Donald Trump Becomes The Face Of The GOP As He Surges To Huge Lead In Iowa

A Gravis Marketing poll released on July 31st confirms that Donald Trump has become the face of the Republican Party. Sure, party insiders and pundits are still trying to distance themselves from Trump’s toxic rhetoric, but much to their chagrin, Republican voters are embracing Trump’s politics of derision and division.

The Gravis Marketing poll found Trump surging to a huge lead in Iowa. Trump polled at 31 percent in the GOP field, followed by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at 15 percent, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush at 10 percent. Several other Republican candidates were mired in the single digits.

Republican leaders are slow to accept an inconvenient truth. After years of ginning up their base with hateful, fear-mongering rhetoric, party leaders have now lost control of the monster they created. Donald Trump is not only the party’s Id, but he is also now the Republican Party’s most identifiable leader.

To the average Iowa Republican, the party is not led by congressional leaders like Mitch McConnell or John Boehner, nor is it led by faces of the past, like George W. Bush or Mitt Romney. Furthermore, legacy candidate Jeb Bush and Koch brothers’ sycophant Scott Walker, while popular with party bosses, do not command the loyalty of the GOP rank and file the way Trump does.

Donald Trump has tapped into the fear and anger of aging white folks in Middle America who feel their way of life is being threatened by people who don’t look like them. Whether it be illegal immigrants or “the Kenyan usurper” in the White House, Trump’s attacks on people of color are striking a chord in Middle America during this summer of discontent.

Republican party leaders and the conservative media have been fanning the flames of discontent since Barack Obama became president, but now their controlled burn has morphed into a fire they can no longer contain. Donald Trump has ascended to the top of the GOP field, and in this season of rage, his momentum is spiraling out of control.

For better or worse, Donald Trump’s large lead in Iowa has made him the new face of the Republican Party.

53 Replies to “Donald Trump Becomes The Face Of The GOP As He Surges To Huge Lead In Iowa”

  1. Whether it is Trump or Palin, Democrats will need to stay on the offensive and get out the voters that are allowed to Vote.

  2. Great article. And – yet – what is amazing is outlets like FOX just keep throwing on the kerosene!!
    There is an article on The Daily Beast titled, “How FOX News Made My Dad Crazy” – by Jen Yamato. Take time to check it out. It would seem FOX News has also made their commentators crazy.
    No doubt – this next election will be one of the most bizarre we have ever lived through.
    And yet – our country got it right the last two elections.
    Trump is giving this fired up base exactly what they want to hear. He does not parse his delivery and shouts it out there. No matter what he utters – they love it.

  3. Project much?

    The hatred, intolerance, and divisiveness you speak of has come from the left.

    Obama and the Democrats have been very effective at dividing Americans by race, class, gender, and sexual orientation.

    This article is more of the same from a tool of the Democrat Party.

  4. President Obama and the Democrats have been dividing America.. Look hear America is more than white bigoted pricks and if you don’t like it GTFO of my country

  5. Read The Guardian Piece…
    It was posted on DRUDGE and Republicans are commenting like crazy there:

    Here’s a comment from Sweden:
    “Have you ever looked up the word “socialism” ?
    We’ve had it here in Scandinavia for about 80 years free medicare, free education, democracy (no you don’t have that either – look it up) and talking about freedom – your country has by far the most people locked up in jail.
    Inform yourself”.

    The English Specking World read The Guardian…we should too!

  6. Ignore him. He is a member of the Fourth Reich, so blinded by intolerance that nothing you can say will even give him pause to think. His masters jerk his strings and he wobbles around like the puppet he is. Just here to stir the turd.

  7. A movie made about the donald years ago that trump supressed from being made public is now available! It’s 1 hr 22 min. Shows how perfectly ruthless he is, blind ambition. Scary to think of him as president!

    Please pass it around

  8. Take a moment to read my comment right above this. Sorry – it is not the Dems. If the Dems have a fault – it is in expecting people to “do the right thing”. No head trips – just be a good person. Care for others and take responsibility for yourself. Sounds good to me.

  9. Ok ok OK! let me get this right, trump calls illegal mexican aliens RAPIST and DRUG DEALERS (CHECK) he says sarah palin has a role to play in his administration (CHECK) what’s wrong with this picture? the republican party has been losing it’s damn mind since NIXON! they became complete BA$TARDS when actual DRUG DEALING RONNIE REAGAN was president! and since Obama got elected, TWICE!! they’ve turned into a lynch MOB! Jesus Christ!! for a party that’s always screaming, WE’RE NOT RACIST! the GOP sure as hell acts like it! Now don’t get me wrong! the GOP doesn’t reserve it’s hatred just to us PO BLACK FOLK! if Hillary would have beaten Obama in 2007, they would have gone completely APE $HIT too! not only a democratic woman but a CLINTON! The bottom line is, the GOP is a 1950’s style party, where NEGRO’s just STFU and were grateful to be here! where women should just STFU too and keep popping out those babies for GREAT WHITE CHIEF! the GOP would do better in 1915 not 2015.

  10. Well they did run a hack of an actor once, called Reagan. But frankly as much as I disliked Reagan as a president, he must be rolling over in his grave at what his party has become.

    We truly now live in the era of the political Twilight Zone.

  11. Best and most informative 1 hr and 22 min I’ve spent all day! It sure shows what kind of guy he is! We don’t need another liar in office like Bush! Koch’s wet dream!

  12. …love that analogy…how about that episode about Burgess Meridiths character killed his murderer from the grave???

  13. I still think they should pick they’re own damn cotton. Donald Trump’s base supporters:Hateful, misguided devils. Hate is the daily goal of these subhuman excuses of life itself. Hate personified is they’re golden hope, & take us with them to hell. I would be long ago dead had I come along during slavery. Massa would’ve arrived in hell with the hump still in his back, just before I kicked his hellbound ass and woke his dead, slave driving ancestors, looking for their property. Republicans are mentally deranged and into pain. No checks N’ balances here. Just hate for others, especially women and us ex-cotton specialists of the past. Hate. Pick your own cotton. Our women were raped, children sold & raped again and again. Well, enough history, let’s watch these assholes in their futile attempts to get everyone, well not everyone, pissted off. Vote and let’s get pissted.

  14. Hatred: The Republicans’ Core Problem
    “Wise people have always told us of the perils of Hatred: that it is all-consuming, like a wolf inside the hater, gnawing away from the interior. “Wrath,” says Shakespeare, makes one “deaf.”

    For decades, Republicans have preached hatred — of government, of bureaucrats, of the indigent as “moochers” (they save their love for the wealthy), and now hatred of President Barack Obama and his signature health care law. The Tea Party, while more radical than mainstream Republicans, shares with them the party’s signature motive force: HATRED”.

    This is a Horrible GOP Weakness…
    We should be Waking-Up America to this serious/sad GOP problem:

  15. Even if Donald does–somehow–become the nominee for the GOP, he won’t win. Hillary will still crush him in the polls and Bernie Sanders will roast his bloated ass by double digits.

    Either way, Trump has doomed the GOP party for the next decade. They may not even recover from this should he lose. (And he probably will. Just look at past candidates who tried to run for the GOP banner…)

  16. And you really want to live under a right wing Christian theocracy? Then you are no different than Saudi Arabia living under sharia law

  17. Strange what has happened to the Democratic Party. JFK referred to God three times in his inaugural address and countless times after that, but the left of the Dem party denigrates Christians. Would you not vote for JFK today?

  18. Don’t count on The GOP Winning 2016.
    Only two ways GOP could win:
    Steal The White House,
    Or bring Ronald Reagan back from the dead.

    Ronald Regan was nice/kind.
    He didn’t get there on HATRED.
    HATE is all the GOP now have to offer America!

  19. YOU brought up Christian theocracy and the apparent (to you)oppression living under it. JFK was a strong Christian. Would you vote for JFK now?

  20. Short answer is yes I would vote for JFK. Would I vote for anyone on the American Taliban who cries I love the baby Jesus but don’t follow his teachings then that would be a fat rats ass fuk hell no

  21. I would add people like you was against JFK because he was a Catholic. So your dumbass need to read the Constitution so I don’t have to answer your idiotic question

  22. You sound like a real intelligent gentleman ! So denigrating ALL Christians is wrong then, isn’t it dumbass?

  23. Obviously the impression that is being stated here insinuates that many were just born yesterday. The righties are the real tools. They are going to self destruct. It’s just a matter of time. I can’t wait.

  24. In your comment further down you mentioned JFK referring to God three times in his inaugural speech.

    My questions to you are; since when is it required to mention God in ANY political speech? Do you sit around listening to these speeches, counting the number of times God is mentioned so you might accept that politician as most favored? Are you aware that the constitution, the actual law of the land, specifically states that “NO RELIGIOUS TEST SHALL EVER BE REQUIRED AS A QUALIFICATION TO ANY OFFICE OR PUBLIC TRUST UNDER THE UNITED STATES”? Try reading Article 6.

    This article is about Donald Trump. Why are you bringing religion into the discussion? Actually IMO the only “God” Trump worships is the almighty dollar and nothing else.

    Next time you come to this site try sticking to the subject of the article unless, of course, it is an article denigrating your christians, or rather the faux christians.

  25. Christians deserve to be denigrated.
    And for the record- yes I would vote for JFK.
    Why? He was a Dem. And like every other Christian in America- he couldn’t keep his pants zipped.

    Sexual hypocrisy is part and parcel of what Christianity is all about. But unlike Christians- I don’t give a damn about who is boinking who- so long as it’s both consensual and above age.

    But it’s the Christians of America who have this double standard about themselves and everyone else. And they are often the first to scream “Persecution!” when they get treated the exact way they treat everyone else.

  26. To DianeLW?

    You say strange what happened to the Democrat Party? I believe you are talking about the Republican Party? You right-wing nationalists are so good at accusing the other side of the exact thing you are guilty of. That is the right-wing propaganda play book.

  27. @dianelw, you RIGHTIES amaze me, you people are consistently IGNORANT, which is why you’re consistently WRONG! A- what does religion and JFK have to do with this topic? did you even read the damn article? don’t answer, WE ALL already know! next time you feel like playing the role of dumbest kid in class, please do it on YOUR conservative sites, you’ll have plenty of company! A- JFK almost DIDN’T get elected because he was CATHOLIC! many americans thought he might be influenced by the vatican! B- JFK himself said, he wouldn’t let his FAITH rule his governing of the offfice!! WHY don’t you either READ a biography of JFK or watch a HISTORY CHANNEL biography?!! @dianelw, you’re a FOOL! but thank for the laughs anyway!

  28. @Liberalbob, that’s what RIGHTIES do! it’s ALL about projection! that’s why I don’t waste my time arguing with those A$SHOLES!! it’s IMPOSSIBLE to debate someone who CHOOSES to be willfully IGNORANT and HATEFUL! in @dianelw’s case, she may not be hateful but she’s nailed the IGNORANCE deal, COLD!

  29. You’re exactly right, Knight. As Mark Twain said…
    “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag
    you down to their level and then beat you up
    with experience.”

  30. This man is a sorry picture of the very worst of capitalism & greed. That’s why we are all so fascinated – he barks at everyone, snakily out-manoeuvres everyone and boasts his way to wherever he has set his sights – this should be very embarrassing to the US, the world is watching this with total amusement – this man represents the very WORST of how America is viewed by the rest of the world – class-less tacky behavior, stomp & smash your way to dominance everywhere ! What a spectacle for this country !!!

  31. Regarding Trump’s surge……yes, republicans, you built that. The anger that Trump is tapping into was fueled by the republicans vow to repeal Obamacare, make Obama a one term president, and impeach him when he was ‘re-elected, all of which they failed at. No wonder republican voters are angry at their machine.

  32. C: Thanks for that link!
    I learned more about the Donald in that 1 hr. and 22 min. — learned that he is a difficult person. And his public persona is one big act. He also tends to exagerate facts and numbers (his wealth/worth). And that he don’t play by the rules, makes his own rules. That will not work in the White House. I really don’t know why he is even bothering to run. Oh, one more thing, back in 1989 he said the country is going in the wrong direction, blah, blah blah….same thing he says today. Same shit, different decade. It’s what all politicians say. His twist is “Make America Great Again”. And with the Donald—he believes he can do it. Yeah, Right (snark)
    Anyway, everybody should see that documentary film about Trump. It flatters him but also breaks him down. Peels away at the scabs in his personna. NOT nice.

  33. {{{the following is snark}}}
    Oh c’mon Keith; we KNOW you’re projecting…a copy of “Star Wars” on an old sheet in your office…

  34. Without stupid people we would have no one to laugh at; Take time to thank a stupid person for their contribution.

    So, thank you to Mike “Constitution”, (who I truly believe does not know anything about what the real Constitution says), and to DianeLW, (God must love stupid people; he made so many like you). Your postings on here are truly laughable! Thanks for the laughs!!

  35. Well someone who name himself after a fictional person from a writer who was a taker of taxpayer funds one can say you are a super duper dumbass

  36. Exactly. We believe in treating others as we want to be treated. Unfortunately, repubs don’t follow the teachings of the Christ.

  37. If anyone acts and sounds like a dictator, it’s most certainly Trump. But those reich wingers, TEAple, and racist islamo-fascists are too blind to see him for who he really is.

  38. A charge of a lack of rationality, from the party of irrational?

    Try not to wet yourself around the adults in the room johnny boy.

  39. Very Well then Mr. Galt, I shall make a rational argument.

    Often, the charge is made upon a Democratic Candidate: He Lacks Experience.

    This was the charge made against Obama; after all, Obama was a mere ‘community organizer’.

    And now, nearly 8 years later- Obama has outclassed his Predecessor by leaps and bounds.

    So Riddle me this- Elite One, what experience does Mr. Trump have in running a SUCCESSFUL enterprise?

    Bu$h ran America into the Ground, after running Texas into the Ground, along with two oil companies and a baseball team- of all things.
    And even with Obama’s accomplishments, we’re still not free of Bu$h’s taints.

    Obama does not use grecian formula to hide his gray hairs.

    And I supposed to trust a man who can’t acknowledge the sad fact of male pattern baldness?

  40. The Gravis poll, if you click the link, polled 607 people in Iowa. the total population in Iowa is over 3 million. To have a headline that state lead is surging based on a poll of 607 people is more than a little misleading.

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