Ted Cruz Hands Democrats 2016 Victory With Government Shut Down Threat Over Planned Parenthood

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Ted Cruz and House Republicans are teaming up to hand the White House to Democrats in 2016 by threatening to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood.

Politico reported:

In a Wednesday interview, Cruz said the GOP should go as hard as it can to block funding for Planned Parenthood, including the same strategy he tried to use to defund Obamacare in 2013: force the issue by blocking funding in a government spending bill that must pass by Sept. 30.

Asked whether he would support such a maneuver again, Cruz replied: “I would support any and all legislative efforts to defund Planned Parenthood. We do not need a legislative show-vote.”


On the other side of the Capitol, Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.) said dozens of House Republicans will back his effort to oppose any spending bill — whether a continuing resolution stopgap or longer-term funding package — that includes any money for Planned Parenthood.

“This is one of those line-in-the-sand type of issues,” Mulvaney said Wednesday. “Every time we say we don’t want to spend money on something, the answer is it will provoke a shutdown.”

The crew of Republican ideologues that caused the last government shutdown is prepared to do the same thing with the same result. Defunding Planned Parenthood is not a winning issue for Republicans. In fact, if Cruz takes the Republican Party down this path they can kiss the 2016 election goodbye.

Cruz has taken the wrong lesson from the 2013 shutdown. Republicans have deluded themselves into believing that there will be no consequences for the shutting down the government again. The electorate will be exponentially bigger in 2016, and it will be more Democratic. Republicans are already suffering from a huge gender gap with women voters, but if Cruz and Republicans shut down the government, they will be sending a message to women that their health does not matter.

Republicans are preparing to pander to a tiny segment of extremists in a party base that is already too small to win a presidential election on its own. Cruz is leading the Republican Party off the cliff and down a path to defeat in a desperate attempt to boost his flatlining presidential campaign.

In other words, Ted Cruz is willing to shut down the government if that is what it will take to get publicity for his presidential campaign.

45 Replies to “Ted Cruz Hands Democrats 2016 Victory With Government Shut Down Threat Over Planned Parenthood”

  1. Let’s see, and shutting down the government because you’re having a Temper Tantrum has worked so well for Gingrich, Boehner, and Mr. Cruz?

    It’s not your ball Mr. Cruz, and we’re not gonna play by your rules.

    If you can’t lead, GTF out of the way!

  2. …this treasonous SOB wants to cost the taxpayers another few billion to up his national score??? Somebody tie him up and leave him in the cloakroom until after the first debate…
    …even better, leave him in there until after the ELECTION…he won’t be missed…

  3. He’s an idiot! He’s not worthy of the Senate, let alone the Presidency! Always a government shutdown threat when he doesn’t get his way! I’ve never seen anything like it! He’s a narcissistic, sociopathic narcissists, arrogant, pompous, prideful, vain, lying, deceitful, self centered, obnoxious, sob!! And those are his good qualities!

  4. in his mind he IS leading… his problem is that he has no hindsight and never looks back to see he has no followers…

  5. It sure would be nice if the Justice Department opened a corruption investigation on Cruz and indict him within the next couple of months. They could save the nation from this monster.

  6. this imbecile is a flippin disgrace. cruz thinks experience is shutting down the govt, reading ‘green eggs and ham’ in the senate chambers, and belonging to the infamous GOP 47- the 47 republican senators who committed the worst act of mass treason against this nation in the modern era. this guy is pure garbage and so is ANYBODY who supports him. a hundred years ago the treasonous and saboteur cruz would have been hung for treason, and all those other GOP traitors too. we must put an end to the rightwing and conservative circus that has hampered and humiliated this country for the last 7 or so years.

  7. Liar Cruz, when asked about the first shutdown, always refers to it as President Obama’s shutdown. If he is such a crusader, why doesn’t he own it?

  8. And it’s all based on a video tampered with to the point that no one except right-wingers and their media buddies believe it to be legit.

  9. Go ahead, make our day. They obviously edit an interview to make it look like something it wasn’t and then act offended by the content when they know it’s all BS. They then use it to try and defund Planned Parenthood which was their intent in the first place. They did this successfully a few years back with a voter registration group and now they’re using the same playbook again. If Democrats don’t throw this right back in the Republicans faces, they aren’t worth supporting. They fabricate a controversy and then use it to meet the ends they were looking for. Despicable!

  10. I hope the president stomps their backsides. These idiots are just that. I hope none of them make it near the Whitehouse. Ugh

  11. Exactly! All this is based on is an video edited to make the people who work at Planned Parenthood look like evil baby killing monsters.

    I wonder if any of the idiots who are crying to take away Planned Parenthood’s money realize that…

    1. It’s the choice of the mother whether the aborted baby can be used for research
    2. The fetal tissue is used to help cure what many think is impossible to cure.

    This is also legal and this has very, very tight restrictions on it. So, again: Why play this game when you know it’s going to make you look like even bigger morons.

  12. …Tezzy Crud wants to hand “We the People” ANOTHER bill for a few billion bucks so he can throw ANOTHER hissy fit designed to up his national poll numbers???

  13. Republican Hatred for Planned Parenthood- why?

    I say because it helps provide a way out of poverty.
    And why would Republicans be so keen to prevent that?

    In the US, poverty, deprivation and exploitation draw thousands of its own children down into a dark underworld that offers few ways out.

    Because as we have seen Republicans are good at exploitation- particularly of a kind:


  14. Why?
    They are fooling those who have already been fooled. The Anti-choicers.

    They ‘know’ that Abortion is wrong, regardless. And it’s their way to suck up to their God.

    And the Video Editors play along knowing which side of their bread is buttered.

  15. Since only 3% of planned paparenthood is for abortions and 97% dedicated to women’s needs, it’s evident the callous disregard for women these men have. Please vote – there are more female voters than males in our country.

  16. What is even more callous are Reich wing stepford wife’s have no compassion for women of a lower class that uses their services for pre natel carenand other health needs

  17. James O’Keefe and the Republicans have become as predictable as an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

    They concoct a bogus video about voting fraud and congress ends up defunding ACORN.

    They selectively edit someone’s words and try to run President Obama’s appointee Shirley Sherrod out of town on a rail.

    Now they use the same old plot to manufacture a video in order to give Congress a reason to defund Planned Parenthood.

    We’ve seen the end to their twisted movie before and it’s not a surprise.

  18. So, Rafael and Co. want to shut down our Federal Government of Planned Parenthood.

    Why don’t they threaten to shut down our Government over say, the Iran Nuclear deal too?

    Or whatever they oppose?

    Is this any way to run an airline?

  19. I have the Y chromosome and am more at home in The Castro or West Hollywood and I care because I’m a LIBERAL.

    Even their queen NANCY REAGAN was for this.

    “2001: Nancy pushed Bush on stem cell research for Alzheimers”


    Q: How much of Planned Parenthood’s services are dedicated to abortions? Does the federal government fund those procedures?

    A: Abortions represent 3 percent of total services provided by Planned Parenthood, and roughly 10 percent of its clients received an abortion. The group does receive federal funding, but the money cannot be used for abortions by law.

    The video was HEAVILY edited
    Unspinning the Planned Parenthood Video

  20. Let Raphael and his gang of ignorant thugs do it!

    On January 23, 2017 we will be watching the inauguration of the next DEMOCRATIC president!!

  21. Planned Parenthood isn’t just used by women. There are hundreds of men with little or no income that also use it for THEIR health needs. It is just because there has been so much emphasis on birth control and abortions that the men tend to get ignored.

  22. There isn’t one in that clown car who is able to transition from wearing pampers to big-boy pants let alone being the president of the free world.

  23. Cruz’s children must be so embarrassed by their Father. They must hear what is said about him, they do have ears and children are not politically correct in talking to each other. Poor kids…Cruz as their FATHER. Unless they are carbon copies?

  24. Catholic Nun Explains Pro-Life In A Way That Will Stun Many (Especially Republican Lawmakers)

    In one simple quote, Sister Joan Chittister, O.S.B. sums up the hypocrisy in the ‘pro-life’ movement:

    “I do not believe that just because you’re opposed to abortion, that that makes you pro-life. In fact, I think in many cases, your morality is deeply lacking if all you want is a child born but not a child fed, not a child educated, not a child housed. And why would I think that you don’t? Because you don’t want any tax money to go there. That’s not pro-life. That’s pro-birth. We need a much broader conversation on what the morality of pro-life is.”


  25. Cruz lead the last government shutdown which turned out so badly for Republicans that he denied having anything to do with it, and now he wants to do it again expecting a different result.

    I’ve known Alzheimer patients with more brain function than he has.


    At Vox, David Roberts writes about a just-published report on the extremism of right-wing media and the political harm it does. The message of the report — which was written by Jackie Calmes of The New York Times and grew out of her recent fellowship at the Shorenstein Center at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government — is summed up in its title: “‘They Don’t Give a Damn About Governing’: Conservative Media’s Influence on the Republican Party.”
    Read More

  27. Erick “Erick” Erickson Rages for the Babies

    Fox “news” commentator, radio commentator, and man-shaped potato Erick “Erick” Erickson has posted another mighty blog post of mightiness on his internet peek show booth mop, RedState (motto: “You know how when you step in shit while wearing sneakers and you scrape and scrape but there’s no way to get all the shit out of the rubber crevices on the bottom until you get to some water. Those dried bits of shit you wash out later? That’s us right here.”).

    – See more at: http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/?tw_p=twt#sthash.ZO6QiQfj.dpuf

  28. So, is this how they win the vote from women, is it? Me thinks they are playing with fire.

    That said, as I made clear to some forced-birther on here the other day, Planned Parenthood’s funding from the government is for health care for both women AND men. Yes, men go to Planned Parenthood, too.

    Clearly the Republicans are hell-bent on making sure that poor men and women do not get health care in any way, shape or form. Whether it is from ObamaCare(s) or from places like Planned Parenthood, they do not care.

    They never have and they never will.

  29. Considering where they live, those kids are probably treated as rockstars by their peers. Or at least their peers from a GOPTea home.

    So, the majority. *sighs* Scary, no?

  30. You want to put an end to it? There’s only one way to make it happen: register to vote and then vote blue. Get everyone you know to vote blue. Until this country stops voting for republicans and teabaggers, we’ll have to continue dealing with traitorous fools like Cruz and his ilk. We can stop them at the ballot box, but we have to turn out and actually vote in order to make it happen. If we don’t vote, we deserve whatever we get.

  31. Raphael has exactly the chance to win the Presidency as a snowball in hell.

    He’s fun to watch though, as he and Trump together destroy the rancid RepublicanTeaParty.

  32. The repubs will never learn two things.

    Stop crying wolf all the time and 3 strikes and your out.

    People will tune them out if they can’t prove their lies after 3 tries.

    Two examples of many are Hillery’s emails and plan parenthood.

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