President Obama Tears Boehner And McConnell A New One At Highway Bill Signing

obama signs highway bill

While he signed the three-month transportation funding bill, President Obama delivered a stern lecture to Congress in general and John Boehner and Mitch McConnell specifically about their total inability to govern.

The President said:

Well, I am about to sign a three-month extension of our highway funding, and that’s a good thing because if this wasn’t in front of me and ready for signature we would end up having projects all across the country be frozen after midnight.

On the other hand, we have now made it a habit where instead of five-year funding plans for transportation instead of long-term approaches, instead we operate as if we’re hand to mouth three months at a time, which freezes a lot of construction, which makes people uncertain, which leads to businesses not being willing to hire because they don’t have any long-term certainty. It’s a bad way for the U.S. government to do business.


We can’t have bridges collapsing and potholes not being filled because Congress can’t come up with an adequate plan to fund our infrastructure budget for more than three or five or six months at a time.


So I want to make sure that before I sign this Congress gets a clear message, and that is we should not be leaving all the business of the U.S. government until the last minute.

That little lecture was directed at two people whose names the President did not mention. Obama was talking about the dysfunction between Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The Senate did their job. They negotiated a bipartisan multi-year agreement on transportation funding that Boehner’s House Republicans immediately refused to pass.

Republicans promised the American people that the governing from crisis to crisis behavior would stop if they were given control of both the House and Senate. Well, Republicans control Congress, and the dysfunction and chaos have grown worse.

President Obama has been forced into the role of the national parent who has to scold and reprimand Republicans who refuse to carry out their basic duties. The spoiled Republican children are taking millions of dollars in salary and benefits from the taxpayers while providing little in return.

The drama over the highway bill is nothing compared to the potential government shutdown that is looming after Congress returns from its August break. As the stakes get higher, it is expected that President Obama’s language will get even tougher as Boehner and McConnell appear to have no idea how to make this Congress work.

22 Replies to “President Obama Tears Boehner And McConnell A New One At Highway Bill Signing”

  1. I wouldn’t have minded seeing the looks on the face of Agent Orange and McTurtle together in a vehicle in the middle of the I-35 bridge in Minnesota as the pavement started to crumble and cave in before their eyes.

  2. Another government shutdown threat by the GOP. The same GOP that runs around screaming they want to destroy government and thus the use shutdowns of their own making to try and point out how the government does not work. When in reality what does not work is the GOP that are in Congress. Yet they make sure that they still get paid!

  3. Watching Thom Hartman today he was talking about MSNBC, letting Ed go because he spoke up for the people and having a hardcore republican like Scarboro on. He made the comment that there is a HUGE audience of democrats out there starved for a dem alternative to FOX, he said FSTV should do it, honestly folks, we must have some left wing billionaires that could get together and do a channel for us lefties – any thoughts?

  4. …the Teatards never intended to do the job they are sworn to do…all they wanna do is blindly follow thier Idiotology, which seems to center around”Feed the RICH and fluck any who ain’t”…

  5. The gopers will bluff and bluster, but unless they want to guarantee a democrat in the WH in 2017 there will be no government shutdown. To do another shutdown would be the final act of the late GOP party.

  6. I’d love to witness that myself! These are the same roads these idiots travel when they grace us with their presence back home. I don’t think their personal driver/bodyguard will be any luckier if the road opens up under them or a overpass collapses while their beneath it. Those exact things have happened recently in Boner and Bitches hometowns. They’re useless wastes of space, nothing more.

  7. Obama knows the score!! he knew damn well if dared show ANY impatience with the BULL$HIT the WHITE POWER STRUCTURE (GOP), he’d be labeled a out of control ANGRY BLACK MAN! see white folks have been pulling that crap for CENTURIES! when the white man was STEALING -RAPING BUTCHING- american indians , MAKING DEALS and the BETRAY their own promises and when the indians actually started defending their homes their families their LAND!! and fought back, what was the white man’s response? THE DIRTY SAVAGES! some damn thing with A.A.!! WE’RE suppose it just lay there and take the abuse! because god damn it, if we fight back, WE’RE the angry NI–ER!! Obama knew damn well he was the 21st century version of Jackie Robinson! he’s taken more $HIT from these BA$TARDS, than 99% of ANY human being could have taken! But guess what? it’s his last year! and Mr. President Barrack Hussein Obama, is starting to address the GOP’s hatred! President Obama, I salute you, Mr President!

  8. The GOP is also delusional and divorced from reality. They think because the billionaires are trying to buy the election for them they can get away with it.

  9. Thanks @Kevin but lets he honest, the GOP hates women too! if you think Obama caught hell, wait till Hillary becomes president! they’ll be bringing up CLINTON/ LEWINSKI every other day! and you know all those TRUCK STOP republicans? they’ll be on their radios calling her a C-NT endlessly! the republican party is a pathetic tragic JOKE! they’ll just substitute NI@@ER for C-NT!

  10. If you’ve seen or read the Hunger Games, then you know the GOP vision for America. They DO NOT CARE about the American people. Unless you’re a millionaire, of course.

  11. This is what scares me as we approach the government shutdown and the increase of the debt ceiling. Last year, Boehner let the house to pass the debt ceiling just one day before the due date. They may act childish, but they hold the power of the legislative branch. What happens if they are unwilling to pass the debt ceiling, then the uncertainty will come along with a worldwide depression and a collapsed economic/or political system. All the crises’ we are having are just because of the repugnant republican party’s hatred of President Obama, they are truly un-American. That is why we need to work hard for 2016 and have a democratic Congress along with a democratic president.

  12. And we have so many ( So called ) Patriots that ” want my country back ” You can have your country back over the dead bodies of thousands of real patriotic men and women who fought not only for their own freedom in multiple wars, but fight each day to get even a smidgen of the American dream. How dare you insult our president who has done nothing but bent over backwards to be fair to even you low life haters. HOW DARE YOU.

  13. We have Warmongers, Race mongers, Hate Mongers,religious warmongers, then we have those who want their country back, who say everyone hates America…all one has to do is change one word, and replace or add “Republican” to the topic..and you would be right in all cases.

  14. If you are going to vote, really listen to the candidates. Most,if not all of the Republicans running, want to take away “your” social security,medicare, healthcare,even though most of them already have these benefits, for themselves or family or family members.Most if not all, if you have been listeing to the Iran Conference on The Iran Deal, even though they haven’t read the document, don’t want it, Israel says Iran has threaten them, well, members of our US Congress has threaten Iran,”bomb,Bomb,Bomb” Iran by Bolton and McCain is not a minimal threat, McCain Standing with selfie with ISSIS, saying we should give them weapons, is a threat to all in the mideast as well as The USA.Tom Cotton a Member of Congress for 2 months sends out a letter to Iran,like he has all the solutions, with is co-conspirators, telling The Leader of Iran, they won’t support the President nor the other 5 countries, they would rather bomb Iran instead.Choices?

  15. With the ever present “We did not get our pony in the last election, so everyone not-rich has to suffer, until they get so sick of this crap they get us a pony next time.”

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