Ted Cruz’s Hilarious Challenge to Debate President Obama on Iran


All the crazies have come out of the closet empowered by Trump, encouraged by Huckabee. The trouble is, they sound silly, like a bunch of Minions, barely intelligible and just as clueless. I mean, you have to at least know where Tehran is, right, Tom Cotton?

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), no stranger to over-the-top rhetoric, who wants to shut down the government (again) this time over Planned Parenthood, put on his tough-guy persona and after accusing the Obama administration of “snuggling up to” radical Islamic regimes, repeated his challenge made on Hannity Monday, telling Dana Loesch that he wants President Obama to engage him in a one-on-one debate over nuclear deal with Iran, “and if he can’t be pulled off the golf course then he can send as a proxy Secretary Kerry.”

“I challenged President Obama to debate me, not on the rhetoric he keeps throwing around, but on the substance of this deal,” Cruz claimed.

So Obama is the guy throwing rhetoric around, not Republicans like Cruz? Like Huckabee’s “oven door” comments? Like Cruz’s accusation that Obama’s deal with Iraq is the ‘Jihadist Stimulus Bill’? That’s not rhetoric? That’s substance?

How does he keep a straight face? Find out if you can. Listen courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

I’m not even going to get into here the fact that Ted Cruz wants to established a radical Christian regime here in America, with himself as the self-appointed messiah and his father as his high priest. I’d rather talk about Cruz’s desire to be publicly humiliated on live television.

What’s funny is hearing anyone from the debate-sensitive Republican Party say, as Cruz did to Hannity, “Let’s do it in front of the American people.”

This is the party that shuns the specter of open – let alone televised – debate. They’d rather just take secret votes and sneak things like abortion bans into human trafficking, or even agriculture bills.

The idea of a debate between the two men is laughable – Ted Cruz with his lazy approach to politics (he doesn’t even know how the Senate works, after all) – versus the constitutional lawyer Obama, who actually does apply himself to the job.

I don’t think, frankly, that Cruz has the intellectual chops to stand up to our president in a man-to-man debate on any issue. I suspect he would prefer Obama continued golfing.

All Obama would need to do for a win is say, “Please proceed, Senator,” and step back as Cruz promiscuously ejaculates his position publicly and repeatedly until we all laugh and go home. I think Cruz will be distracted by the fact that Trump tapped Sarah Palin before he could.

Well, the early bird gets the worm.

Whatever. These are strong words from a guy like Cruz, who spends most of his own time taking days off from working – Politico called him the “no-show Senator” in April – and who doesn’t bother to actually do any work when he does show up to work, unless it’s shutting down the government so nobody can work.

Politico told us that,

[Cruz] skipped the vast majority of Armed Services Committee hearings, is below-average in attendance on his other major committees and ranks 97th during the first three months of this year in showing up for roll call votes on the Senate floor.

We are told that Cruz thinks not showing up for work as expected – as he is paid to do – is “bucking the system,” but apparently the president, who works far longer and harder hours, can’t take a day off now and then for a golf game.

There is a non-political term that applies here: “hypocritical jerk-wad.” Maybe it is used more inside the Beltway than I realize. It is certain widely applicable.

President Obama, attacked by Republicans while on a historic diplomatic trip to Kenya and Ethiopia – the first president in United States history to make that trip – is forced to take time off to answer his attackers, but rather than being humbled by their act of attacking the president while he’s overseas doing his job, they let Trump speak for the pack and accuse Obama of attacking them while overseas.

You know, while they’re busy campaigning and stuff.

You do know, gentlemen, that the voters are watching your antics. It isn’t the president’s sharp tongue that you need to worry about. It is us, on Election Day 2016.

I don’t know how the fabric of our shared reality can withstand such repeated blows. Like our Republican friends, I’m not a scientist. I can only assume the universe is made from some very tough stuff.

Fortunately for us.

Let’s be serious for a moment: Ted Cruz is the guy who canceled a press conference in order to avoid answering questions about Donald Trump. You think he’d actually show up to debate a more intelligent, better prepared opponent like President Obama, who regularly takes the media’s lunch?

Lazy do-nothings like Ted Cruz would do best to keep their mouths shut until they have an actual record of accomplishment. As of now, he has not earned the right to challenge President Obama on any issue, let alone something as important as the Iran deal.

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  1. A no-show? it is quite normal for a candidate running for higher office. Obama set a state record voting ´present´ when he did not want to be known for taking a side of an issue. Obama was also out on the road and missed multiple dozens of senate votes when he was a candidate running for POTUS.
    Being disingenuous is not an enhancement except of course if you are catering to the low information voters.

  2. Can you read? The article said the first 3 months of the year. Raphael wasn’t running for nothing except his mouth. Your dumbass is the low information voter

  3. I’d humbly suggest to you that Senator Obama never went over to the House of Representatives and incited them to insurrection, an act of gross impropriety at a minimum, but colorably a seditious one.

  4. I keep hearing how *smart* Cruz is, sometimes even from people whose opinions matter to me, and yet I’ve seen exactly zero evidence of this supposed intelligence. This is the clown who completely missed the point of “Green Eggs and Ham,” after all. Maybe he actually was intelligent at one time, but now he’s so ideologically blinded that he’s incapable of rational thought. Or, maybe he’s just spent so much time pandering to the sub-speed-limit IQs that comprise his presumed base that he’s become one of them. Either way, I don’t want Cruz anywhere near the White House.

  5. He is such a jerk. President Obama would wipe the floor with him on any subject.

    He is arrogant, smelly and desperate. Why doesn’t he read the Iran deal first? Old bag of wind.

    We all know if President Obama did debate the ignoramus he would make it into something completely different. Something silly and off topic.

    How in the hell does he think he knows more than President Obama?

    Gawd these teabaggers are ridiculous.

  6. When will someone investigate the details of this clown’s birth? Is he Canadian, is his mother a US citizen? Is his father ordained as a minister, or is he a fake, too? How much taxpayer tax free money does Cruz Sr. get, with his so-called religious organization? Time to take this faker down.

  7. They say not to “punch down” but let’s say he did take that debate. Remember the video of NinjaObama taking out that pesky fly during an interview?
    Yeah, that.

  8. I’m too lazy to look it up but what are the Cuban laws on citizenship? is sCruz actually a Cuban Citizen too? or is Havana smarter than we are and do they refuse to recognize a lazy dumbass as a citizen?

  9. as far as the Prez taking some time to play golf…

    maybe he can get a jump on becoming best buddies with ‘W’ and visit the ranch to chop brush… which seems to be what ‘W’ specialized in when he ‘gave up golf’ as long as we were at war in Iraq…

  10. Dubya always seemed to have NEW gloves and chainsaws for those photo ops!Too bad they kept him away from dangerous equipment while he was drunk.

  11. It is beneath President Obama to engage this cretin but if a debate were to happen on the substance of the deal and not the hyperbolic nonsense coming of out Republicans and Bibi’s mouth, it would be great entertainment to him shut Cruz up. Without his “rhetoric” Cruz has nothing to debate with except bombastic idiocy. I may have Mark Kirk as my junior senator, but thank God I don’t have this idiot.

  12. He’s a pompous, arrogant, conceited, narcissistic, self centered, prideful, no nothing, windbag, piece of low like scumbag, blowhard, sociopathic, psychopathic, lying, good for nothing, piece of crap!!! And an idiot!!

  13. That is hilarious. I can’t see the President wasting his time on that clown but it would be fun to watch. I would have to turn the CC on. I accidentally started hearing Cruz’s voice reading this article and almost hurt my finger turning it off. His squealy little voice grates on my last nerve.

  14. “Arguing with idiots is like playing chess with a pigeon; no matter how good you are at chess the pigeon is just going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board and strut around like it’s victorious.”
    – Mark Twain.

    President Obama has better things to do than ‘debate’ the Crud.

  15. “It isn’t the president’s sharp tongue that you need to worry about. It is us, on Election Day 2016.”

    Enough said.

  16. The President isn’t going to do this but if he did, Cruz would end up looking even more foolish (if that’s even possible).

    And his crack about the golf course? The President has been abroad on the business of the United States. It’s a cheap shot that Cruz took and it’s these cheap shots that help contribute to the feeling that Cruz and some of these other “candidates” just aren’t presidential material. To say they are not ready for prime time is a gross understatement.

    They’re like sniping third-graders. (No disrespect to third-graders intended.)

  17. Remember the Ken Ham/Bill Nye ‘debate’?

    Mr. Nye wiped the walls with Ham, yet the Creationists claimed that they’d won.

    The fact that Bill Nye the Science Guy was even willing to debate a Creationist gave Ham some dubious street cred.

  18. …were our President to make a surprise trip to Congress and announce that he wanted to debate Crud on not only the agreement but on the Constitution, I suspect Tezzy would sound like a screaming goat and depart the chamber in a blind panic…after all; this so called “Brilliant Lawyer” was such a whiz in law school…but can’t remember his own job; can’t remember what the various parts of the Constitution actually say…the only thing he actually accomplished in office was shutting down the Government in a hairy snit over healthcare, costing “We the People” a few billion dollars…{this “Fiscal Conservative” couldn’t find an offset for HIS bill to the taxpayers…surprise surprise}
    This is more election season theatrics designed ONLY to boost his national poll numbers…we shall remember…

  19. Ever seen the animated short called “Bambi vs. Godzilla”? that is what it would happen to Ted “Bambi” Cruz if that would ever happen.

  20. yeah… and he always looked like he was dressed in slack and button up shirt over an undershirt…

    I don’t know about you but I’m in jeans and T-shirt when I do it… it’s HOT in Texas and slacks and dress shirt don’t seem like the proper dress for clearing brush…

  21. Rafael is a sniveling weasel, no offense to weasels. Hes too much of a coward to even use his real name, who the hell knows where he might have been born to those crazies of parents. Hes too stupid to understand foreign policy because you have to actually work WITH others to accomplish goals – he is unable to do that, as hes shown us.

  22. These clowns are not running against the President in 2016. Since they have no ideas of their own, I guess they think if they say bad Obama the most they will get elected.

  23. Nobody told me the President was running for re-election. This Frightwing idiot don’t know when to back off.

  24. Ted Cruz is a worthless piece of crap that shouldn’t even be in politics. He’s in love with himself yet tries to pass off as knowing everything. When in reality he couldn’t win a debate against Dr. Seuss.


    Ted Cruz backed out of appearing on The Daily Show with John Stewart.

    And he expects us to believe he has the guts to debate the President?!?


  26. “I challenged President Obama to debate me, not on the rhetoric he keeps throwing around, but on the substance of this deal,” Cruz claimed.

    Sorry you twit, but the President has important stuff to do and debating your dumb ass isn’t one of them.
    Gee you would think any Republicans would have sense not to go there after this:

    But then again, this is Ted Cruz we’re talking about.

  27. Maybe they could debate on twitter, I know Obama is busy be he posts other things on twitter why not demolish this ugly republican on twitter #iwouldfollow

  28. LMFAO REALLY?? SERIOUSLY??? rafael cruz, REALLY?! BTW for YOU romper room republicans who flock here like moldy OLD crows sitting on a telephone pole, read this and read this well! your party is a god damn JOKE! rafael wants to debate the president on IRAN?!! LOL I say bring it BIATCH! any grown A$S man who RUNS away from his REAL first name obviously isn’t anything worth much!! JUST like PIYUSH jindal! Oh my bad, YOU republicans types aren’t down with all those foreign names, now are you? bobby sounds more towards YOUR liking? Listen, President Obama, would embarrass this moron! HELL, I’d debate him and send him right back to CANADA!! YOUR party is a MESS!! now go fix it!!

  29. Crud is emulating Pox News- make it sound like Obama hasn’t already ‘debated’ such matters, and by so doing imply that President is ‘afraid’ to ‘debate’ Crud.

  30. Have you seen Video of Cruz being Annotated?
    Cruz: “Kings who are anointed to go to war, win the war, and bring the spoils of war to the priests.”

    Discussion of the now-notorious speech by Rafael Cruz has missed the fact that Ted Cruz was subsequently blessed and anointed by Prominent Dominionist Pastors, in effect as a “King” in the political/governmental sphere, at a special blessing ceremony at the Marriott Hotel in Des Moines, Iowa, at a July 19th-20th 2013 rally designed to draw pastors into politics.

    Can You Imagine that in our White House!


    If only Conservatives knew what’s happening to the Republican Party!

  31. Not only that, but what Cruz calls rhetoric IS the substance of the deal, he simply refuses to acknowledge it.

  32. Might as well wrestle a pig in the mud – what does POTUS have to gain, and what does Cruz have to lose? At this point he may not make the big-boy debate next Thursday. Cruz is a loser among losers.

  33. Ted, you are a mere piece of lint compared to what our President has to do and does do as his job being POTUS. He does not have time for minions like yourself, he actually does his job.

  34. /s…you DO realize DJ just how much overtime the fact-checkers are gonna get on this debate ALONE???

  35. Cruz needs a voice coach to teach him to speak in just a bit more of a monotone.

    Then, he’d be a perfect clone of Joe McCarthy.

  36. The so-called debate probably will be an orchestrated attack on Democrats, replete with distortions, lies and basic misinformation. None of the “conservaslugs” will attack the other. They should change their party symbol from the Elephant to a Baboon.

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