress is below that of Brussels Sprouts and just above ebola.

  11. But when Obama was elected, with a country teetering on bankruptcy, car makers close to
    bankruptcy, job losses at 800,000 per month etc, etc. The republicans decided to block all the progress Obama was making, why don’t they own up to it, as far as I know no-one in the media has ever brought it up.

  12. Why? Because that would be giving the Big Bad Boogyman/Black Guy- some credit.

    And the media that does that would be denounced as Liberal Media.

  13. …lemme see…are Obstruction, Lying, Sedition and Treason accomplishments??? Now the TAD {Traveling Around Drunk} I can understand non-judgmentally being a Sailor…the rest I’d rather have him tried for BEFORE he kicks off…low satisfaction in waitin’ on Judgement Day…lol

  14. Anyone notice that when someone asks these
    clowns in the congress about climate change they have only one response ‘ I am not a scientist’
    All of a sudden they are now all nuclear scientists.

  15. I think it would be even worse with a true teabagger. At least, Boehner works with the Dems once in awhile. Granted it is when he needs Pelosi’s help reining the crazies in.

  16. He is so proud of our crumbling infrastructure, so proud of the dwindling middle class and so proud of being controlled like a marrionet by his benefactors, the Koch brothers. So proud to be a cowardly, lying, evil POS!

  17. John Bouhner needs to be INDITED,TRIED AND CONVICTED for his Unamerican treachory,,The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 30 January 1799, currently codified at 18 U.S.C. § 953) is a United States federal lawthat forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. It was passed in 1799 and last amended in 1994. Violation of the Logan Act is a felony, punishable under federal law with imprisonment of up to three years.,,,,,The Ayatolla of Iran responded to the republicans in letter and advised them that what they were doing was against the U S Constitution,,,and if they needed help understanding THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION the Ayatolla of Iran offed to tutor them .

  18. John Bouhner was a good son worked hard and became an American dream. The 3rd most powerful man in America. Please tell me why he would become one of the leaders to try and destroy America? Invite a Prime Minister who wanted to have us die in a war. To allow this man to speak to Congress in hopes to discredit our POTUS. What happen to this man who had a chance to be a proud American, instead was it just greed that took him away from the American Dream?

  19. We need to take back Congress in ’16. We’ve got to get rid of these idiots who refuse to govern or this country is never going to prosper again.

  20. Boehner touts “GOP progress on the people’s priorities.”

    In Bohner’s case “the people” simply means the Koch’s, the Walton’s, the Sheldon Adelson’s etc… Ya know, the billionaire GOP donors.

  21. Mike, I must disagree with you on the fact, Bonhead was a good son ect. A good Son would not have turned on his country as Bonhead has. I believe he became a Senator in the first place to become rich. His being bought by the a KOCH’S IS PROFF. BOUGHT HE IS, OWNED HE IS….perhaps he drinks because even he, can not stand himself.

  22. If being proud constitutes being an abject failure as Speaker, or wasting taxpayer money on fluff bills that will never become law, or obstructing progress in the United States of America for all Americans (not just the millionaires and billionaires) is what he believes to be ‘accomplishments’, then sure. But most people with an IQ above 20 will believe that those are failures of leadership.

  23. I’m a conservative and this guy needs to go. If I were in his district I’d vote for a democrat instead of him. He and all the other establishment republicans are destroying the party…and America.

    Well actually it is career politicians in both parties. How can anyone be in touch with the real America after spending 20+ years in Washington? They can’t.

    I know I’m not very popular here but can I get some ‘likes’ for TERM LIMITS?

  24. I’m afraid I have to disagree with the notion of term limits.

    Republicans ramrodded the 22nd Amendment to prevent a repeat of FDR. And yet they start talking about repealing it whenever they got someone in the White House they like (Reagan/W. Bu$h).

    In my local district we have Peter deFazio.

    Who has been getting reelected many times.

    I feel we already have a term limit system set up- the Ballot Box.

  25. Representative deFazio can ALWAYS be expected to return a request for action, and at the very least will make an attempt.

    Something that I’ve yet to experience from any one Republican. (Other than a request for more funding).

  26. I’m not sure how I feel about that to be honest. I go back and forth with it.

    I agree with you that some have been there so long, they are out of touch with reality – out of touch with their own constituents even.

    On the other hand, having experienced legislators in office is a good thing for people. You want people there who command the respect and have the knowledge of the system to get legislation through the system, to drum up votes, etc.

    If we had a bunch of new people every few years, we might not end up with much.

    It’s a catch-22, I think.

    The real problem as I see it is the gerrymandering that has gone on in some of these districts. Even if the majority of people in some of these districts want someone new, it’s almost impossible to get someone new to run because they know they can’t win.

    Maybe our efforts should be focused on this rather than term-limits because it would take an Amendment for term-limits – and that would be nearly impossible.

  27. Moongrim, I don’t want a repeat of FDR for either party. I think a president would have too much power and influence by the third term and would most likely abuse it.

    We have too many politicians in Washington who are only there for themselves. They, not us, have decided what their salary is. They’ve created their own health plan, dental plan, and retirement plan that would break any company in the private sector. They’ve created all of that by themselves and for themselves.

    The problems in our government isn’t democrat or republican. It’s career politicians and too few young representatives who will stand up to them.

  28. It’s not only giving themselves raises and retirement plan. It’s also the corruption, the seniority, the back scratching etc.

    Term limits would put an end to having elitist pompous asses running the senate and congress.

    I think if we, the voters would clean house we would see both sides actually working together because the elitists wouldn’t be there pushing them around and twisting their arms.

    Also there would no longer be as great an $$incentive$$ to get re-elected. How many house members leave Washington as millionaires? All of them. Guess in which city the USA headquarters for Lamborghini is located?? The one with the most millionaires lol.

    We need term limits. And Boehner and many, many others are perfect examples.

  29. Paws, you do make a point about having some experience in Washington. But if we ever do get term limits it wouldn’t be limited to just one term for either house so there would still be some experienced leaders….just not tainted ones, hopefully.

    I do think a bunch of newbies every few years would be a good thing. I think most all new members want to do the right thing for their voters but soon find out they have to work their way through the pecking order before many of their ideas are considered.

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