MSNBC Officially Cancels Ed Schultz (Last Show On Friday) And Gives Chuck Todd His Time Slot

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Ed Schultz will air his last show on MSNBC on Friday, and in a few weeks his timeslot will be turned over to Chuck Todd according to MSNBC boss Phil Griffin.

Here is the memo that Griffin sent to MSNBC employees:

I’m writing to share a number of changes we’re making as we build a new daytime lineup with the best live, breaking news coverage on television.

As of this Friday, “The Cycle,” “Now with Alex Wagner” and “The Ed Show” will air their final shows.

Alex Wagner will stay with MSNBC and play a key role in our political coverage as we head into the 2016 election. And Ari Melber will continue in his role as Chief Legal Correspondent. But we will be parting ways with some friends – Ed Schultz, Krystal Ball, Abby Huntsman and Toure will be leaving MSNBC. Please join me in thanking them for their numerous contributions over the past several years, and in wishing them great success.

Beginning in a few weeks, Chuck Todd will bring his unmatched brand of political insight and analysis back to MSNBC with a daily one-hour program. That show will air weekdays at 5pm.

I know you read press reports last week speculating about these changes. I hope you can understand that we were not able to confirm at that point because we had not yet finalized many of the decisions I’m sharing with you today, and we hadn’t yet spoken directly with the people involved.

In the coming weeks, as we complete our plans to create a new look and flow for our dayside programming, our 3pm to 6pm hours will begin the pivot towards live, breaking news coverage – with interim hosts from among our very talented ranks. And then, in September, we’ll unveil a 9am to 5pm schedule driven by dynamic coverage of breaking news events that are shaping the day.

Change can be hard. There’s no doubt it’s been a difficult time, but we have exciting opportunities ahead.

Griffin is replacing The Ed Show with the “insight and analysis” of Chuck Todd. Griffin’s move appears to have come at the request of NBC News president Andrew Lack, who is determined to rebuild the relationship between NBC and MSNBC.

It is laughable that Griffin is trying to convince anyone that the woefully underresourced MSNBC is going to be in a position to compete with CNN on breaking news. The fact that Griffin threw out the term breaking news was code for MSNBC’s move away from the left.

The release also confirmed that Ed Schultz will be leaving MSNBC. Schultz won’t be the last liberal to be let go. It has been reported for months that Al Sharpton, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Chris Hayes are also on the way out.

All might not be lost as it has been reported that NBC News is discussing a potential MSNBC return for Keith Olbermann, but the lean forward network is finished. MSNBC as viewers knew it will cease to exist after Friday.

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154 Replies to “MSNBC Officially Cancels Ed Schultz (Last Show On Friday) And Gives Chuck Todd His Time Slot”

  1. MSNBC is becoming CNN and Fuch Spews lite.
    Now if Rachel Maddow leaves, I will no longer tune into MSNBC.

  2. Losing Olbermann was bad enough. Now there will be nothing to watch except for Maddow. Chuck Todd is nothing but a mouthpiece for whomever is paying him. He has no mind.

  3. Amazing promoting someone who refuses to challange misstatements made by guests. Is this what NBC/MNBC considers “political insight”?

  4. Very sad… I am still not over losing Keith, Martin (over the likes of Sarah Palin) and the very impressive Joy Reid. Now Ed is going too? It is bad enough that I have to DVR Morning Joe so that I can FF whenever Joe and lately Mika’s lips are moving. I’m thinking soon the boney blondes in the skimpy dresses will start to appear. The only reason I will have to continue watching msnbc is the brilliant Rachel Maddow. Don’t know where I’ll turn for the upcoming presidential coverage :(

  5. Todds own special perspective is that of an NBC’s rear; viewing with puckered lips; nbc will stand for NO BODY CARES .

  6. I just wrote the network and told them they would be losing a ton of viewers and gave my opinion of Todd.
    If everyone would do this at least they might get the message.

  7. MSNBC will not be turned on in the house any longer. We love Ed Schultz and Joy Reid, and all of the other talented hosts that they have let go. Rachel Maddow is the only one left that will attract our attention. Chuck Todd is horrible, and is not a responsible host in reporting the facts. He is mostly led by the populist reporting, and he doesn’t do his homework to reach his own conclusions. I guess he doesn’t have any, beyond thinking that he is great (which he is not).

  8. That is good, that will give time to watch the programs I record, like Larry Gilmore and the View, I will still watch Jose Diaz Beelart, Chris Matthews, Thomas Roberts and Rachel Maddow.
    I WILL NOT WATCH CHUCK TODD or ANDREA MITCHELL, I would rather watch Naked and Afraid or Storage Wars. Chuck, Andrea and Joe Scarbourgh are the first that should go. Nothing honest, clear or insightful, unless they can make the headlines instead of reporting them.
    You are keeping jackasses like Joe Scarbourgh and letting great journalists go. So are you owned by Fox and friends?

  9. MSNBC sold out a long time ago. A year from now it won’t exist at all. The only thing holding it up is Rachel, and she can’t do it forever. Thank God they were so inept at keeping these changes a secret, Ed has a radio show and financially he’ll be fine. give a chance. It’ll be hell watching your friends pack up and escape while you watch the water in the bowl get higher and you can do nothing about except drown. Rachel will be forever damaged when MSNBC falls.

  10. I will only watch Rachel now I hope MSNBC quickly feel the pain of their idiotic moves away from liberal news anchors. It was the only place to find news that was truthful and balanced. Guess they want to be like FUXSNOOZE and they deserve to tank straight to the bottom for axing these fine people. We can get better news on comedy central and HBO now.

  11. If you add Michael Steele and Howard Dean on one show, I would think that would show some insight from both sides.

  12. Except for Rachel Maddow, MSNBC has cancelled shows I watch every day: The Cycle, Ed Schultz, and who else we don’t know yet. This is all about politics: moving to the Right to counter Bernie Sanders and promote Hillary, in my view. I’m through with you people!

  13. will the Chuckster continue his tradition of posting the White House Soup of the Day?

    that’s the best ‘breaking news’ he’s capable of….

  14. Liberals are no longer welcome at MSNBC. With Ed’s departure, so goes the audience that created MSNBC and lobbied local cable providers to put them in the line up (remember when there was no alternative to FOX Faux News?) Good luck to Phil and MSNBC to pull over Fox watchers — not gonna happen. And being CNN light gets you nowhere. There aren’t enough CNN viewers to even keep them alive.

    But at least the powers that be at MSNBC will have done their corporate part to get Hillary elected, and to silence any dissenting voices.

  15. Good luck NBC, with finding any viewers to bolster the already failing ratings. Why not just buy All the Fox morons? Chuck might look almost decent that way……

  16. Where did you write the network? All I could find was a general @msnbc twitter account. There is no Contact link on their website or corporate email address anywhere.

  17. This is horrible news. Main Stream Media is being cut away. Ed, the Cycle and Alex Wagner were staples with real news with real people that care about giving the truth to middle America. Chuck Todd will not have the real perspectives that your audience wants to hear. Chuck Todd will not be a good replacement for Ed. He does not any where near the passion that Ed Schultz has. His passion grabbed hold of your audience. As you can now tell by comments here you are going to lose a big audience! SHAME ON MSNBC!

  18. Good Bye MSNBC. It was my favorite network until now but I guess the big wigs are sacrificing quality reporting and commentaries with something that only appeals to the money hungry executives. I will not watch it until it gets to the one I was used to. Chuck Todd mm…mm…mm. not good. He is a conservative wolf dressed as a sheep. Sorry.

  19. Kiss my ass MSNBC. Boot Ed and you lost me.I’ll miss Rachel but refuse to support you in any way. Bunch of losers!

  20. Watch the viewership on MSNBC evaporate. Jerks. Chuck Todd is worthless.
    A diet of conservatism all day, every day will not make us conservatives. It will just make us turn you off MSNBC.

  21. I will no longer be watching msnbc. Chuck Todd is a horrible host. He let’s guest say whatever they want (lies) and he never ever corrects them with the truth. He’s a egoistic host who thinks he’s more than what he is. Goodbye Ed Schultz, one of the best on TV. You’ll will be sorry you let him go……

  22. How DARE you cancel Ed and give Chuck his spot! Have you lost your minds over there for God’s sake! I’ve slowly been staying away from your daytime line-up! You screwed up! You will never be able to convince me, and many others I would assume, that you’re moving in the right direction! The top brass at MSNBC are bigger asses than Chuck Todd, and that’s really, really bad! phft!

  23. Comcast is now dictating what and who we get to see since they bought NBC. This is just the beginning of what is to come. This nation is now a plutocracy, not a democracy. The rich control all we see, hear and stations like Fox are to blaim for major ignorance in this nation. Now with Comcast in charge, watch the changes to conservative ideals that are coming. I wont be watching MSNBC anymore and I hope the rest of the people do the same thing. They want a second Fox network, they can have it.

  24. I’m at a loss for words ! Why would you make a move that you surely know will adversely affect your ratings? I for one will not be watching any longer.

  25. Equating Chuck Todd with Sarah Palin is almost insulting to Palin.

    I just threw up in my mouth.

  26. They don’t want great journalists. Haven’t you noticed how all of them are being replaced (Cheryl Atkinson)? The corporations have taken over our government by buying our representatives & our minds are next. We will only hear what they want us to hear & we will be systematically brainwashed.

  27. …can somebody watch the stock markets??? I got a feeling thier stock won’t stay up unless it’s artificially supported…

  28. Is MSNBC also going racist!? How dare they get rid of Rev. Al as well as Ed Schultz. I’m glad Rachel is apparently on for now, but it appears all the networks with any clout are selling out to the corporatists who will buy the 2016 election and proceed to take away my Obamacare, Medicare, Social Security, and turn our working people into slave labor. Obviously Phil Giffin has sold out!

  29. I can’t stand that loser Chuck Todd he belongs at Fox entertainment not the news channel. Here comes msnbc’s biggest ratings dump ever.

  30. This is totally unbelievable.Ed was the only one who stood up for the middle class. I have been watching MSNBC since it launched. No more. Ed has way too much class to be on your network anyway.

  31. Can’t stand Chuck Todd, don’t watch Meet the Press. Will no longer watch MSNBC. CNN and FOX is enough right wingers.

    SO long MSNBC.

  32. It’s sad to hear MSNBC is narrowing its broadcast day to one hour (when Rachel is on.) I don’t know if anyone told the news honchos, but MSNBC STINKS on covering breaking news, which it keeps branding for days or weeks after the event occurs (“In Breaking News, Stalin has died.”) or something that effects no one but people in NY (The water main has broke and is flooding Broadway.) “We’ll be covering this Breaking News for the next 12 hours or so. Those of you (99.9 percent of viewers)who aren’t affected by this major NY event, tough.” I hope they can bring back Keith then MSNBC will have TWO whole hours of worthwhile programming. In the meantime, this will give me a chance to get to know BBC America and al Zareera America. By the way, it’s obvious Phil Griffin wouldn’t know journalism or a decent news story if it bit him on the butt. The sooner he quits the sooner MSNBC can return to its once promising standing.

  33. I am SHOCKED and DISAPPOINTED over your decision to replace the Ed Show with Chuck Todd. Chuck simply does not have the will to fight on behalf of working class Americans that Ed Schultz has. This is a big mistake you will regret.

  34. Oh please – Schultz was no journalist but a former Republican with a traitorous attitude. It is ENTIRELY his fault that we lost the House in 2010 and spiraled down from there. He is the master of fact-free faux liberalism. He cares nothing for truth at all.

    That said – he still was light years better than Todd who is without merit in any capacity at all. He has openly said it’s not his job to get at the facts. Occasionally Ed would do that work – Todd NEVER does. MSNBC is turning FOX-ish at exactly the wrong moment.

    More than Ed, we should be mourning and fighting the loss of Krystal, Joy, and others with real insight. Good luck on y our sinking ratings, MSNBC. You can’t compete with FOX – they’re the real deal on the Right, but you’ve abandoned journalism for safe theater in Todd. I’m gone.

    But what is the real reason for MSNBC dumping Ed? When you dig down, it’s dirtier than you would think.

    Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discuss this.
    According to the Centre for Research on Globalization, Comcast is one of the few companies that have been brought in behind closed doors – where our elected Representatives don’t even get to go – to help review and consult with leaders about the global trade agreement.

    Comcast sucks. They betrayed us, who listened to Ed, “The Cycle,” “Now with Alex Wagner” It has been reported for months that Al Sharpton, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Chris Hayes are also on the way out. Rachael Maddow will be the only one left, and she can’t do it by herself. MSNBC has lost me. It is a sad day for progressive liberals.

  36. MSNBC was my favorite channel. Well I gues now I will watch Aljazeera which was my second favorite. Heads of MNBC are not very business savvy. Yuck they suck! ??

  37. So msnbc is moving to cnn “missing plane missing plane” style of coverage that drones on and on covering the same “breaking” news again and again for hours with nothing new to add?
    No thanks.

  38. IF it wasn’t for Rachel Maddow you could call MSNBC FOX NEWSII. Rachel is the only show I will watch on my daughters DVR. I will have her record it for me. I will NOT give them any credit by turning mt set to their station

  39. I will not watch Msnbc anymore…When leaves I will leave… If Overman does come back his hands will be tried again….

  40. Difficult to believe that you would replace people like Ed Shultz, Chris Hayes, Alex Wagner and the Rev with the likes of Chuck Todd. Sorry – but you have just destroyed any sense of progressive you might have had.

  41. Unfortunately money talks and shit walks.

    The money is in the hands of repuke sychophants who control things and people, and they’re gaining, or now manifesting that control on MSNBC.

    It’ll eventually wind up as FAUX NEUZ light, if there can be such an entity.

    Just other worthless and useless talking heads that’ll have to kiss their bosses ass to stay in front of the camera. Nothin’ new here.

  42. Chuck Todd is a shill for Fox news. Why oh why are you trying to ruin MSNBC? Maybe Schultz is not the person you want but it is for damn sure that Chuck Todd is not the pereson you want!

  43. The reasoning behind this cancellation is flawed. The Ed Show was the best outlet on television for political news untainted by Fox. Your new host was removed from Meet the Press for failing to do a good job. Wrong move MSNBC!!!!!

  44. Dear MSNBC,

    If your research shows that Chuck Todd will get a bigger audience than Ed Schultz, it is time to fire your marketing department. This is the biggest mistake since “New Coke”.

    You will have one less viewer here.

  45. Bob, that’s because Comcast is a very active member of the right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC.

    Don’t you just love the oft-repeated term “liberal media”? There isn’t one.

  46. Conservatives neither trust or believes MSNBC so for them to be entertaining the notion that they can draw the crazy Fox worshipping audience to their network is very short sighted. They will lose the liberal audience and then they will crash and burn. Chuck Todd???? Really!!!!

  47. Well, one more show down the tubes. If MSNBC gets rid of Matthews, I no longer will watch their network. CHUCK TODD? Really? He has all the charm of a dead snake, has enough arrogance to fill three networks and is piss poor at pretending he is not a closet Republican. I cannot stand to watch his “Meet the Press” and I surely will NOT watch his show on MSNBC. IF they bring back Keith, I might return. But I doubt MSNBC would keep Olbermann on for long because he is such a firebrand (which is why I like him!) Dylan Ratigan was a great host too, along with Martin Bashir. MSNBC is falling into the media sewer.

  48. well – now we know what the ‘modus operandi’ is with no doubts ! – wonder why they are keeping Alex ? somebody thinks she is ‘too cute’ to get rid of ? – I know how those male bosses minds work ! hope she keeps them all in check !! Obviously Rachel is for the chop eventually – and Sharpton is just to keep black voters quiet? – you have blown it MSNBC – I will now find a better place for my attention. This explains Mika’s sudden emotional changes – she knows they are looking for explosions to pull in viewers.
    God help the country – it is doomed !!!!

  49. CHUCK TODD??? REALLY!!!! so the brains of this, think chuckie is the go-to person??NOT!!
    Wonder do they ever check out sites like this?? If so, surely, even these big brains would find no love for chuckie and his brand. Surely, they might find a large portion of this country is not close to being republican !! ALEC will be the killing of free thought and freedom. Just what people like Cruz, the Huckster, the whole gang of clowns want. (I must not forget the Koch’$$$$.) Wake up America, your about to lose what the fight was about in 1776.

  50. “Beginning in a few weeks, Chuck Todd will bring his unmatched brand of political insight and analysis”. It is definitely unmatched and I’m not sure about his political insight and analysis. I can’t figure out if he truly has any or if he is just winging it. Why doesn’t MSNBC just go ahead and do what they have wanted to since Timmy’s death? Give his kid a daily platform in the hopes of grooming him to be his dad? What really saddens me is the inevitable hype that Rachel will have to give this show to lend it some cred just as she did when Todd took over MTP.

  51. People need to understand that it is all about advertizing dollars. A company is not going to pay very much for ads for someone that only a hundred thousand people listen to. Few people listen to Ed Schultz. What I can’t understand is why Chris Hayes, and Al sharpton are still on the air. Their weekend shows are even worse. Check out the rating.

  52. I had pretty much stopped watching MSNBC, except for Ed and occasionally Rachel. I will not watch at all any more. If they want to get rid of someone it should be Snorin Joe and Blonde. I can’t stand either one of them. I suggest that everyone just BOYCOTT MSNBC. I hope their ratings go in the toilet!

  53. don’t know where to place this.

    did call MSNBC but would like to send an e-mail also.

    letters@msnbc did not work. would really like to send a letter to Mr. Griffin himself.
    anyone have the info? Please please post it!!!
    This man, needs to know just how the Progressives feel. MSNBC was a station, at one time, felt they were getting the truth. No longer, now this station is no more then another fox fix for the conservatives. Another knife in the back of freedom.

  54. Thanks for that info DJ. I just sent this email:

    Dear MSNBC,

    I am very disappointed that you have decided to cancel The Ed Show as well as some other fine programming. Chuck Todd? Are you kidding me?

    We all know why the decision was made to cancel The Ed Show. He had the audacity to tell the TRUTH when it came to the TPP as well as other issues of vital importance to American workers!

    So Comcast is a member of ALEC? That explains everything! And you thought the ratings were abysmal before this move? Just wait. You’ve lost this viewer.


  55. I stopped watching MEET THE PRESS when Todd took over, now I will have to find another show to watch during his MSNBC program.

  56. Chuck Toad destroyed Meet The Press, so they reward him with yet another platform to kiss Republican butt? NBC has been connected with Fox since 2006 at the very least. That’s when they opened up their news feeds to FOX, who would buy the stories and re-edit them to spread more misinformation and lies. NBC is right wing media. We need a new progressive and liberal network. My only hope is people are tuning the “news” out. A study showed people watching Faux and its ilk were less informed than those who watched no media at all. That’s scary. Faux isn’t that big, it’s the other press spreading their stories. It’s people like Todd pretending to be journalist. I don’t think we’ve had such manipulation since the yellow journalism days of Hearst. Except there is no longer any real journalist left, aside from Rachel, we’re being blindsided by the handful of ultra-rich conservative families who own 99% of the Press. This is why sites like politicususa is so important to sup…

  57. I’ve followed Ed Schultz since his and Al Franken’s days on the radio. Didn’t always agree with Ed’s somewhat abrasive, my way or the highway attitude, but there was no arguing that the man knew what he was talking about. Chuck Todd — no way. This is a bad turn for MSNBC. Can barely suffer Todd on Meet the Press. Not onboard with this. Will likely avoid MSNBC from now on out.

  58. Right wing big business (Comcast ) is being told by the old ,rich, whiteboys through A.l.e.c. to remove these people that could make a difference in the up-coming presidential election. They tell the truth about issues and republicans just cant have any of that. This is a direct shot to the heart on American freedom and liberty. I will work twice as hard to make sure a Democrat is elected next fall.To me this is similar to job suppression. Doing anything to take away votes is the republicans campaign promise. I will no longer watch MSNBC anymore and I will cancel my Comcast cable service and ask others to do the same.

  59. If there is nobody watching then there is nobody to support the advertisers. Forget the conservative plot theories, corporate greed, etc, somebody somewhere has to pay the bills for this to go on. Seems Progressives only want the news and commentary on the internet as the support for tv and radio doesn’t exist.

  60. …as of this Monday,I will no longer turn on my TV at the end of “Morning GOP Blow-job” and turning it off at the end of “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell”…instead I’ve gotta look up the MSNBC line-up and see which programs I wanna watch…
    I will NOT watch the Teatard apologists like Chunky Toady…

  61. I also like Chris Hayes & Chris Matthews when people are talking over each other. For the life of me I can’t remember who comes on MSNBC after Rachel Mon -Thur.

  62. Paul, Ed gave up his radio show a while ago. At, he has his podcast, which we can watch For quite a while he did the radio show along with the TV show, but that must have been too much after a while & he gave that up. Hopefully, he can get back to the radio or TV again!

  63. Alex Wagner too? Well, ya lost me. now, if Chuck Todd and Joe Scarborough were leaving, you’d have parties all over the world.

  64. Losing Ed Schultz is a real loss. It’s last thing I expected.
    I simply can’t stomach watching Chuck Todd for an hour. It,s hard enough to watch his Sunday show, and I sometimes switch to Faux News .
    I really enjoy The Cycle group perspective but Ari is probably the most serious reporter. He needs his own show.
    Good news that K Olberman may be back. We have missed him
    Al Sharpton could go. His perspective is’ to narrow and self-centered in my view. Joy would make a great replacement for him.

    Still can’t believe Ed Schultz is gone!,

  65. I always thought it was too good to be true and at some point General Electric would wake up and realize they were giving socialists and anti-corporate activists a platform. It doesn’t make it any less devastating though. I wasn’t expecting to get blind-sided by this today.

  66. We must face up to it: All those being taken off the air did not merit their own shows or their seats on the shows. MSNBC was turning into a liberal mirror of Fox, with the addition of ambulance-chasing ad nauseum. The hosts and voices were utterly predictable, none gave much analytical insight, and were mid- to lower minor league talents. I had stopped watching more than 10 minutes into most of their nightly shows as a result. I praise MSNBC for giving them their chances. Chuck Todd used to be an excellent analyst and I hope he brings that talent back. I hope Keith is less volatile as he once had presence, power, and communications skill.

  67. I am so disgusted with MSNBC. Getting rid of Alex Wagner and Ed Schults, to replace them with that boring, pathetic, right-wing Chuck Todd, is just ignorant. I dislike Chuck Todd with a passion. There is no way I will watch this POS every day. I won’t even watch him on MTP on Sunday. He doesn’t belong on MSNBC. He’s perfect for FOX Pretend News. I have been a faithful, nearly all-day MSNBC viewer. It won’t be that way anymore. They’ve shown their disrespect for their viewers. The best part is, we don’t have to watch Chuck Todd. MSNBC can’t make us watch him, no matter how hard they may try. The remote goes on and off. Too bad for MSNBC that they’ll have to learn that the hard way.

  68. No reason to watch MSNBC anymore. Chuck Todd is terrible (we don’t need more news). Why wasn’t Sharpton cancelled? MSNBC is turning in to CNN for sure……….BORING!

  69. I am very disappointed because a network with research and truth and a willingness to debunk the conservative bs that seems to dominate every network is now disappearing. Chuck Todd MB at be very knowledgeable but he has a hard time calling out liars. I will no longer watch this network except for Rachel who is the best researched of anyone.

  70. You are making a BIG mistake taking off the ED SHOW. All you have left is Rachel and I hope she leaves you too. Then you will have no viewers! Count me out for Chuck Todd!

  71. MSNBC will now loose all its viewers. Chuck Todd is boring. Bring back ED. Quit silencing the truth. Rachael will be the only decent show left. For anybody that’s looking for a show like Ed’ s go to Free speech Tv. Ring of fire radio is very informative and they tell it like it is. We’ll miss you Ed. Good luck to you and your family. Comcast you suck. Won’t have your product in my house. Now I will not get my news from tv and especially mind or MSNBC.

  72. Wow,the wheels are really falling off the bus at MSNBC, Donahue, Keith Olbermann, Martin Bhesears, and the purge today; Ed Schultz, really, he has been a staple in our home for six years. A crushing blow, and to our household; to replace Ed with Chuck Todd, the “most boring human being” on TV, on any channel. Ed Schultz was a breath of fresh air. My mother is crushed, and I’ll miss dearly, the Man I referred to as “Big Eddie”. This is a BIG mistake, and my mother’s loyalty to MSNBC is truly in doubt. Chuck Todd’s awful, how about taking Joe Scarbrough off, he’s boring, worst than Todd. Doing something bold at NBC, admit firing Keith Olbermann was a giant mistake, AND BEG HIM TO SAVE MSNBC, AT least he can beat Bill O’Reilly. Get rid of that loser who’s running MSNBC into the ground, the idiot that fired Olbermann. He’s the one who should be fired. Go Ed Schultz.

  73. Bad move cancelling these programs. They told the truth, not like the lying dictators over at fox news who care only about the top 1%. Hopefully comcast will find good replacements.

  74. I’m just sorry I don’t live in New York, we need a bunch of protestors outside the building. No more MSNBC for me. I’m canceling my Comcast cable too. They both make me sick.

  75. Will no longer consume corporate-controlled propaganda. MSNBC was never perfect–remember them getting rid of the highest-rated Phil Donahue b/c he opposed the invasion of Iraq, people?–, and, of course, the biggest loss of all was Keith Olbermann, but it was all progressives had for TV news. The daytime programming has been lifeless since they got rid of Martin Bashir, Dylan Ratigan, and Joy Reid. Thomas Roberts is eye candy, but boring and plays it so so safe, Andrea Mitchell another bore. Love Lawrence O’Donnell–wrote and begged them to give him Meet the Press, but to no avail. This situation really sucks.

  76. What is wrong with MSNBC…???? Loved watching the ED Show and Now with Alex Wagnor… putting Chuck Todd in a slot is shitty.. do not like him anymore.. he is a dumb ass…and two sided…

  77. I will no longer watch MSNBC for any of their programming. They have turned to the right and become Fox light. Even Chris Matthews has mocked Bernie Sanders and portrayed him as a fringe candidate. The corporate news outlets decide who the candidates will be. The Ed show was the only one who gave Bernie Sanders and the unions a platform to express their views. Now we’re doomed and we have no voice. I spoke to a Repub today who hadn’t even heard of the TPP and I had to explain it to him and he is a respected doctor and die heard Republican.

  78. Been follower for 15 years now. Ed and Rachael kept me here, but Ed was more important. He was always on the first line, always for the working class and covering our backs. Since he’s gone back to his radio site, we’ll follow him there. We – means the whole damn L.A. Harbor (Longshoreman and working class here) P.S. You can chuck the Chuck in to your chuck. R.I.P msnbc

  79. I feel like I have lost family members. The one’s cancelled are the ones I watch. Of course I watch Rachel and hope she never goes where we can’t get her. I will tune in to watch her but none of the others. I love Ed Schultz and the Cycle gang. Ed gives us the truth. I also like Chris Hayes. He is an award winning show and soon he will be gone. I am afraid I will be no fan of MSNBC. The only station I watched until 11 pm..I knew too if I missed their early show I could catch all of them after Lawrence O’Donnell’s show. I honestly believe you big wigs will live to regret this move..Please reconsider this decision or you will be gone forever as very few are going to watch your shows. Guess I can get back to the comedy shows and be ignorant of the news. Perhaps that is your point of changing everything.. Now we will seem like ignorant Republicans and never know the truth. I am so sorry about all of this.. Think it over MSNBC.

  80. Comcast is invading progressive programming. I saw that they are “interested” in VOX and one of the other independent political channels….
    I wonder if they are planning to merge with FOX—they sure act like it.

  81. I set my TV to tape The Ed Show with Ed Schultz every afternoon as it came on at 4:00 P.M. here. Between Ed’s show and Rachel Maddow’s and Thom Hartmann’s (on Free speech TV), that was the extent of our TV viewing. NO MORE MSNBC IN THIS HOUSE! Ed Schultz came to Wisconsin to cover us when Governor Walker started his term by taking away workers’ rights with Act. 10. We LOVE ED and are heartsick that MSNBC let him go. Replace him with Chuck Todd? Nothing to see there, folks, but dead air time. NO thanks, MSNBC. I thought ratings mattered, but maybe not when you’re part of ALEC and looking to take over the country. SHAME ON MSNBC! No more in this house will that channel be taped or watched. Sorry, Rachel.

  82. Getting rid of Schultz is long overdue but adding Todd only delegitimizes the network. No one respects him.

    How about trying to make an actual News network? There really isn’t one anymore so you could fill a void!

    But until there are actually substantive changes, I certainly wont be watching.

  83. So let me see if I’ve got this straight,MSNBC wants more hardline host so they replace Ed Schultz with the King of the Popularity Pole results showing Chuck Todd? Are they kinding? They’re a little late for April fool’s jokes aren’t they? Ed was one of few host who brought that network any success. Todd has no insight and fluffy reporting that no one cares about but MSNBC. Whichever network Schultz goes to I’ll be watching. Good Bye MSNBC!!!!

  84. There will be another TV station that will earn more ratings than your station or CNN or FOXXXX.

    I just decided my candidate.

  85. From the moment they let keith olberman gone then I really kinda lost intrest with msnbc.i love countdown with olberman followed by hardball with chris matthew and ofcourse the lastword with laurens O

  86. Can’t believe this is happening. I was getting a little pissed at the breaking news crap on most of these shows already and considering not watching them…but now MSNBC will not get a minute of my viewing time. So sad.I hope all the fired hosts land somewhere else.

  87. So sad to read of these departures. All
    good commentators. Am not a Todd fan.
    If Al and the rest goes, so go I.

  88. Ed was to much of a journalist for MSNBC! Seeing both sides of an issue happens to be to much for most people. I know Ed leans more towards the left but his left happens to be for the people of this nation.
    After Ed’s coverage of the Gulf coast and how BP has destroyed it; I wondered how much longer his show would last. Money talks and now our corporate media owners and congressmen walk.
    Thanks Comcast!

  89. I will never watch your station again
    Getting rid of Big Eddie is a mistake and replacing him with the idiot Todd and adding the liar Williams is so stupid
    Not for me never stop on that station again

  90. I have watched MSNBC for year’s Since you have fired Ed Schultz I will not be watching MSNBC ANY MORE. Thanks a lot, You fired the best one OF ALL OF THEM PUT TOGETHER..It was bad enough that you treated Brian William’s the way you did. Now you have gone to far. Politics Nation with Al S. should be canceled. Good byyyyyyy.

  91. I will no longer be watching MSNBC ANY LONGER. Since you fired Ed Schultz show. He was the best one on your station. Good by.

  92. I’m not surprised. When Comcast took over the message was very clear! They are the right wing of broadcasting and is molding Chuck Todd to be another Bill O’Reily with a cocky attitude about himself. We needed a fact filled broadcast and MSNBC should have been proud to fullfill that need. Evidently, Comcast could care less about truth. It’s election time and this will hurt all people looking for truth through hard facts as they make these important choices. Their timing was perfect! So long MSNBC and Rachel “run for the hills” Don’t trust them!!! They’ll have you only reporting about oil spills more than you do now.

  93. The Ed show was my favorite show for the news. I waited all day for it to come on and have it recorded in case I missed the show. I want the truth and I know Ed will tell us how it is or go find out, he stands up against the lies of the GOP. If I wanted lies I’d watch Fox news but I can’t stand them because I know the truth, they just change the wording to make it a lie. We want someone to stand up for the people of Americans not deceive. Please put him back on.

  94. I agree with most of the preceding comments. MSNBC is headed for the toilet. The Ed Show was unbiased, unwrought, intelligent and always insightful. Ed Schultz made you THINK& ANALYZE new stories, governmental actions and political perspectives. It was a racist shame to take Joy Ann Reid’s show off the air. MSNBC never really supported Karen Finney’s show that aired on Saturday afternoon either. Al Sharpton has had to alter his perspectives on local, national and international affairs and politics to keep his job at MSNBC. I TOTALLY agree with all of the commentaries regarding Chuck Todd He is a boring racist with NO insight into ANYTHING that doesn’t smack of some kind of white privledge. He is NOTHING compared to Ed Schultz. The idea that MSNBC can and should compete with CNN is horrifying to me. CNN used to be a real news outlet. That was past. It’s present incarnation is a propaganda machine similar to Fox/ Faux News channel. MSNBC wants to join that “club”? SAD & SHAMEFUL

  95. I’m afraid that America is on a steady but sure march towards fascism. It may not be called that, and what it may be called is something akin to “patriotism” but when you start silencing perspectives because they differ from those with the power and money to control information then as a nation we are on a slippery slope towards fascism. It’s very sad that Keith Obermann first, later Joy Ann Reid & Karen Finney, now Alex Wagner, The Great Ed Schultz and others whose show I didn’t watch only b/c I’m at work during their air time, are now being replaced by the likes of the “not so closeted” Republican Chuck Todd. Are the program directors of MSNBC really paying attention to public support for this station or corporate and 1% big money? I will only watch News Nation, Politics Nation, All In, The Last Word and Melissa Perry’s show on Saturday. If they remove the aforementioned shows then I’m done with MSNBC. I refuse to watch racist ant brain Chuck Todd

  96. Wow!!!!!!!!!!! I use to record MSNBC everyday to get what cluster fox didn’t want you to know. Now we won’t be able to get the REAL STORY, only what the right wing, red neck, republican hypocrites, want you to hear, from Bill “O’liarly” and “Heil” Hannity. I will still watch Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O’Donnell until you cancel them, then MSNBC can go straight to HE**, and I will not watch MSNBC again.

  97. In response, I have chosen to fire MSNBC and urge others who care about the shape of our nation and journalism to do likewise.

  98. I wonder how long it is going to be before mainstream America wakes up and provokes an anti-corporate excess uprising. I thought it would have happened long before now, and as long as the public continues to stay as complacent as they have been, then we become their enables. In other words, we have met the enemy, and it is us.

  99. It’s good to hear that so many of us have done the same thing I have now done and fired MSNBC. Maybe they’ll wake up and realize the damage they have done, but most of the corporate goons running these outfits probably won’t give a dame despite all their fetish for ratings.

  100. Most Americans who have a smidgeon of awareness knows Comcast, an ALEC robot, is out to snatch Net Neutrality (probably because ALEC is complaining that people are free to talk to one another, and that’s bad for corporatism), and they’re also in control of MSNBC’s slide away from the left, just when the entire country is moving to the left. Seems propitious for commercialized journalism and distraction journalism, doesn’t it?

    While I’ve long watched MSNBC, I also get my political information from other sources, and what I cannot help but notice is how MSNBC only reports what is deemed safe by the corporate robot beings who have invaded earth. When OWS was protesting and gaining public attention, the entire broadcast media “forgot” to inform the public. The same is happening to Bernie. The Comcast revolution will not be televised–not in my house. No way, Jose.

  101. Good luck to all of you who have chosen to participate in a “Fire MSNBC” movement. Anyone living or who can get to their headquarters ought to organize a rally in front of them. And, to top it off, why not schedule it for December 1, which will mark the 60th anniversary of the day Rosa Parks refused to go to the back of the bus. We need to let them, along with others, know that we aren’t going to continue to be pushed to the back of the corporate bus.

  102. Does anyone know what both Bashir and Dylan Ratigan are up to these days? I used to get Mr. Ratigan’s email letter but I believe I unsubscribed because it drifted in all different directions.



  104. Has anybody yet started a “Fire MSNBC” group on Facebook? Hopefully that would really teach them a lesson. After all, it is us who are still the ultimate boss.

  105. Good to know that there so many who have, at least in print, chosen to pull a Donald Trump on MSNBC and say loud and clear, YOU’RE FIRED!

  106. MSNBC was my favorite show as well. My favorite was the Ed Show. I love his passion and his fight for the working class. He is not afraid to tell it like it is. He is not afraid to call out all the lies and the propaganda that Fox News spews out 24/7.
    I liked all the other shows as well. The hosts had real personality’s that I could relate to.
    CNN is so bland and boring it lulls me into a coma. Fox makes me sick to my stomach with it’s never ending bashing of President Obama. Is MSNBC really going to abandon the values of the Left and Progressives and move to the Right? F#@k You Comcast. F#@k You Corporate Cowards. F#@ck You!! Just F#@k you to Hell!!

  107. Terrible idea- miss Ed Schultz! Todd needs an historian in the back up area to correct comments by the person being interviewed for a comment by Mr.Todd.

  108. Well first of all I don’t like Todd. And I think he is a Republican which slants his reporting or commenting. I really like The Ed Show. Who’s next? Hard Ball or Rachel
    I am going to have to be content with CNN and Al Jazeera (not progressive but informative) This is awful …. It does say MSNBC so where is Micro Soft in all of this? I thought that the reason MS partnered with NBC for this station was to get the “other” side a place to be informed? To fight the extremest and liars like Fox and Limbaugh ?

  109. Ed Schultz is too good of a host for that network anyhow, as is many of it’s other beloved personalities. He will be just as successful his own. As far as MSNBC, I’ll probably give it another year or so before it eventually goes off the air. Everyone knows it’s heyday is over. So, for the network’s decision makers….smooth move!

  110. Our day was planned around the Ed Schultz show no longer will we be watching msnbc. Fox news is all about LIES at least we knew Ed. would give us the TRUTH.

  111. Losing your top people on MSNBC, my most favorite channel, is horribly unwise. I was always proud that MSNBC had fact finders who saw to it that the journalists spoke the truth, allowing MSNBC to win all kinds of awards. We all beg you to keep Rachel Maddow. And re-think your removal of Chris Hayes and Laurence O’Donnell. Bring MSNBC back to the wonderful, informative station it has been until a few weeks ago. Rachel…we LOVE you!!

  112. What a joke!!! You dump some of the best people on TV who are very clear and honest in their broadcasting, and you keep a second rate braodcaster like Chuck Todd. Everytime you turn around on NBC or MSNBC, it is this novice Chuck Todd. This guy must be the best “brown noser” on these channels or own alot of stock in Comcast!!! What about Michael Steele? LOL! This guy has belonged on FOX news, yet you keep a guy who thinks occasionally about an issue. Otherwise it is Republican platittudes. These stations are finished. BTW, did Roger Ailes or Rupert Murdoch buy NBC/MSNBC? SAD!!!!

  113. Goodbye MSNBC. I guess Chuck Todd and Michael Steele own a great deal of stock in Comcast. How else would at least 2 losers be kept on MSNBC. Or, did Roger Ailes or Rupert Murdoch buy MSNBC?Nothing left. except the far right and the corporate world. BTW Chuck Todd should wipe his nose, getting browner everyday.

  114. Free Speech TV is a Progressive commercial-free network on Direct TV and Dish with Stephanie Miller, Bill Press and Thom Hartmann as its main shows.

  115. Supreme Court, Citizens United, voting rights and now the Progressives getting fired from MSNBC! This happening just before the 2015 election is no coincidence. This is just another clever way to silence the voice of the democrats! Brian Williams and Chuck Todd!! Do they think we are stupid enough not to know Griffin has sold out to the right wing. Now we only watch Al, Chris, Rachel and Lawrence. Even if they bring back Olberman, it’s not enough. We need the voice of Ed & we need to bombard MSNBC with emails and phone calls and make them regret their decisions.
    VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!! That will show them. ?

  116. Ed was the best. I was loyal to Ed (still am) and MSNBC – but MSNBC can cease to exist. I quit. They have been BOUGHT and will now be puppets just like Faux News. I agree with all who have posted before me. Happy Ed had so many loyal followers. He deserves it because he cares about us. We will find him and leave MSNBC in the dust and hopefully out of business. PLEASE – DEMOCRATS — BE SURE TO VOTE IN 2016. Let’s show them that our votes are more powerful than their big money, manipulation and corruption.

  117. The Ed Show was my favorite on MSNBC! With all these changes I will be watching less and less of MSNBC. When I first heard that Comcast had bought NBC I knew changes would be coming down the road and probably not ones that I would like. They are crazy for letting the Ed Show go.

  118. MSNBC and all officers, Owners etc. You have made a HUGH!!!! MISTAKE!!!! Getting rid on Ed Schultz has made this station no better than Fox. You are now in bed with fox and all the other lame brains reporting one sided news along with all the lies, not ever telling the truth. If you want your station to continue in ratings you need to bring back Ed Schultz. Chuck Todd is a hidden bigot proclaiming to tell the news without bias. His reporting should be on fox, not MSNBC. My husband, our family and friends will DISCONTINUE WATCHING MSNBC and chuck Todd. I will advise everyone I know to do the same. Watch your ratings go DOWN DOWN DOWN!!!! Do you not want viewers to know the truth concerning politics and everyday news and events? Are you being paid by Fox? This is a TERRIBLE DECISION, DO THE RIGHT THING. BRING ED SCHULTZ BACK

  119. The old cliché “leave well enough alone” applies here. What is MSNBC thinking? What’s wrong with being liberal and progressive? Someone has to counteract Fox’s bloviating misinformation. You will lose many viewers. Chuck Todd is no replacement for Ed Schultz. He will be greatly missed. What’s wrong with you people?

  120. Come on!!! Why not get rid of Rev. Al instead of Ed. Ed was what we looked forward to every day;. Now it’s just another Fox station and there is more than one political party in this country. Rev. Al does not have what it takes to make it on TV. What a loss for all of us. Bring back Ed, and The Cycle.

  121. I have read all the comments and I ditto all. I loved Ed Schultz and am heart sick he is off MSNBC. Rachel and Lawrence will have my support but none of the others. Chuck Todd boring boring boring I can get Ed Schultz on my computer so I can listen to him.

    I really am upset with MSNBC corp. We all love Ed.

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